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Prologue - Anything For My Family

A/N Disclaimer: I was loosely inspired by an unrelated manga you can find online I wanted to see how I'd write the point. No this is not the Inuyasha version of another story obviously you'll see very quickly what little thing it is, it wasn't a unique never seen before idea.


Souta yawned going to wake up his brother, the young male had been adopted when Souta was still in diapers so he never saw him as anything other than a loving sibling. For his brother as a five year old he had been standoffish at times but he grew to love his new family and open up when he needed to and when he didn't he could appreciate someone getting it. He normally would wake up their sister but she was working so hard to provide for them when her days off came he would leave her be. He paused at the door and looked toward hers though he was fifteen he wouldn't be allowed to do much until he was allowed to be properly trained, and with his brother only recently having turned eighteen his only just started so many preferred to live in blissful ignorance. For their family they couldn't just go about attempting to do whatever, good or not, he was still worried about her. Pushing his way in he found Kohaku laying on the ground in a clear daze he tensed and dropped to his side. Reaching over he felt his forehead as Kagome would have, despite their bond Souta knew better than to startle him. Just a quick swipe over the bangs much longer than his own so you could tug your hand away quickly if he woke in a biting mood.

He only bit Souta once  and though it hadn't left noticeable scars it was a reminder to do what his sister did.

Every time, without question.

Kohaku didn't normally collapse but when he felt overwhelmed to a certain point you preffered him to just snap and growl at you at least he'd come back calmer after, this was a hit or miss. When the older boy opened his eyes weakly Souta's gaze met the bright red wearily.

He really didn't want to go back on his word Kagome needed her rest but he wasn't equipped to deal with this, he could speak highly of the other and know how to handle brief fits but that was entirely different to new unknown territory. Just as he was about to turn and run Kohaku grabbed his arm and yanked him down.


"Ssh....let her rest....I'm okay."

Souta examined him with a curious gaze but nodded, if he was still there he would wait but at the first sign of change he would run off.

Unfortunately the following thud had other plans.

"Boys!? Are you okay??"


The demons that had unceremoniously broken down the front doro and damaged a good bit of the living room stood on top of the crashed table infront of Kagome who firmly stood protecting her brothers. One was an odd looking creature that still apeared quite youthful even with the form of his entire being. The only female was surprisingly adorable with her wild pigtails, the one in the middle a handsome man with long waves and a firm scowl. Kohaku's aura pulsed as he tried and failed to push past her his expression hard to see under his bangs as he weakly rested against her he didn't have the strength and cursed for it. She wasn't bothered by it the energy around her cackled raising her now knee length locks around her as her ivy green eyes began to glow. Just who did they think they were rushing in the shrine as if they owned a damn thing.

The eldest stood in the middle the other raised his hand as if asking for a moment though terribly uninterested, they all wore bright red kimonos she recognized the color and was not amused.

"What the hell does Inuyasha want?"

"Lord Inuyasha has nothing to do with this call, we live in his lands but even he knows we do not answer to him and if you had any matters you would have figured that out." the 'little girl' said slowly.

Kagome's gaze narrowed.

"I can't say you should be commenting on manners after tearing up any part of a family shrine at 6 in the fucking morning." she hissed stepping forward from the shiver of the other strange man she knew she wouldn't have to do much more to purify them.

"Stop..." the eldest finally said.

"But brother..."

He gave her a look before turning on their opposite, who easily went silent.

"Now Lady Kagome you'll have to forgive me, my siblings haven't learned control in the least we had intended to wait outside, if you could allow us to start over for just a moment, we could quickly be out of your hair and your home will of course be fixed." he explained.

She didn't let her energy fall but waited crossing her arms, even standing there in her fuzzy pink shorts an top set she was her own form of presence.

"I am Hiten, this is my brother and sister Manten and Soten, as my sister said we do live near allies of Lord Inuyasha but that is the end of our relationship."

"Mmkay, so...?"

"We sensed there was an unruly half demon coming of age under your care, and came to collect him, we see from the low level of incidents you have done well with him which we commend you for but your job is done."

Kagome stared at him before looking at Kohaku who swallowed thickly silently pleading with her.

"Kohaku isn't....a threat." she said, searching for a word seeing his eyes switch from normal to not so.

"It's not a matter of being a threat you dipshit!" Manten snapped.

She glared at him and sent him to the ground, a warning shot.

Hiten grinned.

"I warned you to watch your temper....listen we will not harm him but he needs training that you can't offer." he continued.

She shook her head.

"What could he possibly need that he can't get here?"

He frowned.

"He must learn control of emotional and physical stress it is not a matter of being kind and gentle or even as if handling a prisioner you must know both to deal with a proper demon, half or otherwise." Hiten continued.


"And nothing just do as your told." Soten growled, pausing as her brother raised a hand to silence her.

"He'll need blood regularly until his body no longer craves it in entirety, much like a human baby needing their mother's milk."

She shook her head.

"He can have mine." Souta and Kohaku stared at her in horror, she only pressed a finger to her lips to stop them from even considering an argument.

Hiten raised an eyebrow.

"He also needs proper schooling which means so will you."

"Schooling....? For demon rearing?"

"To put lightly, humans like to use flowery words for their schooling even when many can be successful...surprisingly so...without it at times given the oppurtunity. For demons it is a requirement, right of passage, and integral part of exising freely among the humans and other demons. You must train to handle being around different scents, to experience the force of controlling yourself during heat and low cycles so as not to become a raveing lunatic. You must learn to hunt in the demon plains and know how to handle difficult humans when shopping. There he will introduced to poisons and other ailments as this exposure is the only way we build immunity...very litterally promising death or insanity that may lead to your untimely demise at a more experienced hand. In short we don't have to threaten you or him your choice is limited."

Kohaku tugged at his hair as she settled beside him letting her power sizzle out she turned to look at him, he was a little shorter than she was, frailer here and there for reasons they couldn't figure out when their parents were alive always assuming he was just sickly. She had hoped he could still be properly trained, many demons, more traditional or those that adapted of their own choice attracted those long since lost to madness he suggested but not yet defeated. To keep the peace demons made up exactly half of the government everywhere in the world they could protect a lot in exchange for various things...some demonic leaders even just being satisfied with products they couldn't easily obtain themselves. In situations were oversized body parts may make extraction challenging or impossible.

Many humans learned they had to learn basic slayer lessons in cases where it didn't matter who agreed to what some of these troublesome creatures were also able to avoid detection but sticking to weak prey. Many demons didn't sense a threat just because it was there now many had unfortunately adapted to sense when they could be needed or heaven forbid it would over power them. The human governements agreed people needed to learn. Naturally you had your equal rights activists that basically claimed they had a right to be killed if they didn't want to fight, those born with disaibilities that could not overcome their birthright, and those simply unable to grow in strength, right alongside those that simply didn't want to because if they were alive why did it matter.

That wasn't the case of course but idiots got lucky often times too.

If he wanted a normal life either way he needed special training and if the human way was aggravating him...the reason any of these special groups might come looking...they really didn't have a choice.

She sighed.

"Fine..." she said gently patting his cheek to let him know she'd be here, it calmed his nerves as she looked over her shoulder  pulling Souta closer with the other arm.

Truthfully she didn't notice he was any level of demon there were people with abilities that had trouble growing into them that never looked any different than your  friendly neighborhood pain in the ass.  He really was no threat though, had he been, she would have sensed that a long time ago.

It didn't matter it wasn't just a blind family love there was simply no way around it, if he was a lost cause one or both of them probably would have died before they noticed those that went mad were lost in just a few seconds.

And they never came back.

"Brother you can't..."

"This is a mistake." Manten intruppted their sister who flipped him off, Hiten shook his head.

"Under our treaty we have to give you a fair chance if you fight it, it was once offered as a curteousy though many would abandon the child no matter how well behaved. For now do what you must, but if we sense anything off about him I will cut the time with or without notice." he reached in his robes to pull out a scroll that held a light glow to hold out for her.

She glanced at them then walked over to take it, she felt a heavy stone in the pit of her stomach seeing the cost for the schooling and looked up backing away seeing that everything was back as it should be and the siblings were gone. She blinked in annoyance, if they could move like that when they really weren't an issue to be dealt with they could have spared the house to begin with. Whatever she had other concerns.

She sat on the couch not looking up as they joined her.

"What is that? An application?" Souta asked  reaching over to put an arm around her as Kohaku rested his head on her shoulder.

"No, a welcome and a bill."

"I'm sorry Kagome....."

He sniffed forcing the ball of nerves down his throat jumping as she patted his cheek.

"It's not your're not a bad person I never sensed evil from you but that just means I couldn't possibly throw you away and it is time for you to actully go through a proper coming of age. Don't worry." she said gently mussing Souta's hair affectionately.

He smiled though his chest was aching, it had stung with their parents had been killed but the one he'd alway felt a strong bond to, as a parent, was Kagome. It made a little more sense now that it was clear he had enough demon blood to be awakened, their parents were good people but a little more out of the loop than harmless adults that were always unaware on kids programs. Nothing like the hardworking,reliable woman that sat strong beside him.

"Why do you think it took so long to get their attention? I thought Inuyasha was always in charge of the half demons, why didn't he say anything?" Souta asked.

She shook her head.

"A lot of the demon Lords and Ladies delegate.....unforutnately they weren't wrong to step in, when the more powerful get involved it's like a threat to the untamed they go into a...well war mode that doesn't shut down because they are surrounded by an uncontrolled and powerful scent. Sending weaker or tamed after what they consider a reason to just protocol but those colors said they worked more closely with him than they were letting on. Not everyone under him even likes red let alone being willing to show it off, though people close to him often have something in the color." she said absently having completed her training in record time she had plenty of knowledge to pass off.

Souta nodded knowing Kagome didn't like him not that she told him, so out of respect for her he wasn't going to address him in title, even if wondering if he meant well should be more directly involved. Looking at Kohaku he was a little concerned, demons reigned in a lot be in the world freely but if things like that could still happen to keep these rules in place he worried they would lost Kohaku he frowned, no he wouldn't think that way.

"So I still can't be employed like this...?"

"Not a chance, some might take a chance when employee count gets low but as an untamed no one will look your way, don't worry we have savings to get started....and I suppose I have an interview I can't skip." she said simply.

She smiled at them.

"Go and get ready for the day.....says we should offer some time outside as downtime to know if things are working might as well start there."

They did as she said and she only glared at the scroll.

She really didn't want to work for Inuyasha.

She just would, for her family.







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