Deal with a daiyokai by Angela808

Cave in

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Summary: Kagome gets caught in a avalanche and gets trapped in a cave, while trying to find her way out she runs into a demon inside the cave.

"WHY ME!"I cried out into the darkness of the cave, my voice echoing off the cave walls.

I was being chased by a pig demon that was ugly as sin and I took refuge in this cave to try to escape it.

I took out my bow and arrows and fired at the demon killing it instantly with my miko powers. It exploded in a blast of pink power. The explosion causing the entrance to cave in on me traping me inside the darkness.

It was so dark and I could hardly see anything at all.

After trying to feel my way out of my predicament, I could not get out no matter how hard I tried. I turned around and tried to find my way out in the other direction hoping to find my way out of this cave.

But as time went by it was looking hopeless for me to get out of this cave alive.

After what seemed like hours of trying to get out I gave up accepting my fate that I was most likely to die inside of this cave.

As I sat there and thought about all the things I would miss out in life a noise hit my ears causing me to turn in it's derection.

What is that? It was like a huffing grunting moaning sound. I started to tiptoe in the direction the sounds were originating from.

As I rounded a corner the sounds got louder as I got closer and closer.



That sounded like a person, a man?, but why would a man be in this cave alone for? I wondered.

As I crept closer out of curiousity I hit my toes on a rock the pain shooting up through me causing me to swear out loud. My voice was echoing loudly off the caves walls.

"FUCK!..." "FUCK!..." "FUCK!..." "FUCK!..."

It was almost funny it almost brought a smile to my face. The person in the cave with me was not as amused as I was. I suddenly found myself with a hand wrapped around my neck.

His hand was holding me still but it was not too hard it almost seemed like the person was holding back and was not trying to hurt me.

"HUMAN WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING IN THIS CAVE?" his voice growled low at me.

His voice was dark and angry it sent chills down my spine and then it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks and I realised what he was doing here alone in this cave.

OH MY GOD! I JUST CAUGHT HIM MASTERBATING, OH GOD! I screamed in my head. I was blushing so badly I was so embarrassed my face was bright red. I'm sure my face could melt right off.

I was so glad we were surounded in darkness because I don't think I could look him in the eye right now.

"I-I-I got t-trapped in this c-cave w-while fighting a d-demon!"I stuttered in embaresment happy that he could not see my face right now.

Wait?...did he just say HUMAN?

Then this is a demon who has his hand wraped around my throat I thought in panic and fear. For all I know he could kill me in revenge for killing one of his kind not all demons where on friendly terms with humans.


When he said that for some reason he sounded familiar to me but no matter how hard I tried I could not put my finger on whose voice it was.

"Um-well can you let me go now?" I said hoping he would not kill me for interupting his alone fun time with himself.

He let me go and I sighed with relief for not being killed by him.

"Ah-thank you." I said rubbing my sore neck.

"Do you know any other way out of this cave we are in right now?" I said hoping he knew of a way out of here.

A eerie silence fell on both of us I could tell he was thinking about what I had said and for some reason I felt a chill run up my spine.

"No there is no other way out of this cave human but I know of how we can get out of this cave."

"huh?" I whispered.

"This one is willing to help you human for a price." he whispered closing in on me.

"A price!?" I whispered backing up into the cave's wall.

"Yes human a price."

"What is it that you want?" I said glaring up into the darkness to where his face was probably smurking down on me.

"If you are willing to help me human release some of my tensions I will gladly help you out of this cave." he said stroking my cheek in an affectionate manner It almost seemed like a lover's touch to me.

"What type of tension?" I said not liking where this conversation was going.

In the back of my mind I knew what he was getting at but I did not want to accept it let alone acknowledge it.

"This one human." he whispered grabing me and rubbing himself against me making sure I could feel his hard erection through his silk clothes. It poked me in the stomach it was hard and pulsing with need.

"Well human what do you say, do we have a deal?"he whispered in my ear.

"If I do this for you demon"

"You are to call me my lord girl." he said rubing my ass through my school uniforms short green skirt.

"Right my lord" I snickered rolling my eyes.

"You promise me you will not tell anyone of this deal of ours?" I said glaring up at him. The last thing I needed was Inuyasha finding out about this deal. I did not want him knowing I cheated on him.

He was not even my boyfriend not officially yet anyway.

But what choice did I have I could not get out of this cave on my own. I needed help and like it or not I needed this demon to help me get out.

"AGREED GIRL!" he said grabing my hair and pulling my head as far back as my body would go. He almost gave me whip lash he started french kissing me slowly then faster as he went.

He was so passionate that it seemed like he was holding back this kiss back for a really long time.

When he stopped kissing me I was breathless and gasping for air apparently so was he.

"WOW! SOMEONE WAS HOLDING IT IN FOR A REALLY LONG TIME! I gasped loudly from lack of oxygen.

I had never been french kissed before not even by Inuyasha he only kissed me on my lips a few times. He really never went to the next step with me. I guess he still in loves kikyo my heart hurt a little when I thought about that.

He sat down and made me kneel between his legs I heard a rustling of clothing and he grabbed my hand in his.

He made me wrap my hand around his hard length. I could feel his stiffness and I could feel it pulsing in my hand.

At that moment I realised what he wanted me to do. I started to pump him slowly  he was growling and moaning as I started going faster. He was obviously in heaven with my minestrations.

"Mmmm A-Ahhhh Y-yess f-faster." he stuttered   I could feel his body twitching with pleasure.

When he said that my pussy started pulsing on itself. Why was I getting turned on by doing this to him? it's not like I loved him I don't know him let alone seen him for all I know he was ugly as sin. Not all demons were atractive. Inuyasha was a cutie in a boyish sort of way. His older half-bother Sesshomaru now he was drop dead gorgeous. I have to admit that to myself.

His killer looks can go hand to hand with his killer personality.

That part made me giggle out loud a little bit.

"H-human, w-why are you s-so amused?" he stuttered trying to talk through the pleasure I was giving him.

"OOPS! Sorry just thinking of someone"I said blushing red.

"WHO!" he growled so loudly my ears rang. It almost seemed to me like a hint of jelousy was in his voice.

If you must know my lord I was thinking of my best friends older half-brother I snikered pumping him harder for my hurting eardrums.

"OH really?." he said sounding pleased with himself.

"W-what do you l-like a-about h-him h-human?"he stuttered getting closer to his orgasim.

"Well there are a few things I like about him."

"W-which a-are?" he stuttered while I pumped him harder.

"Well he bought a human child back to life with his sword, and has become more compasionate with others but most of all." I huffed my arm was getting sore for useing it so much.

"I think he is he one sexy hot demon lord."


As he yelled out I felt his semen hit my chin and neck it was warm. I was glad it did not hit me right in the eyes.

I took out my tissues and wiped it all away  hoping I got it all off of me.

"S-so is that all my lord?"I stuttered hoping he did not want to go any further than this.

"M-miko you have s-sated my frustration, I will return the favour."He whispered darkly.

"Well that all for now, chp 2 coming soon."


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