Reviews for War of Dogs by kanie

SmilingFool (Chapter 6) - Sat 06 Feb 2021

Poor Sesshomaru he can never get a break.....  Hopefully Sesshomaru takes her away or at least the jewel.

SmilingFool (Chapter 4) - Tue 12 Jan 2021

Okay I like the story so far but I do wonder the why's of things like to confirm Sesshomaru's death why didn't he go see for himself etc.  Also why does Sesshomaru have black hair?  So Onigumo is human I take it so why is Naraku's eyes red?  LOL   Anyways the jewel Sesshomaru has brings bad souls but with his posion purify's them?  that is an odd concept seeing how he is yokai.  Oh well any ways hopefully Kagome doesn't become like Kikyo....  Hate for her to kill yokai just because they are yokai.  Update soon.

Brittany (Chapter 3) - Mon 11 Jan 2021

Hey! Great Job on the story! It kind of reminds me of a coming of age tale.  Keep up the good work :) Also just a friendly tip, if you having trouble with grammar there are free tools like Grammarly to make your writing more clearer. Keep it going!

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