Morally Silver by LadyDaniTar

Part Two



Kagome was having a horrible day. She had been back in Tokyo for three months and had yet to find a new job. She had been living off her savings, thinking it would be easy to find work, so she splurged on a new apartment in a trendy area. Now, she was regretting not taking up her mother's offer to stay at the shrine until she found employment.

After working overseas in America for the past four years, she had grown homesick. So, she quit her job as a translator for a large corporation and moved back to Japan. She had been so excited for her interview today. It was for a publishing company needing an English to Japanese translator, and Kagome was sure she had the job in the bag.

But the old man interviewing her kept asking if she had plans to marry, if she had children, why she didn't have children, and why she was still single at her age. Without a word, she stood up and walked out of the interview. The nerve of that guy! Even in this modern day, she sometimes felt like she was back in the Feudal Era.

Grumbling under her breath and stomping down the busy sidewalk, someone bumped into her, causing her to stumble and a heel to get caught in a storm grate. Great. Just perfect. As she kneeled down and fought with the metal bars keeping her shoe captive, another passerby pushed by, causing her to fall completely on her ass.

With a frustrated yell and a final pull, Kagome freed her now scuffed and scratched-up black heel. She sat there for a moment, her cheeks flushed with anger and humiliation. The bustling city continued around her, indifferent to her plight. She could feel the stares of curious onlookers, but she didn't care. Today had been a disaster from start to finish, and this was just the cherry on top.

Finally, with a deep breath, she got to her feet, dusting off her skirt and straightening her disheveled hair. The scuffed shoe was a small casualty in the grand scheme of things, but it felt symbolic of her entire day. Determined not to let this get the best of her, she squared her shoulders and started walking again.

Kagome didn’t get far when she caught a whiff of a familiar scent, one she hadn’t smelled in almost ten years. Another gentle breeze from behind brought more of the vanilla and orange blossom to her nose, making her heart race. Turning slowly, she looked around, trying to pinpoint its source. It had to be a coincidence, or maybe her frazzled mind was playing tricks on her.

Spinning in place one more time, her wide blue eyes landed on a man sitting outside an upscale café. Even from his seated position, it was obvious he was ridiculously tall, the three-piece dark gray suit he wore tailored perfectly to his large, muscular frame. Striking long silver hair was pulled up into a sleek ponytail, and he held what appeared to be a cigarette, the source of the haunting scent she was hunting down.

As she studied his face, their eyes met, and her breath caught. Gold eyes, piercing and narrow, locked onto hers, sending a bolt of electricity up her spine. There was no way. It was impossible. This could not be Sesshoumaru. But those eyes, that hair, that scent… The only thing that was missing were his delicious markings.

Panic welled up inside her as he started to stand, his movements graceful and calculated. He was even more breathtaking than she remembered, his presence commanding and almost otherworldly. Kagome's pulse quickened, her mind racing with disbelief and a surge of heated memories she had buried long ago.

Without thinking, she did the first thing that came to mind. She ran.

Her heels clicked sharply against the pavement as she darted through the crowded street, weaving between pedestrians. Her heart pounded in her chest as a sense of dread propelling her forward. The city around her blurred, her focus solely on putting distance between herself and the man who couldn’t possibly be here, in her world. 

But as she ran, the scent lingered in her nostrils, a reminder of a time long past, of nights spent in gardens under the moonlight, of whispered desires and forbidden touches. The memories fueled her panic, and she pushed herself to run faster, not daring to look back. That night, the night she explored, touched, tasted his body, was flooding back into her mind.

She remembered every intimate detail: the feel of his skin under her fingers, the way his breath hitched as her lips traced the stripes on his chest. After she had given her first-ever blowjob to who was essentially her fiancé's brother, Kagome knew things could never go back to the way they were. The afterglow of their heated encounter had barely faded when she bolted back to her room. 

As the first rays of light lit up the sky, she hastily packed her belongings, mounted Ah-Un, and flew back to Edo without even a goodbye to Sesshoumaru. She couldn't face him after what she had done that night. She was terrified that if she stayed, she would be tempted to go further, to be consumed by him entirely. It was easier to leave, to run away.

When she landed in Edo, it hadn't taken long to find Inuyasha. Before he had a chance to ask why she had come back, she blurted out that she couldn't marry him, that she didn't want to marry him. They stood there in shocked silence for a moment before he simply said, "Okay." There was no fight, no questions, just simple acceptance.

Kagome stayed long enough to bid her friends farewells and gather the last of her things before jumping into the well. That had been eight years ago. Since then, she had gone to college, studied abroad in Europe, and eventually moved to America for work.

Eight years of trying to forget how his markings tasted, how warm and smooth his skin felt under her hands. Her mind always drifted back to that night at the Shiro, to the way Sesshoumaru's golden eyes had looked at her, filled with  desire and something she couldn't quite place. It was as if he saw right through her, understood her in ways no one else ever had. None of her boyfriends could compare, each relationship fizzling out before any intimacy took place.

Now, as she ran through the crowded streets of Tokyo, that same seductive scent pulled her back into the past. Her breath came in ragged gasps, her heart a wild drumbeat in her chest. The city blurred around her, her focus solely on escaping the memories and shame that was beginning to overwhelm her.

When her apartment building came into view, Kagome let out a sigh of relief. She quickened her pace, swiping her key card with trembling fingers and dashing to the elevator. As the doors closed, she leaned back against the cool wall, closing her eyes and allowing herself a moment to breathe. Maybe she had been mistaken. That couldn't have been Sesshoumaru. It had been a long day, and her sleep had been restless lately, her mind likely playing tricks on her.

"Get it together, Kagome. There's no way Sesshoumaru is still alive," she mumbled to herself, trying to shake off the lingering unease.

Just as the elevator doors were about to shut completely, another ding filled the air, accompanied by the unmistakable scent she had been trying to outrun. Kagome's eyes flew open, and she nearly screamed when she saw the man from the café standing before her. His amber eyes burned into hers as he stepped inside the lift.

He moved with deliberate slowness, his gaze never leaving her as he pressed the close door button. The elevator began its ascent, and Kagome's heart pounded in her chest. Halfway to the fifteenth floor, he reached out  once more and pressed the emergency stop button, bringing the metal compartment to an abrupt halt.

His voice, deep and commanding, broke the silence. "Running away again, Kagome?"

Her pulse quickened, fear and something else she couldn't quite name coursing through her veins. "Sesshoumaru," she whispered, barely able to believe he was really standing in front of her.

He stepped closer, his hand reaching out to gently tilt her chin up, forcing her to meet his gaze. "You didn't think you could escape me that easily, did you?" a soft, teasing smile tugging at the corner of his lips.

It had been a tiring day full of meetings, and Sesshoumaru desperately needed a break. Not far from his office was a small café that still permitted smoking on its veranda, and today, more than ever, he craved the solace of a smoke. Jaken had recently procured his favorite blend from the east, a mixture that never failed to calm him and stir delicious memories.

Settling into his favorite seat with a clear view of the bustling street, Sesshoumaru took a long drag from his hand-rolled cigarette. As the aromatic herbs began to soothe his tension, he leaned forward, allowing himself to unwind. He watched the humans scurry about their day, a sea of office workers and passersby flowing in rhythm with the city.

A frustrated yell from a nearby female caught his attention, slicing through the ambient noise of the street. He glanced over to see a woman sitting on the ground, struggling to reattach a high heel. As she stood and brushed the dirt from her black pencil skirt, his eyes were irresistibly drawn to the slit running up her thigh, revealing a glimpse of smooth skin. His gaze grew heavy with a sudden, vivid memory of a night spent with Kagome, a night that had haunted him for centuries.

He watched her intently, the way she fixed her long raven hair and grumbled to herself, until she suddenly froze. She turned slowly, her eyes wide, and their gazes met. Sesshoumaru's golden eyes clashed with ocean blue, and for a moment, the world seemed to stop.

He held the smoke in his lungs, letting it burn, before exhaling slowly; Kagome.

The years melted away as Sesshoumaru took in her features, each one more captivating than the last. Her hair cascaded around her heart-shaped face, and her full pink lips were slightly parted in surprise. The sensuous curve of her hips was accentuated by the tailored lines of her pencil skirt, hinting at the allure of the body he remembered so vividly. 

Kagome seemed equally stunned, her blue eyes widened in recognition. For a moment, they simply stared at each other, the bustling city around them fading into the background. 

Sesshoumaru stood, the chair scraping softly against the pavement, and took a step towards her. The world around them resumed its pace, and he could see the panic creeping into her eyes.

And then she ran.

Stunned by her sudden flight, Sesshoumaru stood frozen for a moment, staring at the spot where Kagome had just been. With a flick of his wrist, his cigarette landed in a nearby ashtray, and he took off after her. He had already lost her once; he would not lose her again.

He navigated through the crowd with speed he hadn’t used since the second world war, Sesshoumaru followed her scent, which was growing faint amid the overwhelming stench of the city. He caught sight of her just as she slipped into an apartment building, the door nearly closing behind her. At the last second he managed to catch the door before it locked and followed her inside and into the elevator.

Sesshoumaru let go of her chin and took a step back allowing her some space, the stalled elevator making it impossible for her to retreat. “You have nothing to fear from me, Kagome,” he said softly, his amber eyes boring into hers. “I only wish to talk.”

Kagome’s breath hitched as she looked up into his eyes, the golden depths drawing her in, making it impossible to look away. The fear that had gripped her moments before began to wane.The longer she was exposed to the lingering scent of vanilla and orange blossom still clinging to his clothing, the harder it was to focus. 

Slowly she stepped around him, never once taking her eyes away from his, and switched off the emergency stop so the elevator could continue its journey up. “Not here.” her voice coming out more breathy than she liked, she couldn’t think straight with him so close. “My apartment… we can talk there.” 

The elevator came to a halt with a soft chime, the doors sliding open to reveal her floor. Sesshoumaru moved aside, allowing her to exit first. She hesitated for a moment, then walked out, glancing over her shoulder to make sure he was really there and following.

They reached her apartment, and with trembling hands, she fumbled for her key. Sesshoumaru’s presence was a steadying force behind her, his calm demeanor contrasting with her own nervousness. Finally, she managed to unlock the door and push it open, stepping inside and motioning for him to as well.

As the door closed behind them, the reality of their reunion settled over Kagome like a heavy blanket. The intimate space of her apartment felt charged with a sense of impending anticipation, each movement and breath magnified in the stillness. She turned to face Sesshoumaru, who had now dropped his glamor and let down his hair. He stood just inside the dark doorway, his tall frame dominating the small entryway. 

He took a step forward, his eyes never leaving hers. The soft glow of the sunlight outside filtered through the blinds, casting shadows that danced across his chiseled features and highlighting the crescent moon on his forehead. He took another step, and then another, until Kagome found herself backed into a wall. The cool surface pressed against her, contrasting sharply with the heat emanating from his body.

His hands came up, palms flat against the wall on either side of her, effectively caging her in. She could feel the warmth of his breath against her skin as he leaned in, his deep voice a low, whisper. “Did you manage to discover who you were after leaving through the well?”

Kagome’s pulse was pounding in her ears, growing louder by the second.. She swallowed hard, the fervor of his words making it difficult to think. “I think so?,” she replied, her voice trembling, sounding unsure. “I’ve done a lot since then.”

“Was it worth it?” he asked, his tone softer, more probing. “Are you happy with your decision not to marry Inuyasha?”

She hesitated, memories of sleepless nights, of regrets and what-ifs flooded her mind. It hadn't always been easy, life wasn't easy, but she knew her answer. “Yes. I had to find my own path, one not chosen for me” she said with a little more confidence. “I couldn’t stay in a relationship where I felt... incomplete.”

Sesshoumaru’s eyes darkened, a flash of something primal crossing his features. He leaned in closer, his lips brushing against the shell of her ear, giving her goosebumps. “And did you explore other males the way you did my body?”His beast asked, filled with a blend of accusation and possessiveness.

Kagome’s breath hitched, the gall of him to say such a thing ignited a fire within her. She straightened, her eyes full of contempt. “No,” she snapped, “not that it is any of your business, but I haven’t slept with any of the men I’ve dated.”

His eyes flared with a triumphant light, a predatory gleam that made her knees weak. “Good,” he breathed, his lips grazing her earlobe. “Because we never got a chance to finish what you started that night.” His hand moved to cup her cheek, his thumb gently tugging down her lower lip.

Kagome’s mind whirled, his words dredging up memories she had tried to bury. That night had become her one weakness over the years, invading her dreams and leaving her feeling empty. It may have only been eight years for her, but it had been centuries for him. How could a demon as gorgeous and powerful as Sesshoumaru still remember her? Surely, there had been more beautiful and enjoyable women in his life after she left.

“Why?” she asked, her voice tinged with confusion. “Why does it still matter to you after so long?”

He pulled back slightly, just enough to look into her questioning eyes. “I have waited centuries for this moment, Kagome,” he said firmly, “No other has given me pleasure the way you did that night."

Sesshoumaru then attempted to capture her lips, but was startled when she firmly pushed at his chest and glared up at him. “Are you saying that after only one blowjob I made you incapable of enjoying sex with other women?” her tone was incredulous. She knew what she was saying was ridiculous, but the damn demon made it sound like it was her fault he hadn't had a good lay in five hundred years.

His eyes flashed red in frustration. “You misunderstand,” he said. “It was not merely the physical act, Kagome. That night when you explored me so intimately, it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. Do you know how rare it is for someone to touch me and not fear me? To desire me not out of obligation or awe, but out of genuine want?”

Kagome swallowed hard, the intensity of his words and gaze making her knees weak. “I haven’t forgotten that night either.” she unwillingly admitted. “That's why I never…” A blush covered her cheeks and she looked away. She hadn’t intended to reveal that she was still a virgin because no one had ever captivated her the way he had.

A small smile tugged at the corner of Sesshoumaru’s lips. “Then we are not so different, you and I,” he crooned, “You awakened something within me, and now, I intend to pick up where we left off.”

“Sesshoumaru...” she began, but he silenced her with a kiss. His lips were soft yet demanding, capturing hers with an urgency that left her breathless. His clawed hand cradled the back of her head, fingers threading through her hair and pulling gently as he deepened the kiss. The world around them faded away, it was as if they were transported back in time to his Shiro.

The way his claws scraped her scalp when he gripped her hair had Kagome opening her mouth to him in a silent gasp. Sesshoumaru wasted no time, accepting the unintended invitation and pushing his tongue past her lips. She tasted even better than he had imagined—like sweet milk and honey. His other hand grabbed onto her hip, pulling her firmly against his body. They were wearing too many clothes. He wanted to feel her skin against his, the thought of being denied such a pleasure causing him to growl into her mouth.

Kagome felt like she was drowning in a sea of his scent and taste, a blend of mint and woodsy notes overwhelming her senses. His hold on her hip was almost bruising, and when he growled, her whole body went rigid with pleasure, causing her to squeeze her thighs to relieve some of the sensation. She wanted to see him again as he had been that night, shirt and pants open for her to look, to touch, to taste, to take. 

She pushed against his hard chest and slipped out of his hold. Seeing the wild look in his eyes had her smiling, a silent invitation to follow her further into the apartment. The way she moved her hips was hypnotic, and Sesshoumaru couldn’t deny her if he tried. He followed her, his eyes never leaving the seductive sway of her body.

When they entered her bedroom, she turned and grabbed him by the tie, leading him toward the large bed with a mischievous glint in her eyes. With a swift, unexpected move, she gave his shoulders a push, using just enough of her holy powers to send him falling back onto the bed.

Sesshoumaru's eyes widened in surprise as he landed with a soft bounce. The shock on his face quickly transformed into intrigue as Kagome began to crawl onto the bed, moving sensuously up his body. She settled herself on his thighs, her fingers deftly working to unbutton his vest. Her touch made his pants uncomfortably tight.

His dress shirt was opened next, she pushed it aside along with his suit vest and jacket, revealing his sculpted chest. Kagome's tongue wet her lips at the sight of his naked torso. If she didn't know better, she could have sworn his stripes had gotten bigger.

Taking her time, she reached out and followed the lines on his shoulders with her fingers, marveling at the smooth texture of his skin. Her touch continued down over his hard muscles, tracing the intricate patterns until her hands covered the stripes on his hips. She slightly gripped and dragged her nails over them, eliciting a low growl from Sesshoumaru.

The sensation had him involuntarily thrusting his hips. "Fuck, I've missed this feeling," he groaned.

Kagome looked up at him, her blue eyes dark with want. "Me too," she whispered, leaning down to press her lips against his shoulder. Her tongue traced the stripes, savoring the taste of his skin. 

Sesshoumaru's hands moved to her skirt-covered hips, gripping them tightly the same way he had done so long ago. "Kagome," he snarled, his voice filled with both warning and need. “You are driving me mad."

"Good," she replied, her breath hot drifting across his wet skin. "I want you to lose control." She kissed her way down his torso, her fingers working to unfasten his belt.

He gasped as her hands brushed against his arousal, the sensation nearly breaking him. "Kagome," his tone almost sounded like a plea, "do you know what you're doing to me?"

"I do," she responded with a sultry smile, her eyes never leaving his as she freed his aching cock. "And I intend to enjoy every second of it."

Sesshoumaru's control was hanging by a thread, his breath coming in ragged gasps as Kagome's touch had his beast nearly feral. "You will be the death of me," he said, his voice strained.

She laughed softly, the sound vibrating against his skin. "Then I’ll just have to bring you back to life with Tenseiga," she teased before lowering herself to take him into her mouth, savoring the familiar taste of him as he shuddered beneath her.

For centuries, Sesshoumaru had yearned to feel her warm mouth enveloping him once more, a sensation unlike anything he had experienced before. No other female had dared to attempt it, either out of fear or respect for his position. In a rare moment of weakness, he had once requested it, only to be met with refusal, the female convinced it was a ploy to have her executed.

But now, as Kagome knelt over him, her full lips wrapping around him with an eagerness that made his head spin, Sesshoumaru knew that the wait had been worth it. The touch of her tongue against his sensitive flesh caused him to let out an unabashed moan

With each tantalizing suck and swirl of her tongue, he felt himself being transported to heights of ecstasy he had known only once before. His hands tangled in her hair as he urged her on with soft, encouraging words.

Yes, he thought to himself, he would gladly wait another five hundred years for this.

Kagome's past experiences with men had been pretty disappointing. The last time she got up close and personal with a man's penis, its appearance had left her feeling completely underwhelmed. Her lack of enthusiasm was so obvious that it actually wilted right in front of her. 

Sesshoumaru knew he wasn't going to last much longer. Just the thought of her swallowing his seed, licking his pulsing cock clean, had him close to the edge. He dared to look down, and the sight of her watery blue eyes gazing up at him as she took him all the way to the base was his undoing.

“Kagome,” he panted, voice sounding more like a growl, “I’m about to come.”

His hips moved on their own, his beast taking over as his hands grabbed either side of her head, holding her still. He began to thrust into her hot mouth, the pressure building until he couldn't hold back anymore. With a final, deep thrust, he came, spilling down her throat with a guttural moan.

Kagome swallowed eagerly, her tongue still working to get every last drop. She glanced up at him, eyes twinkling with satisfaction, as she licked him clean. The way he had lost control and taken his pleasure with her mouth heightened her own desire. Sesshoumaru's breath was ragged, his chest heaving as he tried to calm himself.

Before she had a chance to move away or catch her breath, Sesshomaru pounced. In the blink of an eye, he had her pinned to the bed, his body pressing firmly against hers. His lips found her neck, lapping and nipping at the delicate skin, eliciting a loud moan from her. As he indulged, he quickly removed the rest of his clothing and tossed them into some corner of the room.

"It's my turn to explore," he purred against her ear before nipping it with his fangs. He grabbed her breasts over her dress shirt, roughly massaging them, his thumbs teasing her hardened nipples.

Kagome arched into his touch, a gasp escaping her lips. "Sesshoumaru...," she breathed, hands running over his muscular back and digging her nails in, urging him closer.

He pulled back just enough to peel her blouse off, revealing a lacy red bra. His eyes darkened as he took in the sight of her flushed skin and heaving chest. "You have no idea how long I've waited for this," he whispered, leaning down to kiss the valley between her breasts.

Kagome's hands tangled in his silver hair, a soft sigh escaping her lips at how silky the strands felt between her fingers.. "If you wish to know more," she said, echoing the words he had spoken to her five hundred years ago, "I won't stop you."

Her words shot through him like an arrow. It sounded as if she was giving him permission to do as he pleased, and his beast was already close to the surface, eager to take advantage of such an offer. Sesshoumaru lifted his head from her breasts, revealing crimson eyes filled with a raw, primal lust.

He didn’t wait another second. With a growl, he slammed his lips onto hers, the kiss demanding. His tongue traced the seam of her lips, begging for entry, before he sucked, bit, and pulled on her swollen bottom lip. Kagome gasped, granting him the access he sought, and he plunged his tongue into her mouth, exploring and claiming.

Their tongues battled as Sesshoumaru's hands roamed her body, finding the slit on the side of her skirt and ripping it until the fabric fell away. His long fingers slid between her thighs, teasing her through the damp fabric of her panties. "Tell me you want this, Kagome," he demanded while pulling away so she could breathe. “I need to hear you say it.”

For a moment, Kagome was speechless, lost in the whirlwind of sensation that Sesshoumaru's touch evoked. But when his finger pressed against her clit, sending bolts of pleasure shooting through her, she couldn't hold back any longer. "Yes…," she gasped "Yes, I want this. I want you."

A predatory gleam flashed in Sesshoumaru's crimson eyes at her response. With a swift flick of his claws, he sliced through the middle of her bra, revealing her large breasts to his crimson gaze. His lips descended upon her exposed flesh, capturing a pert nipple in his mouth while his hand expertly teased and tormented the other.

A satisfied rumble grew in his chest as he tasted her. Greedy for more, Sesshoumaru ripped away the last barrier between them, his fingers finding her slick heat and rubbing her clit with a fervor that left her trembling and gasping.

Kagome's breath caught in her throat as Sesshoumaru's fangs grazed and tugged at the taut peak, sending shivers of pleasure coursing through her body. Her fingers dug into the sheets beneath her as she arched her back, offering more of herself to him.

As Sesshoumaru moved further down her body, his lips and tongue leaving a scorching trail of kisses, licks, and sucks in their wake, Kagome's skin erupted in goosebumps. Each touch, bruise, and scratch felt like a branding, marking her as his own.

He lowered himself between Kagome's spread legs, his breath hot against her already heated skin. His hands slid up her thighs, spreading them wide as he drank in the sight of her glistening folds, her arousal intoxicating him with its sweet heady scent.

Sesshoumaru's tongue danced over her core with expert precision, each stroke sending waves of pleasure crashing over her. He teased and tortured her, alternating between gentle licks and firm, deliberate strokes, his ministrations driving her to the brink of ecstasy.

As Kagome's moans grew louder, her hips bucking against his mouth in a desperate plea for more, Sesshoumaru intensified his efforts, his tongue delving deeper, seeking out every hidden crevice of her heat. He flicked and sucked at her swollen clit, sending sparks of pleasure shooting through her, each touch pushing her closer and closer.

Letting out a pleased hum at her reaction, Sesshoumaru continued to devour her, his mouth and tongue working tirelessly to bring her to the highest peak of pleasure. Kagome's scream echoed in the room as wave after wave of bliss crashed over her, her body trembling and hands pulling at his hair from  the force of her release.

But Sesshoumaru showed no signs of stopping, his relentless assault driving her to new heights. Again and again, he brought her to the brink of climax, only to push her further still. 

Finally, unable to withstand the intensity any longer, Kagome shattered beneath him once more, her body convulsing with the force of her climax. She cried out his name, her voice like a symphony as wave after wave of bliss washed over her.

With a satisfied growl, Sesshoumaru withdrew, his lips glistening with her sweet essence as he gazed down at her with a wicked gleam in his eyes. Kagome lay spent and breathless beneath him, her body humming with the aftershocks as she basked in the euphoria of her release.

Licking his drenched lips, Sesshoumaru leaned in close to Kagome, his voice a deep, gravelly whisper, "I'm not finished with you yet," his breath hot against her already heated skin. "Virgin though you may be, I know you will feel exquisite. I want to hear you begging for more, pleading for me to take you even harder."

Kagome, dazed and breathless from her previous climax, could barely muster a response. She lay there, her chest heaving, her skin glistening with sweat. Sesshoumaru's fingers began to explore her slick folds, his touch almost too much on her overly sensitive skin. Slowly, teasingly, he eased one finger inside her, stretching her in the most delicious way imaginable.

"You have never been touched like this, have you?" he crooned, "No one else has made you feel this way." Her gasp of pleasure was her answer enough, spurring him on. He added another finger, then another, until she was filled to the brim with his touch. With his thumb expertly stroking her clit, Kagome felt herself teetering on the edge once again, her body thrumming with need.

Kagome's breath came out in quick pants but she managed a shaky whisper. "No... no one."

He gave her a devilish grin. "Good," he growled, his voice thick with desire. "Because you're mine now, Kagome. I will not let you run away again."

Throughout it all, Sesshoumaru's crimson eyes remained fixed on her face, his gaze devouring every expression, every whimper of pleasure that escaped her lips. He wanted to savor every moment, to drink in the sight of her ecstasy as he brought her to orgasm once more.

His skilled fingers found just the right spot inside her, Kagome's body tensed, pleasure building to an unbearable peak. With a sharp cry, she grabbed his wrist, her nails digging into his skin as another wave washed over her. Tears mingled with the sheen of sweat on her flushed face as she shook from the force of her climax.

As she caught her breath, Kagome's heavy gaze roamed over the demon lord between her legs. His crimson eyes blazing with lust, lips were slightly parted, a satisfied smirk playing at the corners as he watched her recover. Long silver hair cascaded around his face, framing his godlike features in a way that made her heart race. He was breathtakingly beautiful. The sight of him, so powerful and commanding, made her core tighten with renewed need.

He withdrew his fingers slowly, making her whimper at the loss. "You look so beautiful when you come apart for me," his voice a deep low purr. "I want to remember every moment, every reaction." he moved back up her body, his erection pressing against her slick entrance.

The reality of what was about to happen finally dawned on Kagome. She glanced down, her eyes widening as they took in the impressive size of his twitching cock. Panic surged through her. There was no way that was going to fit inside her.

"Sesshoumaru," she whispered, her earlier confidence giving away to fear. "I don't know if... I don't know if I can..."

Sensing her growing unease, Sesshoumaru's eyes softened, flecks of gold seeming into the red. He cupped her cheek, his thumb brushing away a trail of sweat and tears "It will be alright, Kagome," he reassured her, “Just focus on the pleasure, and let me take care of the rest."

Kagome nodded, her breath hitching as she tried to relax. As frightened as she was, there was nowhere else she would rather be in this moment.

Slowly, he began to ease into her, his movements controlled and steady. Kagome hissed at the initial stretch, her body tensing involuntarily. Sesshoumaru paused, his lips brushing over hers. "Relax, Kagome," he whispered between soft kisses. "Breathe for me."

She took a deep breath, trying to loosen her grip around him as he continued to press forward. The current discomfort gave way to a growing sense of fullness, an intense pressure that had her moaning softly. Inch by inch, he filled her, his gaze never leaving her face.

"You are taking me so well," he praised, his voice a soothing balm. "Just a little more."

Finally, he was fully seated inside her, his size stretching her in ways she had never imagined. Sesshoumaru stilled, allowing her to adjust to the sensation as his claws dug into the bed on either side of her waist. "How does it feel?" he asked, his tone strained but filled with concern. 

Kagome bit her lip, a mixture of pain and pleasure radiating through her. "It's... a lot," she admitted, her voice shaky as her walls clenched and released. "But it feels good."

A relieved smile tugged at his lips. "Now, let us make it feel even better." He began to move, slow and steady, each thrust measured and deep. Kagome's initial pain melted away, replaced by waves of pleasure that had her arching into him. She clung to his shoulders, her nails digging into his skin as she tried to match his rhythm.

His eyes darkened with lust, a hand grabbing her hip and lifting it as his pace quickened. "Fuck," he groaned, his hips driving into her with increasing fervor. "You are so tight."

Kagome's moans grew louder, her body bouncing with each thrust. "More," she pleaded, her voice a desperate whisper as she drug her nails down the stripes on his shoulders. "I need more."

With a loud snarl, Sesshoumaru obliged, his movements becoming more urgent, more demanding. He angled his hips, hitting that sweet spot inside her that had her crying out in ecstasy. "Yes, right there," she gasped, her nails raking at his hips. "Don't stop, please don't stop."

The room filled with the sounds of their passion, the slick slap of skin against skin, the melody of their mingled moans and growls. Kagome felt herself hurtling toward the edge once more, the pressure building to an almost unimaginable peak.

"Sesshoumaru, I'm going to—" she began, but her words were cut off by a shuddering cry as her climax crashed over her, body convulsing and back arching up with the force of it.

"That's it," Sesshoumaru urged, his voice tight with his own impending release. "Come for me, Kagome. Show me how much you want this."

Her walls clamped down around him, drawing him deeper as she rode out the last spasms of her orgasm. With a final, powerful thrust, Sesshoumaru joined her, a guttural roar tearing from his throat as he found his own release. His hot demon seed coating her walls as his knot swelled locking him inside her.

For a moment, they just lay there, their bodies entwined, their breaths mingling as they came down from their shared high. Sesshoumaru felt himself loosen, pulling out and rolling off Kagome. Pushing sweat-soaked bangs from his face, he turned to her, watching as she floated back down to earth, her chest rising and falling as she regained her breath.

Finally able to breathe normally again, Kagome looked to her right and observed Sesshoumaru leaning over the bed, rifling through his suit jacket. When he found what he had been searching for and settled back next to her, Kagome couldn’t help but let out a giggle as he lit another hand-rolled cigarette.

As the comforting scent of vanilla and orange blossoms filled the room, Kagome waited until Sesshoumaru finished his first drag before reaching over and plucking the roll from between his claws. Taking a long drag for herself, she exhaled and blurted out, "I don't want to get married."

Sesshoumaru, confused, moved to lay on his side facing her. "I do not recall asking," he said, his voice husky and curious.

Kagome smiled, feeling the weight of her words lift slightly. "I just needed to say it. I'm still not ready for that kind of commitment, and I wanted to be sure you understood."

He hummed in acknowledgment, his eyes never leaving hers as he took back the offered cigarette. "I understand, Kagome. I am in no hurry to mate either." He took a slow drag, the glow of the cigarette casting shadows on his hard, glistening body. "But I wouldn't be opposed to dating. I wish to keep seeing you."

A warmth spread through her chest, a mix of relief and happiness. "I'd like that," she replied softly, her fingers tracing patterns around his stripes. "I want to explore this... us, while still trying to figure out my life."

Sesshoumaru's lips curled into a rare, genuine smile. "Then it's settled," he said, exhaling a stream of smoke. "We will take our time."

She leaned in, pressing a gentle kiss to his lips, tasting the faint sweetness of the herbal blend mingling with his natural minty flavor. "Thank you, Sesshoumaru."

He pulled her closer, his hand resting on the small of her back. "There is no need to thank me, Kagome. I desire you, in all ways. We will find our path together."

Kagome snuggled into his embrace, feeling content and secure. "You know," she murmured, her voice playful, "for a powerful demon lord, you can be quite patient."

Sesshoumaru chuckled, a deep rumble that vibrated through her. "Only for you, Kagome. Only for you."

The room fell into a comfortable silence, the only sounds were their steady breathing and the soft crackle of the cigarette as Sesshoumaru took another drag. The lingering fragrance of vanilla and orange blossoms draped around them like a veil of nostalgia, weaving together threads of past recollections and dreams of what tomorrow might hold.


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