Always There by Elle Jene

A mountain.

A mountain of sweltering midsummer heat bore down upon her back as she stared at the tree line from her current position in a grassy meadow.

As a traveling miko, Kagome had been making her way through village after village - never staying long, never repeating a stay, if possible. 

Always moving forward, never looking back. 

This day was no different than any other, really. Except, if she wanted to keep herself from revisiting ground previously tread, she’d finally exhausted all other reasonable options and needed to enter the territory she’d long been avoiding. 

Her journeys had taken her many places, into many different societies - human and youkai alike- but she’d always managed to keep clear of the Western Lands.


Author's Note:  

 I needed something to break my inspiration block on finishing "The Bond." This started as a story with no specific direction and has turned into a little something more. The main purpose was to get writing again and produce something fun and interesting for you to read! I'll keep posting as I go, but no promises on frequency, length or when it will end! These will all be short chapters! Gonna post a few at once to get us started! Thank you for reading!


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