Seasons by NicoRavenPen


    As Kagome meandered from the well towards the village she lifted her head to the sky and watched the birds fluttering past, taking a deep full breath of crisp autumn air.
    So refreshing!
    She’d always loved fall; loved the colors, loved the smells, loved the just-cool-enough air.
    Sticking her hands in the pockets of her plaid capelet, she began humming a song.
    Soon enough a presence made itself known and she stopped and turned, a warm smile on her face.
    “Good afternoon Sesshomaru-sama,” she greeted cheerily.
    He eyed her as he approached, expression giving away nothing of what he thought.
    “Good afternoon,” he responded lowly, so low that she wondered if he’d actually said it. In all honesty she wouldn’t be surprised if she’d been hearing what she wanted to hear.
    But no matter.
    “Have you come to see Rin-chan?”
    He was staring at her- or rather- her capelet.
    Smiling knowingly, she tilted her head to the side.
    “It’s called a capelet.”
    He snorted softly at the word, and yet still his eyes remained.
    “It is a strange fabric.”
    She laughed lightly, fingering the edge of it.
    “I suppose it would be to you,” she conceded. “I don’t think they have plaid fabrics in this time, and if they did it would be all the way over in the British isles…” She hummed lightly in thought.
    “I have never seen such a thing.”
    “Hm,” she nodded, beginning to walk once more.
    As she walked away, a clawed hand reached forward to grab a plaid ribbon trailing in the wind, feeling the fabric gently as it ran through his fingers.


A/N: I know, I know, I know...I should't be starting more when I have SO much in the works...but drabbles are my places to write when I HAVE to write something and don't feel like working on my chaper Hope you enjoy these...


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