Hitoshirenu no Ren'ai by Rinku

Chapter One: Drastic Measures

Hitoshirenu no Ren'ai (Hidden Affections)

-By ForgottenHero


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Chapter One: Drastic Measures


Tap tap tap tap.

A pencil's end was deliberately and swiftly bounced on a note pad, the eraser clicking against the paper while a slim hand wiggled the writing utensil in between its fingers nervously. Sighing, Higurashi Kagome continued to fidget as she sat at her kitchen table, her stunning face unable to obtain its usually beautiful smile. Lately, she had had major problems at school. Yosumo Kagura, her enemy since pre-school, had recently become more violent and abusive to the point her cousin Kikyou had intervened and spoken to Kagome's Mother who in turn to the news had withdrawn her daughter from her all-girls private school in Kyoto.

Her sapphire blue eyes sad, Kagome stared down at her scribbled notes morosely, the conversation she had eavesdropped on between her Mother and Kikyou who had sat in the kitchen with tea, speaking in low tones to not be overheard, had had yesterday.

'I know it is upsetting but I feel Kagome is in danger, Oba-san. Kagura is very envious of her and will stop at anything to destroy her. Please let me talk to some of my friends and connections at the neighbouring schools to see if we can transfer Kagome far away from Kagura and her friends. It is in her best interest.' Kikyou had stated to Kagome's concerned Mother.

Frowning, the girl turned to stare out the kitchen window, watching her Jii-chan sweep the shrine's stone steps slowly, his aged face scowling as he batted at a very annoying crow who continued to peck at his head with its yellow beak as it occasionally glided around him mockingly. Groaning, Kagome placed her face in her hands.

'Why me? What did I do to deserve Kagura's hatred? Can't she find some one else to hate… or possibly see a therapist?' She thought to herself, annoyed with the entire situation.

Kagome sighed and cupped her chin in her palm. Her stunning face bored, she watched her Jii-chan running away from the squawking bird whom was obviously enraged at being hit with a wooden broom by the crotchety elder. Watching the regular spectacle (the bird had been annoying and battling her grandfather for over four years now – their hatred growing each season for one another), she mused to herself,

'I don’t want to change schools. Sango, Ayame, Kikyou, Rin...all my friends attend Shagima High. Where will I be with out them?'

The young girl felt the hot tears creeping in her eyes. Despite the threat of Kagura's dangerous intentions being directed towards them, Kagome's friends had stood firmly by her side and had shared the brunt of Kagura's cruelty all year. Sniffling, Kagome's shoulders slumped in defeat. There was no use crying. Her Mother had already extracted her from Shagima High to the disappointment of her miko mentor, Kaede. Kaede was a wise old woman who trained both Kikyou and Kagome in the arts of shinto miko practices.

Remembering Kaede’s disappointed face, her one eye reflecting her sadness as she watched her favourite pupil pack her desk and miko training supplies as her Mother and cousin hovered by, watching the scene with a mixture of sympathy and satisfaction, Kagome’s frown deepened. Kaede had wished to use Kagome as a bridge for the youkai and miko population in the school. Kagome had managed to befriend the wolf demoness, Ayame, much to Kaede’s delight. Kaede had a large dream and ambition – to bring demons and those with spiritual powers to an understanding, and possibly, a comradeship. So the elderly miko tried to influence both her demon and human pupils while they were still young, hoping to create the bond that had been strained and weak for over nine centuries between the two species.

The girl scowled, her fists clenching on the table top.

'Damn Kagura! I should have purified her. Not only would it have been an excuse of it being an 'accident' since I'm in training but I think every one would be happy with out her.' Kagome thought sourly, crossing her arms over her chest and pouting.

Kagura was a kaze-youkai. With her long black hair always tied up in a bun, her blood-red eyes, pale skin and full crimsone-painted lips the wind demoness could almost be called stunning if she hadn't always had a scowl and sneer on her moon-white face. Kagura had a rather beautiful crowd of friends who were just as cruel as she and who happened to all be demonesses since Kagure insisted that humans were too ‘dirty’ to be able to have any sort of affiliation with her. Kaguya the demon princess, Kanna the witch, Tsubaki the dark priestess and Yura of the hair – all of the females had twisted, malicious hearts and readily followed their sadistic leader. And, because of the wind youkai's infamous hatred of humans, especailly human priestesses to the unlucky fate of Kagome, Kagura had decided to make her life Hell since they had been in diapers.

Turning her flat stare to the kitchen window, Kagome watched her Jii-chan duck beneath the cloud of black feathers as the crow continued to fly after the elder man who now brandished his broom as a sword, thrusting the bristled end at the demonic creature with the zeal of a heroic maniac.

"Kagome?" A soft voice interrupted her observance of the amusing spectacle.

Turning away from the ridiculous scene, Kagome saw a welcomed figure standing in her usual pink apron and fluffy white slippers with a stunning young girl beside her, both their eyes gentle and warm as they slid over her morose face.

"Momma? Kikyou?"

Kikyou smiled slightly at her cousin and stepped forward while Kagome's Mother followed behind her with a bright smile.

"Kagome, I think I have found a solution to your problem." The older girl announced as she gracefully walked to the kitchen table her cousin currently sat at, doodling pictures of Kagura on fire.

Kagome blinked in surprise and straightened up as she listened intently. "Really? What did you come up with?"

Kikyou sat in the chair beside her, flipping her hip length black hair behind her. Procuring a thick package of numerous papers from her purse, the older girl placed them on the table and pushed the text document towards the younger miko.

"I spoke with a friend of mine whose Father works at a prestigious and distant school in Osaka. I later spoke with my friend's Father who turned out to be the chairman of the school and we discussed you."

Kagome stared at the huge booklet and gaped in stunned silence as she read the kanji title. "Uk-Ukashima Hi-High?!" She stammered, her large blue eyes widening to the size of saucers.

Kikyou glanced at Kagome's mother, worry evident on her cousin's beautiful face. "I know it is a bit surprising-"

"Kikyou that is an all-boys-boarding-school!" She stuttered.

Kikyou nodded. Her pale face calm, the older cousin retorted serenely, "And that’s exactly why Oba-san and I have decided to enroll you there."

Kagome stared down at the pamphlet in horror. An all-boys school? What was her family possibly thinking? Firstly, she was girl. Secondly, she had the most horrendous case of insecurity and shyness when it came to the opposite sex. And thirdly… well the damn list could go on for several minutes, easily breaking into a three digit figure. Her sapphire eyes so wide the skin around them began to hurt, she looked at her cousin with blatant shock. 

Kikyou met her horrified expression with her own calm one, seemingly trying to reassure her, and said, "You are an excellent student yet due to your past with Kagura none of the other schools that are female-based such as Shagima High would accept you. You know she has a lot of power because of her father who donates too and owns many of the facilities in Tokyo and Kyoto.” Her face became grim. “Oba-san is against a public school because not only are their academics below a private school's level but they are usually subjected to the worst sorts of people."

“When I knew an all-girls-school was off limits and there being no co-ed private schools anywhere in Tokyo for that matter, I decided to confront my friend's Father and request an exception for you. I allowed him to see your school records and he was impressed with your current grades and growing skills in the arts of purification and archery." Kikyou paused, warily eyeing her cousin who continued to stare at her like she had grown a second head. "Kagome, you have been accepted but there are certain conditions you must abide by."

The baffled look on Kagome's face became replaced by one of hesitant interest. “What do you mean?” She asked, glancing between her now concerned-appearing Mother and the stern-looking Kikyou.

Her cousin opened the pamphlet and pointed to a few notes she had scribbled during her telephone conversation with the chairman. “The terms are that no one except for Ichagamo-sensei is to know you are a female. If it is found out you are in fact a girl, you will be dismissed immediately." 

Smiling a bit wryly, Kikyou shrugged her delicate shoulders. "This may seem a bit odd Kagome but I did it in your best interest. Kagura and her friends do not attend the school nor do they hang out with any one there because girls are not allowed on the school premises."

Kagome listened, her blue eyes down cast. Gulping, the young girl took in all the information.

'An all-boys-school? Me? Pretend to be a boy?'  She thought to herself.

Glancing up, Kagome stared at her Mother and Kikyou apprehensively as she realized a few holes in their very odd and terrifying plan.

"Kikyou, how am I to enroll in a school with my documents, citizenship and birth certificate saying I'm a girl?" Her eyes widening further, Kagome gasped. "What about me bathing and changing for gym? What about sharing a dorm room with how many other guys?! Kikyou I can't do it! I'll be found out for sure!"

The younger girl stared at her shaking fists on the kitchen table, horrified. It was bad enough she didn’t exactly make the best impression with strangers of either gender. But a room full of guys? Kagome had never had a boyfriend in her life. It wasn't like she hadn't been approached its just she was frankly too shy. The girl shuddered at the thought of being trapped in a school with nothing more than a whole population of ningen and youkai boys under the influence of their hormones. Kikyou cast an amused glance at Mrs. Higurashi who chuckled. Scowling, Kagome glared at her family members.

"I'm happy both of you find this very amusing but I don't think it's that funny! I do not want to have to tie down my breasts, put up with raging hormone-riddled jerks and-"

"Kagome we've taken care of all of that." A new voice interrupted from behind her.

Confused and sceptical, not quite believing who her ears were identifying as the owner of the new voice, Kagome glanced over her shoulder and her stunned stare was met with the familiar sight of a very old woman with only one eye and gray hair with a hunched back.

"Kaede-ba-chan?" The girl gaped.

Her old mentor stepped forward, her red hakama billowing as she entered the kitchen, her one eye gleaming.

"I have come to tell ye that all is fine. I have created ye a new citizenship with the aid of an old student of mine who also turns out to be a very influential woman." The old miko's eye sparkled with mischief. "I have also come to help ye with your 'problem' with the male appearance ye have."

Kagome listened to her old teacher, staring at the group of them in awe. Realization settled into her shocked mind. She blinked as her mentor and family smiled at her encouragingly. Tears gathering in her eyes, she gave them a smile.

"You guys really have figured this all out, haven't you? You got it all planned out by the looks of it.”

Kikyou nodded as she returned her cousin's smile. "We love you, Kagome. We are more than willing to help you finish school with out having to fear Kagura and her group."

Kagome looked at each face that reflected their love for her. She sighed and ran a shaking, clammy hand through her thick blue-black hair and gazed at them anxiously.

"Do you all really think I can do this?" She asked softly.

Kikyou gave her a firm nod. "Do you truly think I would place you in danger or in any sort of situation I did not know you couldn't handle?" The older girl asked, sounding slightly offended.

Kagome’s smile spread across her face causing it to transform back into its usual stunning countenance. She raised a brow at her cousin and laughed, her stiff form becoming relaxed as she shook her head.

"No. I believe you, Kikyou.” 

Eyeing each of her accomplices, Kagome stood up from the table and ran over to her Mother and mentor, offering each one a hug and a mumbled ‘thanks’. Flicking her waist length hair behind her shoulder, she pulled back, her arms crossing over her chest and gave them a mischievous smile as she wiggled her eyebrows mischeviously at them.

"So what is the plan?" She demanded.

Kaede smiled, her wrinkles doubling and folding over each other. "I have come to teach ye a very simple spell that will alter your appearance for as long as necessary. You will not grow a..."

Kaede paused and coughed a bit in embarrassment, her wrinkled cheeks blushing yet she managed to still firmly gaze into her aghast pupil’s eyes.

"You will not have all the assets of a male."

"So I can still sit down to urinate?" Kagome asked, trying to slyly get around the whole ‘am-I-going-to-have-a-penis’ question.

Kaede sighed. "Yes, Kagome. As for your breasts, I can not do anything about those female graces."

Kagome frowned, cringing at the realization of what she’d have to do. "So I will have to bind them?"

Her mentor nodded, her face grim. Kagome winced and looked down at her ample chest. She had always disliked having a large bosom but right now, she hated the blasted things. She scowled.

'That’s going to hurt and be rather annoying.'

Kikyou nudged her cousin, her smile twitching at the affronted look on Kagome’s face.

"It is better then us changing you into a boy permanently, isn't it? Because that is the only other option." She supplied, a brow raised.

Kagome shuddered. "No thanks. I'll prefer being a cross dresser for now." She retorted quickly.

Kaede stated slowly, "Kagome, ye will need to not stress thyself during the spell. If your emotions run high or ye are distressed, the spell will wear off and ye will have to activate it once again which will leave ye open to your male peers."

That one eye opened sharply, its black pupil steely. Staring forcefully into the girl's face, Kaede continued.

"This will be a test. Not only will your powers be tested but so will your ability to control yourself. This is no easy task especially with the strain of such a powerful spell upon your untrained body. So I will warn ye; what ever ye deem to do please ensure that your safety and emotions will be not strained. Understood?"

The young girl listened to the grimly stated warning, quiet at the suddenly serious precautions of her situation. Looking up, her head held high, the girl nodded. "I will, Kaede-sensei."

Kaede smiled, her eye twinkling as she straightened her hunched back as much as possible, her lips splitting into a warm smile that was rare for the usually damper elder.

"Then let us begin your training. I believe you have three days before your required attendance at Ukashima High." She said before turning on a bamboo sandal heel and leaving the kitchen to go into the shrine courtyard.

 Her blue eyes focused, she thought to herself, ‘I am going to do this.4. I will no longer have to bandage my bruises and pride.’


Two Days Later

"Well?" Kagome demanded as she stood before her quiet audience, her new face scowling at their silence.

'The one time I don’t want them to shut up and they're as silent as death.' She sighed within, her arms crossing over her bound chest as her foot ‘tapped’ against the tiled kitchen floor impatiently.

Her violet eyes glowing in admiration, Kikyou clapped her hands together, her flawless face radiant in her pride for her sister figure.

"Kagome-chan, I am very proud of you. You have activated the spell perfectly! You appear to be a very young, very attractive boy! If I were not your cousin and did not know what lay beneath those clothes, I admit I would be blushing." She gushed warmly.

Kagome blushed despite herself and glanced at the grinning Kaede. "So I look good?" She asked shyly.

Kaede cackled in response. "I would bet my very soul that not even Kagura would deny ye."

Mrs. Higurashi’s brown eyes filled with tears as she nodded and dabbed at her cheeks. Asking for a moment, she ran from the room in a flurry of her usual pink apron and fluffy white slippers and then appeared again quickly. She hurried forward with a mirror to her frowning daughter.

"Here you go Kagome. Look at yourself." The older woman ordered her excitedly.

Picking up the mirror from her Mother’s offering grasp, Kagome looked down into the reflection. The sight that met her shocked gaze was almost too surreal to believe. Her large blue eyes were a bit smaller and narrowed at the edges. Her full lips had slimmed down and paled. Her long eye lashes had shortened and her small, heart-shaped face had become more angular. Brushing her bangs out of the way, Kagome frowned.

"My hair is really long so won’t have to cut it?" The young girl asked hesitantly.

She truly loved her hair. She had grown it out since she was a child and adored playing with it and shampooing it. The long black tresses with their natural blue highlights fell in soft waves to her hips, glistening in the sun in a dazzling mixture of sapphire and onyx. The young miko glanced at her mentor hesitantly who in turn frowned at her.

Kaede shook her head as her one eye looked her over thoughtfully.

"Ye may tie it in a braid. Many boys wear their hair long; both human and youkai. It is popular to have your hair in a high pony tail or a low braid when ye are a boy." The mentor stated, trying to sooth the girl's fears.

Nodding, Kagome touched her new face in awe. She was stunningly beautiful for a boy. Her female and male looks blended together perfectly to make one very attractive guy.

'Well here we go Kagome. We're off to a different high school and whole new life as a brand-new person to go with it.'

Looking up to her smiling family, Kagome sighed and looked into the mirror once again.

'Good-bye, Higurashi Kagome. Hello Higurashi Kagohome.'


"Kagehiko! Get up!" Kagome's Mother yelled from the stairs.

Groaning, the new son of the Higurashi clan opened her eyes reluctantly. Her sapphire eyes hazy with sleep, she glanced around her bedroom tiredly. She hadn’t slept much last night. She had been much too stressed because today was the day she went to her new school and started her new life as a boy. Her face softened. She had trained for three days for this moment and found her stomach was filled extremely distressed as the stress of the scary situation loomed over her. Her stomach rolled unpleasantly and she winced. She truly hoped she didn’t puke from nerves today.


"What the-?" She mumbled as she rubbed her hand on her forehead tiredly when her bedroom door was flung open harshly.

A little boy ran into the room, his large brown eyes excited as he jumped on top of his sister-turned-brother who lay in her bed tiredly.

"Kagome! Is that you? Wow you really are my brother now!" Souta, Kagome's only sibling, exclaimed as he straddled her, his wide eyes curious and pleased.

Kagome sighed, closing her eyes in exhaustion and resisted the urge to roll over and ignore her hyper sibling. She had had hardly any sleep with all her training with the spell and learning about the arts of being a houshi (she was supposed to be going to school to become one), shopping for all her new male wardrobe with Kikyou (who had literally maxed out her credit card) and studying all the criteria that was currently being taught at her new school. In her opinion, she deserved a break and the choice to sleep in just a bit after the three days of Hell she had been forced to endure. Her face pulled into a grimace, she rolled over, causing Souta to yelp as he slid over with her and landed beside her with a soft ‘thump’. She hid underneath her pillow, intending to ignore her brother.

"Souta leave me alone... let me sleep." The girl grumpily ordered as she flipped onto her stomach, wiggling in between her bed sheets to find her warm spot again.

Souta shook his head as he sat beside the lumpy mass that was his sister on the bouncy bed, his little face pulled into a frown.

"No, Kagome-neesan. Mom told me to get you up! You have to get ready to go to school, onee-san!" He explained excitedly as he began pulling the large blanket off of his sister/brother.

Kagome growled. Souta was not going to let her off the hook. She knew her brother and his legendary, and usually annoying, persistence and knew there was no point in trying to ignore the little kid when he set his mind to a task that involved pestering her. Jumping from her bed, startling poor Souta to the point he fell backwards on her bed with a yelp, Kagome strode to her mirror determinedly and eyed herself in the mirror and sighed. The image of a stunningly beautiful boy met her… that had breasts. She scowled. She’d have to bind them before she left for the air port. The girl winced. Her breasts had been aching for the last few days because she had had to bind them as she practiced the spell and, as Kikyou mentioned, to get used to the discomfort.

"Kago- I mean Kagehiko, please get ready it’s almost time to leave." Mrs. Higurashi said as she appeared at the bedroom door, a small frown on her gentle face as she looked at her daughter-turned-son.

Turning, Kagome saw her mother standing in the hall outside her bedroom, her car keys held in her hand in a gesture of 'I'm-ready-and-waiting'. Blushing, Kagome dragged her three trunks of new boy clothes (Kikyou sure had a great sense of boys fashion surprisingly) and her school bag full of her new books to the car with the help of a excitedly chattering Souta who seemed to be very pleased with the new masculinised Kagome. Her stuff loaded in the trunk and dressed in a pair of slacked black pants and simple white t-shirt, Kagome turned around to grab her last bag she intended to keep with her. There it sat, waiting on the kitchen table. She went to grab it only to freeze when she noticed a pair of little, beady eyes glaring at her, their obsidian depths scandalized and angry.

Kagome inwardly groaned. She had been trying to avoid this confrontation with her grandfather but it seemed the elder was determined to give her his two-sense. His aged face mortified, he squeaked in anger, his five foot nothing frame shaking as he pointed at his new grandson in fury.

"You use your Kami given gifts for this!" He demanded shrilly as he pointed to her flat chest.

Kagome flinched and mumbled, "Jii-chan, Momma talked to you about this. It’s really not that big of a deal-"

"Why it is absurd! Why can you not just purify the demoness? You will not run away from your problems, Higurashi Kagome! Yes! I said it!” His beady eyes flaring with determination, the senior howled, “You will never be ‘Kagehiko’ to me for you will always be my little Kagome!"

Kagome winced at her grandfather's tirade as he continued to shriek and bemoan the circumstance, demanding to know where Kagura and her cronies lived so he could purify the problem and let his granddaughter live in peace as a female. Souta stood in the kitchen door, watching the scene unfold as he chewed on a pocky stick thoughtfully.

"I think 'Kagehiko' is much cooler then Kagome." He paused then excitedly turned to her. "Oi, can we play games when you come back for the holidays?" Souta asked enthusiastically, obviously excited about having a 'brother' and ignoring his Jii-chan’s furious sputters.

The young girl sweat dropped. "Uh, sure, Souta. But I would like to be Kagome when I come home sometimes-"

"Ah, come on Kagome! I've always wanted a brother.” Seeing her frown, he quickly added, “Not that you were a bad sister but please?"

Scowling as he continued to do that damn puppy face, the girl reluctantly muttered, "Fine. But only on some days, understood Souta?"

The boy nodded and smiled. "Okay!" And quickly ran to hug her around her small waist.

Patting her brother's head, Kagome picked up her stuff her new amount of physical strength. It seemed she had enhanced her muscles during the spell.

'That’s a good thing since I have all this stuff. Kikyou really did put a dent in my credit card...'

"Kagehiko, come on we have to go!" Mrs. Higurashi called happily, her brown eyes sparkling.

Turning and waving good bye to her little brother and scowling grandfather who continued to mutter about 'wasted powers on youth', the girl-turned-boy climbed into the front of her family’s car and sat beside her mother. Mrs. Higurashi waved good bye to Souta and Jii-chan, instructing them that she’d be gone for the day since she was going to wait at the air port with Kagome until she boarded her flight to Osaka. Her Mother then pulled out of the lane way and began to drive away. Watching her family's shrine fade from view as they drove down the main street leading through Tokyo, Kagome sighed and watched the tall buildings, people and cars go by.

Her heart clenched. This was her home but she had to leave it all just because a crazy demoness couldn’t ignore her. Her beautiful boy face scowled. Perhaps she could stop by the school and beat the crap out of Kagura before she left for Osaka. No one would know it was her – she looked like a boy now...

"How far is it to Ukashima High?" She asked her singing Mother, trying to ignore the gory pictures in her mind of beating Yosumo Kagura to a bloody pulp.

Mrs. Higurashi paused her singing to turn and smile radiantly at her new 'son'.

"It will only be a two hour flight for you to get to Osaka and there will be a taxi waiting for you at the air port to take you to your new school. I will of course wait for your departing plane with you, dear. I wouldn’t leave my darling ‘Kagehiko’ alone even though he is becoming such a strong man!”

She giggled over the name and the continued act of Kagome being her son and turned up the music louder, singing to the song playing on the radio enthusiastically yet horribly off key. Closing her eyes tiredly, trying to stop the headache rising in her temple as her Mother rendered the otherwise good song to a terrible Hell-sent ear-killer, Kagome rubbed her face. Once she got to the air port and got onto that plane in the next half hour or so, she was leaving behind her pathetic life and pitiful existence as Higurashi Kagome – the girl who was the living punching bag for Kagura and her crew.

Thus she would embark on her new life as Higurashi Kagehiko – the boy who… well she hadn’t quite figured out what her awesome title for her new life was going to be but she was going to get around to that eventually. Glancing at her Mother from the corner of her tired eye, Kagome blinked. Usually, most mothers would have been hysterical by now. But her Mother...

"O oshikami moshi moshi ha e!" Mrs. Higurashi sang terribly, her screeching singing causing her daughter to shudder.

Kagome winced. Her mother decided to sing instead.

'I think I would have preferred her being hysterical.' She thought to herself dryly.

Leaning her weary head against the window, Kagome watched the buildings fade away and the scenic views of rice fields and farms appear. Grimacing as her stomach rolled as her anxiety mounted and the tension seemed to tighten in her body, the girl sighed and tried to calm herself. Her Mother turned into the air port and paid for the parking. She then parked the car and ran in and grabbed a trolley for Kagome’s numerous bags. Within moments, her stuff ws loaded and they were cossing the parking lot. Kagome pushed the heavily laden trolley and hurriedly got through the inspection process, her suit cases and baggage disappearing down the belt to the shipping dock where it would be cartered off to the plane.

Suddenly, her Mother nudged her, forcing her to pull out of her musings.

“You should go change in your uniform, dear.” The older woman suggested as she withdrew some knitting from her purse and went to sit in the near by sitting area.

Kagome nodded and grabbed the only bag with her that she had kept by her side for that exact reason. Excusing herself, she walked to the washrooms and froze as she almost went into the girl’s washroom. She heard a gasp and froze. Hesitantly, she looked behind her to see a horrified and angry older woman glaring her down, her face pinched with anger and mortification. The girl-turned-boy gave the elderly woman an embarrassed, awkward smile before she then switched the boys washroom, flinching when she smelt the horridly pungent scent of the faculties when she entered it.

'O... my... God...' She thought to herself in horror.

Her eyes widening at the horrid scene she would have preferred to have lived with out ever witnessing and almost retched. Men and boys stood at the toilets, openly peeing in front of each other, holding their things as they talked amongst each other casually. She flinched when one of the men turned around and walked around her and, mumbling crazily to herself, she ran into the nearest stall and locked it firmly. Quickly, Kagome threw off her top and stared down at her completely flat chest due to the tight binds around it.

Frowning at the sight, she grimaced as her already tender breasts began to ache. Yet she had to get used to this for the next three years. She sighed and opened her bag and withdrew her uniform. A pair of plaid pants, a white undershirt, brown blazer-coat and black loafers were thrown on and smoothed out by her trembling hands. Placing the silver badge on the right of her chest, Kagome quickly braided her long hair. She then bent over and grabbed her bag, exiting the stall somewhat hesitantly, feeling self-aware of her appearance and awkward in the boy's uniform.

“Oi, you a student at Ukashima High?” A man who was urinating asked.

Kagome flushed and looked away from the man and stammered, “Uh ya I’m just about to go attend my first year.”

The man tucked his penis back into his pants and zipped them up. He turned to the boy and frowned.

“I went there a few years ago and I should warn you, that school isn’t meant for pretty boys like you. I suggest you start working out or something because that school will eat you alive, kid.” The man warned before he then turned and left the washroom, leaving a pale Kagome to stare at the door he had left through in shock.

In a daze, Kagome left the washroom and made her way to her Mother who looked anxious. Mrs. Higurashi rushed over to her and began scolding her.

“Your flight was called, let’s go!” She ordered as she grabbed Kagome and started to drag her to the docking aisle.

Kagome followed her Mother reluctantly, her Mother’s firm grasp on her upper arm the only thing that caused her to make her way to the plane. Her face pale, she stammered to her Mother,

“Momma… I don’t know…. About this-“

“Those are just normal jitters, dear! You’ll be fine so get going!” Mrs. Higurashi interrupted sweetly as she then shoved her daughter into the line, throwing her bag at her.

Kagome caught it instinctively and felt herself begin to move towards her doom as the people lined up behind her pushed her forward. Looking down at the bag in her shaking hands and back at her waving, smiling Mother, Kagome felt the urge to puke rise in her queasy stomach again. She didn’t want to go! That guy had scared her shitless with what he said! Wanting to turn around and run away, she found herself at the door of the plane where a pretty stewardess smiled down at her in a very flirty manner.

Stammering pathetically to the pretty stewardess who wrapped her arm through her’s and purred to her that she would help her find her seat, Kagome found herself settled in the plane seat, strapped in very tightly (almost in a prison-like vice), a pillow behind her head and glass of orange juice in her shaking hand within the next five minutes. Staring down at the shaking juice in her clammy hand, the priestess watched through numb eyes as the plane took off, leaving no chance of escape. Her face dull, the girl tried to ignore the flirtatious stewardess who continued to check up on her every ten minutes or so.

Kagome couldn’t drink the juice. Instead, she tightly held a puke bag. Breathing in and out, practically hyperventilating, she almost passed out when the two hour flight basically flew by and the call for landing fizzled in the speakers of the plane. It was over all too soon. The plane landed, she was ushered to the air port lobby, her bags in tow and staring in front of her numbly as people passed her by with out a second glance.

A man walked towards her, obviously a kitsune, and asked if she was Higurashi Kagehiko. Kagome blinked slowly at the question and turned her dazed stare at the kitsune. She blinked again. The sinister realization that she was there and had no return flight ticket, no money, and her family had gone through all the pain and steps to get her here, settled in her baffled mind. Her heart sinking, she turned her lost blue eyes at the man and nodded woodenly.

“Ya. I am.” She croaked.

The kitsune nodded and grabbed her stuff, ordering her to follow him to the taxi. She followed him blindly, her legs moving on their own accord. All too soon she sat in the back of the taxi as it made its way through traffic, watching the buildings go by. The kitsune chatted the whole time, ignoring the lack of responses from his passenger, commenting about local sights and attractions as if he was a tour guide of some sort. Kagome sat in the back seat, mute, her heart hammering in her chest. Time passed by much too quickly, either due to her anxiety or the kitsune’s droning conversation, and all too soon (in her opinion) he announced they had arrived. Kagome turned her wide, fearful gaze to the looming school that seemed to scream ‘doom’ to her.

She gulped, almost passing out.

The kitsune placed her bags beside her when she got out of the car mechanically and told her her Mother had already paid for the ride. Wishing her luck with her school year and with a puff of smoke from his muffler, the driver was gone, leaving the terrified girl to stand outside of the black iron gate, two bags in one shaking handd, her suitcase in the other, her entire body shaking violently as she fought desperately not to pass out. Her blue eyes wide and terrified, she stared at the school silently, her mouth gaping.

There was no turning back now.


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Kisho: A male name meaning; one who knows his own mind.

Ningen: Human

Youkai: Demon

Kaze-youkai: Wind demon

Jii-chan: Grandfather

Oka-saan: Mother

Miko: Priestess

-sensei: Teacher

-sama: Title of respect

Nani: What

Onegai: Please


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