Henka no Kaze by Rinku

Chapter One: Divine Punishment

Henka no Kaze

-By ForgottenHero


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Chapter One: Divine Intervention


A group of people stood in the midst of the clearing, the night’s breeze chilly and forbidding. Several men grasped weapons before them tensely. Their dark coloured eyes focused on the white pillar that seemed to glow in the moonlight, its gold stare glinting dangerously as they regarded them with evident disdain. The leader of the men swallowed thickly over the lump in his throat as he observed the deadly demon before him. Of all the youkai they had to have encountered it had to be him.

Takuto looked over the infamous daiyoukai hesitantly. He was over a foot taller than any mortal man he had heard of, his white-silver hair glistening in the silver rays of the moon, his pale face seemingly carved of marble due to its beauty and eerily blank expression. While the dog demon was tall and lean, his androgynous beauty belied his power, hiding the creature they knew lurked beneath the flawless façade it was encased in. Takuto glanced at his men that stood on either side of him and saw their blatant fear in their wide looks. He directed his attention on the source of their terror.

Frozen gold orbs swept over them with apparent boredom, the creature’s elfin features deadpan.

“You are fools to draw your weapons against me.” The inu youkai murmured coolly.

The men stiffened. His voice was a deep baritone that held a deadly undertone to it that made them nervously fidget. They glanced at one another before looking to the inu youkai once again. Takuto held his position before the others, his brown eyes unsure yet determined. Thrusting his spear aggressively, he glowered at the daiyoukai with obvious hatred.

“You killed our sons and brothers last night, youkai. And for what? What could have possibly been a valid reason to murder them?” He demanded with gritted teeth.

Those chilling eyes settled on him, their empty depths flashing dangerously.

“I do not read a reason for exterminating vermin.” The inu youkai replied dryly, his chin tilted upwards arrogantly as he peered down at them from his nose.

Takuto visibly stiffened. His hand shook on his spear. His oldest son had been one of the four men slaughtered by the demon before him. Their bodies had been torn apart, their flesh burned by whatever poison the cursed beast had at his disposal, their gathering tools broken into splinters around their destroyed carcasses. Takuto still remembered the image of his son’s headless body. His jaw clenched. They had simply been hunting and gathering in the forest a few kilometers away from their village as the men usually did. When they had not returned, a search party had been sent with Takuto as the leader of the group intent on recovering their brethren.

And he had found them. He had found his son’s remains, his blood and pride, left to be devoured by the animals of the woods. No remorse, no respect, not a hint of empathy had been spared on the men by this Hell-sent bastard before him. His upper lip curling into an impressive the snarl, Takuto hissed at the daiyoukai.

“That was my son, monster! Even if youkai such as you hold no importance for blood, we humans do!” He yelled, his pain reflecting in his tormented stare.

A small, sceptical hum from the demon made the man pause. Slowly, a small smirk appeared on the demon’s pale lips, his inanimate stare flashing with mockery.

“I place no value on a ningen - much less their blood. Filth is filth.” He retorted monotonously with a raised brow.

Takuto felt something snap inside of him. Hearing the emotionless disregard of his son’s murder and seeing the hollowness in those chilling gold eyes that held no remorse or much anything than arrogance, made the human man explode. With a cry filled with his pain and fury, he attacked the inu youkai, bloodlust in his wide black stare. The men cried behind him and charged as well towards the waiting daiyoukai.

He watched them run forward like sheep to slaughter. Sesshoumaru almost sneered at the pitifulness of the humans before him. It was almost too pathetic to kill them; almost. His golden gaze assessing them swiftly, he lifted one single hand, the deadly claw-like nails elongating. He watched them charge forth unperturbed. With a bored expression, he sliced the air before him, his acidic-whip lashing out from his two digits like a shooting star. A man instantly screamed in agony as the whip sliced through his midsection like a hot knife through butter, his torso falling to the ground beside his lower half.

Sesshoumaru swiftly dispatched of two more men in the same manner, their maimed and dissected bodies littering the ground. The smell of their blood made his nose twitch in disgust. Even their blood seemed to poison the ground they bled on. Humans were truly disgusting beasts. His flinty glare narrowing, he assessed the remaining four humans that now circled him. The daiyoukai noted their horrified glances at their dispatched comrades. His pale lips shifted into a shadow of a smirk.

“Even rats know when to run.” He chastised them, tilting his head slightly as he scrutinized them indifferently.

Takuto’s hands shook on his spear. The creature before him appeared not even the slightest hindered despite three of his men having died. They had been killed with a flick of this monster’s wrist. His body trembled in shock as he stared at the watching inu youkai, its emotionless face mocking him. Bowing his head forward, gasping with the anger that threatened to make his heart explode, the man growled viciously. He sneered defiantly, his gaze burning and pitch black, loath emanting from him for the inu youkai.

“Even if you kill us here, I plead to the Kami that you meet your match, Sesshoumaru-sama. For all your power even you cannot defy them.” Takuto hissed venomously.

Sesshoumaru dispassionately glanced at the leader of the pathetic group. He stared at him for moment, his eyes slanting lethally, before vanishing in a blur of white. The men stiffened when suddenly the demon materialized before them. Like a deadly flash of white, he slit each of their throats with lethal precision, their bodies falling to the ground within seconds. All that was heard were their groans and screams, the dog demon’s attacks invisible and silent. The night became quiet once again.

The lone survivor looked around him mutely. With wide, unbelieving eyes, he saw the slaughter that had been unleashed. Takuto stared, stunned, as his men’s lifeless forms soaked the earth with their fluids. His spear fell to his side with a loud thump. Gone. They were all gone. Suddenly, a frightening sense of doom paralyzed him. Woodenly, he saw the dog demon appear before him soundlessly. The inu youkai’s pristine appearance chilled him to the core.

Not a splatter or droplet of blood marred anything except for the two fingers on Sesshoumaru’s left hand – not even a hair was out of place. A gut wrenching terror settling in him, Takuto looked into the golden eyes of the infamous daiyoukai. They were empty. He had never seen something so frightening in all his life and it was to be the last thing he ever did. He watched the inu youkai gracefully lift his bloodied hand and regard it with disinterest for a moment. Then, slowly, the youkai shifted his deadpan stare onto him.

“You were born an ignorant human and will die as one.” The daiyoukai stated stoically.

And with a flick of his wrist, he sliced Takuto’s neck with the tips of his talons, slicing his throat almost all the way through. Takuto stared at the dog demon with wide eyes, the feeling of his blood gushing out and pouring before him distinctively sinking into his mind. His world rapidly began to darken. He stumbled to his knees. He sat there, his head falling back to look up at the looming daiyoukai who peered down at him apathetically. He looked like a vengeful angel as the moonlight made him glow, his piercing gold gaze icily mocking him. Suddenly, darkness began to seep into his gaze, the dog demon’s ethereal face the last thing he could see.

His body weakening rapidly, Takuto fell to the side and lay on the ground. He felt too heavy and cold to move. His vision fading, he watched the black boots of the inu youkai turn on their heel and begin to walk away. The bastard didn’t even make a sound as he exited. Takuto stared at the inu youkai’s back, watching his white-silver hair flutter in the night breeze, shimmering in the moonlight. The man stared at the rapidly fading inu youkai bitterly.

Damn you, Sesshoumaru. I hope to see you in Hell one day you bastard.’

And with that, his body went limp, his eyes blank.

Sesshoumaru heard the human’s heart stop. His eyes slid closed, his head slightly turning to cast a thick portion of moon-kissed hair over his shoulder. His nose pointed up as he craned his neck the inu youkai felt nothing but annoyance as he casually flicked the blood the dirtied his hand. He did not like the smell of humans – especially their dirty blood. It smelt of weakness and disease. His eyes narrowing, the daiyoukai exhaled softly through his nose. He had wasted enough time here.  The demon Lord continued his exit soundlessly, progressing towards his camp as he smelt it not too far away.

The band of villagers before this one had deserved his ire. He had made camp and Rin, his human ward, had wandered off in search of food as she usually did. Her cries had alerted the dog demon who had stayed in the camp, lounging atop of a boulder, pondering his next destination. In seconds he had descended upon the cause of her distress. The sight had sparked a deadly bloodlust in the usually reserved dog demon. A group of four men surrounded his ward. Her brown eyes frightened as she struggled against two of the men’s grasps on her arms, the small girl cried with fear as they continued to try and kidnap her.

The fools had assumed she was a youkai’s captive. Sesshoumaru had acted without hesitance. Within seconds they were all dead. Rin had stood in the midst of their bodies, sobbing as she then attached herself to his leg. Her hands had dug into his silk hakama desperately, her small body shaking as she thanked him. He had mutely placed a claw on her head, verifying the imbeciles were dispatched. No one dared touch what was his.

The dog demon’s narrowed gaze became two golden slits. He felt no remorse for killing these men or the ones prior. All humans were filth. Only Rin was the exception. She was an oddity for her race and she had chosen him as her protector. His slender brows slightly lowered. He did not know what it was about the child that made her bearable, and at times pleasant to have around, but he did not focus on it. He was not one to analyze bothersome things that were not of importance.

“Tsk tsk. And how many humans is that now that you have killed, Sesshoumaru-sama?” A deep voice asked nonchalantly, breaking the serene night air.

Sesshoumaru immediately stopped. His eyes widening minutely for moment, he swiftly assessed his surroundings. Nothing appeared out of place in the forest. His feet shifting apart quietly, his body stiffened defensively. He had felt no other youkai or other auras. Yet there was someone else present. His gold eyes slanting thoughtfully, he carefully scrutinized around him. If they were able to mask themselves from him then they were indeed powerful. In fact, he had never encountered any creature able to hide their presence from his senses. The daiyoukai paused when he saw a figure seem to materialize on a branch a few yards ahead.

A male dressed in a luxurious daimyo outfit stood on a frail looking limb, seemingly weightless as he leaned against the thick trunk of the large tree. His features were hidden in the shadows of the night yet two strangely coloured eyes peered through the foliage at the dog demon intently. The right eye was gold while the left was an icy blue. The odd bicoloured gaze of the stranger flickered mysteriously as they watched the silent inu youkai.

His chin tilting up arrogantly, Sesshoumaru glared at the anonymous intruder. “Who are you?” He demanded.

A deep chuckle was his response. The stranger loomed in the darkness, his odd-coloured orbs flashing oddly. “You can say I am what some may call a bit of human-bred karma.” The male replied breezily.

Sesshoumaru’s glare intensified. His pale face impeccably blank, the daiyoukai scutinized the stranger emotionlessly. “Do you intend to die over something as petty as a few ningen?” Sesshoumaru countered dryly.

The stranger remained silent. Sesshoumaru watched blankly as the anonymous male then jumped down from the branch and step forward. The dog demon regarded his new opponent. He had black hair the colour of ink that hung to his hips, one long forelock framing the left of his face. He looked youkai; he had pointed ears like Sesshoumaru and had the flawless beauty of an immortal. His oddly colored eyes were thickly framed by onyx lashes, his skin pale much like the moon above. He was as tall as the dog demon which was rare. His daimyo outfit was silver and dark blue, crescent moons adorning the outer shirt and tidal waves on his obi. He was obviously wealthy due to the quality of his clothes and the gleaming armor he wore.

A large sword was sheathed at his armored hip. Sesshoumaru noted the aura coming from the sword was immense. His eyes narrowed warily. It was something he had never seen before. The katana pulsed at the stranger’s hip, glowing an electric blue even sheathed. The daiyoukai fixed his glare on the androgynous beauty of the odd being’s face. He watched those pale lips turn into a smile smile that seemed strained.

“No life is petty, Sesshoumaru-sama."

Sesshomaru's glare intensified at the sarcastic way the stranger said his name and title. Focusing a chilling glower on the nameless entity, his scepticism of the intruder's statement was apparent.

“To be ruled by emotions is as pathetic as it is to rely on others for strength.” The daiyoukai stated with evident disdain.

The stranger paused for a moment as he analyzed the glaring dog demon. Raising a delicate pale hand tipped with long, deadly talons, he ran it through his thick black hair, his suddenly cold eyes shuttered beneath his thick lashes.

“It is rare for me to deal with youkai. I prefer not to have dealings with beings such as you.” He said with something akin to annoyance. A frown appearing on his gorgeous features, he observed the inu youkai with a scowl. “But then again, even youkai cannot forget their place in this world and it appears you have, Sesshoumaru-sama.”

Sesshoumaru listened to the male's wors dispassionately. He was growing tired of this fool before him. His pale face intimidating as he icily rergarded his new opponent, he gave him a sarcastic sneer.

“I grow weary of wasting my time with you. Either move or you will be forced too.” Sesshoumaru spoke softly yet his tone was deadly.

The male tilted his head as he peered at the demon as one would a child throwing a tantrum. That small, irritating smile was laced with mockery. It annoyed Sesshoumaru. He did not care for those who did not know their place. His gold eyes flashing, he withdrew Bakusaiga, the sword humming as it was unsheathed from its holder on his hip. It glinted in the moonlight as it glowed green with his rising youki. The stranger watched calmly. His odd coloured eyes flashing, they seemed to glow with mirth as he then mirrored the demon, withdrawing his own sword. He placed his hand almost reverently along the double-edged length of the blade. His claws hissed against the polished surface of the weapon.

“Your sword, Bakusaiga, was born of your flesh, ne?” He commented serenely.

Sesshoumaru eyed the male with annoyance. How could he know that?

That infernal smile turned into a smirk as the stranger looked at him smugly. “Do you think the flesh of an inu youkai can beat that of a great serpent’s?” He asked softly.

Sesshoumaru felt something odd settle in his gut. Something prickled in his mind. An odd sense of foreboding he had never experienced was swelling within him. The dog demon pushed away the odd lapses. He cared not for who this stranger was; he was an eyesore at this point and would be removed. His body glowing with his rising youki, the inu youkai eyed the mysterious rival.

“I have killed dragons before; let us see how well a snake begs for mercy.” The inu youkai countered dryly.

The male smiled at him cockily. “How about a wager, Sesshoumaru-sama?” He purred.

Sesshoumaru’s ethereal face remained placid as he coolly scrutinized the anonymous being with clear contempt. “Cease your games and prepare to die.”

The man sighed almost tiredly, waving off the dog demon's very real threat airily. “Are all youkai so boring?” He demanded with a pout.

Sesshoumaru's mouth thinned with annoyance. He was bored of this creature. He had to get back to his encampment and prepare to leave on the morning; he had no interest in wasting any more time on dalliances such as this stranger and ningens anymore. In a flash, he teleported across the clearing, intending to cut off his annoying head. Maybe then he would stop talking nonsense. The daiyoukai materialized before him and sliced Bakusaiga elegantly, its deadly edge sweeping towards the infernal intruder’s neck so fast it was invisible. Suddenly, a loud clang boomed in the air. Sesshoumaru stiffened when he felt his blade blocked by the stranger’s. The odd being stared in front of him with apparent boredom. Those different coloured eyes slid over to meet the shocked demon Lord’s, their depths simmering with something dangerous.

“Not even your death would be suffice for your arrogance, Sesshoumaru-sama.” The creature said softly, his gold and blue eyes suddenly empty much like the demon Lord's.

Sesshoumaru held his blade against his opponent's. His upper lip curling with disdain, the daiyoukai snapped back curtly, “I have no desire to waste any more time listening to you.”

The man raised a brow. “Oh? Is that so? Then let me not waste any more of your time for I have a feeling you will not have much to afford after tonight.”

And then in a flurry of slashes and jabs, he unleashed a combination of attacks that were alarmingly quick as they were strong. Sesshoumaru swiftly blocked and parried, his hair fluttering around him like a diamond-woven curtain as he fended off the surprisingly strong opponent. Their blades rang in the clearing as they exchanged and blocked blows, the sparks from their demonic blades sparking in the air violently. Sesshoumaru tensed with shock when he heard the stranger’s blade scratch the surface of his chest plate. Growling, he slashed at him only to feel the air in front of his face gush by as he narrowly avoided being decapitated by his rival’s sword.

Quickly, the daiyoukai back flipped and gracefully landed a few feet away. His sword raised in front of him protectively, he stiffened when he felt his armor sag for a moment before it fell around him, clanging loudly as it landed at his feet. Sesshoumaru stood there for a moment, shocked. His gold stare quickly evaluating the scene, he noted furiously that he had been disarmed by the infernal creature before him. The stranger stood calmly where he had left him, his sword loosely held at his side as he regarded the daiyoukai impassively.

“Never has a non-Kami survived even a few blows from me. You are truly deserving of your infamous reputation.” The stranger said with a smirk. “But even with the power you have at your disposal, you are still weak. Your arrogance has poisoned you.”

Raising Bakusaiga, Sesshoumaru’s frozen orbs glinted like chipped ice. “You talk a lot for someone who does little.” The inu youkai stated tonelessly.

The stranger’s smile became vicious. He lifted his sword gracefully, pointing it at the dog demon. He shifted his hair, rustling it behind him, and gave him a derisive look. A slender brow arched haughtily at the glowering daiyoukai. His gold and blue eyes flickering mischievously, the nameless opponent’s strange eyes raked the inu youkai mockingly.

“Yes perhaps I do. Tsukuyomi always accuses me of being a conversationalist.” He sighed breezily. His sword glowing blue, its energy immense enough to cause the entire clearing to vibrate with its awakening, he looked at the now wary demon Lord serenely. “I too tire of your attitude. Let us begin to rectify that.”

An eruption of light exploded in the clearing without warning. Sesshoumaru immediately covered his eyes, the light like bright silver as it burnt in the night air temporarily making it appear like the middle of the day. The daiyoukai stiffened when he felt Bakusaiga thrust into the ground, his hand seeming to act of its own accord. Growling, he tried to yank his katana free, his eyes closed against the light only to feel a sharp pain in his left shoulder. He stiffened. The stranger thrust his sword deeper into the demon, ignoring the vicious growls the daiyoukai released. His pale face pulled into a gloating smirk, he shoved the demon back, withdrawing his sword from the inu youkai’s unarmored shoulder with a painful jerk.

Sesshoumaru hissed and instantly opened his eyes. The light dissipated to reveal the stranger standing a few meters away, his katana glowing blue as its tip dripped with his blood. The demon Lord tried once again to withdraw Bakusaiga only for his hand to continue to uselessly hold its hilt, his body not recognizing his directions to move. His pale lips tightening into a severe line, he glared furiously at the nameless entity, his eyes bleeding red with bloodlust. His upper lip curling, he snarled at the male, the sound chilling and bestial.

The anonymous intruder raised a brow at the dog demon with something akin to amusement. “I do not intend to kill you, Sesshoumaru-sama. Although yomi would be a fitting place for you, I do not think a youkai like you would fear such a place. It would hold no sway over you or that one-direction set mind of yours.”

The daiyoukai growled, his crimson lined eyes flashing dangerously. “What are you? You are not a youkai.”

The stranger raised his sword, bringing it to eye level as he inspected the bright red blood that dripped from it. With a single talon, he caught a droplet of the demon Lord’s blood, his gold and blue eyes unreadable as they peered back at the inu youkai mysteriously.

“I am Susanoo.” He declared proudly, as if he were imparting onto the dog demon something of high importance.

Sesshoumaru appeared unaffected at the information. His red eyes switching back to gold, he regarded the god coldly. He had never met a god before he couldn't kill. Besides, the gods did not interfere with youkai much less daiyoukai. They were considered unmanageable and were not of interest to the gods who preferred to meddle with the human race that worshipped them. Susanoo watched the dog demon for some hint to his thought process over the revelation. Seeing the impeccable emotionless mask of the daiyoukai settle on his godly features, the kami scowled. Snapping his fingers, the single drop of blood rose in the air before him, glowing green like the dog demon’s energy as it hovered there. Susanoo glanced at the watching daiyoukai arrogantly, his stare daring the dog demon to say something.

“I have noticed that even for a youkai you are ruthless. You dispatch humans as one would an insect.” He began softly, his tone darkening with anger. Susanoo’s simmering glower swept over the silent daiyoukai with disdain. “For all the power you wield and the strength you covet, you have sacrificed every shred of empathy within you. Any ability to feel has been cast to the side all for the sake for your "supreme conquest".”

Susanoo glanced at the inu youkai and noted his impassive facade was still impeccably in place. His lips stretching into a scary smile, the kami glided towards the immobilized demon silently. He stopped but a foot from him. The single droplet of blood in the air between them, he gently lifted his hand and touched the deep puncture from his sword in the dog demon’s shoulder. The blood had soaked the white silk hoari, blending with the crimson pattern that adorned it. Susanoo watched the inu youkai’s face closely as he lightly traced the edges of the wound. The emotionless daiyoukai did not even flinch. Instead he glared at him with a murderous intent as he watched him then step back gracefully.

“Since you despise humans to such a degree, Sesshoumaru-sama, I feel that some divine intervention is needed. For an entire cycle of a moon, you will be a human. I will take your youki and you shall be mortal. At the end of the cycle, if you have not learnt humility and to love as a human, then you will die as what you despise.” Susanoo proclaimed softly, his deep voice not loud and causing chills down the dog demon’s spine.

Sesshoumaru growled deep in his chest, the sound vibrating in the air. “I will-“

“You will what? There is nothing you can do. Your arrogance and cruelty has created this predicament you are now in and only you can find the exit from it by learning about the humanity you have so little respect for.” Susanoo chimed in, his superiorty grating the inu youkai's nerves.

Seeing the incensed fury in the daiyoukai’s rigid features, the god gave him an unfelt smile that didn’t reach his shuttered stare. Raising the droplet of blood before him, it glowed brighter green as it then formed into a waning crescent moon. Sesshoumaru stiffened when he felt his body suddenly becoming tired. His eyes widening, he looked down to see numerous wisps of youki being drained from his body, the lime-green energy being drawn to the symbol in front of the god. Growling, Sesshoumaru tensed when he heard even his growl change, the usually intimidating sound no longer imposing but utterly pathetic.

Susanoo watched remorselessly as he drew all the demon’s youki from his body. The white-silver tresses leaked black, their glistening strands now like spilt ink. His markings on his face faded away, the pointed tips of his sensitive ears rounding as his talons shrunk to blunt nails. Sesshoumaru shivered as he then fell forward on a single knee, his hand shaking on Bakusaiga’s hilt as he felt the invasive suctioning of his essence finish.

The dog demon knelt there mutely. His body felt heavy, slow and terrifyingly weak. His head bowed forward as an alien-like fatigue settled upon him, he stiffened when a sudden pain panged in his shoulder ruthlessly. Shocked, Sesshoumaru slowly regarded his wounded shoulder that now steadily dripped blood profusely. His youkai healing was gone and now the half-repaired wound that would have been healed in the next hour was suddenly deadly. The daiyoukai looked down at his hands and saw the blunt tips of his fingernails. Even his wrist markings were gone. His gold eyes widening furiously, he looked up to see the god, Susanoo, was already gone. His pale face pinched with fury, the dog demon glared at the empty spot the god has stood but a moment ago in.

The demon Lord listened to the forest and felt oddly vulnerable when he noticed he could no longer hear the numerous animals he knew lurked in the woods. His superior senses of sight, smell and hearing were gone. He could no longer see in the dark, the shadows encumbering now when once they were easily distinguishable. His body shook as he felt the coldness of the night air, his body already feeling the effects of his blood loss. Sweat dotting his head, he clenched his jaw, a primal rage filling him. That kami would pay. He would undo this curse and then kill the god. He had killed a god before and Susanoo was next to be added to the accomplishment.

Gritting his teeth against the pain, the now mortal Lord stiffly stood, ignoring the blood that dripped steadily in a growing puddle beneath him. His gold eyes peering up at the night sky stonily, he growled deep in his chest. He had to get to his camp quick; he could not stay exposed in his weakened state. His eyes narrowing with determination, Sesshoumaru forced himself to walk in the direction he last remembered smelling his group's scent trail. He would have Jaken bring him to Bokuseno on Ah and Un. The old tree must know of a way to undo the kami’s curse. Readying to leave, the Lord pulled Bakusaiga's hilt, not willing to leave his flesh born weapon behind. Yet the blade remained unmoved, still deeply implanted in the hard forest ground.

His upper lip curling with frustration at his sudden weakness, he snarled and tugged again, ignoring the agony it caused in his shoulder. The blade jerked and finally released itself from the earth. The demon Lord flinched when he felt the demonic energy of the blade instantly begin to burn his now mortal hand. With a disgusted sneer, Sesshoumaru sheathed the ken. It would be of no use to him for now. No human could handle a blade made of his own demonic energy; it was too powerful for anyone other than him to wield it. He golden gaze observing his surroundings self-consciously, the daiyoukai’s beautiful face settled into a stony expression.

He would rectify this situation and avenge himself against the kami Susanoo. No one would know of this disgrace. With one last glare at the clearing, Sesshoumaru strode forward elegantly, his steps no longer as quiet and graceful as they had been. Exiting the clearing and making his way through the woods, unknowingly leaving a trail of blood behind him, the dog demon turned human fixed his burning stare ahead of him. The amber-honey depths flashing with a potent fury, Sesshoumaru gritted his teeth together against the pain ruthlessly tearing through his weakened body.

You will pay, Susanoo. Kami or not, you will rue your stupidity for crossing my path.


A loud exhale rang in the clearing as a large yellow bag of indescribable size was thrown over the well lip. A girl of eighteen years of age panted as she dragged herself up, emerging from the decrepit structure that stood in the midst of a large field in the forest. Her sapphire eyes sparkling, Higurashi Kagome grumbled to herself as she finally managed to flop onto the ground, her face red from the exertion of climbing out of the well for the third time that day.

Her beautiful face pulled into a scowl, the modern day miko glowered at the reason for her numerous trips. Her bag was now crammed full of ramen packages all because of a particularly noisy hanyou that had complained she hadn’t packed enough of the probably cancer-causing noodles. Her full lips pulled into a frown, the girl ran a hand across her sweat drenched forehead as she leaned against the well, her legs becoming itchy from the tall grass she rested in.

I’m not going back. He couldn’t bribe me. If he even thinks about asking me I’ll sit him until he’s the size of a ramen cup.’ Kagome thought to herself angrily.

The girl scowled. She had only done it so InuYasha would stop grumbling like a child denied a present on Christmas. He sulked around the village, becoming unbearably grumpy without his noodle fix. He was almost like an addict. So being the peacemaker she was, she had unwillingly attempted to appease his demands three times. And now, she was fed up. While she was normally a good natured, easy going person, even she had her limitations of how much she could put up with. A tick forming in her forehead as a vein pulsed painfully, Kagome glared around her spitefully.

“And he doesn’t even show up to help me carry his damn goodies back to the village. Typical.” She fumed to herself when she saw no crimson figure at the surrounding treeline.

Her sapphire eyes narrowing, Kagome sat on the ground by the well angrily. She seriously needed to get a backbone sometimes. She was tired of being trampled. Although InuYasha was her best friend and sure, she had a crush on him for now the last three years, there had to be a limit of how much self-respect she was willing to sacrifice to please him. With a sigh, she ran a hand through her long, thick hair, wincing when it got tangled in the numerous stress induced knots in the matted mess. She had to get up and go to the village – Sango and Miroku were waiting for her. They both had insisted on her helping them with their wedding details and Sango was the most excited to look at the magazine she had brought from the future for ideas on her wedding kimono.

Standing stiffly, the miko glanced at her bag. The oversized lump mocked her as it tilted to the side, threatening to burst open and spew its various contents. Her eyes narrowing, she flicked her hair behind her shoulder and walked away without a second glance at the infernal thing. She would send InuYasha back to get it. Since he wanted its contents so bad, he could be the one to pull out his back dragging it back to the village. Nullified, Kagome walked out of the field, heading to the usual path she followed to Kaede’s home. InuYasha’s Forest surrounded her, the majestic trees tall and healthy, the sunlight pouring through their canopies to the ground below.

Stepping over a loose root, the girl paused when she felt something tickle her senses lightly. She stopped walking for a moment and glanced to her left curiously. A green glow fluttered in the bushes, much like a firefly. Her brow furrowing, she watched the oddity incredulously. Since when did fireflies appear during the day in the middle of the woods? Glancing around her warily, she stretched out her reiki cautiously, trying to sense any malicious energies only to find nothing. It appeared there were no youkai around. Yet that green light danced in the bushes, as if teasing her with its gentle swaying.

Her lips pursing, Kagome hesitantly walked towards the light. It bobbed as if happily greeting her and began to try and lead her into the forest. The miko stopped for a moment. The ball of light mirrored her action. The miko looked around her, unsure of what to do. Common sense said not to follow a random light through the forest. It also said that whenever something tried to lead you somewhere alone, it was usually not a good place. Being a constant victim of kidnapping, Kagome knew a set up when she saw one. And this had the telltale signs of kidnap attempt.

Scowling, she turned on her heel and hurriedly made her way back to the path. She had been kidnapped way too many times to follow for that old trick yet again. Making her way to the path, she froze when the green light cut her off, hovering before her. The girl stopped and evaluated the weird little light warily. Shifting from side to side, unable to decide if she could scamper around it and outrun the little ball of light, she regarded it with a frown. It pulsed warmly as if trying to appear innocent.

‘Is this seriously the best way whoever-it-is can do to trick me into a trap?’ She thought with a tired sigh.

The light glided in the same direction once again, waiting for her to follow. Kagome looked over her shoulder. InuYasha still hadn’t shown up. Biting her bottom lip, torn, the girl glanced at the light. She could not sense anything evil from it – in fact, it had a strangely familiar energy to it. Like she had met it before. Frowning, her curiosity piqued, the miko reluctantly followed the lime green energy. It whizzed ahead suddenly. Kagome gasped.

“H-Hey! Wait up!” She called after it.

Her legs breaking into a sprint, she chased after the eeie orb. Dodging numerous bushes and uprooted trees, the girl easily kept pace with it. Years of running after or from youkai had basically trained her body to sprint for long periods of time. Her eyebrows flew up when she noticed the light ball of energy suddenly shoot through a bush to her left and out of sight. Scowling, she paused in her pursuit. She could no longer sense it's energy, her reiki detecting nothing out of the ordinary anymore. Kagome frowned. She had been lead here for a reason. The miko entered the clearing behind the bush.

Instantly, the sound of water trickling alerted her. Looking around, she noticed a small pond with a natural stream feeding it sat in the midst of the small glebe. Her cerulean gaze widened when she noticed him. A white-clad figure lay motionlessy on its side beside the pond. Kagome considered the still form of the clearly male person. She could only see his back which had ridiculously long black hair. The girl pondered that. She didn't know anyone with such long, black hair - usually only youkai lived long enough to grow their hair that long. Yet he couldn't be a youkai; her reiki didn't sense anything about him other than a mortal's aura. Cautiously Kagome approached him.

She stopped but a foot from the unconscious man. His thick black hair splayed through the grass like spilt ink and covered most of his face. Her blue eyes swept over him curiously. He was very tall which was rare for a man during the Sengoku Jidai. He was well over six feet. He wore expensive white clothing that seemed familiar yet she didn’t quite know why. Her lips pulling down into a thoughtful frown, Kagome squatted beside him, careful not to awaken the sleeping man. She inched a bit more forward to try and see his face. The girl confirmed her speculations. He was human - his ears were round.

Her attention directed onto the two sheathed swords that lay beside him. Although he wore no armor he was obviously someone with power. Judging just by their hilts they were rare, high-quality swords. Kagome returned her focus on the faceless man. Overall, he appeared rather harmless. Sitting on her haunches, staring at him with a small frown, the miko couldn't help but wonder why the energy ball had lead her to this man. She had never seen this guy before. Kagome shrugged her shoulders. Maybe he needed some help or something. He was laying in a sort of odd position for someone taking a nap afterall. She then leaned forward and gently shook him on the shoulder.

“Hey, are you okay?” She said to him while trying to rouse him carefully.

He remained unresponsive. Her brow furrowing, she nudged him a bit harder.

“Hello? Are you-“

In a flurry of movement, she was thrown down to the forest floor as something landed on top of her, pinning her to the ground. The miko instantly began to struggle desperately, shouting for help in case her friends were nearby.

“What are you doing?! Get off me!” She yelled while kicking at her assailant angrily.

The black head of the man was bowed forward, his face hidden. Feeling something land on her mouth sharply, causing her to wince in pain, she froze when she heard a very familiar deep voice hiss down to her, “Shut up, wench. You draw too much attention with that large mouth of yours.”

Her blue eyes widening, Kagome looked up and felt the scream she was building up suddenly gag itself. Narrow gold eyes glared down at her set in a flawlessly beautiful face. Her mind reeled. No way... it couldn't be. The miko gaped as she stared at his stunning features that even mortality couldn't diminish. Yet the human changes were immediately obvious. His markings were gone from his forehead, eyelides and cheeks. She glanced at his hair the most obvious difference. The once white-silver strands were now a deep obsidian black, the lustruous mass like ink. The feel of his hand squeezing her face drew her from her thoughts.

“Do not scream or I will cut out your tongue.” He murmured emotionlessly, his grasp tightening on her face again to demonstrate his point.

Kagome blinked in an attempt to communicate to him she wouldn't. With a bated breath she met his glacial stare. To her relief, she felt his hand slowly lift from her mouth. Her first instinct was to break her promise and scream but judging from the deadly glower he was directing at her, it wouldn't be in her best interest. 

“Se-Sesshoumaru… is that you…?” She asked hesitantly.

Watching those amber eyes sharpen, their depths steely, she could see the undeniable similarities between the mortal man and infamous half-brother of InuYasha. His pale face stony, he gave her a chilling look.

“Obviously, miko. Are you that dense?” He retorted dryly.

“You don’t have to be rude.” She snapped back.

Suddenly, he stiffened, his body hunching over her. Kagome instantly tried to push him off her, her face flushing. “Get off me! What is wrong with-“ She stopped when something dripped on her face.

She froze. Feeling him shudder against her, she evaluated the demon Lord quickly and then noticed it. Blood soaked his entire chest, the torn hoari revealing a festering puncture wound in his shoulder. Kagome winced. She had seen many wounds like that on InuYasha but never had they become infected. Between her proper medical care and his hanyou healing abilities she had never seen such a dangerous wound. Her blue gaze cautiously looked at the demon Lord's rigid features. Although he was still ridiculously attractive, it was obvious he was feeing the tolls of the infection as his face was pale and clammy. She felt him move on her, causing her to freeze. The demon Lord's intimidating stare remained focused on her, probing her own wide gaze coldly.

“How did you find me?” His baritone voice wasn't loud but caused goosebumps to rise on her skin.

Kagome scowled at the hovering daiyoukai and huffed, “I followed a green light. It lead me here.” 

Sesshoumaru eyed the wench beneath him, inwardly fuming at his predicament. He had been travelling for three days but could not find his way back to his camp. The fever had set into his body and this pathetic mortal form was rapidly failing. He could not think or even begin to remember directions or how to navigate. His amber eyes burning with fever, he looked down at InuYasha’s wench, a sneer threatening to twist on his dry lips. Of all the humans to have found him in his hour of degradation it had to be this one. How utterly bitter-sweet was it not? 

“Where is the hanyou?” He demanded. The last thing he wanted was for the half-breed to show up and witness his humiliation and possibly take advantage of it.

"He's not here. He's at the village." She reluctantly admitted. It was against her better judgement to admit she was alone but wouldn't risk lying to him.

He regarded her for a moment, his feverish gaze sliding over her. The miko watched him, scared and slightly concerned. She could tell Sesshoumaru was ill. His injury had obviously become infected. Looking into those gold eyes, she still felt her mind reel with shock as his mortal appearance continued to daze her. She had never thought the infamous dog demon would become human. He hated humans. He had tried to kill her a few times and had never been shy about voicing his disdain for all things mortal related. Yet here he was, as human as she and on top of her.

Flushing, the girl pushed him roughly when she noticed their close proximity. And to say she was surprised when he actually fell off her was an understatement. Yelping when he growled as he fell back on his butt, she scrambled away from the human Lord swiftly. A safe distance was the best when it came to Sesshoumaru; demon or not. Standing up quick and intending to run to the village, the girl for some reason stopped. Hesitantly, she looked over her shoulder at the dog demon. He sat on the ground, his left arm draped over his propped knee wearily, his glazed amber gaze fixed on her with obvious contempt. His high cheeks were flushed red, sweat dotting his forehead as he panted from the exertion of keeping his body in a sitting position. The miko couldn’t stop the twinge of pity she felt. He was in a terrible state.  

Sesshoumaru scowled at the human miko dangerously and hissed, “You will tell no one you saw any of this.”

Kagome's frown deepened, her eyes narrowing in annoyance. He was definitely Sesshoumaru. The overbearing attitude, arrogance and those chilling gold eyes of his were most definitely the undeniable traits of the older half-brother of InuYasha. Suddenly, he forced himself up, towering over her with his still impressive height. Apparently mortality hadn't lessened his stature or his attitude. She stepped back cautiously. Even if he was human he still seemed pretty deadly. He glanced at her coldly, his gold eyes still as intimidating as they had been when he had been a youkai. She frowned at him.

“This isn’t any of my business so I really don’t have an urge to go around telling anyone about your... situation." She assured him with a frown.

Without a reply he turned on his heel, his black hair fluttering behind him. The miko watched him prepare to leave. Seeing how stiffy he moved and the trail of blood he was leaving behind him, the girl felt unwanted concern for the demon's welfare churn unpleasantly in her gut. Her feet seemed to move of their own accord as she started to follow him.

“Sesshoumaru, you’re injured-“

“It is none of your concern. Go back to the hanyou before I ensure you will not talk about what you have seen.” He threw over his shoulder sharply, not even glancing at the annoying girl.

Kagome tensed. Stopping her pursuit, she glared at the arrogant demon Lord's back. She should just turn around and leave him. He was not really an ally to her – he was an occasional distraction from Naraku and the harasser of InuYasha. He had helped her very rarely and when he had, it had come with a few cryptic remarks. But for some reason she didn't make a move to leave. She stood there, watching him slowly try to disappear into the forest, her conscience nagging her ruthlessly. Her brows knitting together, she tensed when he stumbled and fell to the ground. She held her breath waiting for some sort of remark or glare to be cast her way. Yet, as the strained silence continued for a few minutes, she noticed he did not attempt to stand or even move. The futuristic girl warily observed the motionless dog demon, at a loss of what his motive was. 

Hesitantly and against her better judgement, she called over to him, “Sesshoumaru…?”

He did not answer her. Unsure if he was just angry that she had witnessed his humiliation or had settled for pretending she was nonexistent, she cautiously made her way over to the splayed demon Lord. Her mouth dropped. He was passed out. His face was now clearly flushed, his breathing deep and uneven. Kagome observed her former enemy with a torn conscience. She could not just leave him here to die. Even though he was not InuYasha’s favorite person and not exactly a favored acquaintance of hers, she had a duty as a miko. Groaning to herself, she stared down at the troublesome dog demon, at war with herself. InuYasha would kill her if she helped Sesshoumaru. The brothers made it no secret of their hatred for one another.

'And lately InuYasha has been foul - even more than usual.' She thought with a grimace.

Her blue eyes sweeping over the dog demon, the girl quietly knelt beside the now human Lord, hesitantly brushing his ridiculously soft black hair back from his sweaty face. His face was painfully beautiful - her eyes were almost melting out of her sockets for Kami sakes. Taking in his still much too perfect features for a regular human, the miko sighed as an unwelcomed conclusion came to her. While they had exchanged more attacks than words for the last three years, she still could not leave Sesshoumaru to die like this. Her gut rolling with her internal conflict and the very probable battle with InuYasha, Kagome sighed to herself, a hand running through her hair wearily.

‘How do I always find myself in these type of situations?’


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Susanoo: The god of sea and storms he was known to be a trickster.

Ningen: Human

Yomi: The afterlife in the Shinto religion where departed souls go.


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