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All Aboard the D.S. Anno Fan Club
Group Members:15
A group for our amazingly talented and wonderful gentleman D.S. Anno. **Note: PLease keep in mind that this group is designed to honor a member of the male species for his willingness to put up with our estrogen induced obsessions (concerning the Sess/Kag pairing). We kindly ask that you realize we are doing this in appreciation of his personality and hope that you will keep the drooling and melting to yourself.... we make him blush enough in chat as it is.... thank you. And it is messy and we don't want to clean it up. Also there will be no DRAMA tolerated, we asked the MODS before we put this up.
cheap RuneScape gold
Group Members:1
When Silif dons the Elite Black armour, he appears to RuneScape gold be wearing matching gauntlets and boots, although those items do not exist in game for players. Elite Black Knights also appear to wear them, although they are not dropped.\\r\\n On the day of release, the spoiler read: The spoilers are concealed within the most challenging of puzzles, disguised by a rubric, and placed at the bottom of a perilous gorge. We may have the courage to recover them tomorrow.\r\nmore in:
Crazy Laptop Maniacs
Group Members:7
For everyone who has issues with their laptops. LOL -Examples 1. laptop being crazy 2. Laptop having a mind of it's own 3. Etc LOL
Dokuga Debate Club
Group Members:18
Discuss characters, plots, series, etc... Just keep it friendly folks! No attacking the person.
Dokuga Reviewers Guild
Group Members:45
Hello everyone! This group is being formed to help promote and review fics, that are either under appreciated. Or ignored completely also to give out constructive criticism and praise to help the authors here grow. It is also for people who are not comfortable with reviewing or would love to review more but do not have the motivation. It is open to all! So come join!

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