Reclaimed by Drosselmeyer

Chapter 1

For Shastuhh. Shastuhh, thank you for always being sweet and checking in. You deserve the world. I hope this brings you a smile, even if for a moment. <3


The Lord of the West steals a kiss, and when he does, Kagome’s eyes close.

A soft mouth. Firm hands. He steals her breath and lingering sense, setting her nerves on fire and flushing her silly. Surprised, caught in the moment, she kisses him back, knees buckling as she does.

He sets her right.

“You kissed me,” she says, a hand pressing to her head as it swims.

“This One did, yes.”

Simple words. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Her eyes narrow. “You stole a kiss.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Now,” Kagome steps close and lifts her chin, “give it back.”


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