elizabeth (Chapter 1) - Fri 26 Jul 2013

linda historia me gusto mucho y gracias por escrivirla

Himura Asami (Chapter 5) - Thu 28 Mar 2013


naqaashi (Chapter 8) - Mon 20 Dec 2010

::rolls:: au contraire, lady - thou needst write MORE!  now see what you made me do...butcher two languages in the same sentence... XD

iloveprettysilverhair (Chapter 8) - Mon 20 Dec 2010

I say they're all FABULOUS!!!  You did such a great job, you're entirely too modest!  

So when can we expect a nice chapter story from you?  Oneshot?  MOAR!!!!  :D 

Freya Ishtar (Chapter 5) - Mon 20 Dec 2010


Freya Ishtar (Chapter 3) - Mon 20 Dec 2010

Why am I picturing Sesshomaru bouncing around his estate, unwittingly in the throes of a chocolate fueled sugar-rush?

Freya Ishtar (Chapter 1) - Mon 20 Dec 2010

LMAO!  All I could hear was this garbled mess of a christmas song in my head at the end.  I loved that you were able to keep Sessh in character despite the silliness of the situation.


Happy holidays, Wiccan! *huggles*

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