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Sesshomaru was walking behind the pack, though he normally walked in the front, since joining their packs together, Sesshomaru decided to let the whelp in the lead. This way, he could see his whole pack and make sure they were all safe while being able to avoid useless fights with his half brother by letting him think he was the leader. It wasn’t true, obviously.

As if this one would be anything other than the Alpha of his pack’ He scoffed inwardly at the ridiculous notion. 


 His eyes kept straying to the Miko, which wasn’t unusual, she fascinated him, she always had. Today has been different though, he couldn’t keep her off his mind or out of his line of sight. 

He watched her sway as she walked in her tantalizing skirt and had to adjust himself. Before he’d gotten to know her, he’d never admit, even to himself, her attractiveness but the more he learned about her, the less upset he was for feeling that way towards her. He wasn’t sure if her scent was different, or if she did something different with her already indecent school uniform but something about her today captivated him. He’d long since given up trying to ignore it, so he watched. 

When they took a break for lunch that day Kagome got food out for everyone and then sat down in a spot where she could look at Sesshomaru without giving herself away. She’d been forcefully ignoring the feelings that had been growing for him. She knew it was useless so she figured the best thing she could do was pretend they weren’t there. She didn’t want to make the dynamic in the group awkward, she didn’t want to mess up her friendship with him, and most of all, she didn’t want him to be so disgusted because of a human falling for him that he killed her so he could forget it ever happened. 

She had been doing a great job ignoring those emotions, she was fine living in denial, and happy just being friends. But it was getting harder and harder to ignore. Especially because she couldn’t stop sneaking looks at him. She had always been attracted to him, even when they were enemies. I mean, come on, who wouldn’t be? But today, it was like somehow the sun kept hitting him in just the right way to make him look captivating. Even if she could ignore the emotions she had for him, she couldn’t ignore the physical reaction she had to him. If she was feeling this way about a human it’d be okay but since he’s a demon, she was sure he could smell it on her. Her cheeks grew red at the thought, ‘how embarrassing.’ 

Both were able to act normal through lunch and the rest of the day's walk. It changed when they stopped for the night though. Sesshomaru had been helping Kagome with her reiki every night after dinner. At first, Kagome was surprised when he offered, she didn’t know how a demon could help teach her how to use and control her Miko powers but it turned out that youki and reiki are used and fostered much the same way. They are equal and opposite forces so a Miko would go about charging an arrow the same way a Youkai would charge their weapon. Once Kagome understood this, she eagerly accepted his tutelage. 

When Sesshomaru could see that she had finished her dinner for the night he gracefully stood up and walked over to her. “Are you ready for your training, Kagome?”

Kagome held back a shiver of pleasure, although she wasn’t too used to hearing him say her name, she’d heard it before and never had that reaction to it. But the way he said it tonight was different, sultry, tantalizing, captivating. She mentally shook her head, now was not the time to get lost in those thoughts. Instead, she nodded her head and stood up, “Hai, I’m ready.”

“Good, come.” 

Kagome felt like he was taking her further from the group than he normally did for their training but decided against saying anything about it. When he finally found a place he deemed adequate, he sat down and got into the lotus position and Kagome followed. He watched as she closed her eyes and started her meditation, which was always what he made her do at the beginning of their lessons. She jumped when she felt his hand on the lower of her back and it messed up her concentration. 

“Do not stop, I’m just adjusting your positioning.” 

She nodded her head and closed her eyes again. He put pressure where his hand was on her lower back and she sat up straighter. His hands slid up her back to her shoulders and pulled them back so they weren’t slouching 

He wasn’t really sure why he was doing this, her posture wasn’t bad, he just had the need to touch her and felt like this was a way that would be welcomed. He was sure she would run if he touched her the way the beast was calling for. He took a deep breath to calm himself. He decided it had been too long since he rut with anyone and that is why he was reacting to her so. He’d have to fix that soon, this pure miko shouldn’t have to deal with the lustful urges of his beast. Still, he didn’t want to break contact with her so he let his hands linger on her shoulders for a while before finally managing to pull away. 

When they were finished with her meditation, he gracefully stood and pulled out a sword. Kagome’s eyes opened wide. She wasn’t used to using close range weapons but Sesshomaru thought it was a good idea for her to learn. Ideally, she’d never be too far away from him or Inuyasha during battle but he knew his little Miko had a tendency to run off. 

‘Wait, my miko? Since when have I considered her mine?’ Sesshomaru thought alarmedly It was not easy to put off one's beast when they claim someone or something. Sesshomaru shook off the thought, she was his pack member, that must be why his beast was so possessive of her. 

“Sesshomaru, I don’t know, I never was any good with weapons. I think I’ll end up doing more harm than good.”

“That is what practice is for, is it not?” He asked. She reluctantly nodded and took the sword. “Good, now get into an offensive position.” 

Sesshomaru wanted to groan when he saw what she thought a proper offensive position looked like. He decided he shouldn’t have been surprised though, the only person close to her who used a sword before their packs merged was Inuyasha. Sesshomaru tisk’d her. “Do not follow my half brother when it comes to proper stances, he swings his sword around wildly until he hits something, he’s not someone you should want to learn from. Here.” Sesshomaru again put his hands on her to adjust her. This time he stepped really close, so close that she could feel his hard chest on her back. First, he put his knee inbetween her legs and pushed them apart. He put his hands on her hips and rotated her so that they were front to back. Then he slid his hands up to her arms and adjusted them as well. 

“There, much better.” 

He was still holding onto her so when she turned her head to look at him their faces were only inches apart. Kagome felt her cheeks heat but she just couldn’t look away. Sesshomaru felt the same way, the captivation that she’d been having over him was at an all time high, and his eyes kept moving from her eyes to her lips and back again. Before he knew it, he felt himself bending down to kiss her. He couldn’t stop himself if he tried, it felt like a magnetic pull drawing them together. Kagome closed her eyes waiting. When their lips touched it was like something ignited in both of them. It wasn’t soft or slow, it was passionate. Kagome dropped the sword and Sesshomaru spun her around and pulled her even closer. It lasted all of fifteen seconds before Sesshomaru pulled back, when Kagome opened her eyes she noticed his were slightly red and they were both panting heavily. He was still holding her close, she could see the restraint in his eyes, and she wondered if she had done something wrong. 


“That is all for tonight, come.” 

She didn’t have a chance to respond before he swooped her up and made it back to the camp with his demon speed. By the time her feet were back on the ground, he was gone and everyone was looking at her wondering what just happened. She realized that he probably wouldn’t be back for a while, so even though she wanted to stay up so she could wait for him and ask what the heck that was about, she decided she should probably just go to sleep. The questioning looks from her friends lasted until she closed her eyes for the night. How could she give them any answers when she didn’t know what was going on herself? 


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