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They were in London. He was on business, she was along for a much-needed vacation from her work as an art historian. Somehow, though, she couldn't suppress the need to combine sightseeing with her love of the past.

Sesshoumaru grimly surveyed the proposed list with a jaundiced eye. "Tower of London, Tate Galleries, Westminster Cathedral."

All places that would be crammed with tourists - mostly human. And completely irritating. A small notation near the bottom of the list caught his attention. "Madame Tussaud's Waxworks." Waxworks?

He lifted a delicate eyebrow in the direction of his mate. "Madame Tussaud's?" he inquired. "I fail to see the interest in visiting a place containing effigies of humans from the past."

"Oh, it is so much more than that!" Kagome exclaimed. "Did you know that Madame Tussaud started her work making death masks of people killed during the French Revolution? There is even an exhibit that shows her working on a death mask of Marie Antionette, using the severed head."

"You'll love it," she assured him, an odd twinkle in her eyes.

Despite himself, he sighed. Audibly.

Once there, he had to admit that it was... interesting. Although, he scoffed, he could have done so much better than their crude 'guillotine' device at severing those heads.

Then they came to the newest exhibit, detailing the myths and history of Feudal Japan. There, in the center of the exhibit, was an exact likeness of...

Him. In all his Feudal era glory.

"See?" Kagome smiled innocently up at him.


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