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Stella Mira (Chapter 5) - Tue 13 Nov 2012

Alright, I almost -almost being the key word here- took back my previous comment. That reaction of his to the news is dangerous, really dangerous for the mental health of all women! It shouldn't be allowed lol!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 6) - Tue 13 Nov 2012

okay so i re-read, stil love! i could totally see a WHOLE seriers of fics about Sesshomaru and his pack, between why he loves kagome so much, between how she gave him pack when he had only his mother, how his mother feels about it all, how kagome's all raRr face at his mother, all of it, more, more more! *glues plunnies to your back in the hopes for more!*

TKE (Chapter 6) - Tue 13 Nov 2012 sweet!!

Stella Mira (Chapter 4) - Tue 13 Nov 2012

Skye's challenge sure is fun, right? Come on, if I were her, I would have neutered him by now xD! I mean, there has to be a limit, right? At least for us plain, old mortal women lol!

Stella Mira (Chapter 3) - Tue 13 Nov 2012

Yay, I made it lol! Males will always be males *sighs*... A breast can make them excited at any given age just the same xD!

Stella Mira (Chapter 2) - Tue 13 Nov 2012

Naughty Kagome...bad, bad girl lol! I'm so excited that you decided to continue this! On to the next chapter, although I'm pretty dead by now. If I don't make it till the end, I'll catch up tomorrow ;)

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 6) - Tue 13 Nov 2012

i'm almost druck sleepy but that's just so awesomly cute :3

cassandra (Chapter 5) - Tue 13 Nov 2012

cool story!

Ennui (Chapter 5) - Tue 13 Nov 2012

These are all really lovely.  I like how you continued from the first one-shot.  Beautiful work just like the rest of your stories. 

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 5) - Mon 12 Nov 2012

0o0o0o0o0o0o i so love this ! more!

Stella Mira (Chapter 1) - Fri 09 Nov 2012

A really sweet oneshot! These days the fluff virus has affected me as well LOL! Anyway, great fic! I loved it :)

Tenno-chan (Chapter 1) - Fri 09 Nov 2012

Such a sweet and heartfelt little story. :]  You did a wonderful job describing such a moment between the two, without it being too mushy, forced, or lacking. Just the right amount of everything. 

Inkasha Taisho (Chapter 1) - Fri 09 Nov 2012

Beautifully simple. Strangely, I don't ever recall reading something like this, ever. It was really quite lovely.

TKE (Chapter 1) - Fri 09 Nov 2012 sweet!!!

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