Like Mother, Like Son by NicoRavenPen

A Seemingly Impossible Situation


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    Now, I know I have a few stories in the process right now, and you all are probably getting a little impatient with me, but this is an idea that I’ve been throwing around for a LONG time and I finally decided to act on it! ^___^ In no way at all will I be ignoring the rest of my stories, if anything I like having a few going at once just so I have some variety. Which one I work on will depend on what kind of mood I’m in!
    And with this idea I could NOT resist making it canon…It was just way too much fun this way, and I feel like it’s somewhat more original for it! Lol…Well, hopefully you all enjoy! And as always, R x R!


    Kagome walked quickly through the crowds of people on the sidewalks, eyes darting about her surroundings as she crossed streets, several bags and a Tea Late balancing precariously in her hands. In all of her wildest dreams she never would have thought that she would be in the position that she was in. Never.

    She had a fantastic job as a chic clothing designer's assistant, but what made it fantastic wasn’t enough for what most people would consider a satisfying job. She had great benefits, ridiculously high wages, and frequently she received random gifts that were any fashionista’s dream, but was that enough?
    She had to admit, her boss was a little demanding. No, she corrected herself, not a little. A lot.
    Kagome generally took everything in stride, having dealt with more than a little hardship in her time; She’d been through so much that in all honesty nothing seemed to faze her anymore. She’d been in the Sengoku Jidai fighting youkai, dark miko and at times ningen. She’d defeated an evil hanyou and wished the Shikon no Tama into non-existence. And then she was left to live on her side of the well without any of her self-made family. If that wasn’t enough torture, then she honestly did not know what was.
    That was all probably a blessing in disguise, though, because if she hadn’t developed such a thick skin she never could work for such a bitch.
    This, sadly, was not an exaggeration. The woman was cruel, bitter, frosty and she always spoke her mind holding back nothing. This was intimidating enough without any of her other traits, but once they were added she was the epitome of fierceness.
    There were, naturally, times when she had a certain playfulness to her, but more often than not she was mischievous and even devious. It quickly became evident to Kagome that the woman loved to watch others squirm before her.

    Kagome shivered at the thought, her shoulders scrunching in an effort to relieve herself of the feeling. She stopped at a red light as she waited to cross the street, glancing quickly at the clock on her cell-phone that was wedged in her hand with the rest of her items. Five more minutes. As she thought about what her punishment would be if she was late, her thoughts wandered once more to her malicious employer.

    It was natural that many feared her, quite literally scrambling out of her way. They had every reason to, really.
    In appearance the woman turned heads, striking awe into skipping hearts. But none would want to be caught in her line of sight if they could help it. Even to this day, after over two years, Kagome found herself simply watching the woman when she wasn’t looking. She was fantastically beautiful. Frightfully so. And much of this was due to that fact that she was quite literally a bitch.
    The woman was a full-blooded Inu youkai, after all, and well over three thousand years old.
    As if her personality alone wasn’t daunting enough.
    Kagome supposed herself lucky that she seemed to be somewhat fond of her. She wasn’t as cruel to her as she could be, and at times she was almost motherly to her. Almost.
    Kagome, unsurprisingly, was the only assistant that the woman had ever had that lasted over two weeks and she was now going on two and a half years. All of the other assistants were quickly disposed of, but not in the bloody way that would be expected. No, she would simply dismember them in a mental-anguish-sort-of-way and then demand that they leave her sight. It was actually quite humane, Kagome thought, thinking of some of the things she’d threatened others with, knowing that if they’d been in the feudal era that she would have done such without hesitation. The only thing that protected these poor, poor creatures was the fact that there were laws in place that restricted ningen mauling.

    Her boss had mourned the fact many a time.

    For her own credit, Kagome did actually sort of like the female. Once you got past all of the intimidating ferociousness that was her there was a wise, lonely and intelligent being. And she needed companionship just as much as the rest of them, even if she was more than a little selective about who that would be with.
    Kagome actually found that she had a strange sort of understanding of her, one that she never would have expected. She knew how she was, how she acted and in some ways she knew why. She strived daily not to take any of her barbs personally, knowing that it all stemmed with her dislike of humans and her unsatisfactory history with them. This in itself helped her more than anything.
    It was all still very strange to her and she doubted she would ever become accustomed to it, but upon their first meeting she had a certain understanding with the Inu, one that was never voiced but was understood all the same. It was as if she knew that Kagome knew.
    But of course all of this knowledge stemmed from one fact and one fact alone:
    Her boss was none other than Sesshomaru’s mother.


    A/N: Now I know this is certainly a different twist on things, but I hope you all can accept it for what it is and hopefully enjoy it because of this reason! ^^ I promise, things will be clarified more in coming chapters, this was just to kind of create an elusiveness that would make you all ask questions and wonder! ;D I admit I enjoy doing that... I hope to make this a humorous sort of fanfic, and at times filled to the brink with drama! XD Enjoy, all!


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