Transience by Drosselmeyer

Chapter 1

For wonderbug. Char, your writing is something I'll always love and respect. Where you take characters and the twists and turns you weave into your stories always compel me. This is just a small thing, and while there's not romance, I thought if anyone could appreciate Sesshoumaru and Kagome as in-laws, it would be you. Glad to have met you through fandom, my friend. Much love to you! <3


It’s nearly sundown and the wind has just lifted his hair from his face when her voice quietly breaks the peace.

“Does she visit you often?”

Sesshoumaru opens his eyes, his back instinctively shifting against the tree. The miko—the one he now calls sister—swims into his vision, watching him, silent and curious. A basket of herbs sits underneath her arm, a hand resting on top of her once again rounding stomach. But it’s the look in her eyes, some unnamed emotion brightening that unusual blue, that gets his attention.

It’s understanding.

Strangely, he is compelled to answer. “Yes.”

The miko nods, accepting the information as if it were the most normal thing in the world. “I had wondered.”

For a moment her eyes dart to the horizon as she stands there, thinking. But she settles her mind quickly enough and lets the basket drop to the ground. “Help me?”

She’s at his side and extending her hand faster than her condition should allow.

Sesshoumaru doesn’t speak, simply reaches up and tenses the muscles in his arm, allowing her to use his strength to lower herself beside him.


A nod.

“Is she still here?”

The wind picks up as if to answer, and he watches a smile break over her lips.

“I’m going to take that as a yes.” Her look turns apologetic. “Maybe I shouldn’t interrupt.”

“It is of no consequence.”

The wind stirs again, and the miko settles in. “Someone may disagree.” Her smile softens. “She was beautiful. Brave.”

Unbidden, he recalls crimson eyes and redder lips, unruly obsidian waves she pulled back to tame. He remembered defiance. Fear. Resolution. Full breasts that were more perfect than he had ever allowed himself to contemplate, and a weary, broken contentment that had been gone too quickly.

“Hey, you okay?”

He blinks down at the miko, perhaps staring straight through her, and swallows philosophically. “I am fine.

A small hand wraps around his fingers, squeezing gently. “She’d want you to be happy, you know. Even if just in small things.”


“She would.” Melancholy darkens her blue eyes. “She wanted it for herself too.”

“Your certainty is noted, Miko.”


The gentle chide almost makes the corners of his lips quirk, but he manages to suppress the urge. “Kagome.”

“Or sister.”

His brow arches, and he looks down at her. “Do not push your luck.”

She laughs.

“You are easily amused.”

“Maybe.” Resting a hand on her belly, Kagome sighs softly. “Or maybe you’re more amusing than you think. Oh!”

Sesshoumaru knits his brow as she once again grabs his hand. Only now she places it against her stomach, anticipation on her face as she holds it there.

“Feel that?”

A kick smacks his palm, his eyes widening just slightly with the impact before he schools his face once more. “Hn.”

Kagome shakes her head, moving his hand left. “Small things, Sesshoumaru.” Another kick, then a roll, and the miko’s eyes soften as she whispers, “It’s okay to enjoy them.”

He pauses, hesitating, then lays his palm flat.

A hiccup makes her stomach lurch.

Before he can stop it, he smirks, the corners of his lips relaxing as there’s a second and then a third, and he nods his head in concession. “Small things.”

“Very small. And very hungry.” Without delay, she grabs her basket and doesn’t hesitate to grip his shoulder, pushing herself up once more. “Come with me? It’s dinner time, and Emi misses her uncle.”

He looks at her, considering.

“Small things,” she says again.

Amusement takes over his lips, and he feigns subtle exasperation as he slowly rises and stands. “Very well.”

The miko grins and starts down the hill. “You’ll make her night.”

With that, Sesshoumaru follows, the wind wafting down with them, cool and light in the trees.


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