Appropriation by thetroll

Chapter 1

Asano Sara had stolen her work.

More than that, she had stolen Kagome's entire life in her envy—her boyfriend, her job, and even her friends. Kagome had been lucky to escape the charges Sara had instigated and had done so solely for lack of evidence. At the end of the day, it was her word against Kagome's, and while that might have been enough to convince their employer, InuYasha, and their friends, it wasn't enough to incarcerate her.

Kagome gritted her teeth as she left the courthouse steps. Even her name meant little now; she would be lucky to every work again after what Sara had done. Her name had been so thoroughly besmirched that she would be considered toxic goods by their entire industry, perhaps even the business world at large. One simple google search was all it would.

The door to a dark blue SUV opened as she walked past, trying to sort out how she could possibly move forward.

"Get in."

Ito Sesshomaru.