Bad dog by Angela808

sexy outfit

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As the demon lord kneels in the lightly candle lit cave, he wait's for his mistress to arrive. He did not have to wait long beacuse he hears a light clicking of high heel boots aproaching him. She has arrived.

When he laid his eye's on his mistress she was wearing a trench coat, but as she disrobed he shivers in anticipation and desire. The outfit his mistress is wearing is to say the least sexy. In her hands is a long leather whip.
But it's her boots that he like's more.

"So my dog has waited for his bitch to arrive has he?" his mistress said walking and cracking her whip as she walked up to him. She crouched in front of him, giving him a lovely view of her pussy.

"Yes my bitch." He said panting.

"Good boy. Now I am going to chain your wrists up. Be a good dog and give me you're wrists" she said grabing the cuffs, that were one of many toys on a table nearby.

He obeyed and gave his bitch his wrists.

She cuffed his wrists together. They where specially enchanted to hold a demon lord of his power and strength.

"Mmmm, you look delicious my pet kneeling with your wrists chained together. Now, I have a treat for you." She said pulling her leather panties down and off her lushious legs.

"Eat your mistress's pussy. Make me come over and over again. She said shaking her shaved pussy slowly from side to side in front of his face.

He obeyed. Spreading her lips wide apart he licked and sucked on her cliterus.

"A-Aaaahh! MMmmm Y-yesss! more suck and lick me h-arder!" She gasped grabing and pulling his silky soft hair closer to her. She was jealous of his silky soft hair. Why could she not have hair like him? it was not fair.

As his mistress got wet and wetter as he licked and sucked her he was more then happy to suck up her juce that leaked out of her. Not that he minded, she tasted sweet.

"Alright you dog time for you to make me come, over and over again with my G spot with you're hard cock" She said unlocking his wrists and laying on her back on a pile of pillows that she had put there last time she was here.

"Yes my mistress" he said spreading her legs wide apart.

Rubing her pussy with his tip of his cock up and down he shoved his cock hard under her G spot. He wished he could go deeper but he could not beacuse of the inchanted collar around his neck.

"YES! that's it, rub me hard with that cock of yours!" She said grabbing his shoulders.

She was so tight a perfect fit for me, he thought thrusting faster along her G spot.

"FASTER YOU MONGROL!" she yelled out glaring at him.

Using his demon speed he was nothing but a blur.

"Yes that's it keep hitting my G spot you dog" she said gasping for air. Her head shaking from side to side in pleasure.

"AAAhhhhhhhhh!! YES!!" his mistress screamed, her body twitching and her eyes rolling back into the back of her head. Her tongue was poking out, her body was trembaling in pleasure as she squirted.

Her juce squirting out like a water fountain she was beautiful.

To some she looked like like she was possesed by a demon. In a way she kinda was.

"T-that's it for now." she said gasping for air trying to catch her breath.

"Misstres when can I take this collar off?" he said rubing his neck.

She had put it on him the night she stumbled across him when he was in heat months ago. He hid away in this cave in the woods so he could not go around raping females in his heat cycle.

I've told you before we will talk about that later. He glared at her, his eye's turning red.

"NO I'M TIRED  OF THIS, I WANT TO BE THE MASTER NOW!" he yelled trying to grab her arms. But he was too late.



"You dog how dare you try to disobay me! You will be punished next time!" she said walking away leaving him alone.

Auther's note, should I do a chapture 2?


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