Morally Silver by LadyDaniTar

Part One



Kagome let out a long, dramatic sigh, her eyes wandering aimlessly around the grand but now annoyingly familiar surroundings of Sesshoumaru's Shiro. It had been over two months since Inuyasha had left her here, promising he’d be back soon. He had big plans: defeat Naraku, check. Wish the Shikon Jewel out of existence, check. Plan a wedding... but then, Inuyasha got caught up in learning more about dog demon traditions. He found out he had to present a courting gift before they could get married.

Sesshoumaru, in what she thought was one of his rare moments of brotherly advice, suggested Inuyasha build Kagome’s dream home as a courting gift. And so, the wedding was pushed back again and again while Inuyasha focused on this grand project. Meanwhile, Kagome was stuck at the Shiro, supposedly enjoying its many luxuries.

At first, all the amenities were amazing. She had never slept in such soft beds or soaked in such heavenly hot baths. The private onsen was a dream, and the food prepared by top-notch chefs was incredible. But after a while, the novelty wore off. The maids were constantly on her case, pushing her to wear "more appropriate" attire, especially around Lord Sesshoumaru. They didn't seem to understand that Kagome loved her modern clothes and priestess robes, which were a thousand times more comfortable than the formal kimonos the other ladies wore.

Days dragged by slowly. She tried to pass the time in the library, but even the books couldn’t hold her attention anymore. She felt restless, her mind craving the excitement and unpredictability that had been her life for so long. The opulence of the Shiro began to feel more like a gilded cage than a sanctuary.

Without any distractions, Kagome's mind began to wander. She started to reconsider everything. Was this really what she wanted? To marry Inuyasha and live in the small village for the rest of her life? Sure, she would have more to do, helping the community, doing chores with Sango, and one day raising her own children. But was that something she wanted to do with Inuyasha?

If you had asked her sixteen-year-old self, the answer would have been a resounding yes. Back then, it was all she wanted. But now, nearly twenty, she realized there were other options. Just because the burden of the Jewel and Naraku were gone didn’t mean they had to get married right away. She could travel, live on her own for a while, maybe go back home and attend college like she had wanted to before falling into the well.

She loved Inuyasha, she really did, but sometimes it felt like over the past four years, she had grown and changed while he remained the same.

Each day that passed without Inuyasha returning for her left Kagome to backtrack on her decisions. Was marrying Inuyasha and settling down in the village really what she wanted? Doubts crept in and refused to leave.

And then there was Sesshoumaru. That damned Sesshoumaru.

Nighttime had become her sanctuary. It was the time when she could escape the maids tugging and pulling on her clothing and the nasty looks from the court females. At night, she could wander the royal gardens in peace without a care. The cool air, the soft glow of the moonlight, and the quiet rustle of leaves were soothing. But then, a month into her stay, Sesshoumaru had begun to enjoy the gardens at night as well.

After dinner, he would sit on the porch outside his study, wearing more relaxed and casual clothing than she was used to seeing him in. The front of his haori would hang open, revealing his god-like sculpted chest and abs, each muscle defined and glistening faintly in the moonlight. His skin looked smooth and flawless, like chiseled marble. Even if Kagome tried to close her eyes and ignore him, the scent from his kiseru would inevitably find her. It had a sweet, floral, almost intoxicating aroma, like incense mixed with a hint of something wild and forbidden. The fragrance would tickle her nose, sending shivers down her spine, and make her feel slightly dizzy, as if she were floating on a cloud.

She had tried her best to block it out, to not let his presence disrupt her alone time in the gardens. But after a month, it was nearly impossible. Kagome had been slowly drifting closer to his spot on the porch each night. By the twelfth week of her stay at the Shiro, she found herself standing in front of him.

Thin straps on either shoulder supported the soft jersey fabric of the knee-length black chemise she wore, the delicate material clinging to her curves. Over it she had draped a nearly translucent white robe that caught the night breeze, fluttering around her.. The V-neckline of her chemise dipped low, revealing a hint of her collarbone and the smooth skin beneath, while the loose bottom danced with the wind, occasionally revealing one of the slits that went up to mid-thigh, offering tantalizing glimpses of her shapely tan legs.

Just like all the other nights, he stared back at her, his honey-gold eyes following her every movement as she meandered through the flowerbeds. His gaze was intense and unwavering, like a predator observing its prey. The smoke curling from his kiseru carried a different fragrance tonight. The aroma was more subtle, a blend of vanilla and hints of orange blossoms. It filled the air with a warm, inviting sweetness that made Kagome feel as though she were being gently embraced, heightening her senses and making her acutely aware of his proximity to her.

Kagome took a deep breath, letting the scent wash over her. "Sesshoumaru," she began softly, her voice carrying a mix of curiosity and hesitation. "What are you smoking tonight? It smells... different."

Sesshoumaru took a slow drag, his lips caressing the kiseru before he exhaled a thin stream of smoke that curled sensuously into the night air. "It is a blend from the southern regions," he replied, his voice a velvety whisper that sent the hairs on the back of her neck standing up. 

Kagome nodded, stepping closer, as if in a trace. Her deep blue eyes tracing the crescent moon on his forehead and twin strips accentuating the sharp angles of his cheekbones. "It’s nice," she said softly, her voice almost shy. "I’ve never smelled anything like it."

He inclined his head slightly. "I find it... calming," he said, his steady gaze locking onto hers, the intensity in his eyes making her heart flutter.

For a moment, she stood and he sat there in silence, the darkness wrapping around them like a satin cloak. Kagome felt a strange sense of peace, something she hadn’t felt in weeks. The quiet strength in Sesshoumaru’s presence was unexpectedly comforting.

"I’ve been thinking a lot lately," she admitted, breaking the silence. "About my future, about what I really want."

Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow, his interest clearly piqued. "And what have you concluded?" he asked, his tone gentle yet probing, his eyes never leaving hers.

"I’m not sure," she confessed. "I love Inuyasha, but... I’m not the same person I was when I first came here. I’ve changed, grown. And sometimes, it feels like he hasn’t." Her quiet voice drifted off as if being carried away by the wind.

Sesshoumaru nodded slowly while inhaling, as if he understood more than he was letting on. "It is natural to change, Kagome. To evolve. It is the way of life," the smoke floating past his lips as he spoke.

There was a depth to his words surprising her. "I guess I just need to figure out what I want for myself, not just what’s expected of me." 

He regarded her with a strange expression she hadn’t seen on him before. "Then take your time," he said, his voice a low, soothing rumble. "Discover who you are."

The day Inuyasha approached Sesshoumaru, asking if there was anything special to be done to properly court Kagome, Sesshoumaru had been appalled. The audacity of the half-breed to believe he still stood a chance with the Priestess! Perhaps he did, four years ago, but not anymore. Kagome had outgrown him in every conceivable way. She was more powerful, mature, and intelligent.

Sesshoumaru’s dismay deepened when he learned that Kagome had agreed to mate with the mutt. Why, he did not know, but he was determined to find out. More importantly, he wanted to give her the opportunity to withdraw her claim. She deserved better—she deserves someone who could match her strength and intellect.

Convincing Inuyasha that a suitable courting gift was necessary had been almost too easy. Sesshoumaru suggested that Inuyasha build Kagome’s dream home, a grand gesture that would ostensibly prove his worth. Additionally, Sesshoumaru proposed that Kagome stay at his Shiro while the house was being built, making the surprise all the more significant. Inuyasha, eager to please and unaware of the underlying motives, agreed without hesitation.

Manipulating the mutt had been a success, but now came the more delicate task: gauging Kagome’s feelings about the mating. Sesshoumaru would not confront her directly, instead, he would make himself accessible, present but unobtrusive, allowing her to come to her own conclusions.

Sesshoumaru observed her closely, noting the subtle shifts in her demeanor, the contemplative looks she cast his way. She was restless, that much was clear. 

It took nearly two moon cycles but Kagome had finally approached him and voiced her concerns, and was reevaluating her path. But it was her next question he hadn’t been prepared for.

“Why did you suggest Inuyasha build me a house?” she asked, her tone searching for answers as she sat down next to him.

Sesshoumaru took a slow drag from his kiseru, considering his words carefully. “I believed it would give him time to understand the gravity of his commitment,” he said, his gaze following her. “And to provide you with a space to think about what you truly desire.”

Maybe it was the blend he was smoking tonight, but Kagome found herself feeling slightly more relaxed and loose tongue. “And what do you think I desire?” she asked, sounding slightly breathy.

He exhaled slowly, the fragrant smoke swirling around them. “I think you seek something more,” he said smoothly, “something beyond what Inuyasha can offer.”

As she sat there looking out into the gardens it suddenly dawned on Kagome that she had never actually dated before. She went from junior high to falling into the well, and now, four years later, she was planning to get married. Even though she and Inuyasha had spent years together, they had never actually properly dated. Sure, she knew all his likes and dislikes, but did he even know hers? Had he ever taken the time to find out what her favorite food was? Or her favorite flower?

Her relaxed state began to crumble as panic set in. What the hell was she doing? Sesshoumaru was right: she needed to discover who she was before settling down. Because once she said “I do,” there would be no more time for herself.  Inuyasha would be constantly asking her to make him meals and clean while he went off to do whatever he wanted, as usual.

Kagome’s breathing quickened, and she felt herself starting to hyperventilate. Anxiety clawed at her chest, tightening its grip until she thought she might suffocate under the weight of her own doubts and fears. She clenched her fists, trying to steady herself, but her thoughts raced uncontrollably.

The feel of something warm and firm touching her shoulder startled Kagome back to the present. She looked up to find Sesshoumaru sitting closer, his expression unusually soft, almost concerned. His golden eyes searched hers before understanding reflected in their depths.

Without a word, he handed her his kiseru, the delicate pipe still warm from his touch. “Try it,” he said gently, his voice a calming balm to her frayed nerves. “It will help calm you.”

Kagome hesitated for a moment, then took the pipe from him, her fingers brushing against his in a brief, electric moment of contact. She brought the kiseru to her lips and inhaled slowly. The smoke was soothing, the sweet and citrus blend wrapping around her senses like a comforting embrace. She exhaled, feeling a wave of peace wash over her.

After a few more calming inhales, Kagome handed the pipe back to Sesshoumaru, her fingers lingering a moment longer than necessary. As the soothing smoke cleared her mind, she found herself truly looking at him as if for the first time. 

Sesshoumaru was the only one who seemed to grasp the turmoil she was experiencing. He understood that she could be more than just a wife and mate. Even Sango, with all her good intentions, had done nothing but gush about how wonderful Kagome would be as a wife, caring for her husband and future children. But Kagome didn’t want her identity to be confined to being Inuyasha’s wife or mate. She was Kagome , an individual with her own dreams and desires.

As she stared up into Sesshoumaru’s captivating gold eyes, she felt an unexpected pull towards him. The intensity of his gaze and his uncanny ability to read her so well made her want to be closer to him. Maybe it was the intoxicating smoke, or perhaps it was the profound connection she felt, but Kagome’s curiosity surged.

Her eyes traced the dark, crimson stripes that wrapped over his shoulders, stark against his porcelain skin. They beckoned to her, and she found herself wondering about their texture. Were they as smooth as the rest of his perfect skin, or did they hold a different sensation? And were they sensitive? She needed to know.

Her heart pounded as she reached out tentatively, her hand trembling slightly. “Sesshoumaru,” she whispered, her voice barely audible, laced with both trepidation and curiosity. “May I…?” She let her voice trail off, unsure how to articulate her sudden desire.

He regarded her silently for a moment, then gave a slight nod, his eyes never leaving hers. Encouraged, Kagome let her fingertips brush lightly against one of the stripes on his shoulder. The skin beneath her touch was warm and surprisingly soft and smooth, almost like silk.

She glanced up at him, half expecting to see disapproval, but his expression remained calm, his gaze steady. Emboldened, she let her hand explore further, tracing the contours of his stripes with delicate touches. She felt a subtle shift in his posture, a slight intake of breath, and realized that they were indeed sensitive.

This was not how Sesshoumaru had expected the conversation to go. Her sudden fascination with his markings was understandable; he rarely displayed the ones covering his body. A touch to satisfy her curiosity was fine, he had reasoned. But then she had begun to stroke each one gently, causing his breath to catch. He couldn’t recall the last time someone had touched him so intimately. Even during his rut, he ensured that any physical contact was impersonal, the bitch on her knees facing away to avoid any unnecessary pawing.

Yet somehow, he had allowed this little Priestess the freedom to touch him, and she was more than happy to take advantage of it. Sesshoumaru quickly found himself leaning back on his elbows, his usual stoic demeanor slipping, as Kagome climbed on top of him, straddling his lap.

He watched, his golden eyes darkening as she explored his shoulders with her delicate hands. She traced the stripes with a reverence that sent shivers down his spine, her fingers warm and soft against his cool skin. Slowly, she dragged her hands lower, brushing over his now stiff nipples. A pleased rumble escaped his throat, surprising them both.

She continued her descent, her touch firmer, more insistent. When she reached the markings on his hips, she had the audacity to push his haori open further, granting herself better access. Her fingers traced the slightly jagged lines with an almost possessive intimacy, groping and caressing until her heart was content.

A new urge suddenly hit Kagome, an insistent curiosity that demanded to be satisfied. What did they taste like? Maybe a little salty, like skin? Or perhaps something sweeter? The thought alone made her mouth water. She migrated back up, her breath warm against his chest, and flicked her tongue out, tasting his skin.

Sesshoumaru’s eyes widened slightly. The sensation was electric, sending a jolt of pleasure through his body. His hands moved to rest on her hips, not to stop her, but to steady himself against the onslaught of this new sensation.

Spurred on by his reaction, Kagome pressed her lips to his chest, her tongue tracing the stripes she had admired with her eyes and hands. The taste was unique—slightly spicy like cinnamon, with an underlying sweetness that was wholly unexpected. She kissed her way down his torso, savoring each new stripe, each new twitch and rumble she elicited from him.

Sesshoumaru’s composure continued to unravel under her ministrations. His breathing became more labored, his grip on her hips tightening. When she slid down his tense body once more, he heard a light giggle. Gathering her raven curls in his hand, he pulled them back to see that she had discovered his belly button. Another giggle and what sounded like “he would have an outie” from her lips had him arching a brow.

His confusion at why she found it to be 'cute' disappeared the moment her skillful tongue swirled around it. Her small hands held on to his muscular thighs, rubbing them slowly up and down. Sesshoumaru moved his own hands to tangle in her hair and was now laying completely flat against the wooden boards of the porch, staring up at the awning above them.

He should stop her. The moment she cradled his body between her thighs, he should have pushed her off. Or when her lips, tongue, and teeth explored every dip and contour of his chest, he should have removed her. He really should have, but he wouldn't.

Kagome was technically a member of his pack, making her one of his bitches and he her Alpha. And as Alpha, he had every right to rut with her. It was his home she had been sleeping in, his food that fed her, his duty to protect her. She was not mated yet, and until that day, she belonged to him.

The sight of her straddling him, her robe slipping off one shoulder to reveal more of her delicate skin, was almost too much to bear. Her chemise clung to her curves, the thin fabric doing little to hide the swell of her breasts or the tautness of her stomach. The slits revealed glimpses of her thighs, her movements causing the fabric to shift and expose more of her to his darkening gaze.

Sesshoumaru's hands moved of their own accord, reaching down and sliding up her thighs, feeling the softness of her skin beneath his fingertips. He grasped her hips, pulling her further up his body, his breath coming in ragged bursts as she continued her exploration. Her lips found a nipple, her tongue flicking over the sensitive peak, drawing a deep growl from his chest.

The primal part of him, the beast that reveled in dominance and possession, surged to the forefront. She was his, at least for now, and he would savor every moment of it. His hands tightened and claws pierced the fabric of her nightgown, guiding her movements, urging her to continue.

Her lips moved lower, trailing kisses down his abdomen once more.. After a quick nuzzle along his adorable belly button, Kagome went lower still until she found a trail of silver fur that disappeared into his hakama. His scent was stronger there, like pine needles and musk, intoxicating and heady. For the first time since she started her expedition, Kagome sat up and stared down at the hem of his pants.

It occurred to her then that she had never seen a penis before, at least not in person. Health class and the one time she tried to watch porn didn’t count. If she went through with the marriage, her first time seeing one would be on her wedding night. For some reason, that thought made her feel a bit ill. The idea of such an intimate moment being her first encounter with male anatomy seemed almost tragic, a waste of a crucial learning experience.

But judging by the way Sesshoumaru's hakama were tented, he was clearly enjoying her attention. The fabric was strained against his growing arousal, and she could see the outline of his hardness pressing insistently against the thin material. Would he let her continue? Would his penis look like a human male's? A million questions were running through her mind as she stared intently at the bulge.

Sesshoumaru’s breathing had become heavier, his gaze locked onto her with a hunger that made her skin prickle with anticipation. “Kagome,” he crooned, his voice a low growl that had her squeezing him with her thighs. “What are you thinking?”

She swallowed hard, her fingers featherlike while tracing the outline of his erection through the fabric. “I… I want to see you,” she confessed, her voice barely more than a whisper. “All of you.”

His eyes darkened, the gold flecks turning crimson. “You wish to continue?”

She nodded, her hand trembling slightly as she began to untie the knot of his hakama. Sesshoumaru didn’t move to stop her; instead, he watched her, his body tense with anticipation. As the knot came loose and the fabric began to part, Kagome’s breath caught in her throat.

The sight that greeted her eyes was both awe-inspiring and intimidating. His arousal sprang free, thick and proud, the pale skin contrasting starkly with the dark stripes that curled around it . She couldn’t help but stare, her mind racing with a thousand more thoughts and questions.

Would it feel different from what she had imagined? Would she be able to please him? The uncertainty was overwhelming, but the curiosity and desire were even stronger. She reached out tentatively, her fingers brushing against the hot, rigid flesh. Sesshoumaru’s reaction was immediate; a low, rumbling growl of approval escaped his lips, and his hips bucked slightly towards her touch.

Feeling empowered, Kagome wrapped her hand firmly around him, marveling at the smoothness of his skin and the throbbing heat beneath her fingers. She glanced up at Sesshoumaru, his head thrown back, eyes closed, lips parted and fangs bared in a silent exhale of pleasure. The sight of him so vulnerable, sent a thrill through her.

Slowly, she began to move her hand, exploring the length of him, feeling the way his body responded to her touch. Each stroke elicited a soft gasp or a low groan, his control slipping further with each passing moment. Kagome’s heart raced, her own arousal building as she watched him come undone beneath her hands.

Driven by the same impulse from before, she leaned down and pressed her lips to the tip of his erection, her tongue flicking out to taste him. The unexpected action caused Sesshoumaru’s hips to jerk upwards, a guttural sound escaping his throat as his hands tangled in her midnight hair.

The taste was slightly salty with a hint of the same spice that marked his stripes. She kissed her way down the length of him, her tongue investigating every inch, every ridge, and vein. When she finally lapped at the stripes along his cock, Sesshoumaru’s grip on her hair tightened and pulled.

Kagome felt a heady sense of power and satisfaction, knowing that she could bring such a formidable demon to his knees with just her touch. She continued her examination a bit longer, her confidence growing with each pleased rumble and hiss that escaped his lips. This was a new side of Sesshoumaru, one that was raw and undeniably sexy.

Her lips trailed back up his body, leaving a path of kisses and nips in their wake, until she was once again face-to-face with him. His eyes opened, meeting hers with a wild look in them. For a moment, they simply stared at each other, the night air thick with the growing scent of their combined arousal.

Sesshoumaru was the first to break the silence. "Have you completed your exploration of my body?" His voice was husky, but there was a teasing edge to it, as if he was enjoying her attention far more than he was willing to admit.

Kagome hovered over him, letting his words sink in. The realization of what she had been doing hit her like a wave, and she turned a bright shade of red. She scurried off his lap, her mind racing. What the hell was she doing? She had basically just molested the demon lord, and he had sat back and let her! Her embarrassment was overwhelming, so she reached for the still-lit kiseru and took a long drag from it, hoping it would work its magic and calm her again.

Sesshoumaru sat up on his elbows, his impressive arousal still standing proudly in the open night air. He watched her with a bemused expression as the priestess tried to self-medicate with his pipe. His amber eyes were drawn to the way her heavy chest rose and fell rapidly with each quick breath. They followed her hand as it lifted to brush through her ink-black mane and pushed it over her shoulders, revealing her long, graceful neck to him. If Sesshoumaru didn't know better, he would think she was still trying to seduce him.

"Why do you hide from me now, Kagome?" he asked, his voice a low rumble. "You were so bold just moments ago."

Her heart pounded in her chest, the heat of embarrassment mingling with the lingering desire. "I-I don’t know what came over me," she stammered, her eyes avoiding his intense gaze. "I’ve never done anything like that before."

Sesshoumaru’s lips curled into a small, amused smile. "You were curious," he said simply, as if that explained everything. "And your curiosity is nothing to be ashamed of."

Kagome took another drag from the kiseru, the sweet, floral smoke filling her lungs and easing some of her tension. She dared glanced at him, her eyes lingering on the way his haori had fallen open, exposing the sculpted perfection of his body, the body she had just been all over. Her earlier actions replayed in her mind, and despite her mortification, a part of her ached to continue exploring him.

"I suppose I was," she admitted softly, her voice barely more than a whisper.

Sesshoumaru rose to a sitting position, the movement causing the soft glow of the lanterns to dance over his skin, highlighting the strong lines and defined muscles. "You do not have to stop," he said, his tone inviting. "I am not displeased by your touch, Kagome."

The frankness of his words sent a new wave of heat through her. Kagome’s blue eyes met him once more, the heated look in his gaze now softened by a hint of warmth. Tentatively, she reached out, her fingers brushing against the markings on his left hip. His skin was still warm, the muscles beneath taut and responsive to her touch.

Sesshoumaru’s hand moved to cover hers, guiding it lower, over the planes of his abdomen and towards the edge of his open hakama. "If you wish to know more," his voice a seductive rumble, "I will not stop you."

Her breath hitched as she was led back to his hard length. Moving closer until she was bent over his lap, her lips followed the path of her hands, trailing kisses along the way. She felt his cock tense and twitch beneath her, his body responding to her every move. When she finally reached the base of his erection, she paused, her eyes peering up and meeting his once more.

"Continue," he urged, his voice a low purr. 

Kagome took a deep breath to brace herself and then took him in her mouth as much as she could. The sudden, unexpected wet warmth had Sesshoumaru roaring, his head tipping back, and his hand burying itself in her tousled hair. He had thought she would stick with just kissing, licking, tasting him. Never before had a bitch taken him in her mouth. The feeling was indescribable. So hot, wet, and soft.

Sesshoumaru had never experienced anything like this. Kagome's mouth was exquisite, the way it moved over him, sucking and caressing. Her tongue traced the stripes on the side of his length, sending shivers of pleasure through his entire body. He felt his eyes roll to the back of his head as she continued, her mouth creating a euphoric sensation that was beyond anything he had ever known.

Kagome found a rhythm, her head bobbing as she took him deeper, her cheeks hollowing with each suck. The taste of him, slightly salty and uniquely male, was addicting. She could feel him throbbing in her mouth, the veins pulsing against her tongue. The sounds he made—low growls, sharp intakes of breath—spurred her on, each one a testament to the pleasure she was giving him.

Sesshoumaru's control was slipping, he had never imagined such intense pleasure, never thought a human woman could make him feel this way. The friction of her lips, the gentle scrape of her teeth, the way she sucked him with increasing fervor, it was all too much.

Kagome could sense his approaching climax, the way his grip in her hair tightened, the way his hips began to thrust more urgently. She doubled her efforts, wanting to push him over the edge, to see him lose himself completely. Feeling more confident, her hand moved to cup his balls, gently squeezing and massaging them, adding another layer of sensation to his already overwhelming pleasure.

His breathing became ragged, his growls more frequent and desperate. He was close, so close, the coil of tension in his belly tightening to the breaking point. "Kagome," he hissed, his voice thick with need and warning.

Her response was to take him even deeper, her lips stretching to accommodate him fully. The combination of her mouth, her hands, and the sheer intimacy of the act shattered his control. With a final, deep thrust, he came, his release hitting the back of her throat in hot, powerful spurts. He roared, his body convulsing with the force of his orgasm, his grip on her hair the only anchor in the storm of pleasure.

Kagome swallowed, her throat working to take all he gave her. She continued to suck gently, milking him until he had nothing left to give. When he finally relaxed, his body going limp beneath her, she slowly released him, her lips trailing one last, tender kiss along his softened length.

Sesshoumaru lay there, chest heaving, his mind reeling from the intensity of his blowjob. He looked down at Kagome, her face flushed, her lips swollen and glistening. She looked up at him, a hint of satisfaction sparkling in her eyes.