Christmas Drabble/Drawble 12/19 by WiccanMethuselah

Deck the Halls

I tried my hand at Drabble/Drawble Night, last night.  I don’t write, as a matter of policy, usually.  This little collection is what resulted, and I was then cajoled into actually posting it too.  This is why you won’t see me writing the next “great” Sess/Kag story… be glad, be very glad!

Prompt: “Deck the Halls”

Word count: 180 - Regrettably, insanely over!


‘Deck the Halls’ - such a trite, stale, worn out song.  Couldn’t the miko find anything with a little more... pizzazz... for the holiday Christmas party?

“Kagome,” he started.

“No!  Don’t say it!!” she exclaimed.

“Honestly,” he tried again.

“I’m trying to get everyone in the mood with a song that they all know,” she explained.

Sesshoumaru delicately pinched the bridge of his nose, trying desperately to stave off the incipient headache.

“Kagome, love, they know ALL the standard Christmas carols, after all, we sing them every year, do we not?” he inquired.

“But, sweetheart, it’s more fun when you throw them for a loop with a new twist on an old classic!” Kagome chortled.

“Making them use the words to ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’ and the tune to ‘Deck the Halls’ obviously isn’t working too well, though,” Sesshoumaru helpfully pointed out.

Cocking her head to the side and listening to the cacophony for a minute, Kagome sighed in defeat.

“Okay, you win.  It’s YOUR turn to come up with the next one!” she giggled, as she danced away in glee.


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