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Chopsticks (Chapter 13) - Sat 24 Sep 2022

I have been following this story since muteshadow, you have don't such a fantastic job taking over this story. You have such a beautiful writing style which has made me binge this whole story all over agian. I know it's been years but please consider finishing it for the history of the sess/kag fandom!

Becky (Chapter 1) - Sat 28 Mar 2020

please finish!!!!!!

Zzzz (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Jan 2020

And the plot THICKENS! Poor 'Gome, though. Sesshomaru is such an emotional dunce and she deserves better. I really want her to move on and get the happy ending she deserves. I want her to stunt on 'em dogs lol. Thank you for sharing! 

Pat Wim (Chapter 13) - Sat 26 May 2018

Please update or let us know something please

sasha (Chapter 13) - Tue 19 Sep 2017

I  love this story, please, end it.

LibraCourt (Chapter 13) - Wed 06 Sep 2017

Safe to say I believe this story has been forgotten and abandoned. Future note. Don't start something and not finish. 

Brittany (Chapter 13) - Mon 06 Feb 2017

I really hope this story get updated soon. I need to know what happens

D (Chapter 13) - Wed 11 Jan 2017

Any updates on any stories? They are so good and I miss them D:

LibraCourt (Chapter 13) - Mon 19 Dec 2016


Niomi (Chapter 1) - Sat 10 Dec 2016

Please update soon! one of my fav stories

Anonymous (Chapter 13) - Fri 10 Jun 2016

Amazing story please update soon!!! I cant wait to find out what happens next.????

Koree (Chapter 13) - Wed 11 May 2016

Amazing Chap !!!!!!!!! 

Niomi (Chapter 13) - Sun 17 Apr 2016

LOVE THE UPDATE! Thanks so much. So much tension but it's delicious! cannot wait to see what happens

Ncky (Chapter 13) - Fri 15 Apr 2016

I want moreeeeeeeee! Update soon please! ????????  You always have me waiting!! Your story is beautufully written, with the exception of some missing punctuation. Please do give me more of Ai, I would like to see how he feels more often. For Sesshomaru, you definitely should delve into him being more cynical toward Kagome. If the story does end up with Sesshomaru finding out what really happened with him and  Kagome then I would like to see how Kagome handles the situation. I particularly would not like her running full speed back into Sesshomaru's arms after what he did but if you do decide to get there do it slowly. Please get rid of Kagura! ?? Let Sesshomaru find out what she did! That being said, please update soon! Much love! ????????

Eve Nighte (Chapter 13) - Fri 15 Apr 2016

I'm sure I've said this numerous times in my reviews but I have to say it again, this is one of the few fanfics that I cannot wait to see an update from: I was beginning to think you had forgotten about this gem! 

First off, this chapter was everything and more! What a build up to Ai and Kagome's entrance - I truly felt the tension in the room. I imagine things will get even more interesting in the next chapter as the coronation commences.  

Also, that the introduction of the new characters were very well done. Even after just one chapter, I am loving the dynamic of Ai's parents as well as Kikyou's genuine concern for Kagome. Everything in the story has worked so well that it only seems to be getting better and better!

I am so excited to see Ai's plan unfold as well as how Kagome and Sesshomaru will (if they do) interact at the event. I know you've got a lot of other stories but I have to admit, this one is just a stand-out for me :)

Keep up the amazing work!

P.S. totally unrelated, you are a master at lemons (reread a couple chapters and looking forward to new ones) hehe ;) 

Bella Da God (Chapter 10) - Thu 14 Apr 2016

can you ultimately give me an idea of like how long it'll be before Sesshomaru will stop being a major human baiting dick? I get that you write for your own enjoyment but I'm kinda starting to hate him and wish for his death. if 95% of the story is gonna be this kind of Sesshomaru can you just warn, just a little heads up please

Koi (Chapter 13) - Thu 14 Apr 2016

He's a jealous little Sesshy, aint he? lol I can't WAIT until the next chapter

Mrvc (Chapter 13) - Thu 14 Apr 2016

Yay an update weee :) :) i hope sesshoumaru regrets everything what he vae done to kagome,  and he will be like  np: when i was your man by bruno mars hahahah

Lady Lynn (Chapter 13) - Thu 14 Apr 2016

It appears that Kagura is not doing a good job of distracting Sesshomaru from Kagome.  I wonder if Ai has a back up plan for it.  Since he apologized to Kagome, I wonder if he is going to change the 'story' a bit to make Kagura look say he 'checked' into Kagura's story when it first happened and 'found' it to be false.  Of course he'll ask Sesshomaru if he even 'bothered' to check to see if the 'story' was true when it first came about, and of course we all know the answer to that one.  He was a little too eager to believe it. 

Of course,  he will say he did check the story a few days ago and at point he'll get laughed at for the fact the one, it gave Kagura 'time' to 'spice' the story a bit, two, who or what Kagura saw; if real or illusion is gone(more likely an illusion)was most likely an attack of sorts and Sesshomaru fell for the intended trick.  Whomever did this knew enough of the inu youkai for the desired effect. 

One thing comes to mind for Sesshomaru, the perfect idiot.  I hope he gets a huge wake up call, because Kagura just humiliated him and the sad thing is that he doesn't know it yet.

Amber (Chapter 13) - Thu 14 Apr 2016

I absolutely love your story so far. I love the character depiction and characterization. I want Kagome to get Ai and Sesshomaru back for all the bullsh*t they put her through!!!! I cannot wait until sh*t get crazy!!!! They all are going to PAY!!!!

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