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LoveAndFaith (Chapter 26) - Fri 19 Jun 2020

Good chapter. 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 25) - Fri 19 Jun 2020

Nice chapter.

Haven (Chapter 25) - Sun 17 May 2020

Ahhhhh!!!! I can't wait to read this chapter ?? just wanna reread the fanfic first! 

candy (Chapter 25) - Thu 14 May 2020

I do love this story please keep going. 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 24) - Wed 13 May 2020

Great chapter.

Jessica (Chapter 24) - Tue 28 Apr 2020

Please keep going I have loved this story for years

Lady Crimson (Chapter 16) - Fri 20 Mar 2020

One of the few stories i always come back to reread one of my favorites if you know any writers as good as you you should get them to finish it really on of my favorites just wished you finished but thats life

VS (Chapter 24) - Mon 25 Jun 2018


I absolutely love it when writer decide to give Naraku an actual personality!!! You did a very good job so far, because while you show another side of him (the loving and caring one) he is in no way ooc. His handling of the issue with Kagome's mother proves this. So he is still the cruel and always plooting person we know him to be, but it's NOT his only side. Very well done!!!

Little Kagome is just adorable! She is really smert for her age, and I cannot even start to understand, how her own mother could treat her that way! :( Anyway Kagome has a lot of papas and mommas out there :D I'm curious to see, how Kagome will handle all the males who see her as a daughter, they are sure to get jealous about each other - but Kagome is a smart one, she will figure it out ;)

I would really like it, if you could explain in a chapter, how Naraku became to be a part of the pack. I think this is very interesting!

I absolutely support your decision to focus at the beginning on Kagome's childhood. Don't rush things unnecessary just to come to the Sess/Kag part!!! I find the relationship they both have really interesting, and don't feel the need to finally see some romantic development with Kagome as a grown up!!!

I would like to read more about the actual project "Chrystal Hearts" other than it being stolen, there hasn't been much input about it. And with Naraku being the one to develop it, I cannot think of whom this "master" could be ... Let's see where you will be going with this story!

I'm looking forward to your next update!

Brandie (Chapter 24) - Tue 12 Jun 2018

I love that Kagome is revealing her powers and how smart she is can't wait to read more please update soon.

maricela (Chapter 23) - Thu 22 Mar 2018

 still here thank you for the update.loved it.

channing (Chapter 23) - Mon 19 Mar 2018

????????????????????????????????????I was lonely waiting on new chapter.  This is good they getting alone can’t wait to see what happen. I really enjOyed readin this new chapter, thoght It was goin to end badly but it didn’.  From dory’s “just keep swimming“.Anyway I hate trying to pay for words too,????????.  I know some school give word free to students for a year. Thanks for a new chapter, as I start from the beginnig again

SammyJams (Chapter 22) - Wed 07 Mar 2018

Please continue this! It’s an amazing story and I love your writing!

channing (Chapter 1) - Wed 08 Mar 2017

I love this and patience waiting for a new chapter or more.  Please write more. Thnks????????????????????

Jess (Chapter 22) - Sun 26 Feb 2017

Please keep writing this. I love it. 

InuLuna of The Moon (Chapter 13) - Wed 02 Oct 2013

Reminds me of a Matilda/InuYasha mix

rose (Chapter 22) - Thu 05 Sep 2013

next chapter please

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 22) - Tue 03 Sep 2013

Love the story, keep it coming.

mari (Chapter 22) - Tue 03 Sep 2013

i really love this story thanks for the update.

tonya (Chapter 22) - Tue 03 Sep 2013

this chapter did not dissapoint! great chapter!

Sunset Senshi (Chapter 21) - Mon 29 Jul 2013

NOT nice to just stop there when I'm on the edge of my seat. I left this story for a year or two and come back only to have my mind blown once more with how awesome it continues to be! I still love it to this day and can't wait for you to update! Please try and consider updating sometime soon, I really would love to see what happens next and 21 chapters just isn't satiating my growing appetite for this story! I love the care and detail you put into the story :) hope this gives you some encouragement! All in all, I LOVE THIS! 

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