Mother's Son Knows Best by NicoRavenPen

Chapter 1

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    A lot had happened in the past 20 years for Kagome.
    They’d defeated Naraku, completed the jewel.
    An unselfish wish was made, wishing it into nonexistence.
    For her selflessness she was given a gift that she’d never asked for: Agelessness. She’d been hoping that that little whisper that she’d heard while drifting in her subconscious had been just her imagination, that she really wasn’t going to be ‘blessed’ with this form of immortality. But after 20 years with nary a wrinkle or crease, she had to accept it as truth. Physically, she still felt like the 20 year old she’d been when they’d finally beaten Naraku, when she’d come back through the well for the last time and it was sealed. Mentally, though, she was tired.
    She felt old -like an old maid; as if she should have been married by now, with several children and maybe even a grandchild or two, but here she was. Mateless.
    Inuyasha had wandered off on his own shortly after the jewel was completed, searching for adventure. It had been obvious to Kagome that he didn’t care for her like she’d thought he had.
    She’d swiftly given up on that idea.
    Miroku and Sango had wed and started their family back at the slayer’s village which they were restoring. They received new trainees weekly, and they were doing their best to teach that not all youkai were evil, just as not all ningen were good.
    They would only extinguish threats, human and demon alike.
    Kagome had declined the invitation to go with them, wanting to remain with Kaede to learn all that she could, and to help teach Rin; Rin, who by now was mated to a hare youkai and working on her own family back at Sesshomaru-sama’s shiro.
    Her only consolation was that she still had Shippo.
    When their journey was over he’d insisted on staying with Kagome, knowing that she was alone, but after a couple of years she’d managed to convince him that he needed to go to school, and to train. He begrudgingly assented. At the time she had Rin and Kaede so it wasn’t as difficult, wasn’t as lonely.
    But after five years, Kaede passed away.
    Another five, and Rin was mated.
    And so she’d spent the last ten years alone, taking care of the village.
    She was proud to do it, really she was. The village was expanding greatly, mostly due to how very well protected it was; it had an entire slayers village as ally, as well as the frightening Lord of the West, and the illustrious Shikon Miko as its constant guard.
    And now, after ten years, Shippo was back!
    She hadn’t been expecting him at all.
    At first she had only heard the gossiping of some village girls at the well, giggling about the handsome male making his way into the village from the forest. And then she heard ‘kitsune’ and red-head’ and she was sprinting towards the forest with a beaming smile.
    She stopped at the edge of the village as soon as she could feel his aura buffering against hers, waiting for him to show up…but then it disappeared, and she blinked in confusion.
    She looked this way and that, but then he appeared in a whirl of blue youki just before her, the widest grin a kitsune could grin spreading his lips.
    For a moment she just stared at him, at her kit, taking in all of the minute details. He allowed her that moment to readjust -for it was quite a readjustment- and then he came sauntering forward at an easy gait.
    He wore a teal yukata, though the top half of it he wore more like a cloak over his shoulders, his arms resting in the fabric, arms crossed, the sleeves waving gently in the breeze. A katana was attached to his hip, given to him by his instructor (so he’d written, though she didn’t know who), and his five tails twitched lazily behind him.
    He was muscular, though not too much so, and tall. Very tall.
    She stepped closer, looking up to take in the darker -almost ruby-toned- red of his long hair, and when she looked up to meet his gaze she felt completely dwarfed by him, by her kit.
    It made her feel proud though, to know that her boy had grown into such a strong, sure male.
    “Hi Mama,” he smiled warmly, speaking softly. The timbres of his voice were deep and she took a moment to simply familiarize herself with the sound, filing it into her memory as his to replace the small, childish voice he’d had before.
    Her own teary smile widened and she promptly leapt at him, wrapping her arms around him as best she could, sobbing in joy.
    “Shippo! Shippo! My kit, I’ve missed you so much!”
    He wrapped his own strong arms around her and nuzzled into her hair.
    “I wrote,” he smiled.
    “Yes, but it’s not the same and you know it!” she chided gently, pulling away to grab at his hair. “It’s so long! And so dark!”
    He laughed when she let him go completely to examine his tails, standing behind him, eyes following their movements like a cobra watching a charmer.
    He watched over his shoulder as she reached out towards one, giggling when it slipped from her reach. He grinned before turning and wrapping her in his arms again.
    “More hugs?” she laughed.
    “To make up for lost times,” he agreed.
    Eventually they made their way to Kaede’s old hut, for lunch and tea, and to talk.
    He said that he was there to stay, and she happily made up a spot for him to sleep after they ate.     
    So incredibly happy to have her son back, Kagome finally felt whole again.


    The strangest things began to happen once Shippo came home, things completely revolving around Kagome and it left her befuddled.
    She was suddenly being sought after by males aplenty.
    It was the strangest thing. One day she was on the edge of the village gleaning herbs for poultices and remedies, and then there was a male standing before her.
    She’d felt him approaching and could tell by his aura that he meant no harm, but it was still rather strange.
    She looked up at what could only have been some form of neko youkai judging by his flicking tail, and he was smirking at her in a rather irritating manner. From the way he was looking her over it was obvious what he was thinking, and from his stance it was obvious how well he thought of himself.
    “Hello precious,” he purred, “I think you should come along with me…” he winked, waving a hand at her in what he probably thought was a coaxing manner.
    Mouth gaping, Kagome merely stared at him.
    Before she could say a word to him, the neko was suddenly flung back into the trees, Shippo standing in his place in a wide stance, his sheathed katana in his hands.
    He sneered into the trees before jumping in after him. Kagome could hear them fighting and she made to stand, to go after them, but then it stopped and Shippo was returning, rotating his shoulder as he replaced his katana at his side.
    “Weakling,” he smirked.
    And that was the first of many.
    It started as only a bi-weekly thing but then it was every week, and now it was turning into a daily event.
    While at first it had been entertaining to a degree, Kagome herself was now becoming quite bored with it all.
    The male would show up, throw a cheesy one-liner at her, and then Shippo would appear and beat them senseless.
    Today’s had been rather anticlimactic.
    A proud horse youkai had walked across her line of vision as she was walking to the well, completely ignoring her, before stopping, preening and striking a pose that she supposed should have been debonair. Eventually he glanced her way, and said: “Do you believe in love at first sight, miko, or shall I walk by again?”
    She snorted, shook her head and turned back to the village. The male hadn’t even tried to fight for her. He’d just left after that.
    She almost had wanted to watch Shippo beat that one; he desperately needed a piece of humble pie.
    When she got to the hut she found Shippo inside making tea.
    She plopped down at the low table and sighed, running a hand through her hair.
    “Shippo, what’s all of this about? Why are they suddenly coming in droves for my hand to mate?”
    He sighed as well, shaking his head as he turned from the fire with the kettle and poured the water into the ceramic pot on the table.
    “I can guess, but you wouldn’t understand it. It’s all about pack dynamics and stuff. Stupid things. It shouldn’t be for much longer, so don’t worry.”
    “How long?” she groaned as she plopped her forehead onto the wood.
    He tilted his head up, looking nowhere in particular as he thought, his ruby hair trailing along the table as he prepared their tea.
    “I can’t imagine more than a month.” Then to himself, “He isn’t patient enough to wait longer…” Kagome luckily hadn’t heard it in her annoyance, or she would have been even more confused and would have peppered him with questions until he gave in. Lucky for him.
    “Just a little longer, Mama…”
    The next month passed by swiftly, spurred on by all of the youkai males that seemed desperate for her hand. And the one-liners were getting worse and worse.
    Today’s youkai was the epitome of ridiculousness. He spouted not one line, but several as he attempted to fight Shippo back.
    “Kiss heaven goodbye, Miko, because it is a sin to look so good!” he cried, dodging her kit’s swing. He was a monkey of some sort, and it was becoming obvious in his acrobatics as he tried to get to her, though he still failed.
    “I’ve lost that loving feeling, won’t you help me find it again?” He spouted, waving an arm dramatically in the air in her direction before spinning and somersaulting out of Shippo’s reach.
    Her poor kit was getting quite the workout from it all, and she was strangely finding it hilarious. Shippo’s expression was getting more murderous by the minute.
    “I am a thief, madame, and I am here to steal your heart!” the monkey crooned.
    She slapped her knee lightly as she sat on the well’s edge, giggling to herself.
    The monkey leapt up high and landed before her, as close as he’d gotten so far, and he knelt before looking up into the sky.
    “Is there a rainbow? For I have found the treasure that I’ve been searching for!”
    Shippo sneered in disgust as Kagome laughed, grabbing the monkey’s tail and swinging him away from her.
    “You are pathetic!” he snarled at him, “You will never be good enough for my mother, so leave before I slice you to ribbons! I’ve lost my patience for this!”
    Kagome waved goodbye to him with a smile.
    The monkey, not truly made for fighting and hoping to win her over with his theatrics, gave a great sigh before disappearing in a puff of smoke.
    When Shippo passed by her on his way back to the well, he glanced down at her with a huff. “If I ever become that stupid over a female, purify me, please.”
    Kagome laughed aloud and watched after him.
    It was strange, because the more that she saw him fight, the more she was reminded of someone, and it was only today that she realized who: Sesshomaru.
    His fighting style was similar and the kit adopted the same sort of sneering -I know I’m better than you- attitude that she’d often seen on the Western Lord. Of course, this came from truly being better than all others, but it made her wonder…
    He never had told her who had trained him…
    Sighing deeply, she leaned her hands on the wood around her and stared up into the sky.


    The next day was one to go down in history.
    From the moment she awoke and stepped out of her door, she was surrounded in males. They flitted about her as she attempted to go about her business, Shippo nearby snarling and sneering at any that tried to get too close.
    There were more than she could keep track of, and they were milling about the village like they’d lived there their whole lives. The village girls were delighted though, and took every opportunity to flirt with them, to their father’s consternation. A couple even managed to snare the attention of a male, and she was glad for one less contestant.
    Thankfully none of the elder villagers dared complain to her about it. They knew she was as unhappy about it all as they were, if not more, and she knew that they meant no actual harm.
    They just wanted her.
    Kami knows why.
    Throughout the day Shippo would fight against them, often times at random to eliminate one from the throng, and he was again becoming more and more agitated by it all. And each time he would tell them, “You are unworthy!” or “Not good enough!”. Kagome actually began to wonder if he would find any that were good enough.
    She was sitting on her front porch now, several males sitting around her, near but not too near, as Shippo fought once more. Since after tea it was all that the day was comprised of. Fighting.
    She sighed, leaning her cheek into her hand as she watched them blankly.
    She really didn’t know what to think about it all.
    She was beginning to think that maybe she should actually accept one.
    After all, Inuyasha was long gone, she had no hope there and really didn’t care to anymore; he was too immature. But that didn’t mean that she’d never thought of anyone else, never found others attractive. In all honesty, there was one male that she’d entertained thoughts of for years, but she didn’t dare even dwell on those thoughts for long. It was impossible.
    Sighing again, she focused once more on the fight, only to sit straight a second later. A powerful surge of youkai was heading their way, and it was frightening in its magnitude.
    The males around her felt it as well and all stood to their feet, some of the weaker ones already disappearing into the trees.
    Kagome stood, looking in the direction it was coming from, preparing herself in case her own miko ki would be needed.
    She heard a deep sigh from Shippo though and glanced to him, only to frown in confusion when his shoulders sank wearily and he grinned, his katana’s point trailing at the ground.
    She frowned harder and opened her mouth to call to him when there was an explosion of light before them, one that had her lifting her arm to shield her eyes. But it was the unmistakable aura that brushed along her own that left her gaping as the light receded. For those competing for her hand, the aura was like little bits of lightening skittering along their flesh, shocking and burning in its wake.
    More scrambled off, but still some few remained.
    Kagome took a step forward.
    He peered down at her in all of his glory, silver hair flowing in the wind of his own entrance, golden eyes glinting in the sun.     
    When he met her eyes she gasped, completely stunned by the warmth there, before those eyes glanced about her.
    “Leave.” he commanded, tone dark and promising to those that remained.
    “My lord,” one brave hound ventured, “We vie for the lady’s hand. Surely you do not intend-”
    “Leave!” he roared, aura becoming stifling in its intensity.
    The remaining suitors fled.
    Kagome sighed, glancing to the Inu and watching as the last of them left.
    “Thanks, I think,” she laughed, somewhat morosely.
    Shippo strode over to Sesshomaru without a thought, obviously worn out with all of the fighting.
    As he passed by the Inu he motioned to his mother with a wave.
    “There you go. All yours. Have at her.”
    Kagome scoffed at her kit in wonderment as he passed her by.
    “Excuse me?” she called.
    “I’m done. No more fighting.”
    “Shippo!” she cried, irritated and confused.
    Shippo merely waved as he continued into the hut.
    Stunned, Kagome turned back to the Inu before her.
    “Sesshomaru-sama,” she greeted again, nodding her head as she watched him warily.
    “Kagome,” he rumbled as he nodded in turn.
    “Wh-what are you doing here?” she asked, sure that he was merely making a routine visit to the area on his patrol. He’d done so on occasion in the past 20 years, visiting with her to check on the progression of the village as well as the slayer’s village.
    He quirked a brow and his eyes narrowed in his own form of confusion.
    “I should think it obvious.”
    “Ah! Yes,” she smiled politely. It was just as she thought. “The village is doing well. They’ve recently re-irrigated the paddies and we expect a good harvest come fall-”
    He cut her off with a frown, the expression enough to halt her speech.
    “What?” she asked, confused.
    He sighed then, reaching up to brush his hair behind his ear and over his shoulder as he looked into the distance.
    “It was not my intention to speak of the village.”
    “Oh! Okay…” she frowned cutely as she thought. “How is Rin-chan? Has she had another baby?”
    He sighed again, this time more deeply, before stepping forward and pulling her close. She had no time to even gasp at his forwardness before they were speeding through the air past the village. When they stopped they were in the clearing of the well and Kagome had to hold onto the front of his yukata to stabilize herself.
    His sudden movement had made her dizzy!    
    Wait…yukata? He never wore yukata…
    She stepped back to take in his change of garments with a curious eye, and she found that she liked the look. The deep grey fabrics clung to his frame in a way that showcased his musculature… It made him look almost, dare she say it?…sensual
    She swallowed thickly, stepping back again.
    “You look very well, My Lord,” she complimented with a light blush, unable to not say anything about his change. It was obvious that she had been taking in his appearance, and it would be strange if she said nothing.
    She had to be polite, after all.
    “Hn. This one had hoped you would approve.”
    Her eyes widened in disbelief and she stared up at him.  
    He smirked, and she felt the blood rush to her cheeks even more.
    “This one knows that you heard him.” The deep rumble of his voice had her heart beating a frantic staccato and she raised a hand to her chest in a subconscious attempt to still it.
    She shook her head in denial, unable to voice a response, and stepped back.
    He followed, stepping even closer.
    “You are silent. Shall we speak, or shall I continue to simply observe you?”
    He reached out and took a lock of her hair in his fingers, bringing it to his nose to scent it as he watched her.
    “Or perhaps I shall do the speaking.”
    Still she could not say a thing. Her mind was absolutely blank.
    Was this really happening?
    He was silent for a moment, lost in his own thoughts before he spoke again.
    “I think perchance you have cast a miko love spell on me,” he mused to himself. She made to deny it, but he silenced any words she might speak with warm, golden eyes, and she realized that he was teasing her. He’d done that often enough in recent years once they’d become more accustomed to one another. It still managed to catch her off guard, though, when it happened.
    Her mind began to drift to those other times until he dipped down and ran his nose along the apple of her cheek, effectively halting all thoughts once more.
    His next words were like honey in her ears…
    “…I can think of no other…”
    She gasped at his confession, and again when he stepped so close that she could feel the heat coming from him. They were so close, though they didn’t touch, and it took everything in her not to reach for him.
    She was conflicted. She’d been interested in him for years, and now she was unsure if this was real. If he was playing with her…
    She frowned up at him, her worry evident in her gaze.
    He saw it, apparently.
    “Worry not, love, for I shall never treat you as you have been treated. Would never abandon you as you have been abandoned.”
    He enveloped her in his arms slowly as he spoke, leaning into her as he simultaneously drew her up against him, dragging her body against his to bring her closer to him until they were nose to nose. She practically panted at the sensations this elicited, her hands on his shoulders.
    “Love me,” he begged, voice a deep whisper. “I feel I have waited an eternity for you, and now that all is right with my house, I may take that which I desire.”
    She frowned still, licking her lips to speak. His eyes followed the motion hungrily.
    “What do you mean, right with your house?”
    He sighed, but his gaze never left her lips as he distractedly replied.
    “I have flushed out all who might oppose me. Oppose us. It has taken much time, but all is right now,” he said again. It nearly sounded like a mantra in her ears, and she wondered if he’d thought it frequently while working on ‘flushing out the opposition’.
    She was admittedly confused still. He’d never even hinted at a desire for her, never seemed more than friendly towards her…She voiced her thoughts aloud and he replied, almost hurriedly in his eagerness for her to understand.
    “Indeed. I could not, for fear that those I have eradicated would find you -would harm you. I could not allow it. I have held my true thoughts close to protect you.”
    She could see the sincerity shining in his eyes, and it left her completely befuddled.
    Hope bubbling very near the surface, Kagome found herself smiling as tears began to pool in her own blue orbs.
    “Can you really mean it?” she murmured, wondering aloud.
    She daringly reached a hand up to brush along the stripes of his cheek, and when he made no resistance, she smiled wider.
    He leaned into her touch.     
    “I do.”
    “Well and truly.”
    She laughed again, once in joy, before clumsily pressing her lips to his and he returned it fervently.
    When she pulled away to gaze into his warm and honest eyes she smiled, and again when he pressed his forehead to hers.
    “You are worthy,” she whispered.


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