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Joanna Akane (Chapter 12) - Wed 20 Mar 2019

Another excellent piece. I wish for more. Thank you again for your talent!!

Allison (Chapter 12) - Tue 18 Apr 2017

Such a fun story! I love the kids! I hope we'll be seeing more from this!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 12) - Tue 21 Jan 2014

*pokeS* such a lovely ficcy

mangageek (Chapter 12) - Mon 08 Apr 2013

This was a wonderful chapter! I adore this story and have (had?) re-read it many times! I can't wait for more!

tonya (Chapter 12) - Mon 08 Apr 2013

loved it!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 12) - Mon 08 Apr 2013

thats so cute!

cassandra (Chapter 12) - Mon 08 Apr 2013

Aw that was an adorable chapter! A father and son bonding over picking out his I guess you would call it. I'm glad that you've updated. I hope you continue to update soon!

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 12) - Sun 07 Apr 2013

Keep it coming.

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 11) - Wed 14 Nov 2012

Great story, keep it coming.

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 11) - Wed 14 Nov 2012

*giggles oh so silly like :3 raRr for pouncy pupped females!* seriously i LOVES that her oldest pups just deal with it, like it's a part of life! i wonder how many they have, if he can and does pup her every few years it seems. LOVE this! More! demands it!

SessQueen (Chapter 11) - Wed 14 Nov 2012

The chapters are great. You do have a few spelling issues.

Stella Mira (Chapter 11) - Wed 14 Nov 2012

Ah, those annoying hormones are good for something after all lol! Make us proud....Maru! *giggles insanely and hides under the bed* 

Stella Mira (Chapter 10) - Wed 14 Nov 2012

Hn! Everytrime I get a boo boo, I only get a band aid and a 'there, there'! It's not FAIR!!! LMAO, I love your fic to death and beyond!!!

Stella Mira (Chapter 9) - Wed 14 Nov 2012

So, there IS a normal name after all...This reminds me of that joke with the little Indian kid. It's kind of sencored though. If you do wish to know it, msg me ;)

Stella Mira (Chapter 8) - Wed 14 Nov 2012

Yeah, there are some serious issues with naming kids in this family, that's for sure lol! How about Tsukihime (Moon Princess) for a change? With her mother in law's suggestions,  if it's a girl they're gonna need the help of a psychologist in the future xD!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 10) - Wed 14 Nov 2012

0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o thats so cute! so very every day when you mate a poison master, i even think it's cute that they are all O_O hang your hands out in the garden, i wonder if they'll have poison flowers in that spot. or like... a pit to... hades! amazingly cute!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 8) - Wed 14 Nov 2012

VICIOUS BABY! on the loose! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! and i like those names! ^_^ kagome+sess = babies, i kinda love that! i wonder if mother will move in for this one, i can see that going well!

sugar0o who lurks (Chapter 7) - Wed 14 Nov 2012

lmao i love how sess and all his male pups are all O_o and all @_@ FLEE HIDE! and kagome's all 0o0o0o0o! *more!*

Stella Mira (Chapter 7) - Wed 14 Nov 2012

Hahaha, yes, Sesshoumaru, women can be very scary indeed! Glad to know that even the great lord of the West is wise enough to stay out of a fight between women lol!

Stella Mira (Chapter 6) - Tue 13 Nov 2012

I wish I had taken the news that well, when my parents informed me I was going to be an older sister. I asked sullenly, 'Can I have a cd player instead?', granted I was 10 at the time. No matter, I got over it pretty soon, altjough I still get teased mercilessly by my dad about it lol! I guess Sesshy's pups are way more mature than I was at that age, haha!

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