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Shelly (Chapter 25) - Fri 17 Jun 2022

What a wonderful story. l'm looking forward to reading more. The only thing wrong is, Kagome has a blue backpack now. You give her yellow on a tragic death.

Acb6293 (Chapter 36) - Sun 10 Oct 2021

I read that you don't give up on fics, I really hope you come back to this one! Ive read it twice forgettting that this isn't finished and I'm really sad it's not! I don't read many stories twice so that shows how much I like it! 

Orchidaceae (Chapter 36) - Sun 12 Apr 2020

Thanks for writing.  Please update soon. Thank you. 

Toni (Chapter 36) - Fri 19 Jul 2019

I found this story on your page  just finished it  it's really good  sorry that you abandoned this story  

maybe you could relook at it and continue 

keep up the great work

Joanna Akane (Chapter 36) - Mon 08 Apr 2019

Yet another excellent fic!! Hojo is going to do something super dumb and it should mess with modern Kag/Sessh. When Sesshoumaru accidentally ran into older Kagome with her pups, there was sadness in her eyes. This threw open a whole world of possibility for me. Why is she sad? Is modern day Seashoumaru neglecting her and their children to continue building his empire? What if old timey Sesshoumaru tried to comfort her? Is it cheating? Will younger Kagome feel betrayed?! Dude. I’m salivating here!! i know these stories are years and years old. I do love your writing. Do you write professionally or do you have another fandom I could follow you? thank you for sharing your talent!

Ninetails (Chapter 36) - Wed 30 Aug 2017

When will you update or finish? ??

Kanda (Chapter 36) - Fri 21 Apr 2017

please come back to finish this fic. what i really wanna know is who attacked sesshoumaru from way back when (can't remember the chapter) and why he didn't tell her. and where the heck is kikyo? and naraku! 

other than that, hope life has been wonderful. 

Himawari (Chapter 36) - Fri 20 Jan 2017

oh my gosh! this story is sooo good. i love the pack dynamic and it was so exciting when sessh met his future kids and i'm glad inuyasha is back and making amends but i'm still worried that he doesnt rmeember what happened with kikyo and where the heck is naraku hiding?! ahh please post more chapters! my question need answered lol! :)

bookgirl813 (Chapter 36) - Sat 21 May 2016

Such a fun tale and hope that your muse returns (and RL allows) so that you can finish this.  

Will Hojo continue to harrass the couple, even when he eventually sees Kagome pregnant? (Oh, and typically in the manga, I recall that Hojo usually called Kagome 'Higurashi' instead of by her first name.  Is your Hojo calling Kagome by her first name because he is pushing the boundaries?)  Will he stir up trouble? Or will the couple return to the Feudal Era and not return until the pup's birth?

Kagome's mom - I can only imagine she will be happy for the couple after she's wrapped her mind around the pregnancy.  

Naraku - still silent.  Now that Kagome is pregnant, will he strike while the inu and his mate are at their most vulnerable?

So many questions yet to be answered for this wonderful story.  Hope to see you writing again soon!

LadyFugue (Chapter 36) - Thu 12 Nov 2015

I am breathlessly waiting on the next chapter. I absolutely love this story! 

MythMagykFae (Chapter 36) - Mon 29 Jun 2015

Fantastic story! I love how close you make the psck, Shippo and Rin being such close siblings, and Kags ans Sess being so intune is adorable! The entire story is so well witten its safe to say im a teensy bit obsessed lol. update soon please!

marisel (Chapter 36) - Sun 25 Jan 2015

I would say that this story is one of the best develop sory  Ijad read so farm.  its been develop so easyly to follow and enjoy.  it does feel like you are part of the pack going through the feudal era.  i do also enjoy the fact that is not bloody nor sexual,  give enough hints to ge te point.   so I would thank you for making the time of reading very pesant.

Treece (Chapter 17) - Fri 09 Jan 2015

I adore this story.  You have wonderful and perfect way of telling a story. The way you build the relationships and scenarios is captivating.  I don't want to make it to the last chapter but thankfully, you have a LOT of amazing stories.  This was overall my favorite chapter, which is why I needed to stop and review.  It was unexpected and so perfect, and resolved so many things for Kagome and Sessoumaru by taking their friendship to another height.  I appreciate all the time and love and dedication you have devoted to your stories.  It's writers like you who keep me connected to this series, so many years later :-)

Eva (Chapter 36) - Sun 28 Dec 2014

I've only just discovered your wonderful story yesterday, and have read it straight through. You've done an absolutely wonderful job developing Kagome's personalities and relationship. You've done so well applying pack dynamics to these beloved characters. I keep having to remind myself that Naraku is still waiting to pounce, but I just can't seem to give a damn. I hope that you will pick this back up some day, but it is an excellent piece of work as it is. Thanks for sharing your work.

SilverInu93 (Chapter 36) - Thu 03 Jul 2014

love the story

Paige (Chapter 36) - Sun 20 Apr 2014

Love it!!!!

Hanna (Chapter 36) - Thu 27 Mar 2014

Will there be more of this someday? It is one of my absolute favourites, and I've read it three times now. I'd really like to see how it ends. :)

Lorena (Chapter 36) - Sun 16 Feb 2014

This story...ah, it's so wonderful to read this great pack dynamic! I hope you finish this soon, I'd love to see this couple centuries older and any in between happenings 

PristineUngift (Chapter 36) - Tue 04 Feb 2014

I think I read this a while ago on FF.Net but aslkdjfs just rereaaadddddddd. A++ obvs will read multiple times. Adding to my rec list. /coherent review is coherent

NorthPeach (Chapter 36) - Thu 30 Jan 2014

Ya know, this is only my opinion, but you are such an awesome writer! 

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