Just Imagine by cakeiton

Chapter 1

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A breeze that swept across the grassy field brought cool blankets of comfort from the hot sun. Spring was coming to a close, the summer solstice fast approaching, and the world surrounding him pulsed in a synchronized melody of life, death, and rebirth. Seasons mattered little to the small youkai, time meaning almost less, and he thought about how many times the trees and flowers would wither before he even reached adolescence.

These were dark thoughts for someone so young, but there was not much else to do. The inuyoukai had his duties and lessons to attend daily, plus extra hours of practice required of him by status, but when it was all over it was exactly his station that refused him a normal child's life. Others in his peer group avoided him in the classroom and completely shied away in the dojo. At his young age the future Western Lord showed exceptional combat skills and scholarly knowledge. They were training him to be intimidating, unrivaled, and feared.

It was working.

As Sesshoumaru rested with the tall grass and listened to the whispering song of wind through the trees he wished for more. It was selfish, he knew, since he had everything anyone could ever need. But, what he wanted was to not be lonely.

Today, just as the day before, he found himself isolated. Sesshoumaru closed his round eyes and for the first time wished for a friend.

Suddenly, the bright sunlight was blocked. It was too imposing to be a cloud, yet he could not detect anything near.

Sesshoumaru lifted his lids and looked directly into deep, blue eyes filled with an unconditional cheer he would never possess.

"Hi there!"

"AH!" Surprised, he leapt to his feet, took a defensive form, and swiped his claws at… nothing.

Sesshoumaru spun to look in every direction several times, but the field was once again empty.

Though he couldn't scent or sense anyone near, he could have sworn a small girl with black hair was with him a moment ago.


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