Nomi Rumumeito Desu Ka? by Rinku

Chapter One: A Year Heals Nothing

Nomi Rumumeito Desu Ka? (Just Roomies?)

-By ForgottenHero-Rinku


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WARNING: Sexual Situations [Lemons, limes etc...], Violence/Gore and strong Language.


Here is the second chapter! A year has gone by since their break up and now they are forced into the same school and dorm. Talk about a situation. I couldn't imagine that with an ex I broke up with on very bad terms XD

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Chapter One: A Year Heals Nothing


"No! No, steady now! Steady!"

Boxes upon boxes swerved to the right as a small girl swore under her breath as she tried to manoeuvre the swaying mountain filled with all her worldly possessions away from its destructive path to the ground. Balancing the one meter high mountain of boxes miraculously, Higurashi Kagome looked over to the right side of the cardboard tower and tried to see the tiny piece of paper held tightly in her shaking, sweaty hand.

Straining her eyes and squinting, her frown deepened as she tried to hold the boxes and view the tiny scrap piece of paper her mother had handed her this morning.

'Damn it! What is the room number?! It looks like a three...and the rest...' Squinting harder, she scowled and fumed inside, 'Is totally not visible.. great. Just great.'

Reluctantly accepting she was unable to view the room number printed neatly on the paper with the boxes in her hand, the girl growled, fuming at her situation. Her brow furrowed. Her eyes glared at the boxes she held as the a horrible conclusion began to make itself apparent to her.

She had to do it.

The girl winced. Though she would rather not. It had taken so damn long after all.

Kagome scowled as she faced the inevitable. She would have to place down the boxes she had so carefully piled and managed to pick up and struggled to manoeuvre for the last hour. The whole idea of having to repeat the process all over again when she finished reading the paper was really frustrating. Glaring at the brown cardboard hill with hatred, the girl reluctantly placed them down, her body sighing with relief despite her annoyance about doing so.

She would catch her breath at least. A small break might make the inconvenience worth it. Or at least that's what she tried to rationalize with herself for the sake of not having a freak out. She looked down at the wrinkled, sweat-stained piece of paper.

"Room 345?!" She shrieked.

Kagome groaned the sound a mix of a moan and growl.

"Come on! Are you kidding me?! That's on the third floor!" She yelled at the paper accusingly.

Defeated, she slumped against the nearest wall, her face crestfallen as she wallowed in her self pity. She slid to the ground and wearily rested her forehead against her knees, her arms limply splayed at her sides. She groaned into her legs angrily.

Why... Why did her mother have to get the pent house dorm?

Kagome's hand clenched angrily. She was more than willing to settle down for a simple dorm-room but obviously her Mother had wanted her to keep the proud Higurashi name by giving her the most expensive room in Tokyo University.

Yet the woman had remained painstakingly oblivious to the fact while with its grandeur came its added impossible amount of stairs to climb!

Grumbling to herself, Kagome got up and dragged herself over to the depressing sight that was her torture. She bent down and struggled to stack the boxes once again. Panting as she exerted her small body, she glared at the dead weight objects. Biting her lower lip, she moaned as she managed to lift two of the boxes and began to make her way to the first flight of stairs.

Stopping at the first step, coughing, she swore to herself and placed the boxes onto the ground again.

She glared down at them vehemently. She was seriously out of shape and seriously out of shit luck.

Sliding down on the floor, the girl rested her head on her propped up knees once again and sighed.

'I'll just take a break. Maybe I'll recoup some energy or be lucky enough to find someone walking by who'd be willing to help.'

Her long nails tapping against the floor loudly, Kagome stared down at the speckled-tile ground and frowned. Now that her mind wasn't occupied with the fear of being crushed by her luggage or being trapped underneath a mountain of boxes thus leading to her body becoming paralyzed in a most unfortunate accident, she could contemplate her larger fears.

Who was her roommate?

Tokyo U was a co-ed university thus her roomie could be a male or female.

Kagome blushed at the thought of sharing a dorm-room with a male. Not only was she not the best morning person, she certainly wasn't the kind of girl a guy would like to share a place with. She had certain traits most people found... bothersome. She was a clean freak to the point she was pretty sure she had OCD, painstakingly organized, socially awkward and hopelessly naive.

Add in she was a single girl that while she was not a virgin was still hopelessly oblivious to sex - she was not the sexy roommate a college guy would be excited about shacking up with for the next few years.

A pair of golden eyes and snowy-white hair flashed in her mind. Her body stiffened. Her eyes narrowing, Kagome shook her head and fumed. She wouldn't think of him right now. It had been a year and some since she had lost her virginity to a person she would not name to this day. But it seemed like it had been a dream...

Her eyes glazed over and became sad.

In fact, now that she thought of it, she sometimes thought she had made him all up. Their entire relationship seemed like a fantasy that had turned nightmare before she woke up.

'I wonder how he is doing. Does he even think of me?'

Kagome sighed and inwardly chastised herself for being so ridiculously hopeful.

'Dumb idea Kagome. Didn't you learn anything? You were just a mistake to him - a dirty human trinket that he had his fill of. He probably doesn't even admit he dated me... much less touched me. I wouldn't be surprised if-'

"Oi are you okay?" A voice suddenly intruded her thoughts.

Blinking in surprise and glancing up, Kagome met a pair of ice blue eyes. A tall, tanned male with long black hair tied in a high pony tail stood arrogantly before her, a wide fanged smile on his handsome face. Staring at him, Kagome smiled shakily in welcome.

"Actually I'm not really. You see I have all these boxes with my stuff in them but my room is on the top floor...I'm not exactly the Hulk material!" She joked, her sapphire eyes sparkling and losing the glazed look they had held just moments ago.

The wolf demon smiled haughtily, his chest puffing out in an attempt to impress the beautiful girl.

"I will gladly help you carry the boxes! I'm pretty strong to say so myself." He announced cockily, smirking down at the beautiful vision that was the human girl.

Kagome's smile wavered just a tad as she scrutinized the ookami before her. Tacking in his muscled appearance and off-putting cocky smirk, she resisted the urge to tell him never mind. She glanced at her boxes in an attempt to remind her rational mind to the benefits of his presence. Outweighing the cons and pros, Kagome decided to accept his rather arrogant offer to help her.

Standing up, she bowed to him and said, "My name is Higurashi Kagome."

The handsome youkai grinned rakishly, his icy-blue eyes lighting up enthusiastically and returned the bow.

"Youso Kouga. Prince of the wolf demon tribe." He stated in an obnoxious way.

Kagome sweat dropped and mentally asked herself if the pros in her mind really beat the growing cons. Could someone be more egotistic? Trying to ignore his wandering eyes that currently wandered over her body rudely, Kagome nodded.

"Thanks for your help Kouga-san I really-"

Kouga's loud guffaw of laughter cut her off. "It is my pleasure, Kagome! I couldn't let a beautiful damsel," Kouga paused at this, his bold stare going up and down her frame lustfully again, "try and get up those stairs with these boxes. Besides, you looked pretty tired already."

The wolf-boy looked at her while he lifted almost all of her heavy boxes in one arm with an ease that it secretly amazed her. Smiling smugly at Kagome, Kouga began to climb the stairs with a pompous swagger.

Kagome sighed and followed the conceited wolf youkai with her own two smaller boxes. She would let the whole using her name without an honorific go. Apparently he was royalty among the demons so she couldn't really act offended. She'd just have to be friendly to the guy.

The pair made up their way up the stairs quickly and to the demon's frustration, quietly. Kouga looked at the human from the corner of his eye. Her beautiful profile made his body hot. He struggled to think of something to say to the gorgeous girl beside him. Her scent entered his nose, teasing his youki impishly. He swallowed over the lump forming in his throat and tried to steer her into a conversation.

"Why the Hell do you have so many boxes anyway? I heard of girls who over-pack but this is kinda ridiculous, don’t you think?" He muttered as he shifted the boxes in his arms.

Kagome blushed. Her teeth began to nibble her bottom lip nervously. She glanced at the demon who swore at the shifting boxes. She had always been intimidated of guys and, to be honest, most demon ones at that. There had been a particular demon male that had at first been someone she feared but soon had not...

Kagome scowled. She had to stop thinking of him. Ignoring the disastrous thoughts that echoed her inner plight, the human girl tried to continue the conversation.

"I had a very large room when I lived with my parents. The sad thing is, this isn't all my furniture. Luckily my Mom hired some moving guys to bring the rest of my stuff over sometime this week."

Kouga chuckled as he nudged the boxes to a more comfortable position, his youkai strength making easy work of the weights that would have killed a human after a while.

"No problem Kagome! So what are you here for at Tokyo University?" He asked as they began making their way up the second flight of stairs.

Kagome smiled cheerfully, her face losing its nervous wariness. Kouga gawked at the beauty in the girl's radiant face.

"I'm here for Business Management and Accounting. My family owns a very large business that I'm supposed to inherit so I want to be able to know how to run it." She answered all the while trying to watch her footing on the stairs.

She had a horrible track record for being accident prone. Knowing her luck she'd fall down them only to have the box land on her head; a most befitting death for Higurashi Kagome considering her widely known clumsiness. Kouga gaped at the young girl in awe.

"You dont happen to be part of the Higurashi family... the ones who own that large shrine do you?" He asked.

Kagome blushed and looked away from his stunned gaze, uncomfortable with the subject.

"Yes." She reluctantly admitted.

Kouga whistled. "Your family is rich as fuck! Weren't you guys just listed in Business Today as some of the top influential people in the world? Your family are even linked to Japan's royalty! Holy shit, what are you doing in a regular place like Tokyo U? Like I understand its a great school but aren't people like you supposed to go to some place in the West like Harvard or something?" Kouga demanded loudly.

Kagome winced. She was used to this reaction but seriously disliked it. She knew she had a privileged upbringing but preferred to be seen as a regular person and hopefully, this year, an average University student. She nodded reluctantly and glanced at Kouga anxiously.

"Yes but please don't tell anyone Kouga! I really just want to fit in here.."

Kouga snorted, interrupting her. "No problem Kagome besides you're not the only millionaire here. We have Mochizuki InuYasha and his half-brother, Yoshida Sesshoumaru, here. I think their family is even higher than yours in the business world." Kouga spat the two names like they were a vile poison in his mouth.

Kagome felt her body go cold. Frozen to the core, she tripped over a stair. Yelping, she landed on the stair, banging her head on Kouga's butt who in turn tripped forward. Yelling, the demon groaned as he landed roughly, the boxes spilled out of his claws and onto the landing they had just reached. Kagome groaned and rubbed her head.

Why did he have such a hard ass?

Shaking her head, she stumbled up and looked down at Kouga.

"You okay?" She asked.

Kouga blinked then began to laugh. "Me? Okay? Of course! What did ya expect? I'm a demon! A little fall like that aint going to do shit all to me!" He stated as he got up and gathered the boxes.

Kagome sweat-dropped. His ego certainly wasn't bruised like his knees. Gathering her own boxes, they began to climb the stairs again, Kouga beside her. Frowning, he asked where they had been in their conversation.

Reluctantly, she told him he had mentioned she wasn't the only millionaire in the university. A look of rage and hatred appeared on his handsome tanned face. His brows deepening into a 'v', his lips pursed in annoyance.

"Ya, as I was saying those dog demon brothers are here."

Ignorant to Kagome's sudden silence, the wolf continued, fuming.

"Damn bastards walk around like they own the place. Especially Yoshida Sesshoumaru. Fucking arrogant pretty boy. Thinks he's all that because the girls fall over him! I bet they only like him because he helps them with make-up tips... God damn pretty freak."

Kagome swallowed as kouga's explanation fit the haunting memory of a golden eyed angel-faced killer she once knew... and more. She gulped.

"You're sure Yoshida Sesshoumaru is here?" She demanded shakily, blatantly horrified at the mention of the infamous demon.

Kouga stopped his loud rampage on the brothers and glanced over at the pale girl. Her taut face alarmed him... and the fact she was shaking like a leaf. Stopping his steady climb, the youkai frowned.

"What's wrong Kagome? You look sick... Is it something about Inu-koru?!" Kouga demanded hotly, his eyes blazing.

Kagome blinked in confusion. "Inu-koru...?" She repeated, unsure what dog shit had to do with anything.

"Mochizuki InuYasha! Has it got to do with InuYasha?" The wolf growled, his eyes narrowing madly.

Kagome laughed nervously. Okay Kouga was completely and had a grudge against InuYasha who happened to be her best friend. This was just getting plain awkward. Ignoring her desire to run away from the wolf, she responded,

"No. I have no issue at all with InuYasha." She looked at Kouga anxiously. "But you are sure about Sesshoumaru," Kagome noticed Kouga's eyes slant at the mention of the older brother, "and InuYasha being here?"

Kouga shrugged, the boxes moving with the movement.

"Ya. I saw the two moving into their separate dorm rooms somewhere in the school."

Kouga then looked swiftly at Kagome. Her face looked like she had seen a ghost. He frowned. He had a feeling the human was about to faint and prepared to throw the boxes to catch her as she seemed to waver on the landing, her eyes wide and her small face drawn.

He moved closer in case the human did in fact faint or, by the looks of her, have a heart attack.

"Hey, you got a problem with Sesshoumaru, Kagome? I heard he was a bastard but he hasn't done anything to you has he?" Watching her tremble when he said the dog demon's name, his instincts ringing with alarm, the ookami continued.

"If he has I will kill him." He promised her, his demon energy starting to rise protectively.

Kagome shook her head swiftly, her eyes wide. "N-No it's fine Kouga-kun. I don't even really know him."

It was part true. Sesshoumaru never let anyone get close to him or know him. There was nothing to know - he was an empty vessel filled with only blood-lust and hatred. Chewing her bottom lip, she managed to fake a smile.

"Yoshida Sesshoumaru, ne? Wow, I never knew a celebrity like him would go here! I'm just shocked that he would come to Tokyo U that's all." She lied.

Kouga ignored the alarms ringing in his mind that Kagome was lying to him about her issues with the inu youkai. If she wanted to tell him about it, she would have. He didn't need to push the girl away, thus losing his chance to date her, by prying into her life. Kouga nodded.

"Ya the prick walks around here like he's a God or something. His brother InuYasha isn't half as bad but I still fucking hate him. Damn half-breed. The two of them are so damn annoying."

Kagome began coughing and turned her face from Kouga's now confused and concerned stare. "Are you sure you're alright Kagome? I think-"

The girl coughed and lamely said, "O ya I'm fine! Just... I don't like swearing."

Kouga stared at her, his eyebrows flying up to his hair line. All the while she tried to keep a serious look that was supposed to be a mixture of awkwardness and sternness but only ended up looking ridiculous. Kagome mentally slapped herself.

'I don't like swearing? Someone shoot me now... usually I'm worse than a sailor... if Momma could hear me now.' 

Before Kagome could say anything, the boxes were on the ground beside them and Kouga was before her, kneeling, and holding her hands in his own, his eyes staring up into her face with earnest adoration.

"I apologize, my Kagome. I swear to you under the oath of the wolf demon tribe that I will attempt to never swear in front of you again." He swore passionately, his blue eyes sparkling.

The girl gaped down at the kneeling demon.


Quickly forcing a shaky smile on her lips, she managed to pathetically force out, "Thank you for being so... understanding... Kouga-san-"

"Please just call me Kouga, Kagome. Or even Kouga-kun." He interrupted smoothly, smiling gamely.

Kagome winced. That was slightly too personal for comfort - she had only known this guy for at most ten minutes. Looking into his hopeful face, she felt her resolve weaken and before she could stop herself, nodded.

Kouga smiled and then quickly picked up the boxes again, the two making their way up the last flight of stairs. All the while she berated herself for being so weak for smiles.

Why couldn't she say no?

Especially to people when they looked so darn hopeful like Kouga had...

"Oi, Kagome, can I see the paper with your room number?" Kouga demanded.

Reaching in her pocket, she withdrew the scrap of paper and handed it to her new found friend [well acquaintance]. Watching his eyes skimmer the paper, she sighed when he turned to the right, down a hall and into a small section of rooms labelled in the three hundreds.

The third floor was very different from the last two. It was spacious, cream-colored walls and the doors were brand new with electronic key doors. It smelled like money.

Excited at the fact she might actually make it to her room alive, Kagome followed the wolf demon eagerly. Kouga kept looking at the piece of paper he had taken from Kagome and scanned the doors around him. He then suddenly stopped at a door and looked at Kagome, cocking a brow.

"This is your room Kagome. The pent house eh? That is pretty-"

"O my god! Yes! Yes! Please! More! O god! Yes! Yes! Deeper!" A woman's scream interrupted Kouga, her voice verging on a shriek and almost deafening.

The pair stood there, both dumb founded, as a very awkward silence permeated the air between them as the woman continued to shriek in ecstasy.

Kagome felt her mouth drop open in shock. Looking at Kouga, she saw the look of shock on his face. Hearing the woman begin to scream louder, as it was even possible, her voice so shrill it shouldn't have been able to be produced, Kagome's mouth hung open as her face began to burn very, very hotly.

Glancing at Kouga desperately, she saw the same awkward look mixed in with mortification and confusion that must have been on her own face on his. At least she wasn't the only one completely horrified at the situation she reasoned numbly, trying to focus on anything other than the woman's howls and groans.

Kouga sniffed the door before him, trying to assure himself of his assumptions when the scent of the male causing the woman's endless shrieks wafted in his nose. Kouga's fists clenched. As if it was him of all the demons! Kagome watched Kougas face moult from red to purple to pink to blue then to a very scary shade of purplish-red-blue which she had never seen before.

Turning to Kagome, his long black pony tail swishing through the air, Kouga growled at the girl sharply, "Are you sure this is your dorm room number, Kagome?!"

She nodded, stunned at Kouga's fierceness. Shakily, the girl handed the piece of paper to him again and watched him look at it with obvious frustration.

"Yes! My Mother looked it over herself! It must be my dorm-room! Why who is in-"

"Ahhhhhhhh!" The woman screamed again, moaning in frenzied pleasure.

Kouga growled, his eyes narrowing on the door. "Well it seems we know who your roommate is now." He stated stiffly, his jaw clenching.

She looked at him, confused. "Huh? How? Who?"

Kouga gave her a blank look. "I smell Yoshida Sesshoumaru." He stated tersely.

Kagome looked at Kouga in horror.

He couldn't mean-?

No! It couldn't be!

Woodenly, she turned and stared at the door, her mind blanking out for a moment. That wooden barrier suddenly seemed as deadly as a poisonous viper. Stumbling backwards, her face draining of color, she felt her body begin to shake.

She couldn't even hear Kouga saying her name.

Staring at the electronic key reader, a vast amount of images of a golden-eyed demon with snow white hair that had glistening silver streaks, sensuous pale lips and flawless pale skin flashed through her mind in an overwhelming reel of long suppressed memories.

'Damn bastard and his women... Acts like he's all that... Girls fall over for him....'

Kouga had said that.

Had he really moved on so easily?

It had only been a year since they had broken up after all.

Kagome ceased that train of thought. She stared at the door numbly. What was she thinking? Of course he had. It was Sesshoumaru. He could have any woman he had wanted.

Why would he even pause to think of her?

She who he despised and found disgusting. A simple human he regretted ever allowing to breath the same air as him. Kouga's words echoed in her head. She wanted to turn back and run screaming down the hallway. She wanted to grab her things and get the quickest cab out of this school.

Fate had been cruel to her once before by bringing that asshole in her life; now Lady Destiny wanted to replay her twisted game.

She closed her eyes for a moment, seeking to gain her composure.

It was a year ago. She had grown, matured and had moved on. He had no sway over her anymore. What had happened between them had truly meant nothing and certainly had no influence on her today.

Feeling stronger, she ignored Kouga and stepped towards the door. Her hand became a tight fit and rose into the air. She paused for a moment, her hand suspended in front of the wooden barrier that seemed to vibrate with the woman's screams.

Gritting her teeth, she hesitantly knocked. She could have simply swiped her key card and barged in. But she knew, from experience, the demon on the other side liked his privacy. And she knew he was not going to be exactly welcoming once he saw her.

The moans and growls stopped instantly. The sound of the girl calling 'Sesshoumaru-sama' was heard through the thick door. Her eyes widening at the prospect of seeing him again, Kagome licked her full lips as the sweat trickled down her back.

Damn it her pep talk wasn't meant for her to see him.

What was she doing? Why hadn't she run away screaming? What was she supposed to say? What was going to happen? O god! She couldn't do this. She couldn't see him again - especially like this! He was just screwing some chick and she heard him! O, God no! Don't answer the door! Ignore it and go back to your-

The door swiftly opened, revealing golden eyes that she remembered very well. Time froze as the white-silver hair vision of perfection stood in the doorway, his towering frame blocking the room from her stunned line of vision.

Kagome felt her heart stop and her breathing cease when those steely golden-flecked eyes fixed on her.

That flawless face she had once loved more then life remained impassive but those sun-kissed orbs showed it - the hatred and repulsion when they noticed it was her disturbing his screw-fest with the passionate girl.

Choking back the urge to scream obscenities at the bastard dog demon, Kagome somehow managed to smile weakly at the stoic inu youkai who glared down at her.

"Ah... um... hey... Sesshoumaru. It’s been a while." She stammered in a tight voice, her eyes somehow managing to meet his penetrating stare.

"Kagome." The cool, monotonous voice made her cringe at the hostility that lined her named in a heartless fashion.

Kagome smiled nervously, trying to focus on anything but his eyes. She knew that with his eyes he could see the hurt he had left her with. What an idiot she was - it appeared she wasn't over him even after all this time...

She was a fool. A stupid, desperate, naive fool. How could she face him?

A blush forming on her cheeks, she tried to continue on despite the fact she was visibly shaking.

"Uh... Is this your room or that girl's?" She asked in a strangely high-pitched voice.

Sesshoumaru raised a brow in silent mockery. His eyes leaving her face for once, they fell upon the fallen piece of scrap paper at Kagome's feet. His eyes narrowed when he saw his door room number written on it. His golden eyes narrowing slightly, the God-like figure remained composed and impassive as he returned his icy glare on the small human a few feet from his towering frame.

"This Sesshoumaru only receives the best accommodations. You should know this." He murmured his tone chilly and deadly.

His beautiful face unmoved from its stoic disposition, those piercing orbs fixated themselves on her face again.

"Why does it concern you?" He demanded coldly.

Kagome frowned, her blue eyes darkening. "Because it is m-mine as well." She admitted.

Sesshoumaru stiffened noticeably, his eyes narrowing into slender slits of gold in his pale face.

"Are you sure of this?" The dog demon demanded acidly.

Kagome glared at him. Her tiny fists shaking, she growled through her clenched teeth, "I'm very sure, Sesshoumaru. I am not as dim-witted as you think."

He gave her a blank stare. "That is something to be debated." He quipped back softly, his face stony.

Kagome felt her heart clench in pain. A growl was heard, interrupting the uncomfortable staring contest between the ex-lovers. Kouga stepped forward to the powerful demon who wore nothing but a towel around his lean, defined hips.

"What the fuck gives you the idea you can talk like that to Kagome?" The wolf demon demanded.

Kagome glanced at Kouga in shock.

He wouldn't dare and try and start something with Sesshoumaru over her?

She turned and watched Sesshoumaru nervously. The inu youkai's gold eyes stared at Kouga with a hazardous light in them. Sesshoumaru scrutinized the over-bearing wolf demon with blatant mockery.

His upper lip curling, the dog demon stated curtly, "This does not concern you, ookami. I advise you to leave this matter between the human and myself or I will forcibly remove your disgusting form from this Earth."

Kagome gaped. This was not going good.

"Excuse me?!" Kouga snarled.

Sesshoumaru stared at him dispassionately. "Are you unable to comprehend simple Japanese, wolf? How utterly contrite. A wolf demon unable to understand Japanese - certainly nothing that is rare. You truly are a slow race." He murmured mockingly.

Kouga reared his fist back and moved to hit Sesshoumaru. A white blur fast enough to be called untraceable appeared behind the wolf and pushed him into the wall. Kouga yelped when he met the hard surface and felt his body making a hole in it. His blue eyes dazed, he looked up to see Sesshoumaru standing over him, his claws at his sides, not one hair out of place.

Those golden eyes held his with a force that installed a strange, bewitching fear in Kouga for the first time in his life. If he ever thought he was going to die, it was now. Never had he seen such merciless, cold eyes in life. Nor had he felt such raw power.

"Stop! Sesshoumaru!" Kagome jumped forward, pushing herself in front of Kouga.

Sesshoumaru turned his attention away from the pitiful warrior and glared at Kagome.

"I will not kill off your lap dog. I have better things to do then sully my claws with his dirty blood." Turning on his heel, he paused at the door. Glancing at her from behind his shoulder, his golden eye caught hers. "We will discuss this matter in an hour, human."

He then turned to enter the room. Kagome stepped forward, anger radiating from her small body.

"What do you need an hour for! To finish screwing that girl?" She hissed.

Silence met her demand. His lack of response was enough of one. Trying to ignore the sharp pain in her chest, Kagome growled, "You've got some nerve! You aren't keeping me out here to finish your booty call and you definitely had no right attacking Kouga like that. He was just trying to help me!"

Sesshoumaru stared at her icily. "I have an engagement as of now with another wench, girl. I make no exceptions for any one; particularly you." He paused before he entered the room. "The wolf attempted to make the first attack - I simply put his pitiful efforts to rest before he continued to waste my time."

The door then clicked shut and the sounds of the woman and her cries of pleasure began all over again. Looking behind her, Kagome stared at her momentarily forgotten boxes. Her stomach churning in agitation, her eyes filled with tears that managed to escape the beautiful blue orbs and trail down her cheek. Despite the sudden numbness of her body and withdrawal of her happiness, Kagome smiled faintly, trying to push away her shock and despair.

She had always known she would have to face Sesshoumaru again one day - they did come from the same social groups and background after all. Yet she had managed to evade the inevitable for a year. But her luck had officially run out as of today.

Hurrying to the groaning Kouga, she kneeled beside him. "Kouga-kun are you okay?" She asked softly, trying to help him up by tugging his arm.

Mumbling, Kouga grumbled, "I'll kill him. Cold bastard. Who does he think he is talking to my woman like that?"

Kagome stiffened her mouth agape. His woman?! Anger over-riding her concern, Kagome hovered over the wolf demon furiously.

"Your woman? What are you talking about? I'm no one's woman!" She snapped at him, her face reddening in anger.

Kouga shook his head to clear it and quickly walked after the stomping Kagome. Grabbing her arm, he pulled her toward him. Looking down into her shocked face, he smiled.

"But you are my woman Kagome! I knew when I first saw you! I felt that-"

"Stop, stop, stop! I am not your woman!" Kagome interrupted, waving her hands in front of her angrily.

Her face softening a bit, the girl sighed. "Kouga I'm sorry. I really dont want a relationship. You are my friend." She explained.

Kouga shrugged and turned to enter his room that was just across the hall from hers. Stepping in, he smiled. "That's what you say now Kagome but I will win your heart!"

Getting ready to protest such a notion, Kagome watched Kouga close his door, obviously intending to stop any protests from her by ignoring them. Standing alone in the hall, the young girl straightened her shoulders.

There was no time to feel sorry for herself. She had an issue at hand and needed all her mind to solve it. Rushing towards the door, she quietly slipped her electronic key in and entered the large dorm.

'Tell me that I can't enter my own room? Stupid asshole!' She fumed.

Kagome dragged each box into the apartment. She ignored the fact she knew she was going to have to face off with Sesshoumaru soon and looked around at the luxuriousness of her new home for the next two years. Blocking out the growls and moans that seemed to vibrate the very walls, Kagome saw an empty room down a tiny hall. Sesshoumaru had obviously known he was to have a roommate and had left the lesser of the bedrooms for his roommate.

'Ever the generous one eh Sesshoumaru.' She thought sarcastically to herself.

Walking into the small room, she noticed it had a nice view of the outer grounds of the University and a lot of sun light. Smiling forcefully, she ignored her upset stomach. This was going to be her room. With a bit of paint and proper furnishings, it would be like her other room and offer some comfort in this suddenly prison like apartment.

"Please! Sesshoumaru! O, please!"

Kagome closed her eyes. Perhaps she could talk to the university about switching roommates?

"Sesshoumaru! Aaaaah!"

The girl's screeches made Kagome's left eye twitch. Screw roommates. How about universities?


Two figures stood at the door now both properly dressed. Sesshoumaru looked down into the girl's pretty face placidly as she practically drooled on him with lust and adoration.

"Okay I will see you next Wednesday." She promised huskily.

Grabbing her purse from the floor, she stretched languidly, pushing out her chest slightly to catch the gorgeous demon's eye. Licking her lips, her body still tingling from the amazing encounter she had just experienced, she could not help but feel the compulsion to touch the demon. He was so powerful. So cold. So mysterious!

"You were..."

The girl sighed, breaking off in mid-sentence as she smiled lustfully, her long red nails running across the washboard abs of the gorgeous demon Lord, her hands aching to touch his satiny flesh and to feel the steel-hard muscles beneath her fingers again.

Sesshoumaru stepped back from the woman's itching claws, his eyes slanting with obvious irritation. His eyes fixed on the door down the hall, completely ignoring the wench and not even trying to feign interest, he gave her a deadly glare. 

"Leave." He ordered dryly.

The pretty girl scowled at him haughtily. Her back stiffening, she 'hmphed' and opened the door and into the hall. Turning around to give the demon a scathing remark, she yelped when the door slammed in her face and the sound of the lock sliding into place. Turning on his heel, he walked into the living room.

Stepping around boxes he knew he had not allowed in the room that belonged to a certain annoying wench, Sesshoumaru made his way down the hall to where she was. Standing outside the door, he contemplated his next move.

The infamous daiyoukai stood there in front of the door that lead to his ex-girlfriend of a year ago. His body unyielding, his intellectual mind wavered as it remembered things he had long assumed he had either forgotten or blatantly ignored.

Though he was reluctant to admit it now, Sesshoumaru had cared for Kagome more then he had ever for another living being. That is, until it went wrong. Her feelings were false and she was nothing more than a whore.

The golden eyes hardening with a pent-up fury the usually emotionless Lord hid, Sesshoumaru's claws twitched.

She had lied to him and deceived him. He had rid of the wench for what he had thought for was permanently but obviously, the Gods mocked him.

For here she was here in his dorm in a room she now planned to call her own.

Closing his eyes, revealing the natural red-eye shadow that highlighted the lids, he calmed himself.

He tried to block out the memories of their last meeting. She had demanded him why. The fool. Did she really assume her mask of innocence would continue to hide her inner bitch?

Did she really perceive herself as an accomplished actress that was able to bewitch the great Yoshida Sesshoumaru?

A sneer worked itself on his pale, sensuous lips. Poor, misguided Kagome. She would learn that she had made a mistake coming back into his life.

He had given her a fair warning; leave him for eternity unless she wished to suffer dire consequences. After a year of silence and ignorance from the girl, Sesshoumaru had perceived her absence from Tokyo as her compliance to his demands.

But here she was, meddling in his life yet again and still able to raise these unwanted thoughts and worst of all, these very alien things known as emotions.

Never had he felt such rage and hatred. It was odd and annoying. Growling, Sesshoumaru glared down the hall. He hated her. If there was any reason to truly be a demon, it was to have the power to kill with an ease he gracefully wielded.

But she could not suffer his claw. The law protected her unfortunately.

His eyes slanting thoughtfully, he slightly smirked. No. Higurashi Kagome would be faced with the torments she had placed upon him. He could only return the favor but tenfold; merciless cruelty. Yoshida Sesshoumaru was renowned and infamous for his ability to be cruel and lack of empathy.

He could kill with out flinching, maim with out remorse and ruin another's life with out guilt. He had justly earned his name, Destruction of the Cycle of Life and the Killing Perfection. It was time for Kagome to see why he had earned his infamous titles.

Satisfied, Sesshoumaru clicked his long, sharp claws together. Yes. That would be quite entertaining. And he had an entire school year to settle the odds against his ex-girlfriend if the foolish wench did not know what was best for her and leave his domain immediately.

How utterly amusing and better yet; deliciously gratifying.

Glancing one last time down the hall, Sesshoumaru relieved his stunning face of the small expressive smirk on his lips, his gorgeous features settling once again into their stoic mask.

Staring at the door and knowing that the girl behind it remained ignorant to his devious plot to ruin her life in return for dishonoring him, he turned on his heel and went to his room, feeling much more at ease about the situation.


A/N: And so they meet once again. And it was not the best run in, eh? XD


Kouga's lack of honorific: The fact Kouga calls Kagome by her name with out -san or -chan attached to it is very disrespectful. Only very close friends, family members and spouses are allowed to do this. Also, the fact he suggest to Kagome to call him by -kun hints to a friendship/interest which, considering after only half an hr at most of knowing him, is very rude.

Daiyoukai: Demon Lord

Youkai: Demon

Ookami: Wolf demon prince

Inu-koru: Dog shit - the name kouga uses for InuYasha in the Japanese anime.


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