War of Dogs by kanie


This will be my first story, I hope you guys can excuse my gramma and lack of vocab. Please feel free to comment, I would appreciate your thoughts. The story will be based on a Chinese series, but with my ideas. Hope you love it, thank you.

Long ago, a massive war broke loose between the Inu kingdom and the dragon kingdom. Ryūkotsusei, a leader at that time was furious with Toga, the king of the inu's after he broke the treaty to marry his daughter. he thought Toga was a man of his word but realizes he was just a disloyal dog.

one fateful day while Toga was patrolling, he hired a shadow demon to sneak in and take his heir prince sesshomaru while his human wife who was taking a stroll with her son was attacked. when words got out, Toga was enraged. Ryukotsusei gave him an alternator, either save his firstborn, or his human wife and child. he could hear his wife and his second son Inuyasha crying and afraid while his older son who was only nine in human terms calls his name while reaching for him.

time was ticking while Ryukotsusei mocks him. he was in turmoil, he loved both of his kids, and wouldn't wish anything to happen to them. he saw Ryu sending fore towards InuYasha and his mother, something snapped in toga while time seems to freeze. quickly without thinking, he ran to save them.

" I see you have made your choice," he says evilly

he looks at the shadow demon on the cliff and gave him a nod. the shadow demon understood and looks at the demon child in dog form. without remorse, he drops the child down the cliff while he barks a cry.

Toga hearing the cry after saving his wife and son fell on his knees. He felt enormous pain. his first son, his heir, was gone. he couldn't save him, he was a failure to his kingdom. he could hear the cries of his wife and son, the laughter and mockery of his enemies. the words that were said " now you know how it feels when a person you trust betrays you. let's see how your wife takes it that you failed to save your true heir to the throne" he laughs

Toga without saying a word got up " I...WILL KILL YOU!" he screams

and so with a newly transform Toga, the two battle it out. one of Toga's friends came and took Inuyasha and his mother away, while someone deep in the cave was watching.


a young woman a Miko is seen walking with her general. when she saw people running. she became high alert. the general seeing fire told her it was coming from her shrine, behind the walls. quickly as her pregnant state could take her, she ran as fast as she could. the general told her to hide in a safe place. he told her it could be a trap form by her enemy.

the Miko with blue eyes contemplate the situation. she told him, her people are her safety. if the enemy is after her then she will not hide like a coward. the general smile lovingly at the woman. he knew she would never back down, he just couldn't help but try.

when they reached the village, her people pointed towards a man sitting on the stairs of her shrine. curly hair, Black eyes, stared at her with a smirk " I see my beloved has arrived, I take it you like how I decorated your home"

the woman whispers to the general to get her husband. he told her, he will not leave without her. Onigumo smirks " how loyal of you general, sometimes your loyalty is too much dont you think, one would think you are in love with my betrothed"

"you're forgetting your place, Onigumo, Midoriko is no betrothed of yours, but your brothers, just like how this child growing will be a part of him as well"

angry Onigumo stood, he took a quick look at her stomach before turning his back to the " charge" he says before turning slightly " and make sure you dont leave any spawn of my brother alive" he says walking away

he could hear his man charging, as the battle begins. his desire for the young maiden was not gone, but if he could not have her, then he might as well save her by killing her. he refuses to see her happy any longer.

and so the war continued for three days until it was no more. the Inu kingdom lost their king and their heir while the highly respected Miko dies along with her husband. and as time goes by a new era awaits, as history once more Repeats itself, but this time two unlikely people whose union could have shaped the world will now have the chance to explore that friendship through their kids.


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