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DDN Prompt - Saturday, August 3, 2013

Theme: School

Rating: T (Teen)

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 Rinku's Corner:

So I went to my first DDN and these are what I came up with ^-^. Thank you so much to Katt for hosting and providing the prompts. Also to all the people who supported me (Ikaru, Lady and Leom to name a few) and encouraged me to post these! These are all T for Teen rating since it wasn't a GMDD!



Prompt #1: Shopping



Sesshoumaru sat regally on the provided chair of the department store; his bored gaze regarding his girlfriend’s insane fluttering through the aisles.

“How about this one? O no that isn’t right… Okay, this one is a nice col-… No, too much cleavage…”

He closed his eyes, inaudibly exhaling through his nose. He should have known to not come shopping with Kagome; she was infamous for being indecisive. But considering that the only alternative was having to suffer InuYasha’s presence if the girl had come with Kikyou, the dog demon decided he’d rather die of boredom than of the boy’s idiocy.


A group of boys stood outside the store as they watched the human girl pathetically try to camouflage herself behind the rack of lingerie, her face bright red. Sesshoumaru watched her trip on the thong she dropped and couldn’t help raising a brow.

Kagome choked like a fish out of water as the incriminating garment snared her. She was caught. Her secret infatuation, Sesshoumaru, was just a few feet away as she fought the stringy evidence of her shame. Moaning, she almost froze when she heard InuYasha’s howls of laughter.

 Her teeth gritted. She was going to kill him slowly.


“Are you telling me to shop around and check out other potential boyfriends?” She demanded as she stomped after the daiyoukai.

The dog demon glanced at her from over his shoulder emotionlessly. “That is your assumption, not my words.” He retorted dryly.

Kagome flushed. “You’re basically telling me you don’t think I’m good enough for you!”

Sesshoumaru continued to walk away and responded coolly over his shoulder, “If that is how you perceive it, that is your issue, girl.”

“Do you have ice for blood? What kind of reaction is this to a love confession?” Kagome yelled back, her hands clenching.


Kagome lurked behind a rack anxiously, watching while Sesshoumaru strode through the aisles looking bored. Ahead of him, his Father flirted with the cashier. She ducked down to evade detection. She had planned this attack for the last year. But today was the day - she would ask him out. Standing up again, she froze when she noticed her target had disappeared.

What the…’ She thought incredulously.

“Why are you stalking me, girl?” A deep voice demanded from behind her.

Kagome stiffened and slowly looked over her shoulder. Sesshoumaru loomed over her in an intimidating fashion, his gold eyes chilling.

Prompt #2: Bright and Early



Sesshoumaru felt his left eye begin to twitch as another snore seemed to erupt in his pointed ears. His gold eyes glowing in the dawn light of the annoyingly bright and early morning in the Sengoku Jidai, he fixed a venomous glare on the source of his lack of sleep for the last fortnight. While he didn’t usually require sleep, it had been a month before he had suffered these additional two weeks. But ever since the slice of humanity known as Kagome had bombarded his group with her presence, his routine and his patience were all being severely tested.


“Awaken now miko.” A deep voice ordered from above her.

Kagome mumbled incoherently as she tried to swat away the intrusive sound. The bright and much too early sun was unwelcomed so she burrowed deeper into her sleeping bag. Looming over the sprawled priestess, Sesshoumaru regarded her flatly, his eyes narrowing dangerously. It was dawn and he wanted to finally rid of this miko and his debt to her. As soon as he escorted her to the well, the sooner his orderly routine and solitary existence could continue.

His patience was sorely tried and thin – this human girl was insufferable.

Prompt #3: Newbie




“You’re a newbie at this aren’t you?” She said slowly as it dawned on her.

Sesshoumaru stared back at her impassively. The miko sweat dropped at the obvious demand for an explanation for her oddly worded statement. Continuing to straddle his lap, their faces close together, she pointed to his heart.

“You’ve shut yourself off for so long you don’t understand what is happening between us.” She explained her expression a mixture of sympathy and confusion.

The demon Lord looked away from her, his eyes narrowing. “A daiyoukai does not need emotions or to feel.” He retorted, his glare intensifying.


Sesshoumaru watched stoically as the miko tripped yet again, her indignant shouts and curses somewhat amusing. Kagome sprawled on the bamboo flooring defeated. She was a total newbie. It appeared three years running for her life had really done nothing. Her face bright red, she sat up, her bottom lip quivering.

The demon Lord regarded her calmly. “Again.” He ordered while raising a glowing green claw.

Kagome winced. “I can’t.” She argued.

The dog demon stared at her blankly. Grumbling, the miko got up and reluctantly began to once again attempt the impossible – to run and evade the demon Lord.


Watching that entrancingly perfect face come closer to hers, she prepared for their first kiss. Squeezing her eyes shut, she puckered and pushed out her lips and waited. And waited. Slowly, she opened one eye and saw the dog demon staring down at her silently.


“Do all humans contort their faces during such moments?” He asked, a brow raised.

Kagome’s mouth dropped in horror. Her newbie tendencies at kissing were exposed! Wanting to die of embarrassment, she looked away from him. It seemed she had to lie to protect her honor.

“O-of course… h-how do you demons do it?”

Prompt #4: Popular



InuYasha glowered as once again Kagome was surrounded by demon males. Beside him, a watching Sesshoumaru icily regarded the group. The hanyou glanced at his older half-brother curiously when he felt another dangerous flare up in the daiyoukai’s energy. Those frozen gold eyes were fixated on the blushing miko with a dangerous intensity.

“She’s always been popular so don’t get your fluff in a bundle.” The half-breed muttered, his scowl deepening when he saw Kouga appear.

Suddenly, Sesshoumaru glided forward.

“Not for much longer.” He heard the daiyoukai state, his deep voice ominous.

InuYasha relaxed, a smirk on his face.


Kagome watched the Prince of her school glide down the hall. Her eyes narrowed in determination. He was popular despite his frigid countenance – his icy exterior just made him that much more mysterious. And she wanted him. She had planned this moment for the last two years. Her face bright red with anticipation, she stepped forward to intercept her infatuation.

And that’s when Lady Luck abandoned her.

She tripped. Within seconds, the hall went silent as a disoriented Kagome lay across the demon on the floor. Blinking, she stiffened when she looked down into a pair of furious gold eyes.

Prompt #5: Bully



Tears gathering in her eyes, the small girl scowled up at the demon. She sat on the floor, sprawled out from where she had fell. He looked down at her stoically, his frozen gold eyes piercing hers.

“Y-You’re nothing but a bully! You think just because you’re a daiyoukai you’re better than me – than everyone!” She continued shakily. “But you aren’t. Bullies are nothing more than insecure monsters and you are the biggest one I’ve seen yet, Yoshida Sesshoumaru!”

The hall went silent as watching students glanced at the silver-haired boy. His pale face rigid, the dog demon leaned forward.


Kagome winced as she watched Jaken sail through the air, becoming nothing more than a mere twinkle in the night sky. Rin waved good bye to the far gone toad. The miko looked at the daiyoukai. Not a single strand of hair had moved.

“In my time, you would be classified as a bully, Sesshoumaru.”

Sesshoumaru glanced at her from the corner of his eye before turning on his heel and walking away.

“If I am what you call a “bully” then perhaps more should emulate me. Then none could complain of being weak or preyed upon.” He countered dryly.

3. A/N : I  did not know this was similar to YoukaiYume's skit for a fanart of hers! I posted it and cleared it with Katt.

Kagome frowned as she separated her fighting teenage pups. Keiko hissed as she pointed at the twins, Yukio and Chikao, tears running down her face.

“Th-they are nothing but bullies, ‘Ka-san! Set ‘Tou-san on them!” Keiko shrieked.

The twins looked away from their watching parents, not at all apologetic. Sesshoumaru’s eyes slanted dangerously.

“She was hanging out with a boy, ‘Tou-san.” They said in unison.

Sesshoumaru regarded them before returning his gaze on the scroll he was reading. “Hn. You may go.”

The two females glared at the daiyoukai. “Sesshoumaru, we are not encouraging this!” Kagome stated firmly, eyes narrowed.



Prompt #6: Clique 



Kagome stayed with her clique, occasionally looking across the classroom at Sesshoumaru. Those deadly eyes seemed to pierce her. She knew she was facing off with a deadly nemesis. Taking in the large group of full demons Yoshida Sesshoumaru was always surrounded by, the miko edged closer to InuYasha.

“He aint gonna do shit, Kagome. Not with witnesses – that’d be more hassle.” The hanyou said stiffly.

Kagome glanced at her friend and then back at the watching demon Lord. He looked like a perfect statue – his face blank and his predatory gaze watching her coolly from beneath his thick lashes.


“You can pack up your one-armed ass and get out of here!” InuYasha yelled.

On the sidelines, the inu-tachi watched the two brothers face off. Kagome grimaced when she saw Sesshoumaru’s gold eyes narrow dangerously. Knowing things were getting deadly, the miko rushed forward.

“Hey, calm down InuYasha! You're acting like we are an exclusive clique!”

The hanyou snarled, “Damn right we're exclusive! We don’t let in psychotic murderers within 100 meters of us!”

Sesshoumaru lifted his head as he coolly scrutinized the half-breed. “But you allow psychotic hanyous that wield a family heirloom like a club.” He countered dryly.

Prompt #7: Theories



Kagome glared at the dog demon. With the face of an angel and the power of a demi-god, he had never had to account for anything. But she was going to change that. She met those intense gold orbs of his stubbornly.

“I really don’t think you are the emotionally constipated ice block you seem to be, Sesshoumaru. I know you care for at least one creature; Rin-chan.” She stated firmly.

With a flick of his neck he swung his long moon-beam hair behind his shoulder, dismissing her.

“Your theories are as tedious as they are ridiculous.” He retorted monotonously. 


She sat in the long grass on the hill that overlooked the rolling plains of the Western Lands. He stood beside her silently. She snuck a look of the daiyoukai. His beauty glowed in the setting sun’s rays. His angelic face shone in the dimming light, his eyes like polished gold.

Her face flushing, she looked away from the inu youkai. She had a theory as too why every time she looked at him her heart raced - an unwanted realization that explained why his presence brought her peace. But it would be an unwelcomed fact to the demon Lord.


“I have a theory, miko.” His deep voice murmured in her ear.

Kagome felt the heat rising in her cheeks, her hand tightening on her pencil. Slowly, she looked at him from the corner of her eye. He stood right behind her, bending down so his face was near hers. She felt her heart begin to race frantically in her chest.

“And wh-what is that?” She stammered.

A single finger tilted her face towards his.

“That I am not as ‘insufferable’ as you claim.” The daiyoukai stated softly, his golden eyes holding hers effortlessly.

Her mind stalled. She was caught.

Prompt #8: Formula



Sesshoumaru looked behind his shoulder at InuYasha. The hanyou waved him forward. The dog demon focused on the small human girl. He would do as the hanyou said – if it failed he would pay. Dearly.

He stood over her, catching her attention.

Those large blue eyes looked up at him. He watched her smile at him uncertainly. His face stoic, he quoted what the half-breed had called a ‘sure-thing’ for seducing the girl.

“Your knowledge of mathematics is respectable. This one has a formula only you can solve.” He stated coldly.

Kagome winced. This was really awkward. Her smile hesitant, she said, “O ya? How can I help you?”

His lips tightening, he reluctantly proceeded, “Add a bed, subtract your clothes, divide your legs and multiply.” 

Kagome gaped at the demon.

Prompt #9: Stress



Kagome sat on the ground, her head bowed between her knees. She wanted to disappear. Her hair acting as a shield from the world, her body shook. She should have known she shouldn’t have trusted him. He was after all a demon – a human-hating one at that. She had been painfully naive thinking she had been something more than just a smidge of humanity to him.

Her resolve finally gone after the emotional stress of the last month, the girl’s cries were wailed into her knees, her tears soaking her stockings.

“Why… Why… I trusted you, Sesshoumaru!” She cried repeatedly. 


Sesshoumaru closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. He was stressed. For the last month he had had to handle a very pregnant and very hormonal Kagome.

“Sesshoumaru! Sesshoumaru! Did you grab the stuff from Momma! The pickles and peanut butter should have been in the bag! Hello? Do you even care?” His mate’s shouts echoed through the castle.

Servants dodged into rooms and closets to evade the little miko. The daiyoukai looked up at the ceiling, his face stoic. Why had he fallen in his Father’s foot steps and had allowed a small, human woman ensnare him?


“Hold up! Can you let me stress the importance to not kill him, Sesshoumaru?” Kagome shouted as she ran after the dog demon.

He ignored her and continued towards the injured Kouga, his slanted eyes glowing like polished gold. He sheathed his sword. He did not want to honor the wolf by killing him with Bakusaiga – besides, he wanted the pleasure of tearing the ignorant fool apart piece by piece. His ethereal face emotionless, he leapt and landed infront of the wolf, a glowing green claw poised to strike.

“She is mine.” He snarled icily down at the cowering demon.


Kagome flinched when Sesshoumaru’s large hands searched for her stress-induced knots. Her heart beat like a drum in her chest. Her face becoming hot, she bit her lip as he carefully rubbed. She sighed and went limp.

“You are surprisingly good at this, you know, for an anti-social type of person.” She mumbled.

He hummed a short ‘hn’.

“I have stripped many creatures of their flesh and viewed their muscles.” He stated in a cool, matter-of-fact way.

Kagome sweat dropped. That had not exactly been the reason she wanted to hear as to why Sesshoumaru was a strangely knowledgeable masseuse… 

Prompt #10: Finals



Kagome bit her bottom lip. Sweat dotted and dropped down her face, her blue eyes nervous. She glanced up from her paper and zeroed in on her nemesis. The back of his perfect silver head mocked her. Her mouth fell open when she realized the arrogant beast wasn’t even writing – he had already finished the finals in the first hour!

She watched as he turned his head slightly and regarded her. He cocked a brow at her. Before she knew it, her pencil snapped in her hand and went flying across the room.

And nailed the teacher between the eyes.


Kagome fidgeted under Sesshoumaru’s predatory stare. She tried giving him a winning smile yet he remained perfectly stoic. Her smile immediately turned into a grimace.

“Draw your weapon, miko.”

Shakily raising the sword that was much too heavy for her, she tried to reason with the demon Lord.

“Listen, I don’t think I’m ready for this… This is the final test and I’ve been training with you for a week.”

“Begin.” He cut in flatly before disappearing in a blur of white.

Without thinking, she threw down her sword and began to run, a glaring dog demon chasing after her.


Kagome froze. Her eyes widening, she looked at the daiyoukai uncertainly. This was the final test. It was now or never. Hesitantly, she walked towards him. The snow crunched beneath her feet.

“Sesshoumaru.” She whispered, tears in her eyes.

His face did not reveal his uncertainty. He watched the girl make her way to him. He wanted to accept her love. He wanted to give her his heart. But he couldn’t. He then did the most merciful action he had ever committed – he pushed the miko away from him. She fell backwards and down the well, out of his life.


“So … the final test…” She whispered.

Long fingers with their deadly talons slid up her neck and lightly grasped her chin.

“If we are compatible, it will be evident after this.” He murmured his breath hot against her trembling lips.

The anticipation ate at her gut. They had been courting for a month and it all came down to this - to see if their auras were compatible for them to be a mated pair. She leaned forward. His face inching towards her, they paused for a moment, staring into one another’s eyes. Then their mouths melded together perfectly.

Prompt #11: Rebellion



Kagome glared up at the demon Lord. She would not let him win. Her eyes sparkling with a rebellion born from fear and desperation, she gave him an impressive growl of her own.

“You may kill me physically, Sesshoumaru, but you will never be able to claim you killed my spirit.” She stated firmly.

The demon Lord hovered over the girl, his glacial stare chilling. His pale face eerily stoic, he reviewed the trembling miko at his feet, his sword raised. Seeing the stubborn defiance in her blue gaze, he mentally sneered. Even now, before her death, she was insufferable.


Sesshoumaru pinned her effortlessly. They glared at each other. Her face flushing, she squirmed beneath him.

“Don’t you understand? They’ll never accept us!” She cried.

The demon Lord’s lips thinned, his eyes slanting. “Since when do I care for others, much less their opinions?”

Kagome stalled her rebellious attempts. “But…”

“Lands and titles are for status, Kagome. I do not need to inherit status – my strength isn’t validated by such trivial things.” He stated coolly.

Her tears drying, she stared at the dog demon. Suddenly, their mouths clashed, a fervent melding of their lips searing her very core and heart.

Prompt #12: Finding Yourself



Sesshoumaru watched her chest, his gold eyes bright in the darkness. He stared at the lifeless miko at his feet. Her pale face glowed in the night. Gritting his lengthening fangs, he knelt on one leg beside the girl. Growling deep in his chest, he threw Tenseiga away from him in disgust, the rusted sword disappearing in the bushes.

With an alien gentleness, he lifted her. Her eyes stared up at him lifelessly. His claws curled thus piercing her skin and causing blood to rise. He had found himself in her. But she was gone and with her, his completion.


The blue energy from the well marking her return diminished as she appeared over its top.

“Sesshoumaru!” She yelled while running towards him.

Suddenly, his own feet began to carry him to her. She leapt towards him to which he caught her. He held her close as he felt her shake from her sobs. He did not know when she had managed to worm her way through his barriers. But in doing so, she had helped him find a piece of himself he never knew had existed.

“I felt like I was missing a piece of me.” Kagome whispered shakily.






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