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Sophie (Chapter 2) - Sun 29 Jan 2012

OMG! I waited so long for this chapter and I'm sertainly I'm not dissapointed! I love this chapter! It was breathtaking, scaring and all of other things I don't remember translation (sorry) I can't wait for the next one. Hopefully it would come sooner. And by the way I like Kikyou too (but please don't tell anyone)

Ilia (Chapter 1) - Sun 29 Jan 2012

So mad at you right now for writing something that good and then leaving me with such a big cliffe. UHH well at least this is an awesome story so far please update again soon.

BlackBirdBasilica (Chapter 2) - Sun 29 Jan 2012
Dng it you said it was a good cliffy and it was I'm just sooo frustrated now lol

Mysteria Connors (Chapter 2) - Sun 29 Jan 2012

This chater gave me goosebumps! I absolutely loved it!!!! Can't wait for more XD

Paradise_Kiss (Chapter 2) - Sun 29 Jan 2012

Dammit, took you forever to update!! ;(;(


Please update sooner this time! Pretty pls with a cherry on the top?

Paradise_Kiss (Chapter 2) - Sun 29 Jan 2012

RubyJeweler (Chapter 2) - Sun 29 Jan 2012

"A pair of golden eyes hovered in the shadows of her closet, no face or body evident as their owner, staring at her, their depths burning as they bore in to her horrified gaze."

Scared the heck outta me!! LMFAO. I have an enormous imagination. Beautiful fic, so far. Looking forward to how Kagome will react in the next installment. >.<

Manatee (Chapter 2) - Sun 29 Jan 2012

Awesome chapter!  Please update!  I'm giddy to read more!  P.S Have you ever read YoukaiYume's comic about Willow?  This reminds me of it a lot.  Check it out on DeviantArt!

LivingInDarkness (Chapter 2) - Sat 28 Jan 2012

noooooooooooooo I want to know what will happen to Kagomeeeeeee T.T

I love fluffy things (Chapter 2) - Sat 28 Jan 2012

Please update soon, I cannot wait to read the rest of this!!!

Safa Hujurat (Chapter 1) - Mon 05 Dec 2011


teshinea (Chapter 1) - Tue 22 Nov 2011

UPDATE!!!!! Please...

lashon (Chapter 1) - Sat 12 Nov 2011

nice! i reallyyy liked the beginning. i'll be waiting for the update!

Mana (Chapter 1) - Fri 11 Nov 2011

I haven't read any stories quite like this one. It is so intriguing. I will try to patiently wait for the next chapter.

Ceysna (Chapter 1) - Mon 10 Oct 2011

0.0 ooo, interesting! I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops. Is he going to meet her at the restuart or at the college? Options... options... X^D It's killing me waiting to find out!!!

Great first chap, can't wait for the update! Keep up the great work!

ghost_youkai (Chapter 1) - Sat 08 Oct 2011

The beggining was VERY appealling and I REALLY hope to see more soon ^_^

Cherry (Chapter 1) - Sat 08 Oct 2011

Beautiful start to an intriguing story. Can't wait to read more! Thanks

helikesitheymikey! (Chapter 1) - Fri 07 Oct 2011

really cool story! at first it reminded me a bit of YoukaiYume's Willow cartoon but chill because it totally is different.

plus you'll continue updating this and not leave us hanging right? *big puss in boots eyes*


SO...what's Sesshomaru's plan? is Kagome really just going to be his pet or will he take her as something a bit higher ranked?

wonder what Sesshomaru is...death? the devil? a youkai being punished or something else?


so...did whatever Sesshomaru do to heal Kikyo make her more perfect/perfectionistic or something?

will we see Inuyasha and is he related to Sesshomaru in this?


anyway totally enjoyed the first chap...can hardly wait to see the next chap.


SO...where was Souta during the accident if their mom was in China and the girls were staying in town with their dad?


man Sesshomaru's gotta have a ton of patience to not fully seduce Kagome...unless he needs her to give willingly into him for him to be able to have her...hope she doesn't eat/drink anything he gives her...Persephone cannon and whatnot.


hopefully he'll still let her be on earth/with her family and friends. and hopefully he realizes that if he just takes her away from those she cares about she'll just get despondent and weakened.


SO does he know that Kagome and Kikyo are major crushing on some boys? methinks he'll be seriously ticked off...but it's kinda his fault...1) because Kagome doesn't necessarily remember the deal and 2) he asked for her soul...not her heart...he might have had a better chance if he bargained for her heart.




*btw, if/when Kagome and Sesshomaru procreate...will the kids have puppy dog ears or tails or what? I mean depending on what Sesshomaru is and what Kagome might become for bonding/reproducing with him*

Alexandra (Chapter 1) - Fri 07 Oct 2011

Awesome chapter! I can't wait to find out what happens next!!! XD

Sammi-Chan (Chapter 1) - Fri 07 Oct 2011

Wow this is really good so far. you should continue this :) I love the whole sell your soul to the devil idea. A little dark and a whole lotta sexy! cant wait to read more.

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