Death Becomes Her by NicoRavenPen


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    Sesshomaru, Lord of the Western Lands, found himself in a rather irritating circumstance. It was an ailment that descended upon him frequently, and he found that nothing -nothing- that he did could fix it. He tried many things, took many suggestions, but nothing rid him of his complaint.

    Irritating indeed.

    With a scowl adorning Adonis-like features he deserted his desk, his study and his shiro, taking to the open air and the wild world beyond the castle walls.

    He relished in the fresh air and the myriad scents, taking them all in deeply as he sought relief.

    He was bored.


A/N: Yes, I'm starting another one. lol...I feel that if I limit myself to 100 words with this one then it will provide a good fic to work on when nothing else is coming to mind for the rest. A filler of sorts, I suppose. Meh. More to come VERY shortly. As in, tonight. ^^

And I KNOW this first chapter is a little dull, but I promise, it gets better so keep reading! ^___^


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