Crystal Hearts by SmilingFool

When Evil Loves

Chrystal Hearts

Disclaimer: I do not own the Manga/Anime Inu Yasha.

Hello peeps, A few things I would like you to know. This story will have some dark scenes throughout the fic. I will give warning when that happens. I decided that the past as we know it in the anime/manga doesn't apply to this story also any character I use from Inu Yasha that was dead or died retain their life and true age from the feudal period.

Examples (Toga- 4622, Kimi- 4002, Sesshomaru-1572, Inu Yasha 812, Naraku- 692, Mioga- 7500. These ages are roughly correct give or take a few years. Humans see yokai as young so expect them to behave as their looks suggest not caring for how old they really are except in political issues. Yokai have not hid who or what they are they are one with nature and only made changes for a better future.

Naraku is not out for world domination; he still manipulates people and all that.  To make it even more intriguing Naraku is considered pack of the Inu family what a twist.  Naraku is a businessman yet he remains evil.  Naraku continues to make incarnations that he uses as servants, employees, or henchmen and so on. The Sun rises in the West and Sets in the East. (True fact).I must warn you that this story is rated M for obvious reasons.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy.

'When Evil Loves'

Chapter 1

In the study of a lavished manor three men were discussing private work matters that the boss had issues with.  Their plan began to form little by little for the ‘Crystal Hearts Project’ that he began working on just six months ago.  So deep in discussion time flew by.  It was hitting noon when the call came in, a man with long curly locks and red eyes excused himself from his associates to answer the phone anger in his voice for being interrupted with his meeting.

What is it now Brother, that you had to interrupt my meeting?”  The man barked into the phone.

Naraku, there is a problem here that requires your immediate presence.”

What is it?  Speak up you damned fool, I haven’t the time to dally.”

It seems that someone has made a breach in security and viewed your latest ideas on the Crystal Hearts Project.”  The man on the phone stuttered knowing his brother would kill anyone who dared steal his precious work.

BY KAMI MUSO YOU BEST BE JOKING OR HEADS WILL ROLE.”  Naraku yelled into the speaker of the phone knowing the noise would hurt his brothers eardrum.

This is no joke Naraku.  We, I just found the file lying on the floor the sheets scattered everywhere.  There is a scent of a hanyou a harpy at that.  The surveillance video showed nothing except for the file being opened in mid air and the sheets scattered.  I don’t know what to make of it.”  Muso explained the best he could.

I’m on my way Muso do not let anyone into my office.  YOU HEAR ME!”  Naraku yelled into the phone hanging up on the poor man that visibly shook from the threat.  Looking up from the phone he just hung up he faced his two most favorite henchmen who he’d been meeting with since the idea of the project came to mind.

It seems someone dared to enter my office taking liberty of my prized work.  We will have to discuss the arrangements in further detail when I return.  Keep my Kagome safe, I will have Kagura, and Kanna see to her needs you just make sure Sonemi does not harm her while I am away.  Got that!”  With that said Naraku made his way to his step daughter.

A little raven-haired girl no older than three years old was playing ball in the backyard of her home enjoying the free time she had.  Playing happily with her ball she was startled when she heard her Papa calling her.

Kagome.”  Naraku called out to her warmly putting on his black blazer standing just outside the French doors of patio waiting for her attention.  Hearing her name Kagome stopped rolling the ball picking it up and holding it to herself then faced her step-father.

Yes, papa?”  Kagome answered smiling up at him standing there at the doorway.  She looked deeply at her papa’s appearance knowing he was upset about something.

I have to leave.  Bankotsu and Jakotsu are in my study.  Kagura and Kanna will see to your needs and you will be a good girl for me!”  Naraku smiled knowing he had no worries about her behaving.

I’ll be good papa.  You come back soon?”  Kagome questioned innocently.

Yes, little one, I will return when I am done.  Before your mother comes home.”  Naraku saw his precious angel flinch at the name; a sad smile crossed her once cheerful face.

Worry not about that mother of yours Kagome.  You just keep playing until Kagura or Kanna calls you in for lunch.”  Naraku voiced reassuring his step-daughter.

Okay Papa, I will.”  Kagome replied taking her ball and bouncing it on the walkway as Naraku nodded to her.  He remembered how he met Kagome and her mother Sonemi he became lost in memories as he watched his stepdaughter playing.

Hard to believe he’d been married for a little over three months now and had the unconditional love of a three year old and a bipolar wife who would rather abuse her daughter than give the love she so craved.  If it were not for Kagome, he would still be single.  Fate had a strange way of doing things and not all of them were for the best however, Fate lead him to Tokyo Park where he first saw Kagome and her mother Sonemi.  He wanted to silence the woman yet something pulled him back telling him to wait.

He did not confront the woman and child then, he couldn’t figure out why he was so intent on helping the little human girl.  He had to plan, and plan he did.  He’d wondered why Fate chose him of all people to care for this tiny slip of a girl named Kagome.  He was not a nice person, nice never came close to his attitude or behavior this he knew; hell Fate knew along with everyone else yet he had been drawn to the little girl like a moth to a flame.  He had no control over his heart and soon found himself asking Kagome’s mother Sonemi for a date then three months later asked her to marry him.

No he didn’t love the woman, he’d never love someone revolting as Sonemi, yet he let her believe he was head over heals in love and that would be her downfall.  She had something he wanted, no needed to protect so he took the plunge allowing his plans to form.  It would be years he knew before he got what he wanted.  It was just something about that child that captured his heart and dare he say soul and he loved her as his own daughter.

This was a first for him.  He never cared for human emotions, nor had the inkling as to why his insides burned with such possessiveness when it came to the small child.  He has never seen such viciousness within himself when it came to Kagome.  The need and possessiveness to protect what was his had many confused and scared out of their minds.

A month later they were married.  Sonemi stopped abusing Kagome and he was happy about it.  He had hoped that by marrying Sonemi she would wise up and be a mother to Kagome instead of torturing her.  It lasted only a short time.  When he’d come home from work he often heard Sonemi yelling at Kagome blaming her for her sister being taken by her father or how she was the reason why they divorced it went on and on from there.

But when she started blaming the child for him loving her more, his instincts kicked in and without warning he was in front of his angry wife and frightened child.  The woman was nuts.  She no longer yelled at Kagome or abused her while he was around.  This he made very clear.  Things were good until he had to take his first trip away from his newly acquired family was longer than he expected.  He hated long trips to the states.

When he returned from the U.S. he walked into a quiet house.  He had a bad feeling all week that something was going to happen and a foreboding feeling overcame him.  His stomach lurched at the feeling.  This wasn’t right something was definitely wrong.  His wife should have been home along with Kagome.  His instincts kicked in, he could faintly smell Kagome and her blood.  Old it maybe but it was her blood.  The darker side of him wanted to kill whomever touched his little angel.  The feeling became worse as he walked downstairs into the kitchen that feeling tugged at him nonstop.

There was one place he hadn’t checked yet and that was his personal cellar.  Briskly walking to the door the feeling intensified.  Taking his keys he unlocked the deadbolt turning the handle and swinging the door open.  His hand roamed for the light switch flipping it on, the artificial light filtered through the dark stairway.  Making his way down the steps onto the first landing his heart stopped beating at the sight of his cherished daughter laying unconscious on the second set of stairs.

He could smell the dried blood that littered her tiny body.  She was alive; unconscious from the beatings she received no doubt from her mother.  From his observation Kagome had been down here for at least two days.  Her beaten body shook with trauma.  The beast within him burst free taking the child into his arms making his way to the one person he knew could help her.  Naraku hissed and snarled at anyone or anything that became an obstacle in his search.  This was going to end one way or another so he called in favors owed to him.

Weeks and months passed.  His plans were coming along slowly however the problem remained.  Kagome was still being abused when he left on trips.  Things were becoming more complicated so he had two of his offspring come live in the manor in the guise of servants to make sure the child remained healthy and to report all activity within the manor.  He would have handled the matter like everything else, however this was a touchy situation; both yokai and human laws effected him greatly.

He had informed a colleague of his in the police department what was going on yet every time they came Kagome was unharmed and dare he say happy.  This pissed him off to no bounds.  For the life of him he couldn’t figure it out.  How did his wife know when the police would show?  This puzzled him yet he was determined to fix it.  Reading on yokai Law he found his answer.  All he had to do was wait until Sonemi declared she no longer wanted Kagome.  And wait he did as well as plan for Kagome’s future.

Naraku did everything in his power to keep from killing his wife.  His most trusted colleagues and henchmen were called in for advice, planning, and placement.  Yet that didn’t deter the woman from abusing Kagome.  Every time he came back from a business trip he found his step-daughter beaten, half starved, and her skin marred by deep bruises, cuts or rope burns.  What was the woman thinking?

Kami he really hated her, Kagome was the only reason he married Sonemi, if it were not for that he would have killed the bitch when he first seen her manhandle Kagome in the park.  Kagura and Kanna kept encouraging him about his plans for Kagome, they to became enamored with her, thus keeping him to his ultimate goal.  He kept his darker half at bay.  No matter what he hated time it was not on his side nor on Kagome’s?  He couldn’t wait for his wife to say she no longer wanted Kagome.  Then he could claim her as his daughter by yokai law.

His spawns Kagura and Kanna became servants three months after they moved into the manor.  Sonemi forbade them any contact with Kagome when he was away on business.  This put him at a disadvantage.  Even though he turned his wife in to the police they couldn’t prove any wrong doings.  Being a businessman, he knew what had to be done but he also knew his wife was planning something of her own.  What ever it is he’d have to wait and find out.  He hoped it wouldn’t turn into a scandal.  He would do whatever it took to protect Kagome.

Whatever Fate had led him too, was more than he or anyone knew.  Time would tell.  He had to wait for the day Sonemi declared she no longer wanted her daughter.  Then he’d take action.  She would regret everything she has ever done to Kagome and he’d give his wife her just desserts once Kagome was safe.  A wicked smile adorning his handsome face.

Naraku shook his mind from the thoughts; he needed to get to his office and not reminisce.  Taking one last look at his little girl playing happily, he turned and made his way back into the study.  Bankotsu and Jakotsu looked at one another then back at their boss confusion written on their faces.

We thought you left already?”  Bankotsu stated watching Naraku’s movements.

I went to inform Kagome.  I wanted her to know she will be safe with you four watching over her.”  Naraku’s reply jolted them sensing his anger which was not aimed at them, this time.

She’ll be safe, your wife doesn’t like either one of us.  So if she returns we’ll make sure Kagome stays in here until you get back.”  Jakotsu happily chirped to his boss while waggling his eyebrow.

Good, see that you do.  Any calls take a message I’m off;  Kagura and Kanna will be making lunch, see that Kagome eats.  She is in the backyard playing.  Keep her safe.”  With that said Naraku left.

Bankotsu took the contracts Jakotsu handed him to look over doing a double take out the study’s window.  He wanted to make sure Kagome was alright.  Looking out the window he spotted her not far away playing with the ball they gave her.  Taking a second look, he scanned the area sensing nothing he returned to his brother to look over the contracts.

After about an hour both brothers began to sense the same foreboding feeling as if something was going to happen.  It just didn’t feel right, you could see the goose bumps upon their arms.  Something was going to happen and it was not good.

You feel it Jak?”  Bankotsu questioned.

That foreboding feeling, like something is about to happen?”

Yes.  Just to be on the safe side I better check on Kagome, it should almost be lunch time?”  Bankotsu stated as he went to the window once again to check on Naraku’s little girl.  The feeling still there but no sign of danger, was he and Jak just imagining the feeling?  He only hoped as he continued to watch the little girl that stole his heart that he hid away from everyone except his brother.

Bankotsu watched as she played in the sand box chatting away with one of her dolls.  He smiled ’she’s okay’ then turned to look at his brother Jak who had begun walking over to join him at the window a wicked smile on his face as if he knew something he didn’t.  Jakotsu joined him watching Kagome playing with an all knowing smile he looked at his brother.

What?”  Ban questioned seeing that look on Jak’s face.

She’s gotten to you hasn’t she!”  Jak explained all to easy already knowing how his brother felt about Naraku’s stepdaughter.

I do not know of what you speak little brother.”  Ban decided to tease his brother, he knew what he was feeling and it was just plain unbelievable that after meeting Kagome once he had this feeling of being drawn to protect and love her.  He just couldn’t figure it out.

You can’t fool me bro, I see it, hell I knew it before you even met Kagome.”  Smiling Bankotsu turned to his brother nodding his head.

She’s an infectious little thing.  Just something about her calls me to her.  As if she were my child.”  Bankotsu rambled on how Kagome made him feel.

This was not knew to Jakotsu he already been in that phase.  Soon he’ll never want to part with her like himself.  Kagome was not their child or sister but that never stopped them from caring.  Stepping away from the window they began thinking why they had that foreboding feeling.  It only became stronger as time went by and there were no signs of danger.  Very strange.

Do you think Naraku found any information about the break in?”  Jak questioned his brother.

I honestly don’t know Jak.  I hope he did.  That project means a lot to him and if someone stole or copied the research Naraku had.  Then I know it’s going to be living hell for everyone working around the clock until someone finds a clue as to who was behind it.”  Ban gave a wistful look to his brother hoping Naraku would finish it.

We’ll get the one behind it bro.  I have no doubt about that.  We just need time to figure out who spilled the beans?  I wonder what Naraku will do if it does work?  He’ll make a fortune on it.”  Jak spoke while thinking how it would benefit Kagome.

Indeed little bro, we’ll get the bastards behind it.  Once we find the leak, we’ll find the one behind it and go from there.  If the project does work then yes, Naraku will make a fortune selling it to the highest bidder.”  Bankotsu sighed knowing this topic was going no where and they needed to finish those contracts before Naraku got back.  Taking a file he began going over it in detail pointing out facts to his brother.

Kagome was getting hungry she wondered what Kagura was making for lunch.  Getting up from the sand box she picked up her doll and ball only for the ball to fall out of her hands and roll away from her towards the wall.  What Kagome didn’t know was that a Rat Snake demon had been waiting for the right moment to kidnap her though he did have to wait for Naraku to leave as planned.  The only thing that could stop him from acquiring his target was the two demons in the kitchen and the males in the study.

It matter not as he watched the men from the bushes standing at what appeared to be the study window.  He didn’t move, he just watched the males for a time till they gave up and left the window.  It was now or never.  He waited all day for this.  His Master would be pleased.  Slithering his way towards the unsuspecting girl he waited for the perfect moment.

He transformed into his humanoid form just as she walked passed him towards the wall to retrieve her ball.  It was typical of humans to ignore the dangers that lurked in the backyards of their home.  He mused to himself as Kagome stood not even three feet from him picking up her ball from the wall by the edging of the overly large bushes.  Without warning he jumped and grabbed the girl as she screamed his hand covered her mouth as he began to run with her.

He stopped in mid-stride something was burning his skin looking down at the pale child with disgust he shook her small frame hoping that this burning sensation would stop, summing up more of his jaki he frightened the girl even more as she began to shake uncontrollably.  All the sudden her skin glowed blue before a shooting pain raked his upper body.

From the study they heard Kagome scream then nothing.  Rushing out the door Bankotsu and Jakotsu slammed into a stunned Kagura carrying trays of food who tried to set it down when someone ran her over literally as they made a dash for the french doors to see why Kagome screamed.  Before she could even get up off the floor Ban and Jak were gone out the door she tried to get to.

What met their eyes had them partially in fear and anger.  A Rat Snake demon was holding Kagome in mid air shaking her small form trying to dislodge her from his arms.  The tiny tot was strong as the scent of burned flesh met their noses.  Wasting no time Ban slammed his fist into the snakes neck releasing his hold on Kagome who clung to the snakes arms burning him even more.  Ban continued his assault on the snake while Jakotsu pulled Kagome away from the snake.

As Jak turned Kagome to him not caring how her body glowed blue and that it burned him.  He now knew she was a miko, and it didn't matter as long as she was not hurt.  But damn the scent of charred flesh irritated his nose.  Ignoring the burning sensation Jak cooed to Kagome telling her it was alright that she was safe.  Holding her close rocking her in his arms as the purification dimmed to nothing.  Stepping further away hiding Kagome within his kimono sleeves he watched in awe as his brother tore into the snake demon for attempting to harm her.

You stinking son of a bitch, how dare you attack her?”  Ban yelled into the face of the snake.  He thought the snake would be dead before they could question him.

Kagura had just picked up the food off the floor while Kanna handed her the phone.  She knew Naraku had to be informed of what has happened.  She dialed the number and waited.  Jak called out to Kagura whom now stood by the kitchen door with a phone in hand.  Walking over to her he handed a frightened Kagome over to her as he took the phone waiting for someone to answer the line.

Get me Naraku now.”  Jakotsu yelled into the phone as he watched his brother pick up the unconscious demon from the back of his head dragging him into the kitchen where Kagura stood holding a crying Kagome.

Unlock the cellar door Kanna.  This thing is not going anywhere anytime soon.”  Bankotsu yelled to the void child who hurriedly did what was ordered.  Not wasting a second Bankotsu threw the body down the steps not caring if he broke more bones.

No, I won’t, you best get that trap of yours shut and listen good Muso.  A demon attacked Kagome.  Now get me Naraku.”  Jakotsu was pissed; Naraku’s simpleton of a brother just would not listen.  He’ll deal with that fool later.

While waiting for Naraku to get on the line Jak took the time to check on Kagome as Kagura held her tightly to her body to keep her from shaking.  Jak ran his hand over Kagome’s forehead placing a kiss on it as he whispered his love and how she was safe now.

What do you mean Kagome was attacked.”  Naraku yelled into the receiver of the phone startling Jak walking away from Kagome he explained to Naraku what happened.

Now Ban has that scum bag downstairs in your cellar chaining him up.” He basically yelled into the phone do to the adrenaline pumping in his system.

I told you to watch her.  Damn it Jak, Kagome better not be harmed or your head is mine.” Naraku seethed into the phone.

Kagome’s fine just scared is all.  Oh and I will not say it over the phone but our precious little angel has a secret that’s been hiding until now.”  Jak cooed into the phone making Naraku angrier.

Enough  with the games Jak, I’m on my way.  Don’t lose sight of that snake, I’m gonna have fun with him.”  With that said Naraku hung up leaving Jak to do so as well.  Giving the phone to Kanna he checked on Kagome once more before heading down the cellar to help his brother.

When Naraku arrived he wasted no time finding Kagome.  Once he knew she was fine and was now sleeping he made his way down stairs telling Kagura to keep watch on Kagome.  Making his way down the cellar steps the evilness within him rose to the surface he was going to have fun with this creature who dared attack his little angel.  Placing a barrier around the cellar he made his way to his prisoner.

Nodding to the brothers he viewed the shackled and very naked snake as he hung spread eagle from one of the rafters his handy tools already in place on the table just waiting for him to begin his fun in torturing the vermin.

You did well, Bankotsu.”  Naraku suggested pointing to the snake.

I would have done more if I hadn’t remembered we needed information from him.”  Bankotsu stated as he took the twelve poisoned skewers offered from his brother and giving them to Naraku.

You remembered well.  Now lets get started shall we?”  Naraku’s eyes took on a black shade of his normal red letting Bankotsu and Jakotsu know his beast was in play.

There is something I think you should know?”  Jakotsu spoke up.

And what is that Jak?”  Naraku drawled.

Our little Kagome is a miko!”  Jak was all too happy to say watching the look on Naraku’s face in stunned amusement.

What?” Naruku snapped tired of Jak's games.

Kagome’s a miko and she's powerful.” Jak blurted out bouncing on his feet.

I heard you Jak, A miko?  My little angel a miko that would make sense.”  Naraku laughed long and loud.  This was fantastic his stepdaughter a miko with exceptional powers at her age.  Then it hit him.

Someone knew Kagome was a miko and wanted her dead.

Naraku growled in anger taking one of the skewers and slammed it into the ankle of the snake enjoying the way its flesh tore and sizzled as it dug into the bone, the poison taking effect listening to the wonderful sounds the snake was making.  Without missing a beat he did it to the other ankle watching in the same morbid satisfaction before moving on to the knees.

He hesitated a moment as another wicked idea came.  Taking the skewer he pressed hard enough into the hide of snakes forehead to draw blood allowing the poison to take effect.  The screams of agony filled the air as he began dragging the skewers along the snakes face leaving a thin lined trail of blood as he made his way to the jaw line resting under his chin listening to the hissing sound of the poison as he stared the snake right in the eyes with a smile in place as he spoke for the first time to his prisoner.

Tell me what I want to know, or your death will be more than painful.”  Naraku sneered into the hissing snake all the while dragging another twin line along the other side of the snakes face for emphasis as the snake tried to speak only for his words to hiss and gargle.

You should have never attacked my stepdaughter,  I don’t tolerate someone harming what is mine.”  He then took the skewer and slammed it into the snakes knee cap as another scream tore through the snakes mouth.

I can do this forever.  Its your choice.”  Naraku continued to stare at the demon with that evil smile of his waiting for the thing to answer.

Don’t know nothing.”  The snake hissed out in pain.

Oh, I think you do.  Perhaps you need more encouragement.”  With that Naraku ordered Bankotsu to get the trained demon Scarabs ready for the prod.  The snakes eyes widened in fear as a ‘No’ ripped from his mouth.  Apparently he knew what the prod was or what the little buggers could do, this amused him greatly as it did Jakotsu.

Did I hear you right.  No, no to what?  No to the special prodding….”  Naraku drawled out.  “Or no to using my pets?”  Naraku voiced in the demons ear.

Just kill me now.”  The snake voiced out in broken sobs.

Where’s the fun in that?  I think I’ll keep you alive for a couple of weeks perhaps a month.  Who knows?”  Laughing Naraku watched the shocked face of the snake as he fought against the shackles crying out to anyone who would help him.

Oh what fun this will be.  Nara-kun you’re so evil, I love it when they scream in terrified pleasure.”  Jak cooed to Naraku as he looked for a chair or stool so he could place it in front of the snake to watch with horrified glee.  Jak began clapping when he found a stool near the lab table.

Bankotsu smiled now he was going to have some fun.  It’s been a while since he last played with his pets since giving them to Naraku.  Taking the three foot, two inch thick prod off the wall where the other devices hung he pressed the button on the handled side of the prod an opening appeared at the other end.  Walking to a glass case he opened the small door from the side calling out two Egyptian Scarabs by name watching them as they scuttled around the others feasting on the chicken carcass.

Bankotsu voiced his commands to the Scarabs instructing them to feed very slowly and to have as much fun as they wanted just as long as they left their prey alive.  The two Scarabs shuffled against one another their blue-green hard-shelled wings shifting in an untamed manner before screeching their agreement.  Bankotsu placed his hand in the case allowing the Scarabs to crawl onto his palm.  One of the Scarabs name Zhim bit him getting his attention.

Looking at the Scarab the bit him he puzzled when it kept spinning in circles flapping its shelled wings as it coddled the other.  Understanding Bankotsu smiled devilishly as he spoke softly to his other pet Topen encouraging the pair that it was fine for her to lay her eggs within the prey.  They would need to get all the nourishment when they hatched in about twelve hours give or take.  He smiled at that there would be more of them.

A thought came to mind that he should train them this way he’d be able to infest the body allowing the accused to be released knowing they would go to the one responsible for the crime and with the time allotted once the eggs had been laid have one or both track the location home….  ‘Hummm, Homing Scarabs what a great idea!’ he would be able to track down his prey without them even knowing.  First he needed to let Naraku know of his plans.

Jakotsu over heard what his brother told the pair and smiled at the snake while batting his lashes and kicking his feet back and forth from the stool fan in hand waving it to and fro as if it were hot.  Holding the open end of the prod Bankotsu allowed the two Scarabs to enter.  Once in he pressed the button closing the prod’s end waiting for Naraku’s order.  Ban snickered to himself thinking on how the snake was going to react to the prod.  This is going to give the snake a painful orgasm that he’ll never forget.  The snake continued to scream.

 “No use in screaming.  No one can hear you with my barrier in place.”  Naraku laughed.  Again the snake tried in vain to set himself free he was doomed knowing this creature before him was more evil than his ‘Master’ had said.  Kami help him he screamed in his mind.  Naraku watched Ban rub the demons rectum to arouse the snake.

I get a front row seat, there’s no way I’m gonna miss this.”  Jak was all too happy to point out knowing this was going to be one hell of a show.  The demons eyes widen in disbelief a shrill cry of help escaped his lips as Naraku shoved another skewer in the other knee cap.

Now are you gonna talk or should I have my friend here continue so that his brother can watch you squirm while being eaten alive?  Slowly, and I do mean slowly.”  Naraku suggested to the snake that shook his head.

Suit yourself.  Bankotsu will you do the honor.”  Naraku smiled his black eyes shined with mischief as Bankotsu kept prodding the snake from behind ready to shove the prod up his ass.

Oh not from that end Bankotsu, I want him to see and enjoy the prod from this end.  I have just the thing to open him up a bit knowing it will be a tight fit but I’m sure you can manage.”  Naraku stated as he went to gather a few tools just for such an occasion.

Bankotsu nodded in agreement as he watched Naraku perform one of his newest of tortures with the help of his tools.  The snake continued to fight the shackles holding him as he screamed bloody murder.  It had no effect on the people attending his torture.  Naraku smirked finding his version of a cervix clamp (Not sure what the Dr’s call it but its close enough for me.) made for the male species.

Naraku walked up to the snake giving him one last warning before he grabbed his dick stroking it causing the snake to moan and thrust his hip involuntary during his screams.  Jak was loving it as he watched his Nara-kun stroke the snakes placid cock till it stood at attention.

You like that don’t you?”  Bankotsu stated as he rubbed the tip of the prod against the pucker hole of the snake earning more screaming moans as his hips continued to move.

Naraku and Bankotsu continued their torture as Jakotsu watched with amusement.  When Naraku inserted the twin thin flat pieces of metal into the opening of the snakes cock pushing it in little by little while he continued to stroke the cock watching in satisfaction the pain the snake was going through.

Listening to the sound of the snakes screams with each push of the metal until it reach well passed the hardened flesh in his hand reaching what he suspected was his bladder then with a good shove made sure the metal would stay in place by pulling on the edge and twisting the metal forming a sort of clamp to lock in place.

Enjoying it are we?”  Naraku stated mirthfully watching the snakes facial expressions closely as tears fell from his yellow slit eyes.

Ready to talk?”  Bankotsu asked as he showed the snake the overly large prod in his hands housing two of his treasured pets.

Please, I can’t the Master will kill me.”  Everyone looked to one another smiling.

Master, huh.”  Naraku laughed as another idea hit him.

What do you think were going to do to you?  I’m sure that the ‘Master’ who sent you knows of my admiration for torture.  In fact, I believe he knew you would fail.”  Naraku emphasized jabbing another skewer into the right hip bone digging it in as far as it would go enjoying the sound of hissing flesh and grinding bone as the poison took effect.

No, AARRrrgh.”  The snake screamed.

No?  You forfeited that right once you decided to attack my child.  I don’t tolerate treachery.”  Naraku seethed out as he jabbed another skewer into the left hip bone of the snake.  The wails and hisses from the snake spurred him on.

Naraku looked to Jakotsu as he smiled and winked as he gripped the snakes hardened cock forcing the sides of the clamps to expand enough to allow Bankotsu to push the prod into the hardened flesh he was holding.  Never had Jakotsu known a penis could open so wide.  It was horrifyingly beautiful as he watched it change in color from its normal gray to an overwhelmingly bluish-black.  His brother was enjoying himself as he took his time shoving the prod into the expanded penis.

The snake began to spasm and twitch from the poison entering his blood stream and the prod making its way up his cock.  Bankotsu enjoying this began to push and pull the prod from the penis wanting the son of a bitch to bleed before releasing his pets.  Naraku stood back and watched Ban perform all the while the snake cried for mercy.  Blood began dripping from the snakes cock, this is what Ban had been waiting for.

Pressing the button on the prod he released his treasured pets.  The screams from the snake was music to his ears.  He'd talk soon enough, with that in mind he and Naraku continued their torture all the while Jak sat cooing and ahhing as the snake moaned his hips continued to thrust as Ban removed the prod from the penis so Naraku could insert one of his tentacles inside releasing the miasma within to slowly eat away at him.  Another evil thought came to Ban's mind walking behind the snake he began rubbing the prod against his pucker hole of his ass.

"You really do like this, too bad it wasn't under normal circumstances otherwise I'd let my brother join in on the fun."  Ban chuckled in the snakes ear and without warning he jammed the prod up his ass earning another pain filled scream.

After torturing the snake for a few hours, he begged for death, but Naraku wouldn’t let him have it.  He was rather enjoying the torture he only had two skewers left and knew exactly where they were going to go.  After another hour or so the snake began to fear what would happen.  He knew this torture would not end and had his ‘Master’ led him to a trap.  If that was the case he would tell this monster what he knew so he’d give him a quick death.

Now before I do further damage, I want you to realize what demon Scarabs are capable of doing, I'm sure you know some things they can do but not all.  Its not too late to call them back.  This is your last chance, so why aren’t you talking?”  Bankotsu warned while jabbing the prod all the way in hitting what he assumed to be the stomach.

Okay, Okay, Please stop…..  I’ll tell you what I know.”  The snake cried out as his body jerked harshly once more from the pain of being violated, poisoned, and eaten alive.

Now that’s more like it.  Bankotsu remove the prod.”  Bankotsu did as told as he pulled out the prod that snagged onto the lower intestines ripping the inner walls of the tract as he pulled then jabbed the prod deeper into the snake earning another scream.  A tiny trail of blood and liquid bio seeped from the anal core as he completely pulled the prod unknowingly pulling the intestine tract with it which in turn tore the innards from the stomach allowing the stomach acid to slowly eat away his tissue and organs.  All the while Naraku waited for the snake to speak.

No more, please I’ll tell you….  Kami somebody please stop it.”  Cried out the snake.

Ban, enough….  Now then speak up.  I want to know everything.”  Naraku demanded black eyes bored into those of the yellow ones.

Oops, I’m bad.”  Bankotsu stated as he used a pair of shears to cut the tract from the prod earning more screams and violent shakes from the snake.  Taking the discarded tract he went to the cage where is other pets finished feasting on the chicken carcass tossing it in he watched as the intestine disappeared into nothing.  As he listened to what the snake had to say.

I don’t know his name.  He told us just to call him ‘Master’.”  The snake hissed.

No name, what else.”  Naraku looked on in a bored manner waiting for more details.

He said, there was going to be a rouge war.  Tired of living under ningens.  Wants them gone.”  The snake breathed heavily trying to ignore the pain his body was going through. 

A war?  Are you telling me this ‘Master’ of yours plans to start an uprising against the ningen, braking the Heiwajouyaku?”  Naraku seethed into the snakes ear his tentacle widened to that of a melon ripping the snakes penis open allowing easy access.

Yes.  He said he has thousands of followers that want the ningens gone.”  The snake rasped.

Hnn.  Tell me, why attack my child?”  Naraku hissed dangerously close to the snakes ear.

A witch told the ‘Master’ she would be the one to stop the war.  That she must be killed before the dog could give her his youki.”

WHAT!”  Was heard from all three males.  Jakotsu got up waving his fan in the snakes face sputtering the foul language that the dog hanyou used most often pushing him to the side Naraku continued his interrogation. 

A witch you say?  What’s her name?  What dog?  Tell me now!”  Naraku gritted his teeth seething.

Urasue.  She told the ‘Master’ I do not know what dog.  The witch only told where and how to kill the girl.  It’s all I heard”  He cried out when Bankotsu grabbed his hair pulling his head back.

How did this Urasue know about the girl?”  Bankotsu jerked the snakes head back with each word he spoke waiting for his answer.

Said she had a vision, foresight.  ‘Master’ made her show proof of this vision.”  Stated the snake as he choked on the bile rising from his stomach he wouldn’t last much longer before he blacked out.

What does this ‘Master’ look like?  Describe him to me.”  Naraku ordered knowing the snake would black out soon.

He’s, he’s always cloaked, never seen his face.  His hands are the only thing I seen.”  Stuttered the snake his eyes slowly opening and closing trying to fight the pain filled blackness that awaited him.

What about his hands?”  Bankotsu demanded punching the snake in the gut waiting for him to answer.

Ahh, a mark, or tattoo on his left wrist.  A sea serpent of some sort wrapped around it.  It’s all I know.  Please, please just kill me now.”  The snake begged crying as his head began to swim, his eyes sliding shut waiting for the final blow.

Do you know anything about a serpent Ban, Jak?”  Questioned Naraku.

None that I know of, what about you Jak?

I seen many tattoo’s but I don’t know?”  Having answered Jak went to his brothers side. 

Tell me your name?”  Bankotsu ordered the snake as he punched him in the stomach once more to get the snakes attention before he blacked out. 

Gentori.”  He sputtered before blacking out.  Naraku nodded it was time to plan he had a witch to see.  The snake would be out for a while; it was a good time for a break.  They needed to check up on Kagome.  This was not over by a long shot.  Time would tell. 

Everyone was still coming to terms with what they heard.  A rouge yokai war to destroy the Heiwajouyaku (Peace Treaty) between yokai and ningen and knowing the one person who’d be able to stop it was his stepdaughter.  Naraku was not pleased that Kagome was a target or the fact that a dog willingly gives his yokai to her.  Kagome was his to protect, and damn it he would.

Well, that was fun.  Now what?”  Jak curiously questioned walking around the unconscious snake taking in his form with a wicked smile.

Is that all you think about Jak?”  Ban asked his brother wondering himself what was going to happen next.

This is only the beginning.  I’m sure they will send more assassins knowing their target today was saved.  I won’t let anyone harm Kagome.  The child’s been through enough as it is.  We have to find that dog he spoke about.  I will gather my informants and send them out.  While you two protect Kagome at all costs.  We’ll deal with the snake later.”  Naraku ordered walking up the first flight of stairs looking down at the snake he listened as Jak spoke.

Very well, are we to move-in?”  Jak questioned hopefully.

No, the wife will suspect something’s up.  She doesn’t need to know.  For all I care she can fuck off and die.”  Naraku voiced, Jak snickered behind his fan.

We can always set her up for a fall?”  Bankotsu answered Jak nodded in agreement.  Naraku didn’t say anything as he stared at the snake with his now red eyes.

He would deal with the snake after checking on Kagome.  He was not even close to being finished with the vermin.  First thing was to keep Kagome being a miko secret.  No one should know except those present.  Then he’d deal with that Urasue witch and he’d enjoy absorbing her.  Then he’d deal with whatever came up next.

End Chapter.

Well I hoped you like it.  It was 14 pages long.  I had fun writing this chapter, though I did want to add a bit more torture, my mind is a bit morbid right now.  Thanks for reading please review and let me know about any errors. 



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