Welcome Home by NicoRavenPen


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    She practically sprinted through the shiro, giving out orders and commands as calmly as possible as she attempted to reach her destination. The place was in a bit of turmoil, their lord and army having just returned from war. She was their Lady though and it required a practicality and organization that she thankfully had.
    As she was intercepted several other times by servants unsure of their own actions, she began to grow anxious. When the last of them finally left her be at the entrance to the family wing she was nearly running.
    She knew he was safe, knew it from the healthy pulsing of their bond at the crook of her neck, and yet always she worried until he was before her.
    Finally she was at the screen to their private chambers and she slid it open without hesitation only for her gaze to land on the creature entering through the balcony door amidst the moonlight and glowing lanterns.
    She let out the breath she’d been holding when their eyes met and in a practiced calmness she went to him.
    When she was before him she tilted her head back, marveling still at his great height, and stood on tip-toe to kiss the underside of his jaw.
    “I welcome you, Lord, victorious to your rightful place,” she murmured.
    Her small hands worked at the clasps of his armor and they were silent as she removed it from his large frame, placing it reverently in its own specific spot. She took his swords as well before placing them at the foot of the futon where he preferred to keep them should he need them. All was done in a quiet calm, though their auras wrapped about each other.
    She stood before him once more, eyes asking, begging-
    He hummed in acceptance and as if it broke a trance his arms wrapped about her and his larger body bowed over her own as his nose nestled close to her mark.
    Kagome in turn relaxed into his embrace, adoring how safe she always felt in his arms as she breathed in the scent that was uniquely him.
    “I’m so glad you’re home,” she whispered. “The pups have been pouting since you left.”
    He nuzzled the soft flesh of her neck as a deep thrumming filled his chest, his hands rubbing gently along her back. The sound echoed into her through their connections and she hummed deeply in response.
    “It is late, are they resting?” he asked softly, as if afraid to ruin the lovely quiet of the night.
    “Mmm and they know to allow me time alone with my mate when he returns,” she replied with a grin, her pert nose skimming along the flesh poking from beneath his collar. She peeled back the two layers of thick silk gently and smiled contentedly as she brushed her cheek against the skin of his chest, arms wrapping around him as best as she could, her hands grasping the fabric at his back.
    The Inu was content in having his mate back in his arms as well, though he said nothing. She did not ask after the battle; wonder at how they fared. She trusted him completely and knew that what he did was for the best of the kingdom. And more importantly, she knew that he would succeed regardless of the enemy.
    She did not fret as another might, though her welcome was always much warmer the longer he was away.
    Wrapping his arms about her securely, he lifted her gently and took her to bed, intent on showing her how very much he’d missed her as well.


A/N: Just a little one-shot because I felt like writing something simple and sweet. Reunions always are best, ne? R & R!


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