Siera Serenity Star (Chapter 1) - Tue 13 Sep 2016

lol always find myself rereading this! love it!

Luna (Chapter 1) - Thu 02 Jun 2011

I loved this!! this was so sweet ^_~

Creature of Shadow (Chapter 1) - Sun 15 May 2011

Also, I agree completely with Miss K's review. Just sayin. :p

Creature of Shadow (Chapter 1) - Sun 15 May 2011

Wiccan...Why was this never finished? HMMMMM?!? You do realize, now that I have seen this I am more than likely going to go through your gallery and and pester you for anything that is incomplete. This one, I know will be. So I am going to go pester Zandi next time she comes into chat. But just saying. More than likely, you will need to be prepared for review bombs. -nods knowingly- <3

Ravena (Chapter 1) - Fri 31 Dec 2010

hehe this is quite funny and Kagome is so blunt in it too, YAY! thanks for the story

Miss Kagura (Chapter 1) - Fri 13 Nov 2009

This drabble is the reason you should write more. You could sooo turn this into a good story. Drabbles are kind of like stripteases sometimes. You want more, but it's not happening, no matter how much you want.

Mujitsu (Chapter 1) - Sun 05 Jul 2009
Ah, that last line was AWESOME. Gah, you did this so well! I'm horrible at drabbles, but you make it look effortless. Great job. I hope you are planning to write more little insights into the lives of Kagome and Sesshoumaru. You're too good to stop now! Mujitsu

LC Rose (Chapter 1) - Fri 08 May 2009
That was awesome, Wiccan. Your friends SHOULD encourage you to keep writing Sess/Kag.

MomoDesu (Chapter 1) - Fri 20 Feb 2009

Your second attempt at Sess/Kag? So much accomplished in so few words.  You really should write more! ^^

Priestess Skye (Chapter 1) - Fri 20 Feb 2009

I can't remember if I commented on this way back on ES...anyway, I'm commenting now. I loved it! I quite enjoy his realization that perhaps he can be seen through too.

and your writing is beautiful



iloveprettysilverhair (Chapter 1) - Fri 20 Feb 2009

I still think you should write more.  I stand by that wholeheartedly!  Just what are his innermost thoughts and desires?? *waggles eyebrows* 

emmaren (Chapter 1) - Thu 19 Feb 2009
Master of tease, Ms. I Can't Write. I loved this woman, and you need to put words to paper (or posted to the internet) more often. Hope all is well. :D

Saholia (Chapter 1) - Thu 08 Jan 2009

Please tell me there will be a little sequel? Please!?!?! I very much loved this drabble the moment I read the first paragraph, very detailed in a more subtle way. ^.^

wawa (Chapter 1) - Tue 02 Sep 2008
After reading your story my brain went on a little vacation on what could happen after this. I love stories that do that!!!

Nobody (Chapter 1) - Sun 31 Aug 2008
ok wonderful. You do so well with so few words. Nice and interesting. Great job

naqaashi (Chapter 1) - Fri 29 Aug 2008
Vermillion is the new red! It was....sensual, in a totally psychological, oraclular way. I could almost [i]see[/i] the sex.

Possessed (Chapter 1) - Fri 22 Aug 2008
You just left this here?! OMG! This is well written, and I am dying for good stories. Can you be enticed to write further on this? I can be very convincing...

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