Irresolute by SunflowerDreams21

Flip Flop

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All this tragedy started that fateful day that Urasue resurrected Kikyō; she wondered for how much longer this could go on? She had watched him sneak away in the middle of the night leaving them unprotected did he really believe that they wouldn’t notice? Couldn’t he tell that she was awake? He was half dog demon, all it should have taken was a quick sniff in the air or just taking stock with his really good hearing.

“Obviously, he does.” She said out loud as she watched over her companions. He was supposed to be the alpha and from what she had learned that came with a lot of responsibilities that had now become obvious he could not handle. This flip-flopping nature of his she could have probably endured but this absolute disregard for the safety of his companions frightened her. How could he so easily abandon them without a second thought?

 AN: Can anyone guess what fairytale I am writing about? I'll give you a hint it's a small one that all children like. I may have given you a clue already. So this was supposed to be a 100 word drabble but since I've decided to rewrite the story in order to continue it I will it Nanofiction form which means each chapter will be 300 words or less.


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