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Avid fanfic reader and huge fanart fan. I try to write and draw as well but it mostly turns out as an epic fail. >_< Also when I'm reading a fic I like to imagine being able click on and correct all the grammatical errors I see along the way. I'm a bit of a grammar nazi and often wish I could help authors in that area, but alas I have no works of my own to prove my worth, lol. In any case I shall continue to read/look on and enjoy the talents of others who are confident enough to publish their works on the site. Thank you all for sharing and I hope you continue to do so!

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Created On: 04/10/2011 11:40:40

As a matter of fact, the chapter I just put up, Confrontations, deals with Sesshoumaru's little visit he went on during Inuyasha's wedding. The next chapter, which I am working on now, is called Kagome's Heart, and it deals with her thoughts and feelings. And then, the following chapter, she will start to get a hint that maybe Sesshoumaru wants a little more from her than she thought... YAY! So... I hope you enjoy these next chapters as well!



Created On: 04/09/2011 22:00:35

~points above her head to the icon~ As if the note below isn't enough of a hint that the icon above is a perfect example of r0o art! Anyway, I'm glad you are enjoying Windows on the West. As for him telling her... it's not so easy. He's going to slowly begin to treat her a little bit differently, a little more intimately, but its going to be a gentle courtship, rather than a wham bang thank you ma'am, you're mine and that's it caveman style.

(hope that made sense)

Feedback from Meara: Lol! Yeah the caveman thing doesn't really seem like Sess. Slow and steady wins the race definitely seems more his style. At least when it comes to Kagome. That certainly isn't the case when he's in battle. Also, I flippin' love that icon! The hair, the bod, the eyes, the mouth... the bod. Lol makes me drool a little every time

sugar0o who lurks

Created On: 09/22/2010 21:21:44

Feedback from Meara: lol, I just love your artwork, and when I saw you put this up as an icon, i was all like "supa sweet!" So thank ya much ma'am for allowing me to use it as my icon. You rock!!!

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