Latte Thief by Drosselmeyer

Chapter 1

Drabble for Gos. It's been a year. Love you, my friend. Always. <3


From the bar, metal and glass clang as baristas shout, and Kagome stands there with her card outstretched when she catches a glimpse of silver hair.

Her eyes widen.

She can’t move, can’t breathe. Memory of woodsmoke and drying fish sweep away the scent of coffee and sugar while she looks straight ahead, convincing herself he’s real as she swallows. “His too.”

The barista rings up both drinks; Kagome moves.

Her coffee then his, both warm in her hands. She breezes past his surprise, determined as she grins. “Could’ve been a sword!”

Stern lips soften and twitch.

And he follows.


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