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Emma (Chapter 3) - Mon 18 Jun 2012

Love! Although one thing, Abaddon is not Lucifer. Abaddon is the angel of destruction. Along with Azrael they are basically the angels of the apocalypse. I can see why you got it confused though. Sorry, I used to be an avid studier of world history/religions and it was one of my favorite tales. Lovely story. Well written!

Hope (Chapter 1) - Fri 25 May 2012

Great story! I love it so far!

Darkness living in Hope (Chapter 3) - Thu 12 Apr 2012

Wow that is very good. Holy cow

Rachel (Chapter 3) - Thu 12 Apr 2012
OMG good! Must have more please! And soon, lol.

LivingInDarkness (Chapter 3) - Sat 31 Mar 2012

I liked it!

It's turning out to be very interesting n.n I can't wait for the next chapter

Deana (Chapter 3) - Thu 29 Mar 2012

OMG! That was soo good. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Neko-chan (Chapter 3) - Thu 29 Mar 2012

It's Good!! I hope you find the manga!! Good Luck!! :))

criticat (Chapter 3) - Thu 29 Mar 2012

This was chilling and thrilling and just too good! I liked that you gave us an insight into the inner workings of Sesshomaru's mind too, made it much more interesting to read. Is there a way out of this for Kagome now? What will happen next? Can't wait to find out!

The only little teeny bit I didn't quite understand was how did Sango end there in the end, just before Sesshomaru takes Kagome away. 

RubyJeweler (Chapter 3) - Thu 29 Mar 2012

Definitely GOOD. ( ;

Tori (Chapter 3) - Thu 29 Mar 2012

Tori here reporting in: Yes yes yes. Completely well done, driven suspence, will kagome escape from hell will she stay, will sesshy kun be the big bad wolf and devour her. YES. Because I have faith in the writer. this is dark and I love it, oh my mind driven by the words have fallen in the gutter waiting on pins an needles for the next chapter. Was inu the savoir the hated man who can cleanse sins. Will kagome fall so far into hel's grip she becomes deprived herself. I forsee no happy ending only pleasure.


Nenyanna (Chapter 3) - Wed 28 Mar 2012




Please update soon.  This looks AMAZING!


floyd (Chapter 3) - Wed 28 Mar 2012

in chapter two kagome had her two friends sango and ayame with her, now in chapter three the angel trying to save kagome is also sango. I presume they are different? the sango in chapter two sounded so much more immature.

Brittany (Chapter 2) - Tue 06 Mar 2012

Please update!!!!!!! I want to know what happens.

SesshysRose (Chapter 2) - Tue 21 Feb 2012

Might I say...WHAT A HORRIBLE PLACE TO LEAVE THIS CHAPTER AT!!!!!!! reminds me on the Sixth Sense, when the boy gets locked in the attic at the birthday party...freaky! Can't wait to read more!!!

TheCrimsonLady (Chapter 2) - Mon 06 Feb 2012

I do not wish to insult or offend any one with this but your story is exactly like YoukaiYume's story Willow. Yours has more too it but you seem have have the exact same plot, and the same characters other then the fact that you are using InuYasha characters. If you haven't seen YoukaiYume's Deviantart story Willow, then it is my suggestion that you read it, and or maybe put in some commentary about whether you got the story idea off Willow, or if you thought it up yourself and it has nothing to do with it. YoukaiYume has alot of fans and some may object to your story seeing how similar it is.

Other than that your story is going well, and I hope you will continue.

Anonymous (Chapter 2) - Mon 30 Jan 2012

This is a really good fic!!

A little foreboding, but since that's what you're going for- I say "Way to go!!"

Keep up the great work!!


Alexandra (Chapter 2) - Mon 30 Jan 2012

AWW! Why did you have to stop it there?! It was getting so good! >__<


Please update soon! I don't think I can handle the suspense!!

deva mari (Chapter 2) - Mon 30 Jan 2012
Being that im a complete chicken when it comes to scary scenes in books or movie ihave to say i think my heart stopped a sec there when i read this.and im not proud of this but i was damn near crying :( good job!lol :)

criticat (Chapter 2) - Mon 30 Jan 2012

Oh my, this cliffy is just so evil! I want to know what happens!! Can we have more please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

I wonder if he is planning on completely taking her away or just coming in for a visit, so to speak.. 

lashon (Chapter 2) - Sun 29 Jan 2012

ooh! i am sooo excited for this!! i cant wait to see what happens!

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