Nomi Rumumeito Desu Ka? by Rinku


Nomi Rumumeito Desu Ka? (Just Roomies?)

-By ForgottenHero-Rinku


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Thunder rumbled as lightning streaked through heavy dark clouds. Hail and rain mixed in a torrent mess. A lone mansion of magnificent beauty sat a top of a hill, cut off from the outside world by a seven foot wall and a thick forest. A bright light shone in the entrance of the majestic house. Two figures stood stiffly across from one another, their eyes scrutinizing each other. A pair of stormy blue eyes flashed with a mixture of emotions as a golden pair stared back coolly, their depths empty. The owner of the golden eyes stood in front of the grand marble staircase. His angelic face was flawless - seemingly carved from the finest ivory.

However, the beautiful mask belied his cruelty. Only his empty stare revealed the creature he was. The slitted pupils foretold of his demon soul. The male languidly regarded the other in his home, his stony mask slipping to reveal a deadly amount of loathing he could not conceal for the human before him. His youki caused the air in the foyer to be noticeably below feezing, his gold orbs like ice as they fixed on the mortal with ill concealed hatred.

The source of the demon's loathing was a small, attractive human woman. Her small hands clenched tightly on the handle of her purse, her knuckles became white as she gripped it desperately. Her sapphire eyes were swimming with tears as she was met with the full on slaught of his evident disdain for her existence. Her heart stuttered as the once gentle gold eyes were as hard as steel. Much like they had been many years before she had shared her heart with him.

Higurashi Kagome felt her face become pale as her now ex boyfriend, Yoshida Sesshoumaru, tilted his head slightly, his hooded stare eerily inanimate.

'How can it seem he has no soul, no heart? What kind of monster is he and how could I have been so blind not to see it? I've known him and his family for years but I didn't accept it. Maybe I didn't want too.' She thought sadly, her face softening.

Yoshida Sesshoumaru was an inu youkai. He was an infamously powerful demon Lord in modern Japan; a respected prodigy among his kind due to his strength. Kagome flinched. She had known what she had been tampering with. But love had blinded her and made her hopeful. The girl now had learned all too well that his icy demeanour was in fact more than a facade. It was a very real state of existence for the deadly youkai. He only felt very few things that were shadows of emotions; hatred, anger and annoyance - and she doubted he actually felt them. His beautiful shell contained a heartless monster none with a shred of self-preservation would trifle with.

She felt her heart twist. But then again, she had always been hopelesly attracted to the inu youkai. His dark, mysterious nature drew her like a moth to a flame. And now, she had been burned. Bad. The tears threatening to spill down her cheeks, the miko shuddered as the dog demon continued to frostily glare at her, his youki oppressive, like it was trying to push her out the door. The hard glint to his eyes made her stomach drop. He hadn't always looked at her like that. It was a recent, savage change.

At least, for the last bit of when there was a 'them' it had seemed he had actually cared for her.

"Leave." His deep, timbre voice broke the silence, its tone flat and dangerous.

Kagome trembled visibly at the amount of hatred he managed to instill in that one word. A tear trickled down her left cheek, her heart twisting in agony as she realized that this was truly the end of a long time fantasy she had clung to since a child. She had always wanted him and now that she had had him, only to lose him, was the cruelest trick of Fate for the girl. She remembered the first time she had met him. He had regarded her as he did now. He had not seen her - he had not acknowledged her existence. She had been no more interesting than a speck of dirt in the form of a human child with too much bravery and not enough common sense.

The miko felt her hands curl tighter around her purse handle as she desperately tried to not break down before the demon. He would not pity her and if anything, would act upon his earlier threat to kill her if she did so. Gazing at him brokenly, she felt her heart sink as she was faced with an even worse outcome than his simple ignorance of her existence. At least when he had not acknowledged her, her heart could yearn for him from afar. But after he had finally seemed to acknowledge her, it seemed the inu youkai had deemed her unacceptable and unworthy of his attention. It was a dagger to her heart, popping the innocent love she had held onto for him for more than decade. 

But she would not tell him how far he had cut into her with his dismissal. For the last thing she had now was her pride. He had taken her heart and soul - she could not give him her dignity as well. So she ignored her heart's cries to beg him to not leave her and to try to work things out. She ignored that pitiful voice for, ultimately, she would not beg. Higurashi Kagome had too much self-respect. The girl trembled as the feeling of her stomach dropping to her knees made her sick. Her hands were slick with sweat. She was desperately holding herself together all for the sake of pride's name. Yet she did not know how much longer she could maintain her crumbling exterior.

'Leave now. Pick up the pieces and glue them together. You'll live.' A very small voice within her broken heart whispered.

Her mouth quivered from the sob she wanted to cry. She wanted to tell that little voice it was wrong. That if she left now, he would certainly forget her and any slim chance she had at salvaging the relationship would be gone. But rational told her it was already gone and there was no hope. One simply had to look at him to know it was over. Reluctantly, she turned on her heel. Her hand grasping the gold doorknob, she froze from the acute pain that exploded in her chest. She cringed.

Could people actually die from a broken heart?

She had heard of it before but she had never believed it possible. Yet the pain she felt now made her rethink her skeptism. Through blurred eyes she looked down at the marble floor. She realized numbly that it was blurred from the tears that had finally began to fall. She bit her bottom lip, her shoulders hunched as she half-heartedly held the doorknob in her clammy grasp.

How could this have happened?

Her hand jerked on the handle.

Where had they gone wrong?

Kagome shook as the tears dripped on the floor. She could hear them meet the marble tiles. If she could hear them then he certainly could with his sensitive ears. Shame made her head bow, hiding her ashamed face beneath her thick, limp hair that was wet from when she had shown up during the storm. He had told her to come, saying they needed to talk. The sense of something not being had made her want to puke the entire time she had driven to his family's estate. And now, she knew why. Her sixth sense had known that the moment she walked through the elegant doors, it would be the last time she would be welcomed into his life.

She stopped the painful thought and looked over her shoulder despite reason's protests. Slowly, she looked over her shoulder at the demon that had caused her unravelling. His ethereal features remained stoic and hard like granite. But that did not stop her heart from leaping at seeing it. The love she felt suddenly overwhelmed her and logic was cast away.

"Sesshoumaru, onegai, don't do this. You're wrong. They're wrong. It's not true. You've known me since-" Her voice cracked pitifully. She couldn't finish that sentence. 

His eyes narrowing in annoyance, she felt the urge to vomit rise as a cold, disgusted sneer curled on his pale upper lip. To think the same lips that had once kissed her with such adoration and fever now showed nothing but chilling contempt made the blow to her heart that much worse. The blood in her face rushed from it, her features blanching as he glowered at her icily.

"Leave before I have you forcefully removed." He ordered flatly, raising a brow in warning.

Kagome flinched. It was over. No matter how much she begged or pleaded, he was done with her. Perhaps he had never even started. If he could throw away years of friendship and a year of shared affection with no regard, it was apparent he was never truly invested in her or the possibility of them. It was the worse blow to the miko than anything else. Turning to present her back to him, prepared to leave before she completely broke, she gave one stiff nod to him.

"I was a fool to think you of all people had changed, Sesshoumaru." She paused and added softly, "I was hoping for something you could never understand."

"I grow tired of your prattle, miko. I will not warn you again." Sesshoumaru stated coldly, his youki flaring to add force to his words.

Kagome closed her eyes. There was no use. She saw that now - she had known it since a few hours ago but she had had to try if for her heart's sake. Yet she forced herself to straighten her back proudly. She did not want him knowing how much he had won. He had utlimately been the victor in this battle of love - for he was not scarred or hurt. He had come out untouched and left her badly broken. But she couldn't let him know. He was cruel enough to relish in such a victory even if it was against as someone as simple and as unworthy as her in his eyes.

"I want to let you know I never once lied to you." Kagome said, the sense of finality making her close her eyes, tears sliding down her face.

Sesshoumaru watched the human girl who had managed to touch his heart, a feat no one before her had managed, open the large door leading out of his mansion's foyer and step out. He watched the door close behind her. She was leaving. A sense of satisfaction mixed with anger uncurled in the demon as her lingering scent of sakura and vanilla was the only evidence of her prior presence in the massive manor. His long legs carried him to the window that gave him a full view of the grounds. He watched her stumble to her car in the rain and howling wind. His eyes narrowed as she entered it, the door slamming and echoing in his pointed ears.

The headlights flickered on.

Sesshoumaru, heir to the West and daiyoukai, repressed the urge to stop the human girl from leaving. The possessive urge to drag her back into his home and claim her flickered weakly before it was then ruthlessly crushed by him. His finely shaped jaw clenched. His eyes like frozen pools of honey, the only visible sign of his agitation was the slight green glow to his claws as he tried to not melt something in his household. He would not lose control over a simple human wench. Sesshoumaru looked on stoically as the human girl drove down to the gates. She sat there, waiting for them to open to let her escape from the pain he promised her further if she didn't.

"Sesshoumaru-sama." His servant's croaky voice demanded for his attention.

Sesshoumaru stared at the small car for a moment. An odd, alien feeling of loss and pain briefly flickered through the demon only for him to mercilessly squash the unwanted sensation. His gold eyes hardened like steel. He needed to give the signal to his servant to open them so she could forever be gone from him. Hundreds of memories he had shared with the human girl flashed in his mind. Her smile, her taste, her laugh - with a cruel efficiency he erased each one from his mind, his heart solidifying into a chunk of ice in his chest. His eyes languidly sliding from the car, he glanced at Jaken before giving a small, almost imperceptible nod of his head. Bowing to his lord, the frog demon pressed the button. The gates swung open slowly. Sesshoumaru never looked back as he returned to more important matters.

The car and girl disappeared into the night and out of his life for good.


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Sesshoumaru's house: A very large mansion built in the late 1800's in the Western theme. It has been in his family since then. A mixture of french renaissance and American design, it is a beautiful manor on a large plot of land in the Western prefrectures of Tokyo, an hour outside of town.

Youkai: Demon