My Heart Skips a Beat by NicoRavenPen



A/N: OKAY! I am going to explain this right now and probably not again, because it would be tedious: This fic will have (In the beginning mostly) themes incredibly similiar to the Manga 'Skip Beat' (And the title, a little). Those of you who have read it will understand what I mean. But the similarities will be few and far between once the ball gets rolling. I love that manga, but I'm only using a base part of its plot for my fic because I have been DYING to write an acting/singing fic with all of our favorite characters and this one was incredibly perfect. So hopefully none of you will be upset by this. I assure you I intend to be original overall. So hopefully you will all enjoy my new baby...


    It had been a really long day, but Kagome was nothing if not excited by the end of it.
    Inuyasha would be home tonight.
    Shrugging off her apron and letting her hair down, she waved at her bosses before going out into the night with a To-Go bowl of ramen.     
    There was a skip in her step and a tune in her head as she unchained her bike.
    She was determined to be pleasant and cheery for him.
    Placing the bowl carefully in the bike’s front basket, she kicked off and pedaled her way home with an air of contentedness.