Allergy Season by WiccanMethuselah

Allergy Season

Prompt #01 - TREES Title:  Allergy season

Author:  WiccanMethuselah ()

Universe:  Canon

Rating:  K - all ages

Warnings:  none, really

Word Count:  200

In which Sesshoumaru gets educated on yet another human failing...

Allergy Season

“Ah-ah-CHOO!” Rin looked pathetically at Kagome through watery, red-rimmed eyes. She rubbed miserably at her ticklish, running nose, as Kagome looked for a handkerchief. There were days when Kagome would kill for easy access to disposable tissues.

“Miko,” intoned a smooth, silky, darkly baritone voice behind her. “You will tell this Sesshoumaru why his ward is showing the signs of illness, without smelling of such."

“It’s allergy season,” replied Kagome.

“Al-er-gee?” queried the demon lord.

“Yes, Sesshoumaru-sama, allergy. It’s the reaction some humans have to certain things in the air, like pollen from the trees,” explained the futuristic miko.

“Po-len? What is Po-len? And why does my ward exhibit increased symptoms around Go-Shin-boku?” he asked, frowning. Rin again wiped her nose on her sleeve, earning a look of disgust.

“Go-Shin-boku is a hinoki, which is known to cause reactions. Right now, though, we need to keep Rin from using her kimono to wipe her nose, wouldn’t you agree?” the miko reasoned, “Later we can discuss the specifics.”

Sesshoumaru only glared.

Sighing, Kagome tried to remember just why hinoki and sugi pollen was such a potent allergen. How did the simplest things, like a child’s sneeze, end up being so complicated ?

[A/N - Hinoki is a species of cypress native to central Japan... the variety grown near the river Kiso, however, is actually called Go-Shin-boku. Sugi (national tree of Japan) is a variety of Cryptomeria which is often referred to as “Japanese Cedar,” but is not related to cedars. They are both major causes of hayfever in Japan]


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