The Echoes of Music by NicoRavenPen

Unbridled Fury

A/N: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read this while listening to the music! ^___^ While you don't have to, it was written along it, while listening to it, and it echoes the emotions I was trying to get! The song is: 'Only Four Men' by Paul Haslinger from 'The Three Musketeers'. It is on youtube, and if you go to my challenge in the forums I have links to all of the music videos in the challenge! Now, without further ado; please enjoy! And as always, R & R!


    It was in the midst of battle that he felt it; felt her unbearable pain, felt the link to her snap in a way that made him roar in a painful echo of his own pain as he thrust his blade into one of the enemy.
    He turned and raced to her, coming to her side just as she fell, three of his own men coming to protect her fallen form.
    He knelt beside her, sword dropping at his side, hands reaching for her quickly-paling face.
    She smiled up at him, weakly, the blood spatter on her skin a combination of hers and her enemies. She’d fought well.
    For once in his long existence he had prayed to the kami, prayed that his mate would be spared the use of his life-giving blade. His pleas had fallen on deaf ears, and with her final breath she spoke of her love for him before her blue eyes quickly dimmed in death.
    The echoes of pain that shot through him urged him to stand, and drawing his sword he slashed it across her form with shaking hands of unbridled anger.
    She gasped, taking a deep breath, her tiny hand reaching out to grasp the fabric of his hakama. He watched with a steely gaze, watched as her chest rose with each breath, but the ghost of their separation haunted him still.
    When her eyes met his hateful ones they were resigned and saddened. She knew the truth. She knew that he would be vengeful now, that none would be spared his anger. Nothing could save them. For to him, what they’d done had been unthinkable. Unforgivable. That they’d dared
    Eyes bleeding deep crimson, his aura exploded about him in a veritable storm of unbridled fury and flame as the realization that they’d succeeded in killing his mate ran rampant through him.
    None would be spared for this mistake of one.
    He leapt into the air before he tore into them with his claws and fangs in a fury never before seen by his men. Never again would they take what was his, never again would they cause him such pain…For none would remain when he was through with them. Not a soul would pass to the otherworld, all perishing in poisonous flame…
    And when he was finished, when not a single one lived, he would return to his mate’s side. Their bond to be re-made, the pain erased with pleasure…  


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