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* Sesshoumaru and Kagome fanfiction*
Group Members:124
This is about all my favorite Sesshoumaru and Kagome storys.\r\n\r\nKatiechanXoxoXSesshoukun
*Kagome and Sesshomaru True Mates Forever*
Group Members:95
Come and check out Sesshomaru and Kagome the best pairing ever!!! Anyone can join!!
Group Members:1
Membership through invite only
Just a group of Real-Life friends getting together to solve the mysteries of life and write better fictions!
Chibi Sesshomaru approves!
Group Members:1
Here you can have any ideas on what you would like to write about and you won\'t be criticized if it\'s not of the norm. There will be challenges that will come randomly and could also have a challenge for a fan-pic. No cursing please and keep arguments to a minimum. Everyone in this group is family! Why? Because Chibi Sesshomaru approves of you! ;3
Dokuga Classics
Group Members:126
Have you ever read a fanfiction that was epic, or that you thought was above and beyond? Well this is the place to discuss and promote any fanfiction that you feel demonstrates a spirit of writing that is unique and truly talented. \r\n\r\nAll members and fanfic genres are open.

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