Hexed by Acb6293


A/N: This is a 5 shot that's already written so you'll get a new chapter every few days! The lengths of the chapters vary wildly and I think this is the shortest one. Enjoy!

It was a quiet day in feudal Japan as the Inutashi and Sesshomaru’s pack were walking through a forest. They started traveling together almost a full moon cycle ago. It was rough in the beginning but with Kagome’s hard work, they’ve started to act as one cohesive unit. At this point, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru just fight because they are in the habit of it, they haven’t had a problem with each other for a long while. They’re still looking for the jewel and trying to take down Naraku, they’ve been at this for two years now. That’s why Kagome decided something had to change, it took a few months of meeting with Lord Sesshomaru in private under the guise of Shippou playing with Rin to set it up. At first, Sesshomaru was no more inclined to join forces with the halfbreed as Inuyasha was when he found out. But, just like with everyone else, Sesshomaru slowly fell under Kagome’s spell and saw more than just her humanity. Ever since they first met in his father’s tomb he knew she was special, but that became even more clear when they sat and spoke. So, when Kagome finally broached the topic of joining groups, Sesshomaru was amenable because she was the one who asked it of him. 

Kagome was surprised at how well she and Sesshomaru got along, when she first went to speak to him she thought it would just be about forging connections, she never thought they’d have so much in common. I mean, who would have thought a Miko from the future and a demon lord would have anything in common but they do. So over time, the talks became less about those connections she was trying to forge and more about getting to know her new friend better. 

They’ve become even closer since they’ve all started traveling together, the rest of the group was weirded out by it at first but by now they just ignored it. Inuyasha was jealous even though he and Kagome decided a while ago that they’d never be anything more than friends. He still didn’t like the fact that Sesshomaru was taking her attention away from him. He hadn’t made a big fuss about it though because he knew that the bigoted demon lord would never stoop so low as to take a human as his mate, so he knew that Kagome wasn’t going anywhere. As long as Kagome planned to stay by his side, he could handle her making friends with the bastard. 

There weren’t many jewels left to be found, Kagome guessed there were about ten more still out there, give or take, depending on if Naraku got a hold of any more that she didn’t know about. They only had about a quarter of the jewel but with the team they had, she wasn’t too worried. When Sesshomaru and Inuyasha stop fighting long enough to work together, they’re unstoppable. Throw in the best demon fighter and monk she knows, along with the cutest little Kitsune, and her reiki, they’ll take Naraku down. 

Speaking of jewel shards, “Guys! I feel one, it’s coming from the top of that hill!” 

As if it was choreographed, Inuyasha scooped her up, Kiara turned into her big form so Sango, Miroku, and Shippou could jump on, Ah-un lifted up in the air already holding Rin and Jaken, and Sesshomaru lifted off on his cloud, they all rushed to the top of the hill. Once they got there, everyone got off their means of transportation and took a look around. There was one house that looked lived in. There was a nice garden in the front and smoke coming out of the roof, someone was obviously in there cooking. 

“You sure someone’s in there with a shard, Gome? Looks like a regular house with a family inside.”

“I’m positive, Inuyasha.” 

“Alright.” he raised his voice. “Oi, whoever’s in there, why don’t you come out here and give us the jewel shard? I don’t want to have to destroy your pretty house to get to it.” 

Kagome is proud of Inuyasha, he’s grown in the years since they’ve been fighting Naraku, if this were when they first met, he would have just sent the wind scar at the house, no questions asked. After a few seconds, the door opens and a little old lady hobbles out. Kagome could feel that she had the jewel shard on her, so she knew that in this case, her looks were deceiving because even one small shard held a lot of power.  

“What do you want?” She asks crankily.

“You know what we’re here for, lady. Just hand over the shard and no one gotta get hurt.”

“I will do no such thing, it’s mine!” The old crone pulls something out of her pocket and blows it into the wind. It’s some sort of dust and somehow after the handful left her hand, it turned into a full sand storm. Kagome couldn’t see five feet in front of her, let alone any of her friends. Thankfully, Sesshomaru landed right next to her, scooped her up, and jumped far enough away that she could see again. 

“Thanks, Sesshomaru,” Kagome said with a bright smile while ignoring the butterflies that entered her stomach when he touched her. She had gotten used to ignoring those after all this time of those pesky butterflies bothering her, making her want things that could never be. 

“Hn.” He said before jumping away and back into the thick of it. 

Kagome aimed her arrow and let it go. Thankfully, her reiki-infused arrow made most of the sandstorm disappear and they could see better. Sesshomaru had been helping her with her reiki so she could focus it better now and do more damage. She aimed another one right at the jewel shard. Before she let go the old crone somehow moved faster than Kagome could see and ended up right in front of her. She knocked Kagome’s bow out of the way and put a finger on Kagome’s forehead. 

“You might be strong enough to take this shard from me but I won’t go down without taking you with me. A hex on you!” 

Kagome felt something go through her but she didn’t know what. Before Kagome could do anything else, she’s pushed behind Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru raised his claws to swipe her down but she surprised even him with her speed. 

“Try as you might, lord of the West but neither you nor the miko will be able to fight your desires for long. You are mortal enemies trying to work together but it is all a lie. At the base of it, you are opposites and each of you wants to snuff the other out, that is the true desire of a demon and a miko. Now, you will have no choice but to do so. You are a strong one with much will but even one such as you will not be able to fight my hex long. Your beast and her reiki will get their true desires in a battle to the death!” She cackled as she put her hand on his forehead too. 

Sesshomaru grew tired of her monolog and used his claws to end her. Though he too felt something go through him when she touched his forehead. He hasn’t wanted to kill the miko in a long time though, even if that is what his youki wanted him to do, he will not. Though he did not think even the beast inside him wanted to cause the miko harm. He turned to look her over and make sure she was not injured.

“Are you well, Miko?” 

“Hai,” she said with a small smile. She knew that the hex was real, she could feel it, but she didn’t think anything could make her want to hurt him, he was one of her best friends. She went over to the remains of the crone and picked up the jewel shard. She turned to give Sesshomaru another smile but didn’t get the chance because yet again, she was thrown behind someone’s back for protection, this time it was Inuyasha’s. 

“Stay away from her, you bastard! I heard the old bat! She put a hex on you and now you want to kill Kagome.” He pulled out his sword. “Well, I’m not going to let you get anywhere near her. In fact, I’m just going to take you out now so we don’t have to worry.” 

Sesshomaru had the urge to roll his eyes and then thought he was spending too much time around the miko for wanting to use such a human gesture. “Put your sword away, Inuyasha. I would not hurt her.”

Inuyasha didn’t put his sword away but he did put it down looking confused. “You don’t have the urge to kill her?” 

“No, even if such a hex did exist, one such as I would not fall prey to it.” 

Kagome giggled, and Inuyasha rolled his eyes, though they were all used to his ego, doesn’t mean that it goes unnoticed. Inuyasha turned to Kagome, “And you don’t want to shoot the bastard with your arrows?”



Sesshomaru growled but there’s no real anger behind it. 

“Oh, okay. Keh, guess the old croan wasn’t as powerful as she thought she was. What are you all standing around for? We got more shards to find!” 

This time, when everyone had the urge to roll their eyes, it was because of Inuyasha. They were used to his antics by now though. So instead, they all put their weapons away and follow Inuyasha to continue their quest. For Sesshomaru and Kagome though, they couldn’t help but feel that something had changed. Kagome just hoped it was for the better.