Akuma to no Keiyaku by Rinku

Chapter One: Deal with a Stranger

 Akuma to no Keiyaku (Deal with a Devil)

-By ForgottenHero


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Chapter One: Deal with a Stranger


Beep. Beep. Beep.

The monitor routinely noted a little girl's faint heartbeat, her rapidly fading pulse evident on the black screen with its neon green digits. A young girl of eight years sat in a large chair beside a hospital bed, her sapphire blue eyes watery with her tears. Her small hands clutched her hospital-gown in a white-knuckle hold. Her lips trembling as she suppressed her sobs, she gazed down at the little figure in the bed. Her twin sister, Kikyou, lay oblivious to her surroundings in a permanent coma. Kagome looked down at her bandaged arms, wincing as the drugs she had been given during her unconsciousness began to wear off. Her entire arms were bandaged since countless pieces of glass from the trunk window had fallen around her as they rolled into the ditch, her screams lost in the midst of the cracking thunder and ear-splitting shrieks of the tires and twisting metal.

Her eyelids slowly descended over her solemn eyes and her mouth became a grimace when the flood of snapshots of the car accident flooded her mind. Kikyou had turned smile at her sister before the car had met the other head on. It had been the night of their school play. Kikyou had been the lead, the Princess, and Kagome the Lady-in-Waiting. She had watched, enviously, as Kikyou played the part perfectly, and in the end, was showered with applause and roses from the crowd. The curtains had fallen and the little girl had watched her sister swamped by their fellow actors and actresses who loudly stated what a beautiful Princess she made and how well she had done. Yet her sister ignored the cast and ran up to her and hugged her, smiling, and told her she had done a wonderful job.

Kagome had felt the small spark of envy fade while her sister held her.

The two had then run to their Father, their Mother absent since she was in China visiting relatives. Their Otou-san had praised them greatly, his kind, handsome face gentle and proud. He had then treated them to McDonalds as the storm began. It was now eight o'clock and he announced in the restaurant, as the sisters re-enacted certain parts and excitedly surmised the play, that they should head home. Kikyou had called shot gun and Kagome had willingly gone into the back, looking forward to dozing as their Father drove since it was a good twenty minute trek to their home from the Yukuza prefecture. Nestled comfortably in the back seat, she had listened to Kikyou chirp about how they were both going to become famous and that they were going to share their fame and fortune together.

Her eyes had then drifted closed. She didn't know how long she had slept. But later on she had heard Kikyou calling for her to wake up. She had reluctantly opened her eyes and saw her sister in the front seat turn around and say,

"Wake up Kagome-nee-san. We're almost home and-"

Kagome had seen the blinding lights coming fast towards them behind Kikyou. Before Kikyou could finish her sentence, her beautiful young face smiling at her as she continued to be oblivious to the impending crash, the car had hit them and everything went dark. The shrieks of the tires, the booming sounds of the glass shattering and the feeling of being a rag doll as the car careened into the ditch. Her little body luckily held in place by her seatbelt, Kagome had screamed as loud as her little lungs could, her body on fire from the pain of the glass slicing into her young flesh.

When the car finally finished its rolling, she remembered lying in what felt like hot water, not knowing it was her blood, her eyes barely able to stay open as her gaze doubled and tripled from her rapidly increasing blood loss. She remembered seeing her Father literally hanging to the side, his body limp and held in place only by his straining seat belt. The car had been struck with such force it was now on its left, its lights flickering in the raining night. Kagome had stared at her Father’s hanging body and weakly called out his name. Her vision going dark, the sound of an ambulance piercing through the rumbling thunder, the little girl had closed her eyes, succumbing to her injuries.

She had woken up in a separate room. Confused and scared, she had noticed a nurse standing by who in turn ran to her, assuring her gently that she was okay and everything was fine. The paediatrician had then been called and he informed her they had had an accident. The little girl had eyed the room warily, noticing her sister and Father were not present. She knew that was not right.

 Kagome had clutched her bed sheets, her small face pinched with concern, and shakily asked, "Where's Otou-san? Where's Kikyou-nee-san?"

The doctor's gentle face became sombre, the nurse behind him giving her a pitying look. When she looked into their eyes, her heart began to race, her gut twisting in the most unpleasant of ways, and she had gazed at them pleadingly. She knew deep down that when people looked at you like that it was never good. The doctor had shaken his head and patted her small, wrapped hand.

"I'm sorry, Kagome-chan. But your Otou-san..." He looked pained but continued to look into her begging gaze. "He is gone. Your sister, Kikyou, is in another room with special machines to help her. She isn't in a good place right now, do you understand?" He asked gently.

Kagome understood what he meant and knew all about death. She had found a small bird once that had a broken wing. She had tried to nurse it back to health but a few days later, she found it stiff and cold in the make-shift home she had made it. She had prodded, petted and kissed it anxiously, trying to make it chirp at her again, but it continued to lie unresponsively in her hand. Her Father had walked in at that moment and had picked her up, wiping away her tears and sat her on his lap. As he held her in his loving arms, he explained to her that everything must go eventually, that everything dies. Death was a natural part of life he had said. It happened every day, every where, and when it happened, it lead you to the place you were the happiest with all the people you loved and who loved you.

Kagome had stared at the doctor numbly. She could not picture her smiling, energetic Father like the little bird; cold, limp and unresponsive. The nurse had rushed forward and hugged her, patting her hair, ignorant to the little girl's breaking heart. The doctor had left, whispering to the nurse, unknowing that Kagome was listening attentively, that Kikyou was not going to make it the night. When the registered nurses left, leaving only the night nurses, Kagome had snuck down the hall way, pulling her I.V machine behind her silently, peering into each room, until she found twin sister. Finally she came to room at the end of the hall. Looking through the glass window, she had seen what had appeared to be a small mummy. Her heart racing, she entered that room carefully.

She wheeled her machine with her to the bed side and stared down at her older twin.

Kikyou lay on the bed, carefully laid out as if she was already dead, her little chest barely moving as she shallowly breathed through the tube that had been shoved down her throat and into her lungs, the ventilator the only thing keeping her alive. There was only a small gap in her bandages to allow the tube into her swollen mouth. She looked so small and broken. Her entire head and most of her face were bandaged. Every inch of  visible skin was carefully wrapped. There were numerous beeping machines surrounding her sister with long tubes that lead into her skin. Hesitantly, Kagome looked around the room, feeling the ominous aura of impending death. She stood closer to her sister and gazed down into her bandaged face. She felt the tears trickle down her cold cheeks.

Kagome had then rolled herself to the chair and carefully sat down when her body began to ache in pain. Now here she was, staring at the little screen that was announcing her sister's dying heart with its simple, unfeeling 'beeps'. She gulped and felt her body begin to shake as she cried into her small hands, her bandages and gauze soaking up her tears as it was her blood.

"Kikyou... please... don't leave me..." Kagome sobbed, her shoulders trembling with her cries.

The machine 'beeped’ back at her mockingly. Her watery eyes lifting from the safe darkness of her palms, Kagome slowly stood and wheeled herself to her sister's side. She gazed lovingly into Kikyou's face and placed her hand over one of hers. The hand remained limp. Her little heart quivered.

"Please... somebody... help me..." She whispered. Closing her eyes, the tears now swiftly falling, she said more loudly, "Somebody... anybody... help... please help."

Knowing her pleas were pointless, the little girl fell forward, hugging her sister, sobbing into the cotton hospital blankets. And that's when coldness entered the room. Blinking, the little girl looked up at the dark, empty room. She blinked again, unsure if she was dreaming. The hospital room was gone. There was nothing but blackness surrounding her and Kikyou's bed. Looking down at Kikyou, she noted the machines were still hooked up to her and surrounding the bed but everything else, the hospital room and hallway, were gone and replaced with endless shadows.

She then noticed something moving the shadows. Frightened, she held onto Kikyou more tightly, prepared to protect her sister from whoever was there. A long black figure draped in a pitch black cloak glided forward, their face so pale that it glowed in the shadows. Stunned, Kagome's grasp loosened on her sister. The pale face was so beautiful it looked like the angels she saw painted on the ceilings at church. Her eyes widening in awe, she noticed the stranger had bright gold eyes and odd markings on their smooth skin.

"Wh-who are you?" The little girl stammered.

The figure eyed her emotionlessly. "I am someone who can help you." Those pale, thin lips moved to let forth a deep, silky voice.

Kagome decided she liked his voice. It was deep yet smooth. Standing up hesitantly, she cocked her head to the side, her long black pig tails swaying. She looked him over curiously. His face was stunning. He had smooth, porcelain skin, an angular jaw and high cheekbones and bright gold eyes. His face had tattoos on it. Two maroon stripes on each cheek, red eyeshadow framing his eyes and a blue crescent moon on his forehead. The little girl eyed him and, with a gap-toothed smile, decided she liked the man before her. He looked like angel.

"Are you an angel?" The little girl asked in awe, her blue eyes wide and sparkling with hope.

Those golden eyes narrowed while the left corner of that pale, sensuous mouth lifted slightly. "In a way." He replied , his eyes hooded beneath his thick lashes.

Kagome pondered that and stared at the beautiful dark angel. "How can you help me?" She asked, her little hand coming up to put her thumb in her mouth nervously.

The stranger's angelic face softened from its icy smirk as it stepped forward, his eyes inanimate like a doll's. "I can save your sister, Kagome-chan."

Kagome gasped. She looked at the dark angel reverently. She stepped around the bed, pulling a long her little machine she was hooked to and stood before him. She had to crane her head back to gaze into his golden eyes that in turn stared down at her with an unreadable look.

"You can save Kikyou-nee-san?" The little girl breathed, her tears beginning to fall again.

Elegantly, the black-draped angel knelt before her. He raised an arm. His cloak sleeve fell back to reveal an elegant hand that had long, claw-like nails. He gently wiped away her still warm tears as he stared into her large blue eyes. She glanced at his slender wrist and blinked in shock when she saw two slim stripes, much like the ones on his cheeks, wrapped around it. She slid her gaze back to his. His golden eyes cold but oddly softer than they were before, he gave her a slight nod.

"But for me to do so Kagome, you must give me something." He murmured.

Kagome bit her thumb nail nervously. She could give all her allowance and toys – it would not be nice to have nothing but her sister was worth it. The figure shook his cloaked head.

"Toys and money do not interest me." He responded, seeming to have read her thoughts.

She frowned sadly, her tears beginning again. She had nothing else to give. The figure looked at her carefully, eying her slowly. He then gave her a slight smile, the little girl to young and innocent to see the sardonic twist in that feral smirk, his golden eyes flashing.

"Kagome, would you give me your soul for your sister?" He asked smoothly, his eyes half-lidding thoughtfully as he peered at her.

Kagome blinked. Her soul? What was that?

The figure's smirk slightly widened, revealing sharp, white fangs. "A soul is nothing really, little Kagome-chan. It is something you can’t see. It’s in your heart." A single claw pointed to her small, bandaged chest. "It is the most beautiful and precious thing you have. Would you give it to me for your sister?" He asked, his satiny voice almost like a purr as his gold eyes gleamed dangerously.

Kagome felt something in her mind telling her not to agree. Something she couldn't understand at her age was screaming at her from the back of her undeveloped mind to not accept such a deal from this stranger. Her Otou-san had always warned her to not talk to strangers or accept gifts from them. But this wasn't a gift. She was paying for it. It's just like in her class with Pokémon cards; her peers always traded cards with one another. What was wrong with trading something she couldn't see and didn't know what it was for her sister's life? She glanced at Kikyou behind her shoulder, her heart tightening at the pitiful image her sister made. She turned back to the man and nodded quickly.

"Yes. Just please save Kikyou-nee-san." The little girl pleaded.

He stood and gracefully walked towards her sister, his long black robe trailing behind him. Kagome nervously followed him. The man turned his head to her, gazing down at her from down his nose. She watched him then raise his arms and push back his hood. Long, snowy-white hair with glistening silver streaks pooled down his back and almost touched the floor. Kagome gasped and felt her fingers begin itching to braid and brush the beautiful tresses. However, she repressed the urge since her parents had always told her to not touch things that weren't hers. She look up at the man who was now staring down at her sister and noticed he had long, pointy ears like an elf from the story books her father read to her at night time. The man looked at her from the corner of his golden eye, a slender brow cocked at her.

"There is no going back after I heal your sister - this is a binding promise, Kagome-chan. Do you fully agree to my conditions?" He demanded coolly in his monotonous voice yet there was a slight softness to it that none had heard before.

The little girl nodded again stiffly, her little face puckered with determination. "Yes."

The angel then turned and knelt before her again, the two of them beside her sister’s bed and held up her hand in his large claw. His eyes gazing in hers, he murmured, "Then you need to sign something to make this final, Kagome-chan."

In his other hand appeared a long piece of very old looking paper with strange writing. He then held it before her. She winced when she felt a pinch on her finger. She looked down and saw her finger bleeding. She looked at him fearfully and whimpered. He looked at her calmly.

"It is fine, Kagome. Just write your name with your blood and your cut will heal. Then I can save your sister." He explained.

Raising her small finger, Kagome wrote her name on the line with the large 'X' beside it. The scroll vanished as soon as she finished the kanji for 'me' in a burst of flame. She gasped and stumbled back but was stopped by the man's hold on her small hand. She watched in confusion when he then kissed her bleeding finger softly. She pulled her finger back when he released her and saw the cut was healed. She smiled, amazed, her little heart pounding in awe and fascination for the dark angel in front of her. The man stood up in a fluid, graceful movement.

He glanced down at the little girl and ordered flatly, "Turn around. Do not watch this, Kagome."

Obeying with out a second thought, she turned around swiftly, dragging her small I.V machine stand with her. The dark figure watched the little girl stare in front of her earnestly, eagerly obeying him with out question. He allowed a small smirk of satisfaction to . She was such a good little girl - so obedient. He stepped torward the bed that was his ticket to the little girl's soul. He looked down at the girl who looked so similar yet not to his new pet. He leaned forward, some of his moon-beam tresses falling over his shoulder, and pressed his sensuous lips beside Kikyou's little ear and murmured,

"Remember this, mortal. You were loved and were precious enough to another that they give their soul unto me. Do not forget that."

His eyes flashing, he sliced open his wrists, his black blood pouring out of the self-inflicted wounds and hovering in the air over the bed. Satisfied with the amount, he snapped his two claws together' the cuts disappearing with a hiss and some smoke frmo his wrists, and the blood seeped in through the girl's mouth tube, squeezing through magically made cracks that were then swiftly sealed when it had entered the plastic lining and up her nose. Her skin glowing red, like the natural markings on his eyelids, the numerous cuts and lesions on her tender skin sizzled and closed as the flesh knitted together again, expelling thin wisps of smoke as the scars erased themselves mysteriously from her young skin. Inside the little girl’s body, it healed the torn apart intestines, bleeding brain and numerous traumas that threatened her life. Its work done, the demonic blood left the little girl's body and hovered in the air agian. It then formed into a black crescent moon. The man turned to Kagome and saw her dutifully staring ahead, her little hands wringing together in front of her.

"Kagome, turn around."

The little girl eagerly obeyed and saw the man staring down at her, the hovering black crescent moon in the air beside him. She frowned and pointed at it.

"What's that?"

"It’s a symbol for you to wear."

She frowned and hesitantly stepped back. He walked forward and placed his claw on top of her head. She froze and looked up at him through her thick bangs. He stared down at her calmly.

"It will not hurt. Trust me." He stated, his bright gold eyes piercing her nervous pair.

Staring into those hard, steely orbs, she nodded hesitantly. The crescent moon mark flew forward. He grabbed her arm gently and turned it over, revealing her palm. The crescent moon landed slowly, planting itself on the inside of her wrist. The little girl blinked as she stared at it curiously. The beautiful angel then kneeled in front of her and placed a small kiss on the mark. Kagome giggled, his smooth, pale lips tickling her skin. In a flurry of black robes, the angel then walked around her, his cloak trailing behind him. He glanced over his shoulder as he placed his hood on again, one golden eye piercing through the echoing darkness as he regarded her stoically.

"You and your sister will wake up tomorrow and you will both be fine, Kagome-chan."

Kagome smiled. She watched the angel begin to walk away and called out, "Wait! What's your name?"

He stopped. "Sesshoumaru. Remember that name, Kagome. In ten years, I will come to collect your debt. Do you understand?" He enquired detachedly as he stared ahead of him, his back the only thing the little girl could see.

The little girl nodded. He then stepped forward into the shadows and disappeared.


Ten years later…

Beep. Beep Beep.

The alarm clock screeched, causing a large bump in a massive disarray of blankets on the bed to move. Reluctantly, a dark head appeared, its hair a tangled mess, from beneath the covers. A young girl yawned, her blue eyes sleepily staring at her bedroom ceiling. Sunlight poured through her window, causing her eyes to ache. She grumbled about examinations incoherently for a moment before sighing. Higurashi Kagome blinked and waited for her sleep-deprived body to find the energy to get up. She had spent the entire night before studying for her examinations that were coming up next week. These examinations were insanely important. Every college hopeful in Japan was currently wracking their brains studying as of this moment. Any one who wanted to attend university or college must pass the school’s entrance exams.

Kagome happened to have set her eyes on one of the most difficult and prestigious schools in Japan – the University of Tokyo (also known as Tokyo U). It was the top rated university in all of Japan – beating Kyoto and Osaka and numerous other academic faculties. When she had informed her Mother, she had brightly agreed. She had chirped that she would be so proud to have two daughters in Tokyo U. Kagome sighed at that memory. Kikyou, her twin sister who was older by a minute, was also studying for Tokyo U. She had actually studied with her last night. Kagome’s cheeks puffed angrily. She could still remember Kikyou chastising her for being late, pointing out her numerous errors in her arithmetic and physic functions and don’t even get her started on her English studies.

In her defense, English was one of the hardest languages in the world – how could she be expected to be fluent in something she didn’t speak?

But Kikyou was. Kikyou was an honour roll student and had been the chair leader in all their high school’s social groups and functions. Kagome had stuck to being in the social committee as a back participant and allowed Kikyou to do what she did best which was, ironically, being the best. She scowled. She sometimes theorized Kikyou had stolen all the good genes from her but could not prove it. Sighing, Kagome got up from bed and rubbed her head drowsily. There was no use lingering over pointless situations like hers. Besides, today was a special day.

Knock. Knock.

Kagome looked over and said, “Come in!”

Higurashi Kikyou strode in, the morning sun seeming to welcome her happily and setting her gorgeous features off to an almost nauseating perfection. With her sloped violet eyes, flawless ivory skin and long black hair that was perfectly straight and shinny, she was the epitome of what a classical beauty would be pictured as. So many times she had been asked by random strangers to model or act that Kagome  hated going in public any where with her twin. Yet Kikyou always turned them down bluntly, explaining she wished to be a social worker. The looks the talent seekers and producers gave the older twn.

 “Happy Birthday, Kagome.” Kikyou’s soft, melodious voice intruded her thoughts.

Blinking and pulling her wits together, she gave a bright smile to her twin and laughed. “Happy Birthday to you to, Kikyou-nee-san.”

Kikyou looked around her room with a slight smile. “You didn’t clean your room like Momma asked.” She pointed out, sighing as she started picking up Kagome’s clothes that were strewn all across the floor.

Kagome ‘hmph’d’ and mumbled, “I was too tired after studying all last night.”

Kikyou glanced at her. “Kagome that’s not a good excuse – its not hard to pick up some clothes and put them in the hamper when you take them off.” The older twin chastised gently as she dropped the clothes in the hamper.

Kagome flushed. Crossing her arms over her chest, she grumbled, “Sorry I’m not perfect like you.”

Kikyou blushed and gave her a stern look. “Now Kagome-“

Kagome smiled at her. “Can you ever lighten up? I was joking around, Kikyou!” Seeing Kikyou’s abashed look, she shook her head. “I swear you act older then Momma. I think it’s a sign of insanity.” She said smoothly, her eyebrows wiggling.

Kikyou smirked. “And I think being retaining the mentality of an eight year old might be a sign of lack of mental development.” She quipped back swiftly.

Kagome laughed at that and swung herself out of bed. “I rather be a young fool at heart then a dried prune.”

Kikyou rolled her eyes. “If that is going to be your defense then I’ll leave it at that.” She eyed her twin affectionately. “Anyways, I came to get you because Momma has breakfast ready and everyone is waiting for you so they can eat, birthday girl number two.  Hurry up so we can get going. We have much a lot to do today.”

The younger girl stuck her tongue out playfully. “Neeeuuuggghhh.”

Kikyou sighed. “You’d think since you’re now eighteen you’d be a bit more mature.” The older girl mumbled while exiting the room.

Kagome shrugged her shoulders. “Nah. I’ll always be me, Kikyou.”

Kikyou stopped at the door and glanced at her sister, her gaze softening. “I hope so, Kagome-nee-san. I truly do.” She murmured gently before walking downstairs.

Kagome hummed to herself as she readied to go down for breakfast. Throwing on a short pleated skirt and top with thigh high socks and black heels, she quickly ran her brush through her hair and washed her face. Almost running to the stairs, she went down them two at a time and made a large ‘thump’ when she leapt to the bottom. She eagerly entered the delicious smelling kitchen and saw her Mother, Grandfather, Kikyou and their younger brother Souta sitting down at the table, waiting to eat. She slid into a chair and attacked her rice porridge and fried eggs. Souta glared at her in a challenging way and began to dig into his, trying to out-eat her.

“So you’re eighteen today… my my how time flies.” Jii-chan cackled, his aged face reminiscent. “I remember the day your Mother and Father told me they were pregnant with twins – girls nonetheless! What a day that was.”

Mrs. Higurashi nodded and smiled sunnily. “Yes, Akira was so excited. What a beautiful gift and great beginning to a family.”

Kagome and Souta scowled at each other as they continued to shovel the food into their mouths, oblivious to the chatter around them. His eyes flaring dangerously, Souta’s already ridiculous speed doubled and Kagome felt herself beginning to get worried. Her eyes widening at the blurred movement of his hands, she swiftly tried to up her speed. His eyes glinting ferociously, Souta growled and then yelled a triumphant cry and slammed his bowl and chopsticks down.

“I won! Hah! Again! Third time this week. Higurashi Souta wins again and he is just on fire!” He crooned gleefully.

Placing the last bit of her meal in her mouth, Kagome rolled her eyes and sat back in her chair. “You were down here first. I think you ate a bit before I got here.”

“Ask any one who was here!” Souta denied vehemently.

Kagome smiled and stretched. Kikyou sighed and looked at her twin with disapproval. Rubbing her stomach, she looked back at her twin and felt a prick of guilt over the immature action. Blushing, she looked away and grabbed her bag. Mrs. Higurashi quickly told her to stop and wait for a moment. Curious, Kagome looked at her Mother questioningly.

“We will be having dinner at a restaurant tonight and will be opening both of your presents there. I’m going to be making the cake today and I’ve already invited your friends.”

Kikyou smiled. “Did you possibly ask Hiro and Takuto to come, Momma?”

Kagome blushed. Hiro and Takuto were brothers that she and Kikyou were interested in from study group. Mrs. Higurashi smiled and nodded.

“Of course! You girls are eighteen, I think its fine to get married now and give me some grand babies.” Her eyes became starry as the image of grandchildren played in her mind.

Kikyou and Kagome glanced at each other tiredly. On with the grandchildren conversation again? Kagome rolled her eyes and shook her head as Kikyou sweat dropped and tried to convince their Mother that they both weren’t ready for marriage much less children. Their Mother pouting at the table as their Grandfather rambled on about needing their help later on this week with puryfing the shrine, the twins swiftly left through the back door and quickly made their way to the car. Kikyou with drew the keys from her pocket and shook them at Kagome.

“Do you want to drive today or me?”

Kagome thought for a moment. “You can drive there and I’ll be the one to drive back.”

Her twin nodded in acquiescence. “Of course. Get in. I hope we can make it to exam prep early. I need to speak to Misimoto-sensei about some of the equations for physics we did last night.”

Kagome nudged herself into the seat as Kikyou started the car with a twist of the key. Backing out of the drive way and turning left, they drove to the near by high school the college examination prep classes were being held. Kikyou cautiously drove to the point where older people were shaking their fists at her. Her purple eyes focused and determined, she ignored them and continued to clench the wheel in a white-knuckle hold. Kagome gripped the sides of the seat nervously. This was the effect the accident they had suffered ten year ago had on them. That rainy night that had cost them dearly. Kagome looked out the passenger window, her sapphire-blue eyes sad. How she missed Father. She couldn’t help but feel like something was missing today on their birthday with out him there to say ‘Happy Birthday!’.

She sighed and pressed her cheek against the window. Kikyou glanced at her suddenly morose twin and frowned. She knew Kagome was feeling the same pain as she was. Any time either of them drove or were in a car, every holiday, every sundae or treat store they passed, they were constantly reminded of their Father. Kikyou had always wondered if they had left McDonald’s earlier or if they hadn’t insisted on going out for dinner at all if their Otou-san would still be around. She gulped and blinked back tears. They could not blame themselves forever. But for some reason, Kikyou dreamt of not the accident when it rained or on a particularly bad night. No, she always dreamt of a dark figure who would always whisper something in her ear she couldn’t understand. She looked at Kagome quickly from the corner of her eye.

“I had the dream again.” She announced, trying to break the silence.

Kagome stiffened and looked at her. “You mean of the black figure?” She asked hesitantly.

Kikyou nodded. “Did you?” She asked.

Kagome looked down at her fisted hands that now held the hem of her skirt nervously. Every night for the last eight years she dreamt of a man. She could never see his face nor make out his form. He was always dressed (or in her opinion disguised) in a black cloak and hood. Yet there was one feature she could never forget. His voice. His voice was sinfully beautiful. It was a deep baritone sound that was silken like satin and smooth like honey. It was a beautiful sound that she could only imagine could belong to an angel. No one in the world, no matter who it was; it could be a famous singer, actor or announcer... no voice could compare to this man’s. She sighed.

“Ya.” She admitted reluctantly.

Kikyou pursed her lips thoughtfully. “What happened this time?”

Kagome flushed. She could not tell her twin this dream or any of the dreams she had been having now since she was sixteen. The figure… the figure had touched her and had been now for the last two years in her dreams. She closed her eyes quickly, trying to block out the images in her mind. The man or whatever he was, be it an angel or elf or other worldly being, literally seduced her socks off every night for 730 nights. The blush began to spread from her cheeks to down her neck. There was a routine to these dreams. It would always start with her in darkness, the shadows endlessly surrounding her, and then, magically, a large bed, bigger then any king size, would form in front of her with blood red silk sheets and the fluffiest looking pillows. She would then be pushed onto the bed and feel something heavy pin her to it. She would always struggle but it was futile. The black figure would flip her onto her back and pin her hands above her head, leaving her breathless from her struggles and fear.

Slowly, he would lean into her and give a hot kiss on her neck, where her heart beat the hardest, and murmur, ‘Mine’ in her ear, his hot breath sending tingles from her ear cavern, down her neck, through her spine and rendering her legs to jelly. He would than take one of his hands while the other held her wrists captive and caress her slowly, possessively, his smell of musk and jasmine making her mind whirl. Those hands were odd. She’d feel the scrape of long claws and would try to ask him who or what he was but somehow, her tongue was always too heavy or fumbled to form words as he would then either rub her erect nipples or lightly trail those claw-like whatever-they-were across her stomach or down her leg. His tongue would trace her neck and her lips but she could not see him. He always made sure to keep his face hidden.

He would whisper things in that mind-destroying, resolve-melting voice of his. He would murmur of naughty, forbidden things. He would tell her she tasted delicious and he could not wait to have her. He would tell her how he was going to please her and claim her. She would tremble and try and protest but somehow she would end up naked, exposed and wanting, underneath him, her body dripping with sweat. His mouth would trail across every plane of her body, her nipples stiff and aching, her woman’s core throbbing. She didn’t understand what she felt or how someone’s mouth could feel so good and yet feel as hot as Hell’s fires. And every time things began to progress to a dangerous level, she’d hear a dark chuckle that would raise the hair on her body in fear, and she would wake up panting and confused. She had woken up with goose bumps from that dark chuckle. It had to be the most sinister yet seductive sound in existence, imagined or not.

 “Kagome?” Kikyou’s voice intruded her thoughts.

The younger girl shook her head and her blue eyes became focused. “Uh, well, you know telling me it was almost time… whatever that means.” She mumbled, her face hot and a deep crimson.

Kikyou’s hands tightened on the steering wheel. She glanced at her twin with concern. “You don’t think it’s a demon do you? I’ve purified your room and mine so many times over the years and erected strong barriers even a daiyoukai would have problems attacking… it doesn’t make any sense…” The older twin whispered nervously.

Kagome nodded. “It doesn’t. Your barriers have always been impenetrable and we both do purifications of the entire house and shrine routinely. It can’t be a demon. It has to be something else.” She reasoned hesitantly.

Kikyou shook her head, the two long forelocks by her face swaying with the movement. “It cant be! I haven’t sensed any youki, much less any other aura then our family's! Its impossible! Maybe… maybe that accident knocked something loose in our brains. Maybe we have PTSD or something?” She surmised anxiously.

Kagome chuckled. “Ya because having a mental disorder or being traumatized is so much better then a demon.”

Kikyou smiled wanly. “You never know.”

Kagome sighed and leaned back. “Well all we can do is hope these dreams stop and that whatever it is, if there is something that’s doing this, grows bored.” The younger twin eyed her older one curiously. “What happens in your dreams any ways? Is it just the whole telling you stuff you can’t understand?”

Kagome watched Kikyou’s actions closely. If her twin was being molested too she would be able to tell. They were both virgins and hopeless with sexuality at that. Kikyou nodded, her face stressed.

“Yes and no matter what enchantments, spells or purification prayers I say in the dreams, the whatever-it-is is not affected. In fact…” Her eyes became frightened. “It-it laughs… and it is a scary type of laugh. I feel like I’m listening to a sinister evil... like something truly sadistic…”

Kagome tensed. She knew what Kikyou was talking about but surely her twin could hear the sensuality in the creature's voice? She glanced at Kikyou and saw the pinched look on her face. Nope. Apparently Kagome was twisted and was attracted to maniacal sounding laughs. Lovely. Maybe Kikyou was right about the PTSD or mental disease? Sighing, she watched Kikyou then pull into college prep and park the car. Grabbing their books and notes, they closed and locked the doors to their small car and made their way together to the class. Entering the class together, they went different ways to their respectable groups. Kikyou with her friends Kanna, Kaguya and Kagura as Kagome went to Sango, Rin and Ayame. Each group of friends yelled happy birthday to the twins and began to push presents upon them. Kaguya, Kagura and Kanna all waved and wished Kagome ‘Happy Birthday’ as Sango, Ayame and Rin did so for Kikyou. Kagome excitedly dug into her presents.

“We hope you like everything. We all tried our best but you’re so darn difficult sometimes.” Sango, the oldest in the group, sighed as she smiled.

Ayame, a red-haired wolf demoness, huffed. “Well I know she’ll love my present. I know Kagome very well.”

Rin glanced at Ayame curiously. “Don't we all?”

Ayame flushed and looked away. “Keh.”

 Kagome laughed. As she unwrapped each gift, she was pleasantly surprised by the awesome loot her friends had put together for her; a new Hello Kitty cell phone holder, some gift certificates to a local bubble tea shop and clothing stores and some candies. Smiling, she thanked and hugged each one enthusiastically. The teacher then entered the class and called for attention. Glancing at Kikyou who in turn gave her wink, Kagome relaxed. Her life wasn’t perfect but she wouldn’t change or give it up for anything.


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Otou-san: Father

Jii-chan: Grandfather

-nee-san: The suffix for sister.

-chan: The suffix to add to a girl's name to show friendship or familiarity.

Youkai: Demon

Kami: God

Miko: Priestess


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