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Feb 21st 2022 Collection

February 21st 2022 Drinks and Drabbles Night Prompts!

Theme: Ancient

Prompt One Eternal:
Hospitals were the seventh circle of hell. Sesshoumaru was convinced of exactly this as he walked the halls, his nose twitching sensitively at the harsh scent of varying chemicals for treating and sterilizing patients. It was better this way, he convinced himself as he finished the paperwork with the nurses to transfer his patient home. While his heart ached, it never showed, and as they wheeled the infant out of the ward he schooled his face carefully so as not to show the torment churning in his soul in his desperate, eternal plea with the universe to deliver Kagome from the Feudal Era for the billionth time.

Prompt Two Potential:
Time was fluid for an immortal. Once every so often, he would find himself somewhat surprised when so much time passed without him batting an eye. From his seat at a worn rocking chair in the corner of a faded white nursery, slept the infant he had brought home from the hospital, shock of white hair and crescent moon marking his forehead. It was coincidence finding the baby, and the potential that it could have been his was astronomical; but these days, DNA technology didn't lie. So much time, and the baby was still sleeping soundly, unable to wake from his slumber for some reason that was beyond a human doctor's comprehension. And much to his frustration, beyond his as well.

Prompt Three Lasting:
Rising from the complaining rocker he went to the bassinet, attended by specialists monitoring the baby's condition. He had paid a heavy, lasting price to search a genetic database for who the child's mother was, even if deep in his gut he knew... She was the only other person he could imagine with his child. Sure enough, Kagome was the Baby Doe's genetic mother. But there was no record of the mother birthing the baby, only that the child had somehow come into the possesion of the hospital. Not even the team of detectives, demon and human could figure out how the baby came into the hospital's custody; only that he had been in their care for five years before his intervention.

Prompt Four Worn:
His nerves were frayed and worn at this point, having exhausted all but the deepest magic that was available to him. The trip to Bokuseno was now more tedious than he wanted to admit, and would require him to be followed to it. Humans running rampant had caused the demon populace to hide the elder tree deep in an enchanted bamboo forest that tended to be deeply deadly to those going into unescorted by the guardian family of the forest. It also required him to have a chaperone, and this was not a question he wanted to ask in front of other parties that were not so secretive with his business and could put Kagome and the baby in potential danger. It was a fight he was finishing with himself, and when he finally came to the end of all his alternative options, he decided it would be worth the nose in his business.

Prompt Five Fade:
Sesshoumaru's venture to Bokuseno was no more rewarding.
"So you have finally come to ask me about the Forever Sleeping Child finally." The tree rasped, his voice like a thousand shivering leaves in a fall wind. "Your mate's eternal promise to you to come back."
He glared at the tree, confused as ever and even more frustrated.
"We were never mated."
The tree huffed at him.
"You were."
Sesshoumaru's scowl deepened. "Speaking in riddles does not gain you favor and we have been allotted little time to deal with you."
The tree's leaves shuddered with it's laughter.
"The timelines will cross soon enough. It is a splashy mess of beautiful accidents, and the child sleeps until his mother wakes him. It is the curse he carries. It is the punishment you bear for choosing her."
Sesshoumaru blinked. "Punishment...? From whom...?"
Bokuseno did not answer him this time, merely fading off into space as he witnessed the world slowly pass him by.

Prompt Six Endure:
Deciding the first tree did not answer his questions, he found himself standing in front of Inuyasha's tree. Goshinboku towered over the shrine, untouched but weathered by time. His answers were here, but it was like a lock. It took delicate patience and endurence to solve this riddle. Patrons of the shrine passed by him when the appearance of a sweet, clean scent appeared out of the muddled masses. His entire being stiffened and became alert, watching with intensity, looking for - that! A flash of white and red, black hair deeper than the darkest night trailing behind her as she ran from an outcropping building.

Prompt Seven Ageless:
He was on her, grabbing her by the forearm and spinning her around with a shocked gasp from her that sent a shock of pleasure straight to his core. At first she looked surprised, then angry, and somehow it shifted into disbelief. There was such a show of emotion he almost missed it gazing at just how ageless she was. Every single sweet feature on her face was carved in his son's. Another lightning bolt sweet desire flashed through him and his imagination of her heavy with child had him swallowing hard.
"You...!" She hissed.
She couldn't say anything else. His arms swallowed her in an embrace that had her shrieking in surprise and shock, shoving at him like she didn't know him at all. But that couldn't be... Releasing her, he studied her harder without speaking and realized...
This woman was a day away from discovering them.

Prompt Eight Relic:
Her confused stare frustrated him. He knew doing anything now could be potentially disastrous for whatever timeline she was returning to. Granted, he didn't know if he was meant to do anything in the now either, because her time was so flexible. It wasn't a wonder such things had happened the way they had. His silence was stretching to long, and her patience was undeniably thin; he could feel it in the welling of her irritation and power.
"Let go of me you relic -"
He covered her mouth with his, unable to resist the one kiss he would be able to steal in this moment and made it count. Even her shock couldn't stop her reaction to him. Heat passed between them in a moment as his mouth deftly worked hers, hand wrapping silken strands around his fingers and reveling in their glossy beauty. He released her with one sweet nip, and pushed away from her, into a crowd of departing tourists, fingers clenching hard enough to draw blood as he willed himself away as not to completely fuck himself over in the past.

Prompt Nine Timeless:
His memories were still patchy, but nothing seemed out of place. Perhaps his irrational behavior was meant to be. Regardless of his stupidity, the baby was still slumbering as usual when he arrived back home, and there was no change in his condition. No change. He sighed heavily as he retired to his room. The struggle between he and she were timeless, bound by nothing and no traceable route. If what Bokuseno said was taken in a literal translation, Kagome would someday come back for her child; today did not seem to be the day. How much longer then would they have to wait on her? Somewhere in between she grew pregnant and he had completely missed it. How? There were too many moments of clawed fingers running over smooth skin, sweat mingling the sex and long years in between them to count. At what point had she chosen to come back and hide a full pregnancy from him? And why?

The years kept rolling by. He held the child every day, willing the small creature to finally age, rise, do anything but sleep. While a baby was precious, no child was meant to stay a child. And one day, when she was far from his mind even as he moved down the hallways to pick up his child, the hackles on the back of his neck rose as he sensed something. A new scent coming from the room that was distinctly human... And mouthwateringly edible. Soft, feminine cooing came from the nursery, little conversations being held with a tiny being... And the happy gurgling of a baby in the arms of its mother.
The outline in the brilliant sunshine of the room was her. She was so small, but clearly pregnant, wearing a faded cotton kimono that tied just above her belly, and as she turned slowly with the precious tiny being in her arms, a knowing smile and mischief filled eyes looked at him in a way he remembered all too well. It was easily the same look she had on her face before conception. The child was passed to an attendant with care as she swept towards the door and past him, as though she knew the layout of his home like the back of her hand. He followed, a pup on a leash to that delicious scent coming off her in waves until she turned, grabbed the front of his shirt, and kissed him in such a way it was immortalized in his memories.
There was nothing under the kimono, his fingers swiftly found out, and the gentlest sweep had an already damp sex weeping into his hands and her shaking. Sesshoumaru made quick work of his belt and pulling at her gown until he could seat himself in her inviting heat. It lasted forever, and ended far too soon.
"I love you." She whispered brokenly. "I didn't want him to wait anymore."
She was put together and gone before he could stop her the following morning. And not long after, a call from one of his detectives had him stopped in the moment forever.
"So I found the damndest thing. The kid's records are all over the place, but a live birth with matching genetics took place at a local shrine with a midwife. The mother died in childbirth, but the kid briefly disappeared and you finding him was the most recent record of him back on any kinda grid."
His heart sank. The child was alive now like any other and left to him and only him to raise. His throat closed and he hung up the phone. Opening the door to the faded nursery, the baby finally happy and squirming, he took his son from the nanny and held him tight, wondering how he would do this alone.


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