From Servant to Master by Smortz

New World

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Chapter 1

Sesshomaru’s golden eyes flickered open. Blurred vision, dull hearing, his senses had never been so unreliable. He moved his body. It felt heavy and unresponsive. A groan escaped him as he forced his being to roll over.

Something heavy was clapped around his ankle. It rattled against the ground. “He seems to be waking up.” The voice was high - a woman’s. It was fuzzy as well, as if his hearing hadn’t completely returned.

He heard another woman talk. This voice was familiar, but he couldn’t place it. Soft and gentle, yet firm and decisive, it seemed to caress his senses, bringing them back to what he perceived as normal. “Have your male bring in some food,” she ordered.

He heard her step close to him, jerking when he felt the first cold touch of her fingers against his bare shoulder. “Be still,” she cooed. “I apologize for your treatment, but you were much too powerful to be left free. I had to subdue you and some minor side effects are to be expected.”

“Subdue?” He growled, anger coursing through him. This woman had done something to him. “Why can’t I remember?” Sesshomaru pressed, feeling humiliated at allowing a female to overpower him.

“Minor side effect,” she chirped happily. Now, he recognized her. That priestess who belonged to Inuyasha. Sesshomaru growled. If his half-brother had anything to do with this, Sesshomaru would dismember the abomination slowly and painfully.

“You insolent wench,” he slurred, pulling at the chain that confined him to the ground. “You dare harm this Sesshomaru. Where is that hanyou?” He demanded an answer.

Kagome’s brow rose curiously. “You mean Inuyasha?” She wondered, eyes widening with awe. “I did not think your memory loss would be so extreme. Inuyasha died years ago. He gave in to his full demon when he realized he could not win. I suppose he thought it was a last ditch effort to defeat us. It was reported that you had died as well. Tell me what happened, if you can.”

Sesshomaru almost drowned in his confusion. Finally, he took in his surroundings. This was definitely a type of castle. The room was large and decorated with polished marble floor and dark wood upholstery. Majestic rugs that looked of foreign descent lay beneath her feet.  

The woman before him looked the same, but so much different. Black hair was gathered into a large and loose bun. Long bangs descended down the side of her face. It was longer than he remembered. Her sapphire eyes held wisdom, more so than he remembered her having. They were matured, experienced. This was not the same woman.

Quickly, he tried to make sense of his new situation. The last thing he remembered was being with his mother. While she appeared to be bored in her castle hidden in the sky, her true purpose was to find his father’s relics and treasure them, much like the necklace she used to open up a portal after he saved Rin from the underworld. They had been on a journey to seek out a fellow dog youkai from a different region to collect his father’s hourglass, made from his own demonic energy.

The dog demon had warned his mother and him that the treasure was clouded with a seal. Additionally, no one in his employ had touched it. The thing had been filthy, covered in dust. Sesshomaru had reached out to take it. Everything after that was black, no other memory gave him insight to what had happened.


“Lady Kagome,” she declared. His golden eyes flickered red for a brief moment in defiance. “Sesshomaru,” the woman seemed to warn him with a challenging gleam in her eye, “have you been in a hole for the last five years? Do you not remember what transpired?”

Sesshomaru mentally went over the last five years she spoke about. He had only seen the hanyou and priestess a handful of times, but nothing of importance seemed to jut out in his memories. He had been too busy fighting to maintain his Western lands. The humans’ wars were quickly spiraling out of control and getting in the way of the demon court. He had began to interfere when the humans began siphoning pieces of his land off to the highest bidding samurai. So, for the past two years, he had been defending his castle while conversing with the demon court about how to handle the human pest problem. This woman had never been of much importance.

“This makes no sense,” he groaned, trying to free him once more. His body was still heavy and unresponsive. His fingers twitched, and he forced himself to roll over towards the chain, giving him more slack to deal with.

“Lady Kagome.” Sesshomaru’s eyes rolled to find the newcomer that had opened the double doors. Golden eyes widened when he saw the familiar ally. The wolf prince of the Eastern canine province stood with a bowl of fruit in his hand. His head was bowed low to the miko.

“Koga,” Sesshomaru noted, hoping the wolf would help him. “Tell her to free me!” He exclaimed, anger shining bright in his amber depths.

From below his bangs, the prince looked at him as if he were an alien. He remained quiet, even as Kagome laughed under her breath. “Koga,” Sesshomaru repeated firmly.

“Respond,” Kagome ordered. Sesshomaru tried not to show his shock as he watched Koga, the prince of the wolves, nod in obedience to the human priestess.  Koga set the bowl of fruit on the table and turned to address the dog demon.

“Lord Sesshomaru, I do not know how you are still alive, but it will be easier if you just accept your fate.” Sesshomaru blinked in confusion. Koga eyed him in response, as if sensing Sesshomaru’s obliviousness. “Lady Kagome,” Koga whispered, bowing once more to the woman. “I find it hard to believe this dog is alive. He was in the structure when you’re powers engulfed it.”

“I did not ask for your assessment of Sesshomaru,” Kagome murmured, still gracing the male with a smile although her eyes glistened with the promise of punishment. “Leave,” she ordered. Sesshomaru watched with poorly hidden astonishment as the wolf demon bowed low before departing from the room.

“Lady Kagome,” Sesshomaru spat, coming to the conclusion that none of his problems would be solved if he remained chained to the floor of what appeared to be a bed chamber. He would need to free himself in order to find out what has happened. “This Sesshomaru believes there has been a misunderstanding. How long has this slumber been?”

“Merely four hours,” Kagome answered with a bored look upon her face. He watched as she sauntered over to the bowl of fruit. He noted her new attire. Instead of the indecent clothing she wore in the past, a silk kimono now adorned her. It was not in the traditional style, yet it seemed to fit her trait of needing to be unique.

Purple silk flowed down her body. The end of the material was trimmed with gold that hung open down her neck. The cleavage leading to her breasts teased his eyes. A black obi held the material close around her waist, tied in a loose bow on her right side. As she walked, the train of the kimono trailed behind her, and he noticed her right leg peeked from the kimono with each step, revealing the creamy skin to any onlookers.

Confidence seeped from her posture and presence, unlike the Kagome he remembered. If his memories were correct, she had been insecure and dependent on his hanyou. The complete opposite of the woman who stood before him.

“He believes that you do not remember anything, but I will not be so easily tricked,” Kagome whispered as she cupped the bowl of fruit to her stomach. She neared him, squatting in front of him and reaching into the bowl to retrieve a piece of melon. Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes at her, rejecting the fruit she offered.

Kagome huffed, slipping the piece of melon between her lips. “You males are so childish. By rejecting a piece of fruit you believe I will be offended, maybe even impressed with your rebellious gesture. You do realize this is only a piece of fruit? You would benefit more from eating it. It provides you with nourishment, something you would need if you even thought about escaping. I am sure that thought has crossed your mind more than one time since waking up.”

Sesshomaru attempted to ignore her. He wouldn’t respond to this woman, who had apparently become extremely powerful for some reason. Maybe this was a nightmare and he was merely asleep. Tentatively, he bit his tongue, but did not find himself waking. Instead, he tasted the crimson blood that flooded his mouth.

The hourglass his father had left in that demon’s hands may have contained some sort of magic. Sesshomaru knew it wasn’t uncommon for his father to hide clues or seals in his relics. Even in his afterlife, his father was trying to ruin his life. “What happened after Naraku’s demise?” Sesshomaru asked.

Kagome eyed him. “Surly even you know what happened,” she muttered under her breath, reaching for a slice of an apple. “I will entertain you though I suppose. Conversation is the first step to companionship.”

Sesshomaru growled at such a suggestion. “You have me chained,” he reminded her in annoyance. Kagome shrugged her shoulders and crunched down on the apple, wiping at a droplet of juice that spilled from the corner of her lip.

“Every male has been chained at some point of another,” Kagome proclaimed, as if it should be a simple fact. “After Naraku,” she paused as if to recollect her own memories. “Well, I was sent back to the future, I’m sure you knew about that from the travels. When I got back, Inuyasha was still as childish as ever. I think he liked being an outcast. When he was finally accepted by the villagers, he treated them as poorly as before, maybe even worse. As if they should now worship the ground he walked on.”

Realizing she was rambling, she cleared her throat. “Anyways, Inuyasha’s forest was attacked by the human clan from the East. They burned the trees down, attacked the shogun that reigned over the village. He was at a loss at what to do. He didn’t respond fast enough. The men were slaughtered, women were captured, and children were forced to join their twisted armies. Inuyasha snuck Sango and I out along with her family. Shippo... I-I have not seen him sense.”

Sesshomaru remembered hearing of the information she gave him. In response to such an attack, he had contacted the shogun who went into hiding. He had given the human his own army so he could retaliate and win. So, when did this woman come into power?

“After that, it is history, Sesshomaru. Sango and I began to take things into our own hands. We recruited strong women who had lost their men to the wars. They had incentive, motivation and desire to see this through. Younger women were too immature and couldn’t keep our secret. We trained them and waited. Hiding in plain sight, we watched as males fought and killed each other like primitive cavemen. When the final battle killed one of the most important shogunates, I gave the order and we attacked. It was so beautiful, Sesshomaru,” Kagome whispered, laying on her side and propping her head up on her hand. “I was so proud,” she seethed.

Sesshomaru saw a momentary flicker, knew she had skipped over something. “What about the demons?” Sesshomaru asked. He understood the humans. While he did not remember that happening, he needed to hear everything.

“They, of course, rebelled. We lost so many of our finest warriors. You see, there were never many priestesses. Sure, villages claimed to have them, but pure - powerful - priestesses were hard to come by. Not to mention that Inuyasha took your side,” She grumbled the last part with a pout, as if still sulking about the idea.

“Three years ago, you attacked this fortress,” Kagome elaborated. “Inuyasha had betrayed me. We had an argument. He said that I would change the future, said I was changing everything for the worst. That’s not true, Sesshomaru, I am improving it. At night, he led you here. Sango and I fought until dawn trying to keep the demons from entering my home. So much blood was spilt, more so than any of the battles with the humans. However, you demons had forgotten one thing.”

“What was that?” Sesshomaru asked, as if entranced by the story she told. It was as if she were telling a legend.

“You demons are susceptible to priestess attacks,” Kagome answered with a smirk. “You were so submissive after the first wave of our power. You could no longer transform. Nothing but ashes and humanoids. It was invigorating to see how much power we had, orgasmic, if you can believe it,” she laughed. “Koga was there. When we saw you die - or not - he decided to surrender and become a male in our society.”

“Saw me die?” Sesshomaru repeated. His heart began to pound. He certainly didn’t remember that part.

Kagome shrugged her shoulders. “After the third wave, you were so weak. I assumed you were dead. All the other demons did as well. Those that surrendered are here in our employ. Others have run off to hide in the countryside - probably rebuild their army.”

“This does not worry you,” Sesshomaru noted, seeing the way she relaxed her shoulders. He wondered why she was so confident. “Are you not worried of an uprising?” He asked. Inwardly, he smacked himself. He should be cheering for another one, maybe he could slip out with the battle.

“While they rebuild their weak, little army, my women grow stronger and more powerful. My priestesses train harder and are more powerful than ever before. If they want to tempt us with battle, we will give them a war they will regret,” Kagome added. With a grin, she offered him a pear. “Have some, Sesshomaru.”

She gave him no choice. Standing up, she tossed the fruit within his reach and set the bowl behind her on one of the dressers. “Koga!” She exclaimed.

The wolf stepped into her chamber a moment later. Kagome smiled angelically. Her sapphire eyes twinkling with cheerfulness. “Take Sesshomaru to the baths and give him something appropriate to wear. I want him in my chambers after dinner.”

Sesshomaru watched the exchange. Heart pounding, he decided this was a different realm or dimension. He did not remember the past five years she had explained. The hourglass must have transported him to a parallel timeline in which Kagome had grown out of control. “This way,” Koga mumbled, his brown eyes telling Sesshomaru to surrender.

The rattling of chains echoed in the corridor. His hands were bound in cast iron shackles, engraved with symbols that sealed his power. His feet were given only a few inches of slack as the chains dragged along the floor with each step he took.

“You cannot use your energy,” Koga tipped him off when Sesshomaru tried to summon his poisonous whip. Sesshomaru glared at him, holding his hands out for Koga to unlock the shackles that tightened around his wrists.

“Only one of the priestesses can take them off,” Koga added, holding up his own wrists. Sesshomaru examined the gold cuffs the wolf wore. They were engraved with the same symbol, but did not contain the chain to hold his hands together. Koga’s cuffs were more like status emblems. He was a male, but one in a higher rank.

“This Sesshomaru remembers none of this,” he growled as Koga opened another door. Instantly, floral scents assaulted his nose. Lavender, sea salt, mango, raspberries filled the air. Steam made the room fill stuffy. He heard splashes, but curtains hid what was in front of them. Koga pulled it back and Sesshomaru stared at the bathhouse.

“I believe you, Sesshomaru,” Koga explained. “When we fought, I know you died. I do not know where you came from, but I hope will not cause too much trouble.” Worry covered the wolf’s tone.

“You seem comfortable,” Sesshomaru mocked, gesturing towards the golden cuffs. “A servant,” he scoffed, “where did your honor go?” Sesshomaru pressed.

Koga’s eyes narrowed. With one shove, Sesshomaru’s back hit the surface of the water. He sat up and hissed at the sudden change in temperature. The lukewarm water was anything but satisfying. “You know nothing,” Koga snarled, reaching for a bowl and tossing it to Sesshomaru. The dog demon stared into the gel substance, sniffing it with his nose. “Hair, put it in your hair, rub it a few times, and rinse. Kagome’s orders.”

Sesshomaru heard something almost laughable in the wolf’s voice - jealousy. “What disturbs you?” Sesshomaru wondered. Koga’s eyes narrowed once more on him as he leaned against the wall.

“I’ve been here for two years - two, long years. Kagome showed me mercy, and I appreciated it. That woman has seen much more than she should have. I hoped that she would take me as her own male. That’s what they do in this society. Each woman is given her own male, what you would call a mate. They choose whichever one they want. Kagome... she gave me shelter and protected me from the others. I am a free male to do as I please as long as I don’t overstep my limitations,” he ranted.

“This... bothers you?” Sesshomaru asked, raising an eyebrow. Kagome had shown him mercy and given him as much freedom as was allowed in such circumstances. What more did the wolf want?

“She asked for you!” Koga shouted angrily. “Two years I’ve wanted that title, and now she picks you after four hours of watching you sleep?!” He yelled.

His mind did a few double takes. “Chose me?” Sesshomaru repeated. “I decline,” he answered simply. Koga gawked at him, before releasing a wry laugh and rolling his eyes.

“Finish up,” Koga got out. Shaking his head, the wolf closed his eyes and released a smile despite his previous frustration. “Maybe, she’ll just kill you.”

The door to the springs opened. Sesshomaru watched from the side of the curtain, saw the way Koga’s head instantly bowed. The curtain was thrown to the side. A woman stared down at him. “This is who she chose?” She wondered, gripping the curtain in a tight fist.

“Yes,” Koga answered.

“Why has he not taken his clothes off? It is a bath, is it not?” She questioned. Nodding her head to Sesshomaru, she smirked. “Take it off.”

His muscles tensed when he saw Koga nod for him to comply. “This Sesshomaru will decline.” Her eyes widened at his words, as if defiance was unheard of.

“It was not a suggestion!” She shouted. Shaking her head, she turned her attention to Koga, giving up on Sesshomaru quickly. “I forgot how pathetic an untrained pet is,” she whispered. Holding out her hand, she handed Koga a piece of black fabric. “Lady Kagome wants him in this when she returns,” she whispered. Sesshomaru head it, reassessing the material as nothing more than a fundoshi.

“This Sesshomaru will wear no such thing,” Sesshomaru growled warningly. The woman only sighed, flicking her hand over her shoulder dismissively. Koga turned to glare at him.

“If you want to last here, you will remember to not anger the priestesses. You can get away with angering the slayers or warriors but never the priestesses,” Koga advised him. “Now get undressed and put this thing on.”

Sesshomaru went still and quiet as he allowed himself to contemplate the choices. On an ordinary day, he knew he could kill all of these people. However, now he was bound and sealed. His first priority was to get the shackles off of him. “Will she take these seals off?” Sesshomaru asked the wolf.

Koga nodded, “If you follow her orders, she will take those cuffs off. It is like that with any male. An obedient male gets rewarded.”

Sesshomaru swallowed his pride with his new goal of being freed. He shrugged off his white kimono, his armor long gone. The baggy pants were next followed by his fundoshi and socks. He soaked his hair before standing out of the water. “Why did she choose this Sesshomaru?” He asked, grabbing the fundoshi from Koga’s hands through the curtain and tugging it over him.

“Your guess is as good as mine,” Koga joked. “Kagome has always been alone, which has always been quite odd. She will take in a male, and then give him to me. I use them for errands mostly. She has never kept one for more than a week.”

“What does she do?” Sesshomaru wondered. From what Koga compared males to, it sounded like a relationship. His mind focused on a word Kagome had previously used - companionship.

“Some women use males for pleasure, others simply want to talk or order us around. Kagome does not tolerance any abuse towards males, so that is on our side,” Koga explained. Sesshomaru didn’t feel in the least bit comforted with the new information.

When Koga opened the door, Sesshomaru had thought the hallway would be empty as it was before. Instead, it was bustling with traffic. Women were chattering as they walked while males followed closely behind them in cuffs and simple kimonos. Much to Sesshomaru’s surprise, they looked happy.

However, things changed when he entered the hall. Women paused to stare at him openly. Others touched his shoulders and chest. A few men glared at him in envy, while other demons recognized him, bowing in respect. “What is this?” Sesshomaru whispered harshly to Koga, who led him through the corridors.

“I am sure Kagome planned it. She wanted to you to see the other males. Quite happy, if you ask me,” he added, turning the corner. They had traveled up two staircases and passed into a different wing. This hallway was different. It had no walls, but open railings. It was more of a bridge. Sesshomaru paused to take in their surroundings. This castle was on the side of a mountain. He could see a few hundred feet straight down. on the other side was what appeared to be the plateau on the top. A flowery meadow met his eyes, a few large trees were in their prime.

“Let’s keep going. If dinner is already out, she will be on her way up,” Koga forced out. Sesshomaru felt Koga’s hand push against his shoulder, but did not budge. He could jump, but with the seal on his power, would he live?

His golden eyes took in the side of the mountain again. He could not see into the back abyss the night sky provided him with. “Koga, I was transported here,” Sesshomaru whispered, letting his official tone disappear into the winds. His title was useless here, his grace and speech - all useless. “The last five years of my life are completely different than how she explained them. Yesterday, I was traveling with my mother to a visit a friend of my father’s. We saw nothing similar to this.”

Koga sighed, “As much as I would love to believe you, it doesn’t matter unless you can get transported back. Sesshomaru, none of that will help here. Now, get moving.”

Sesshomaru continued his steps towards the door in front of him. Before the door opened, he heard music playing. A female was humming to the rhythm. Koga pushed open the door and grabbed onto the chain connecting Sesshomaru’s cast iron shackles.

“I apologize for being late,” Koga excused, bowing his head. Sesshomaru watched as Kagome turned around from viewing a mirror to see him. Her sapphire eyes roamed his body. He felt it cross his chest and down to the black fundoshi she had ordered him to wear.

“Thank you, Koga,” Kagome smiled. “You can complete those errands now. I appreciate your help in this.”

Koga bowed once more before shutting the doors behind him, leaving Kagome and Sesshomaru in the room. “Were the baths to your liking?” She asked, reaching up to pull a jeweled stud from her ear. Sesshomaru gave a stiff nod, trying to repeat the mantra that reminded him she would free him if he obeyed her.

He looked around the room, eying several objects that were foreign to him. The music was coming from a box in the corner, and Kagome grinned when she saw his stare on it. “I made it,” she exclaimed with excitement. “My grandfather loved collecting antique things. Music boxes also fall into that category. While it is not a famous melody, I was able to make it sound somewhat pleasant. I think.”

His eyes went back to another object on what appeared to be a desk in an adjoining room. Kagome’s chamber was made up of three rooms. A bedroom to the left, the living room they stood in now, and her office to the right, meaning she probably hardly left this area. “A telescope, made from different thicknesses in glass, not as wonderful as Galileo’s but it will do.”

“I focus on advancing in technology. I know what the future will bring and I want to have something to barter with,” Kagome explained as Sesshomaru looked around. He nodded, as if telling her he was listening.

Kagome let him wander around the rooms. He touched objects and stared out some windows. When he seemed to be familiar with it, she gave her first order. “Sesshomaru,” she said to get his attention. He turned to look at her. She was standing in front of what appeared to be her bed. It was nothing but two futons tied together. Layers of animal furs lay on top to keep her warm. Her eyes glistened with something between curiosity and amusement. “Undress me.”

Sesshomaru’s shoulders tense as he stared at her. He swallowed a thick bundle of nerves that had lodged itself in his throat. He retreated from her office and stood in front of her in a few moments. His golden eyes seemed to penetrate her own, as if wondering if she had really issued such a command.

Without breaking her eye contact, Sesshomaru’s hands reached forward and pulled at the end of the bow. The knot broke apart and the obi fell to the ground. Her kimono robe fell open. Her breasts kept it from coming completely apart, and he saw that she wore some sort of white slip underneath.

He bought his eyes back to hers. His hands pushed the silk over her shoulders. The kimono joined the obi on the floor. Sesshomaru nodded, taking a step back. Kagome smirked. “Everything, Sesshomaru.”

He released a breath he hadn’t been aware he was holding. He closed his eyes for a moment to regain his composure. She was a human female – that was all. His hands reached out to grip the hem of the slip she wore, and he opened his eyes only to train them on her own. Lifting the garment, he pulled it over her head, stopping only a moment to think about wrapping the material around her neck and strangling her. While it was tempting, it would not help in his escape. He needed to know more information.

Sesshomaru had always prided himself with the knowledge he had absolute control. Unfortunately, it slipped in front of nude woman. His golden eyes couldn’t help but lower to take in the creamy skin of her body. Her hips were wide, legs muscular, breasts soft. Her nipples hardened under his stare. Her giggle snapped him from his trance. “My robe, fetch it.”

“Where,” Sesshomaru croaked out, not realizing his mouth had grown so dry. He ran his tongue over his teeth and lips. “Where is it?”

“Hanging over the screen,” Kagome replied. Sesshomaru turned to find the article of clothing. he reached for it, pulling it off the screen she used to get dressed behind and holding it out for her. She laughed softly, shaking her head. “Put it on me.”

“Are you incapable of doing such things?” Sesshomaru growled in irritation. His golden eyes flickered with annoyance.

“It’s much funner to see you suffer through it,” Kagome argued, but reached out to grab the robe. She pulled it over her shoulders. He stared at the robe. It barely reached her mid-thighs. The black wool was professionally embroidered with large roses. “It was a gift after the final battle from one of the mothers of the warriors,” Kagome informed him as she looked at the night sky out the window.

He remained quiet as he looked for any weapons. The only thing that would be harmful was a wooden candle holder. Obviously, Kagome had swept the room. He watched as she sat at the desk and began writing out letters and scrolls. He observed from where he was.

“Women make far better rulers,” Kagome’s voice startled him from the silence. “Men are too greedy and territorial. They are never willing to compromise. It makes things so difficult.”

“Women are too emotional,” Sesshomaru argued. “You were always crying and complaining around Inuyasha. I find it hard to believe you are a leader.”

Her pen stopped and hovered over a piece of paper. Sesshomaru felt almost happy that he had insulted her. Unfortunately, his victory was short-lived as she laughed. She never responded though, only continued to write.

An hour went by before either one talked. Sesshomaru stood in front of the bed watching as Kagome continued to write. A few times Kagome had paused to flex her hand before returning to her work. When she was finished, she leaned back in the rocking chair and closed her eyes, releasing a sigh. Standing up, she eyed Sesshomaru, as if contemplating what she should do with him next.

“When Koga comes back, have him send out the letters,” Kagome ordered. Sesshomaru watched as she lifted a few furs and covered herself with them. “He will show you where you will sleep.”

Sesshomaru nodded, not that she saw. Her eyes opened though, as if she needed a verbal response. A smirk lifted the corners for her lips. “And from now on, address me as Lady Kagome when you acknowledge me.”

He nodded. Her eyes narrowed. Sesshomaru cleared his throat. “Yes, Lady Kagome.”

A smile was his reward, not that he had any reason to treasure it. “Sesshomaru, I’m going to have a lot of fun with you,” she whispered. “Get a lot of sleep tonight.”

“How can you sleep with me in here?” Sesshomaru asked. When she didn’t respond, he forced out, “Lady Kagome.”

“I am sure you have worked out the scenario in your head. If you kill or harm me in any way, your escape will become nothing but a fleeting dream. Your only chance at running away or achieving some sort of freedom would be to play along until I grant you it or until you gather enough intelligence to perform your grand plan,” Kagome grumbled, never opening her eyes. “If you harm or kill me, you’re a dead dog.”

Sesshomaru glared at her well after she had fallen asleep. Her deep breathing berated on her nerves. He couldn’t even think of sleep at such a time, yet she was enjoying her dreams. More questions had join up with the usual ones of how to escape and where would he go. This woman, who had accompanied his brother and been the symbol of naivety, was now a confident and immodest ruler or woman.

Sesshomaru sighed and leaned against the window, golden eyes staring out at the stars. He would ask his questions to Koga when the wolf came. For now, he would try not to worry about what tasks the miko had in store for him.


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