Beneath Goshinboku by L-desu


Beneath Goshinboku

An InuYasha alternate by L-desu

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Chapter 01: Salt

He stepped into the clearing at the base of the Tree of Ages, already knowing what he would find there.  She sat crumpled amongst the giant weaving roots, face turned towards the ancient trunk, but he didn't need to see her face to know that she had been crying. The air hung heavy with the sharp scent of salt.

Glossy black locks fell in disheveled waves about her form, and her white and red priestess uniform was just as unkempt, but that did nothing to dissuade from her beauty as she turned towards him as soon as he stepped out from the forest canopy.  Large liquid brown eyes rimmed red, cheeks flushed and wet from hot tears, she attempted to sniffle back her despair as he looked down upon her.

"You fought again," Sesshoumaru stated more than asked.  Not that he had even needed to do that.

Kagome's eyes slid shut as a fresh wave of tears overwhelmed her small frame.  Covering her mouth with one hand, she turned back into the tree trunk and sobbed brokenly.

Understanding her unspoken wish for privacy, Sesshoumaru continued on towards Edo village and to see his young ward.


A/N: I have returned after more than 13 years missing!  My obsession for fanfiction has returned, and this is a new series of shorts to help me get my groove back into writing once more.  I hope you enjoy it! 

Rated M for mature language.


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