Strawberry Moon in Summer by Drosselmeyer


A/N: For Susie who inspired this seasonal series to continue. 18+. Whole fic is NSFW.

Third story in the FOUR SEASONS series. Best to read A Winter Interlude and The Breath of Spring first as the stories follow each other.


Nominated for Best NSFW for the 2021 Q3 Feudal Connection Awards.


They’re together beneath the first full summer moon.

In their little abandoned hovel as thunder rolls in the distance, Kagome screams, back bowing, spine poised to snap. Pure sensation shudders through her, electric tingles coursing over her skin as she pants and tries to recover but can’t.

Because he doesn’t stop. Rarely does.

“Miko”—he leans down, silver hair sticking to her shoulder as sweat-slick skin slides over hers, fangs grazing her ear—“we are not done.”

His touch is like lightning, and she gasps, clinging to his back, nails digging into his skin. “I can’t—”

He bites. “You can.”


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