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Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 06/01/2014 22:45:21

*smiles widely*
Ah~ another wonderful review. This review was actually really helpful. I had intended to make the readers think that it would end tragically...and I didn't want the readers to be prepared for the ending I wrote. I am glad that I was able to catch you off guard, especially when you said you tried to think of all the ways to get sess and kag back together. I am glad that I was able to blow our mind
I am also glad to hear that you were able to grasp the time-traveling...I thought it was just me who understood it and might confuse readers. Ahahahaha and the part about Mr.Nishimura was a simple add in, but I am glad you pointed it out! And yes, it is a bit...a lot...cruel for me to torture poor Sesshomaru like that....but just makes the plot more interesting, don't you agree!? *smirk*
AND just give me a moment to jump around and dance for you....*squeals* I am so so SO glad you noted the TITLE! The Masked Truth really was meant to represent the Shikon No Tama and all the hidden truths behind it. If you think about it, the Shikon no tama hide the truth about Neikan's existence, the power behind the jewel...and then how it would transport Kagome back to the future after it is finally gone. So, I once again applaud you for being a brilliant reader for catching the meaning behind the Title!
Ah~ the Masked Truth has come to an end and I am so happy to hear from you that it was tied together wonderfully
You always noted that there were loose ends to a few I am pleased to know that there is no longer any loose ends.
I would be crying right now if I had not begun a new story because I would definitely miss all your beautiful reviews
Thank you for all your time and effort you place in writing those reviews. I really really do appreciate it with all my heart.
Feedback from Victoria Franklin: Ahaha no problem! Remember this is not the end but only the beginning ^_^
Now please hurry up and update The Hime tradition o.o.
LOL I'm just kidding take your time take your time and as usual do not overexert yourself with these updates!

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 05/30/2014 23:30:47

A mind blowing moment....I just had a mind blowing moment while reading your review. I have to say...that The Hime Tradition is the first fanficiton I am not 100% sure where it is going...but I will work on that. I am glad that you pointed out it's uniqueness and compared the plotline to some cliche stories in Inuyasha. I really wanted to steer clear from any cliche plot lines!! To be honest...I didn't even realize there was a cliche demoness competition until you pointed it out...But, I'm glad that you said that I've twisted it to my own uniqueness. Ah~ I could just hug you for that.
I am glad I was able to heighten your interest towards my new story! I can see form just your review that you are already thinking of what could possibly happen in this story. I love how you pointed out how the youkai society would work. I always loved how society worked in different cultures, so I can't wait to make this youkai society of my own! MUHAHAHA!
And of COURSE you're interested in the adversary once again. hahahaha, but sadly, this new story of mine is not an action, but that doesn't mean the adversary won't involve a lot of drama teehee.
Don't worry about not knowing the original meaning of 'Hime' because I researched for forever to figure that out as well. I needed a title name that would fit perfectly for this youkai society.
I guess you will find out what will happen next very soon...and I'm glad you are going to be with me on this story from the start XD
As always, a pleasure to read your reviews!
Feedback from Victoria Franklin: But, there has to be like, an evil demoness or something for the adversary right? XD ah well I'm anticipating ANY awesome new ideas you come up with for this one!

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 05/27/2014 22:03:46

I couldn't help but notice that I've completely flooded your wall *hehe*
But what can I say, you just write wonderful reviews that I ramble on about how awesome you are *smiles*
I see that I've made you feel like strangling some of the characters If you felt as frustrated when reading, how much pain the characters must be going through. Especially Sesshomaru when he let Kagome go through the well.
It was interesting to see that you liked Inuyasha's scene! I loved how you said that his character made sense ^_^. And Takashi's scene when he wished for Sesshomaru to fall in love with another making you feel uneasy. What a wonderful thing that you noted. I am glad that you liked the little bit on Rin and Shippou...I didn't want readers to be toooooo sad.
And about wishing and hoping that Kagome will be able to return...well that is for me to know...for now hehe.
The next chapter will be posted....sometime...and wow...feel no pressure at all LOL. Thank you for another lovely review!

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 05/24/2014 20:17:33

*sits up from the chair and applauds Vivi-chan with a standing ovation*
You are a brilliant reader. I must say that your review tells me that you've captured the essence of the chapter. I had purposely created the Sakura Tree to become a symbol of Sesshomaru and Kagome's love since the beginning. And yes, that is why all the milestones of their relationship was at the Sakura Tree. I was jumping for joy that you mentioned this and fully understood it. *sigh* Truly a brilliant reader.
I do apologize for the pain I may be causing you. But, indeed, just as you've mentioned....I am setting a pace within the story where I wish everything to be explained. But I was glad to hear that you felt the pain Sesshomaru was going through. To love her as much as he did. To realize that he loved her to the point where no one else could move his heart again. Through this, it would seem easy to love only her for 500 years until he sees her again.
By saying that he will see her 500 years in the future, I meant that he will see her before she even goes through the well, see her grow, go to highschool, watch her as she comes back from hunting the Shikon shard...and see her jump through the well the last time before battling against Naraku and making that wish for the Shikon no Tama to disappear. This is what I meant by the fact that he would be able to see her, just a glance. I hope this clarifies some of your confusion? PM me if you are still confused.
But anyways, thank you so much for your amazing review. It is through reviewers and readers like you whom I wish to write more stories for. I am still shivering from excitement from reading through your review. What an amazing reader you are. And to understand the chapter as fully as you've mentioned. Thank you so much. Thank you, truly.
I can't wait to post up the next chapter ^_^.
Until then, bye.
Feedback from Victoria Franklin: Thank you so much for your kind compliment of being a brilliant reader! It means a lot to me - me being an English and literature major and all. And you deserve only the best reviews (:

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 05/22/2014 21:49:11

You are seriously the best reviewer I've ever had.
I can't thank you enough for describing how you felt throughout the entire chapter. I'm glad that I captured the sorrow and despair of the loss of Kagome correctly. And yes, the imagery was something I was working hard to portray for I wished for my readers to imagine the picture I had in my head. I'm glad that you didn't need pictures to help you imagine this chapter scene. I'm so glad. And to even go so far as to compliment it by stating movies are not necessary!
*Heart meltdown*
I aim to put a smile on my readers with quick updates and I shall not disappoint you.
Thank you again for a wonderful and moving review!

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 05/21/2014 18:50:40

*sigh* You had me squeal when I saw that you wrote THREE reviews!
Your reviews are always awesome and anticipated for! >__You totally got it! And Kagome's attitude in the morning as she fell off the bed is totally as you've pointed out. She's in love...and she's always been a bit clumsy haha.

Ah, your review on chapter 25 was amazing. I can't believe you thought the battle was good enough! I mean...all my readers have been anticipating for this battle...and to hear from you that it was well written is the biggest compliment ever! Especially since you liked Neikan! I'm glad to hear that you thought it was the best way for him to die. And yes, I purposely made Neikan go totally insane towards the end; it would be fitting. I'm so glad that I was able to hear that near the end of the chapter you had to hold your breath! That's comment made me squeal!

I know it was cruel of me to end the chapter as I did...but I'm glad you thought it was necessary as well. The next chapter should be updated sooon~ so, I can't wait to hear your response. If you've read my other story, "Kingdom Walls", then you'll know I love plotting twists and turns within my story...
Thank you for your support Vivi ^_^

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 05/13/2014 20:02:22

Ah~ I feel like I've been waiting for your reviews hehe.
And do not worry about reviewing late or anything. I feel honored that you even take the time to do so. Ah!!! Exams!! I totally understand! ^_^
Well~ another one of your mind-blowing reviews had me smiling like crazy. And yes, Takashi...welll....his heartbreak couldn't be helped :*( He was leading to this point the moment he saw Kagome, I guess. I am so glad you agree with the brief separation between Kagome and Sesshomaru. I felt that it would increase their relationship as Kagome finally realizes her feelings~ And I can totally imagine Neikan laughing at Sesshoomaru's attempt to find him. Hehehe. Somehow seems like Neikan didn't even try hard to hide himself.
And I'm glad you were happy about Inuyasha's entrance. And yes, I didn't include Kagome's friends because...well...give them a break! LOL. I mean, they've already created a family and I can't imagine them assisting Kagome in the Battle when they have children.
I caught you off guard! Yes! I knew people would be tricked by thinking Sesshomaru to be too overprotective. The reason why Kagome can't use her barrier is because her powers can only be used against demons. She could heal the humans and make them unconscious because they are still filled with miasma. Guess I shoulda explained that a bit eh?
Ahahaha and for Neikan, you will see why he used humans. I hope that the battle I have in mind exceeds your expectation!
I thank you for your compliments! I am so glad that the story has yet to disappoint you and that you enjoy them. As always, thank you for your precious reviews!

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 05/08/2014 08:20:13

Another one of your shocking reviews ^_^
I am honored to know that you think I've created the cutest couple. I can't take the smile off my face now! And yes, I had my reasons for tearing them apart after they've gotten so close. Plus, there is urgent need to find Neikan before he does anything crazy again. You had me laughing when you went into your own world and tried to figure out what Neikan was trying to do. But of course, Neikan will always ALWAYS do things that no one will ever expect. I'm sure he will prepare a special surprise for you Vivi *Evil smirk*
All your questions..well most of them...should be answered in the next chapter. But I hope I'm not confusing you too much with all the unanswered questions? I guess the only answer I wont be explaining is the reason why Kagome didn't go with Sesshomaru on his search for Neikan. Kagome was still injured from her battle with Neikan and hasn't fully healed... And she probably knows she would slow down the search with all her human needs.I hope this answers some of your questions! As always, I love all the questions you write! Helps me reflect a lot! Thank you as always for your brilliant reviews Vivi!

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 05/06/2014 21:52:59

*falls down with fits of laughter*
Your comment "Kagome jumps out of the window or something to stop him, showing her compassion and whatnot to stop the execution" Had me laughing so hard! I just imagined clumsy Kagome falling from the window Puhahaha. Anyways, another review that gave me the butterflies in my stomach! I'm glad that I caught you off guard by making Sesshomaru NOT execute the poor soldiers. It was to portray how much he has changed. I don't know about other readers, but YOU definitely caught onto that And I like to be different than other authors....which I probably mentioned before...I think.
Your questions and speculations should be answered....soon! *cough* tomorrow's update/chapter *cough*
*Hohoho evil laughter* We shall see if Sesshomaru courts Kagome. As always, thank you for your review and for complimenting the swift updates. It's warming to know that you take the time to leave such detailed reviews! They help me greatly!

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 05/06/2014 08:50:35

"I could hug you right now!" the author cries for joy as she hugs the computer in front of her, thinking that it's vivi.
Your review was AWESOME!
I was waiting for your review to see what you would think of Neikan. Just waitttiiinngggg to know your reaction. I'm glad that Neikan hasn't disappointed you yet! Neikan truly seems to be going insane eh? But he's amazing at it! Muhahahahaa.
Your review had me squealing in delight when you compared him with Naraku (I mean his powers were used by Naraku and maybe even manipulated Naraku at the same time,,,soooo they should be kinda similar?) But the fact that you said that Neikan was even better! My goodness! Speechless!
And yeshh, I'm glad you caught onto a bit of humor added in at the end. It wassss stupid for the soldiers to just remain there...but I can't blame them LOL. They had not expected her to run hahaha. Who would dare to disobey Sesshomaru in the first place? Is what they were probably thinking.
I am so glad you commented on her fighting style! Once again, you have surprised me and left me jumping for joy. I had intended to do the same as other authors and make Kagome learn to wield a sword blah blah blah. But the one thing I stick true to is....I don't want to be a typical author
AND PLUS, I pointed out in Kagome's dream that she was powerful..but in her own way. So she can use her skills at the bow and arrow and her powers and make a new way to become powerful. Thus, the reason for her powerful barrier and her use of arrows and long distance shots of power.
Ah....I have written so much as well. I fear that I will be covering your entire wall. Yup. Be prepared! *_*
Thank you once again, kind reader!

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